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instagram post mockup
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21 Top-Notch Instagram Post Mockup Templates 2020

Social media promotion is highly effective, and these best Instagram post mockup templates are perfect to level up your game. Whether it’s for a special promotion, an event, giveaway, inspirational quote, you name it, here we have a solution for you.

All the templates that you find in the collection below are of the highest quality, as well as easy and swift to use. With little time and energy, you can now create an enticing Instagram post that will make people stop scrolling. After all, your post must pop out; otherwise, it will soon be lost in space.

But not with these Instagram post mockups – these are of a whole different caliber. They are effortless to use, yet the outcome will be professional and sophisticated. In many cases, you can even style and modify the template straight from your browser. It makes the process very beginner-friendly.

On the other hand, all the other tools come as PSD files. Still, the procedure of enriching them with your creative touches is always a small breeze. It more or less takes come clicking and you are soon ready to go with a fresh new design.

Now let’s get those Instagram posts to stand out from the masses!

Instagram Post Design Template with Shadow Projections

instagram post design template with shadow projections
While you can work on an Instagram post from scratch, you can always save yourself plenty of time with a dedicated template. In this case, you have a design that is perfect for fashion brands that are looking to make the announcement of an upcoming sale as engaging as possible. Of course, you can quickly flip things around and employ the template for sunglasses, accessories, beauty, you name it. With oh so many features and functions, you have all the right to tailor the Instagram post to the necessary branding directions and campaign intentions. While you can go with all the goodies that Placeit brings to the table, you can also upload your custom designs and images.

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Instagram Post Creator Featuring a Wellness Quote

instagram post creator featuring a wellness quote
Wellness centers, yoga studios and beauty salons, here we have a magnificent Instagram post template that you can take to your total advantage without breaking a sweat. Even if you are not design-savvy, it is still a guarantee that the end product will be nothing short of spectacular. After all, you get to do all the work using your favorite web browser and Placeit. That’s it, no Photoshop or any other advanced software. On top of that, you can also fully style and improve the template accordingly and only then pay the small fee to download it.

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Instagram Post Template Featuring Summer Quotes and Graphics

instagram post template featuring summer quotes and graphics
Promote summer vibes over and beyond with this catchy and engaging Instagram post template. If you would like to share a special quote or any other message, this one will surely capture tons of users’ attention. And once you couple it with your creative touch, the possibilities are endless. Of course, feel free to use the design exactly as it comes out of the box, enrich it with your custom texts and you are good to go in little to no time. On the other hand, you can also 100% customize the template to the very last detail. Make an immediate difference and positively impact the community.

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Instagram Post Template Featuring a Yoga Couple Clipart

instagram post template featuring a yoga couple clipart
If you are in the yoga space and would like to spice things up a little bit on your Instagram profile, you better not miss this template. It comes with amazing clipart and an option to add just about any quote you fancy. You have very many different customization options that will get things moving forward in a snap of a finger. Keep in mind, you need to be no designer to be able to use this preset and make a difference. Without even the need to open up your wallet, you can already make the presentation that will set you apart.

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Sports-Themed Instagram Post Template

sports themed instagram post template
For a giveaway particularly, especially if it is sports-related, here is an Instagram post template that you should consider. First and foremost, you can change pretty much everything you can possibly think of. Sure, you can stick to the default look easily, but making it appear completely different is possible, too. The template rocks all sorts of graphics, images and other features that you can put into play right away. And if you would like to introduce your custom content, by all means, upload it and style the appearance exactly to your liking. It is effortless, after all!

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Instagram Post Maker Featuring a Quote for Travelers

instagram post maker featuring a quote for travelers
For travelers and other tourism-based Instagram profiles, this is a remarkable solution that will do you well. Out of the box, the template is already very eye-catchy. However, you can also do things completely your way and enrich it with all the different customization functions that you have available. Have in mind, the tool is best for spreading a special message or a quote out there. But if you like to go against the grain, play around with different features and make a difference immediately. Whatever suits your signature style best, you have the options that will get you moving forward without a hassle.

