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macbook mockups
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36 Free MacBook Mockups To Spice Up Your Designs 2020

We bring you a collection of the best MacBook mockups you can currently find on the market.

What’s the catch?

They are all free of charge!

Simply download them and start utilizing the templates right off the bat using the almighty Photoshop.

Thanks to the smart object layer, employing any of the mockups you find below is way easier than you think. Even if you are a beginner designer, you will still have a blast creating cutting-edge presentations.

There is no right or wrong way how to use these.

With a MacBook mockup template, you will definitely have an edge. Let’s face it, the prettiness and the sophistication of the product are out of this world, making your work appear even more professional than it already is.

That said, use them for applications, websites, wallpapers, web design and any other work you would like to push with a MacBook. You can now do it in an instant by attaching your creation and have it ready straight away.

As a designer, you can easily create a whole collection of MacBook mockups, so you never again find yourself wandering on the web, finding the right tool to showcase your work to your client.

Before we continue, let me tell you that we also compiled a list of impressive iMac mockups and jaw-dropping iPhone mockups for your convenience. Let Apple products do the magic.

Best PSD MacBook Mockups

Digital Mockup of Four Different Apple Devices

digital mockup of four different apple devices

Instead of just a MacBook, this particular mockup features a bunch of Apple products. Four, to be precise. If you would like to boost the emphasis of how flexible your website or your application is, use one template that covers all the devices. With four available items, you can add four different designs or screenshots either by uploading them from your computer or simply by copying a direct image URL. Moreover, you can also change the color of the background, add all sorts of special effects, graphics and even text. Keep in mind, this is still all from the comfort of using Placeit and your favorite web browser.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Macbook Pro on a Table at a Coffee Shop

mockup of a macbook pro on a table at a coffee shop

Here is a more photorealistic MacBook mockup of the device on a beautiful wooden table at a coffee shop. Many freelancers and students enjoy working at a coffee shop, as doing the work from home does not suit them at all. That said, if this mockup resonates with you and your clientele best, by all means, go to Placeit and decorate it with your design. If you have it all set, just slide in the MacBook screenshot from your computer or use an URL and that’s it. To spice things up even further, you can also add a text overlay and some graphics.

More info / Download

Mockup of a MacBook Pro Featuring a Glass of Water and an iPhone

mockup of a macbook pro placed by a glass of water and an iphone

If the previous MacBook mockup was all about public space, here is a more private alternative. It features a MacBook setting in a living room with an iPhone and a glass of water. Simplicity and cleanness are the two main characteristics of this template. The process of adding a 2560 x 1600 px design to the screen of a MacBook is just as simple as it is with any other Placeit mockups. Either upload it from your computer or grab the screenshot from a URL.

Once done, you can download the product, however, there are two additional functions that you can also put into practice. First, if you would like to share a message, you can do that, too. And second, feel free to enrich it with a graphic, either your custom one or pick one from the archives.

More info / Download

Minimalistic Mockup of a Floating MacBook Pro

minimalistic floating macbook pro mockup

A clean, simple and to the point MacBook mockup for showcasing your websites, applications, online stores and other whatnot. The device floats over a solid colored background which you can edit according to your taste. With the simple color picker, you can change the background to any shade you fancy. The screen of the MacBook is of 2560 x 1600 px dimension, giving you an option to include your design instantly. Either you upload it or you use a direct image URL, Placeit ensures the quick realization of a fantastic presentation. Lastly, you can also play around with adding additional text if needed or keep it minimal.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Woman Using a MacBook on her Lap

mockup of a woman using a macbook on her lap

While the previous MacBook mockup was more basic, let’s step things up with this next one. It features a woman checking her MacBook Pro while relaxing on a sofa. Enrich the template with an image or a screenshot of your page or even a wallpaper design and make a difference. With an effortless process of including your work to the template, Placeit offers everyone to go as creative as they want. Along with attaching your masterpiece to the screen of the device, you can also introduce a text overlay with a simple click. Have in mind, the latter, you can add three different ones.