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Minimalist Instagram Post Template

minimalist instagram post template
For a special store promotion or whatever else, this clean, minimal and interest triggering Instagram post creator will make your profile shine. You can do all sorts of stuff, from changing colors, adding a different border, importing a custom image, changing texts, you name it! What’s best, you do not need to undergo any advanced tasks to make it happen. In fact, mouse or trackpad skills is all that the tool requires from you, all the rest, you do in-browser. This is another great mockup template that you do not need to use Photoshop to edit it.

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Modern Instagram Post Template for Black Friday Special Offers

modern instagram post template
While this one works fantastically well for a Black Friday sale out of the box, you can use it for all sorts of other promotions and special deals, too. Also, it does not necessarily mean that you need to sell glasses, anyone can use the template. With loads of image options, you can quickly create a completely different scene. Bear in mind, you can also remove the image and go with a solid color background or upload a custom one. You can even change the positioning of the layout, zoom in and zoom out, add extra texts and more. I mean, just head over to Placeit and have some fun with it.

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21 Facebook & Instagram Banners

21 facebook instagram banners
This is a full-blown collection of 21 different Facebook and Instagram post banners. If you need a set that will take care of an assortment of different intentions, you better consider this one. For businesses, sales, special deals, holidays, I mean, there is something for everyone. Each template also comes at 1200 x 1200 px to make sure the quality is high. Of course, every PSD file is 100% layered and easy to use. Even if you are in a hurry and are a beginner, you will still succeed at it undoubtedly. Let the game of creating numerous different Instagram posts begin.

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Sport Fitness Instagram Post

sport fitness instagram post
Fitnesses, gyms and personal trainers, here is a set of Instagram post mockup templates for you to take to your advantage. Instead of scouring the web for possible solutions, here are ten unique designs, all set and ready to go. You can use these for all sorts of intentions related to fitness and health. Thanks to the smart objects, you get to style them with just a click. It is all editable and modifiable for your convenience, making sure you get the most out of it with no sweat. But if you dig the default structure, by all means, use the template exactly as is.

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Medical Instagram Post Banner

medical instagram post banner
If you are in the health and medical space, we have a nifty set of four Instagram post mockup templates here for you. All the files are entirely editable and adjustable. In other words, feel free to brand and personalize them according to your meticulous taste in little to no time. Make your posts trigger their attention right off the get-go. Special tip: just like these templates come with a picture of a person that is looking you directly into the eye, make sure you test this approach as well. It is proven that such posts/images get more engagement. Still, it all comes down to what your followers are like, so it is worth testing out all sorts of different strategies.

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Sale Offer Instagram Post Banner

sale offer instagram post
Make the exclusive sales and new arrivals to stand out on your Instagram profile with this collection of four amazing post mockup templates. You can put them into play right away and see amazing results within seconds. Seriously, once you download the set and import the PSD file to Photoshop all the rest happens in a little breeze. It is that easy! To top it all up, you need to be no expert to have a chance and successfully design an Instagram post for your next big promotion. In short, anyone and everyone can do it comfortably.

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Instagram Puzzle Holiday Templates

instagram puzzle holiday templates
Are you ready to take things to extreme levels? Would you like to create a presentation that is sliced into 21 individual posts with an overall presentation that will blow everyone away? Ladies and gents, you can now do just that. This is an Instagram puzzle set of templates that cater to very many different aims and intentions. Still, the whole package works ideally for the holiday season out of the box. You know what I will say, you can always go against the grain. Now is the right time to make your Instagram feed differentiate from the masses. And you can do that conveniently within a very short period.

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Church Instagram Banner Posts

church instagram banner posts
For churches and ministries, we bring you a set of four different PSD mockup templates for Instagram posts. You do not need to create a design from scratch anymore. With the right tool, you can have it all set and readily available to impress your audience sooner rather than later. All the files are fully organized and layered, ensuring a smooth integration. The standard 1080 x 1080 px size also ensures excellent quality. Moreover, there is also a help file included in the kit, making sure you get the gist of it before you fully dive in.