More info / Download

MacBook Pro Mockup on a Small Round Table

macbook pro mockup on a small round table

A minimal, sophisticated and photo-realistic MacBook Pro mockup in a restaurant. The open device is on a small, round and wooden table, displaying whatever content you plan to add to it. Whether it is something business-related or you would just like to show an image, whatever the case, the outcome will surely be breathtaking. Thanks to the simplicity of Placeit, you can quickly create multiple variations until you find the one that stands out the most. Instead of sending your client only the design, show the responsiveness and flexibility of it with a striking mockup. Easy work for outstanding results that will make an epic difference.

More info / Download

MacBook Mockup on a Sofa

macbook mockup on a sofa

You almost cannot create a more cozy atmosphere than with this MacBook mockup template. A sofa, a blanket and a MacBook Pro, what else you need? Sure, the only thing missing on this mockup is your marvelous design. Upload an image of the web design you are working on and establish a life-like presentation that will inspire everyone. You can even use a direct image URL, copy and paste it, and see it appear on the screen (2560 x 1600 px) right away. Once on Placeit, you edit and improve the mockup in-browser. The second you are done, just download the final product and that’s it.

More info / Download

Woman Talking on the Phone while Using a MacBook Pro Mockup

woman talking on the phone using a macbook pro mockup

A bussy woman talking on the phone while typing on her MacBook Pro at a coffee shop. That’s the brief explanation of what this following MacBook mockup template is all about. Do you know what the best part is? Indeed, you can slide in a screenshot of your application, page, online portfolio, background design, you name it, and have a presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off. With the design/screenshot ready, all it takes are a few clicks and you can already see your work on the mockup. That’s how simple it is, yet the final product will be outstandingly amazing.

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Free PSD MacBook Mockups

MacBook Pro PSD Mockup for Free

Create engaging and impressive user interfaces for different devices. And make sure you don’t skip the MacBook Pro device. Here’s a MacBook Pro PSD Mockup for Free that will make your design shine on a client presentation. This mockup features a front view of a clay MacBook Pro with 15 inches screen size with a touch bar. As this mockup comes with smart object layer, inserting it on the MacBook Pro screen is made pretty easy. So, whatever the designs you’re trying to showcase it will always look grandeur and magnificent with this mockup.

More info / Download

A Set of MacBook Pro, iPhone XS & Apple Watch PSD Mockup for Free

Designs look visually appealing when tested on real devices. However, mockups can also be an effective and easiest option to have. For your upcoming projects, you can make your designs stand out when you have the right mockup to showcase your creativity. Here’s A Set of MacBook Pro, iPhone XS & Apple Watch PSD Mockup that you can acquire for free! Each device in the scene has smart objects for easy design insertion. You just have to download the file and open it in Photoshop for quick design replacement. It comes with 3 PSD files that will be beneficial for your app presentation and website design presentation. It has well-organized layers so editing won’t be a hassle too.

More info / Download

MacBook Pro PSD Mockup With Home Office Desk

free home office desk with macbook pro mockup psd

The newer it is, the slicker it gets. That’s how, roughly said, Apple products progress. And the MacBook Pro is a perfect proof! If you need a mockup template that features a realistic atmosphere, you came to the right place. This is a stunning, home office inspired MacBook mockup which you can download and use with Photoshop. Import the file and customize it to your needs. Attach your design via smart object layer and see it appear on the screen of the laptop. That’s that, you do not need to do anything else regarding rocking a cutting-edge presentation of your creation.

More info / Download

Realistic Gold MacBook Design Mockup

realistic gold 12-inch macbook mockup anthony boyd

MacBooks come in a bunch of different sizes and colors for the end-user to find the appropriate one easier. If the twelve-inch version in gold is your cup of tea, this is the MacBook mockup you should go for. You can effortlessly change the screen of the device and have it present your work to wow your clients and customers with expertness in mind. No need to be doing any advanced web design tricks and moves. Using any of the templates on this list is a breeze and this gold variation is no different. It will give your work a realistic feel for online presentations or even to investigate your designs further. You can test it out with a mockup and see if it needs any refining touches.

More info / Download

MacBook Plus Touch Bar View Mockup

mac touch

This is a MacBook Pro mockup with touch bar in space grey and a dark background. It gives bird’s eye view with a flipped open screen which you can use to add your designs. Besides, you can also append your custom controls to the touch bar section and customize the experience further. In fact, you can play around with a bunch of different variations and see what works out best. Using, editing and improving a mockup in Photoshop is child’s play. You can do all these magnificent and impressive presentations of your apps, themes and wallpapers in a snap.

More info / Download

Dark MacBook Pro Workspace Mockup

macbook pro dark grey workspace psd mockup

With this dark MacBook pro workspace mockup, you will definitely stand out a mile. The environment seems to be a coffee shop or a hotel lounge with plants and a cake. The laptop is accompanied by an equally stunning iPhone X and a pair of headphones. If you need to showcase your client the mobile-friendly web application design you are working on, this is the template you should choose. Along with using the laptop screen, you can also add it to the smartphone and show its flexibility. Let the mockup do its magic with its lifelike appearance and help you amaze your client.

More info / Download

Macbook Perspective Mockup


Realistically showcasing your projects is way easier nowadays than you can possibly imagine. No need to do the work from the ground up anymore. Once you have your design ready, simply pick a MacBook mockup and you are nearly done. All it requires is to import the template to Photoshop and edit it with your work. This particular sample features a stunning dark device that happens to be highly customizable. You can change the background, add or remove shades and, indeed, couple the screen with your work. There is also a removable Apple logo bar for an added distinct touch.

More info / Download

Corporate Branding MacBook Mockup

corporate macbook branding mockup

There is no better way to execute branding professionally other than with an Apple product. Now you can do it without spending a single penny using this fantastic MacBook mockup. But there is a whole lot more you can do in regards to branding your company uniquely. You can use the notebooks and the business cards to display your logos and make it more human-like with a cup of espresso. Besides, you can change the color of the background as well and make it put an extra shine on the products the mockup features. Simplicity and elegance are two main characteristics you should never avoid.

More info / Download

Black and Pink Isometric MacBook Pro Mockup

free isometric macbook pro mockup

To differentiate yourself from the masses, use contrasting colors and your showcase will pop. This black and pink isometric MacBook Pro mockup is the perfect solution for your needs. Whether it is computer software or a fresh website design that you are completing, with a mockup, you can see its appearance in real-time. It helps you perform any finishing touches so it comes out as eye-catchy as possible. All you need is to drag and drop your design and the work is done. Save yourself time and effort while keeping your professionalism intact with a ready-to-use template.

More info / Download

Astonishing Clean MacBook Pro Free Mockup

free clean macbook pro mockup psd

To display your masterpiece in a striking way, here is a mockup template that will do the trick. Let the latest MacBook Pro be the medium to present your work even if it is not finished yet. You can use it to share it with your clients, for building your online portfolio or even for social media promotion. It is a versatile tool that anyone can use even if lacking web design experience. All you need is Photoshop and realizing your project presentation becomes a natural thing to do. Find the smart object layer and drag in your content and that’s pretty much all it takes.

More info / Download

Bezel-Less MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Mockup

bezel-less macbook pro with touch bar mockup

What the future holds for MacBooks? Is it an edge-to-edge screen like on an iPhone X? Will they even step up with and finally create a 100% bezel-less look? Only time will tell. However, to have your imagination racing, this MacBook prototype mockup is here to have you thinking. It is a fantastic solution to help you out with showcasing Mac OS apps or any other projects you are working on. Even if it is a beautiful wallpaper, this is the template you should consider using. With a mockup like this one, you will easily put your work on top and have everyone intrigued.

More info / Download

Modern Top View MacBook Pro Mockup

modern top view macbook pro mockup

A customizable MacBook Pro mockup is all you need to appear online like a professional. And all you need is the pure basic knowledge of Photoshop and nothing else. To edit this stunning top view Macbook template, just find the smart object layer and import your creatives. The mockup features two devices, one focuses on displaying its screen and the other keyboard, trackpad and touch bar. As for the latter, you can edit it, too! Keep your brilliance of the highest degree and never look back. With a set of mockups constantly at hand, you can always wow and win owner new clients.

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Modern iPhone X & MacBook Pro Mockup Vol.3

modern iphone x and macbook pro mockup vol.3

A clean desk, a plant, large windows, an iPhone X and a space grey MacBook Pro, that’s what’s up when it comes to this neat mockup template. It is a very tastefully executed mockup that you can use for a broad range of intentions, personal or commercial. Of course, you need to follow some regulations if it is for commercial use but you can still use it entirely for free. The entire scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Rendered. The end product is simple to use PSD file with smart objects.

More info / Download

Front View iPhone X & MacBook Pro Mockup

front view iphone x and macbook pro mockup

An appealing iPhone X and MacBook Pro front view mockup freebie to showcase your iOS and macOS designs, as well as purely for branding. This mockup is also a great solution to showcase the flexibility and mobile-readiness of your application. If you are working for yourself or for your client, use a free mockup and better visualize how would the outcome appear for the end-user. If any additional fine-tuning tweaks are necessary, you can perform them now and see the difference. Even if you are in the prototyping phase, again, use a free MacBook mockup and get things rolling.

More info / Download

Modern Macbook Pro & iPhone X on Desk Mockup

modern macbook pro and iphone x on desk

A complete modern workspace is a fantastic way to showcase your projects to your clients or even your potential users. Get your hands on a MacBook mockup now for free and start playing around with new combinations that will spark everyone’s interest. No need to be super tech-savvy when using a mockup template. By utilizing Photoshop’s smart objects, all you need to do is to drag and drop your designs and that’s it. Of course, you can drag in your work to both the laptop and the smartphone. Make it appear spectacular and have them hooked with your remarkable attention to detail.

More info / Download

Isometric Matte Black 2017 MacBook Pro Mockup

isometric 2017 macbook pro mockup

This isometric mate black MacBook mockup is definitely one to consider if you would like to go against the norm. Sure, there might not be such product available on the market but design does know no limits. That said, do your thing at free will and impress everyone who gets a chance to stumble across your works and creations. With a mockup template of this caliber, you can express your professionalism like none out there. Besides, the MacBook Pro floats! In addition to changing the screen, you can also edit the touch bar. If you would like to make it special, now is the right time to do things a unique way.

More info / Download

Modern iPhone X & MacBook Pro Mockup Vol.2

modern iphone x and macbook pro mockup vol.2

You have seen this one before and you are seeing it once again now. If it is the one MacBook mockup you want to rock, go ahead and download it straight away. No need to waste any more time, take action, open the PSD file with Photoshop and improve it with your artwork through smart objects. The template features a clean tabletop, two plants, a wireless headset, as well as an iPhone X and a MacBook Pro. You almost cannot get prettier than this! Of course, you can make it even more visually appealing by adding your works and emphasize its device adaptability.

More info / Download

iPhone X and MacBook Pro Mockup


You do want to make your presentation of your application or other project appear as photo-realistic as possible. There is no way around this or you continue with the dull flat design showcase and do not witness the same amazing results. The thing is, achieving a lifelike look of your designs is as simple as pie. All you need is a free MacBook mockup and all the rest becomes history. What’s cool about this particular layout is that it comes with an iPhone X as well. You can use both screens as your working area and have everyone’s eyes bulge.

More info / Download

MacBook Pro On Desk Mockup

2017 macbook pro on desk mockup 2 anthony boyd graphics

Sure, your work is already out of this world, but do you know how to make it look even greater? That’s easy, employ a clean and contemporary free MacBook mockup template and you are already far ahead of the competition. Thanks to Anthony Boyd Graphics, here is a spectacular scene that will give your artwork a competitive edge with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 inch. Basically, it is a working space, be it at home or at the office, with two industrial table lamps, a dark desktop and a white chair with a dark, luminous background. Add your signature touch to it and knock everyone’s socks off.

More info / Download

Modern Macbook Pro 2017 Mockup

modern macbook pro 2017 mockup

Pretty much, wherever you look, there is a great chance that any type of web design is presented on an Apple device. Let’s face it, Apple products are not only powerful and advanced, they are also very attractive and elegant. As a product owner or as a designer, both can benefit greatly from free MacBook mockups we have in store for you. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes to suit as many tastes as possible. Most importantly, they are very modern, clean and easy to use. One click to download it and another click to import it in Photoshop is all it takes.

More info / Download

Macbook Pro Mockup PSD

macbook pro 2016 mockup psd

We bring you a wide specter of solutions how to best go after showcasing your website, your application, your theme or any other web design. One thing is for sure, make it look as graphic as possible and they will visualize it even easier. If that is the case for you, here is a great MacBook mockup with a brilliant scene that will do you well. A robust, wooden table in a living room with a plant, cherries and a cup of English tea with a laptop and a magazine is all you need. Indeed, there is a lot going on on this mockup but that’s exactly what’s the case in your living room, too, right?

More info / Download

MacBook Mockup – Available with Clay Effect & for Free

Test your apps, website and other UI designs and remove the irrelevant elements on it with an excellent mockup. Here’s a clay MacBook Mockup in front view that’s available with clay effect for different design evaluation. As it is built with clay effect, you can easily highlight your design. With the smart object layer this mockup utilizes, you can easily insert your designs into the MacBook screen. Moreover, this mockup enables you to change the colors of all the elements of the object, including the dark or light effect. What’s more? You may also change the background to another color or scene. Thus, you can impress clients with a quality and photorealistic presentation thanks to the 5K high resolution.

More info / Download

Realistic Space Gray Macbook Pro Mockup Vol.8

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.8

Let it be for branding purposes or to show your progress to your client with a realistic presentation, this freebie is a tool you should go with. It is an angled and floating free MacBook mockup you can download without the need to create an account. One click is all it takes and then another to transform the PSD file into Photoshop. From then on, you can start editing it by utilizing smart objects and see instant results. For your information, this exclusive mockup lets you customize the touch bar of the MacBook Pro 15 inch as well.

More info / Download

Realistic Space Gray Macbook Pro Mockup

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.7

Would you like to demonstrate what you have been secretly working on for months in a visually appealing way? If so, we bring you a lot of different ideas on how to make it happen, which all are very easy to implement. To make a long story short, pick up a free MacBook mockup and let it do the presentational part for you. With this glass table MacBook and iPhone setup, you can quickly add life to your designs. On top of that, put the focus on your project’s responsiveness as well. By the way, you can also edit the touch bar on the MacBook for a more personalized feel.

More info / Download

Realistic Space Gray Macbook Pro Mockup Bird Eye’s View

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.4
Simple, clean and minimal, those are the three characteristics of the following free MacBook mockup. You can comfortably use it with nearly any project you would like since it adapts with ease. More or less, it is changing the screen and the touch bar that will define its purpose. That said, either you are a web designer or a product/service owner, use an Apple product to display your offering in a realistic and attention-grabbing way. The dimension of the mockup template is 2880 x 1800 pixels and comes as a PSD file with smart object layers.

More info / Download

Realistic Space Gray MacBook Pro Mockup Vol.6

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.6

If you are a business owner, this MacBook mockup will suit you just perfectly. On the other hand, if you are a freelance designer who is building their portfolio, again, make your work look even more refined with a solid presentation using this exact template. No cost, easy implementation and supreme results await every user regardless of your level of experience. It is a 15 inch MacBook Pro on a white desk in a vintage office filled with opulence. Utilize it for branding, app showcase or other demo presentation purposes. You can also use it for personal visualization of your idea before you fully bring it into being.

More info / Download

Space Grey Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Mockup

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.3

You can have a bunch of different solutions always at hand to exhibit your work originally, as well as at the highest professional degree. And to achieve that, you do not need to do any complicated tasks. Your design and a free and lifelike MacBook mockup are all that is required. To make your lives even simpler, we gathered the best templates for you to take to your advantage. This fun mockup template allows you to edit both the screen of the MacBook, as well as the innovative touch bar. What are you waiting for, download it now and see magical things unravel right in front of your eyes.

More info / Download

MacBook Pro in Desk Mockup

realistic 2016 space gray macbook pro mockup vol.2

More goods coming your way for your convenience. One more excellent MacBook mockup with a clean desk and a white wall. Keep it entirely distraction-free with this one, focusing on your design primarily. This is a great option if you are looking to expand your brand, for designers pushing their creations and developers marketing their apps. What’s more, you can also use a mockup of this kind to display your website or even the theme you built for others to use when establishing their web space. The options are endless, so use your creative thinking and do your thing at free will. Appropriate for both personal and commercial use.

More info / Download
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