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Green Instagram Templates

green instagram templates
A complete set of various horizontal and square Instragam post mockup templates for you to hook everyone on your refreshing creative. Whether you need to bring into being a design for a special promotion or you would just like to level up your Instagram game, with these templates, you will make it happen easily. While the style of these templates works for all sorts of different projects, bloggers and beauty-related accounts will find them of perfect use, too. Instead of doing all the work yourself, save time and energy and kick things off with predefined layouts.

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Leana Instagram Template

leana instagram template
If you are interested in something different, a puzzle of posts that together form a whole, you have it all here, at the tip of your fingers. You get a total of 21 individual posts, sliced in a grid of 3 x 9. With the grid overlay, you easily see where your posts get cut to structure it accordingly much easier. If you are new to this type of stuff, feel free to go through the video tutorial first. Also, thanks to the smart objects, replacing content is a piece of cake. Get involved, use this beautiful set of Instagram posts and personalize them according to your liking.

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60 Instagram Posts and Stories Bundle

60 instagram posts stories bundle
You are probably already blown away by the title. Yes, you get a large collection of sixty different Instagram templates, thirty posts and thirty stories. The layouts come at 1080 x 1080 px and 1080 x 1920 px dimensions, ensuring the fantastic quality of the end product. For your information, these banners are best if you are running an online fashion store or an apparel brand. You have all and everything that will last you a lifetime. After all, you can style and fine-tune each template for every special occasion individually. Start with the right foot forward, save time and profit from the outcomes.

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Social Media Bundle

social media bundle canva
Okay, this one is a little different since it is a set of Instagram posts that you use with Canva exclusively. There are thirty different designs available in five different formats – that’s 150 templates! If you would like to use one bundle that will take care of your overall social media promotion, then this is probably it. Take the marketing game to a whole new degree for a small investment and have it all under total control. You can play around with all the different options and possibilities and unlock yourself unlimited variations. A video guide is also included, so you never run into any issues.

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Note Puzzle Set

note puzzle set
Another excellent puzzle set for Instagram posts that will set you apart from the competition with no sweat. There are eighteen different posts at your disposal, helping you establish an overall presence that will knock everyone’s socks off. There is also an option to choose between dark and light looks. Let the set take care of all the hard work while you focus on styling it according to your branding directions. And if you are a first-timer creating an Instagram puzzle, read the text file in advance. It is all there, explained in detail, helping you get things moving in the right direction with ease.

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Stockholm Instagram Stories

stockholm instagram stories
While Stockholm is a whole package of Instagram stories and not posts, I still decided to include it on this list. Why? Because the kit is just too beautiful and stunning. Not including it in the collection would feel like doing a crime. Anyhow, you get a bundle of twenty Instagram stories of standard 1080 x 1920 px dimension. You make all the improvements in just a few clicks, having the exact outcome ready to roll sooner rather than later. It’s the smart objects that make everyone a pro designer instantaneously, even if doing the task for the first time.

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Best free Instagram post mockup templates

Social Media Promotion Square Banner

social media promotion square banner
Here they are, free Instagram post mockup templates for your convenience. Making a strong impact on the community also happens with the use of a design that costs you nothing. All the tools here are first-class, making sure the quality is of the highest degree. Instead of keeping things dull and boring, you can now boost your Instagram promotion with these impressive banners. Download and import to Photoshop where all the magic happens. The editable and layered structure ensures the creation of the Instagram post that will inspire. Have in mind, these work both for personal and commercial projects.

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Free Instagram Banners Template in PSD

free instagram banners template
Promoting products and services on Instagram need not be complicated. If you still have not decided on the style of posts you would like to sport, here are six demos that cost you nothing. These Instagram post mockup templates are all set and ready to go for you to make the most out of them. They cover six different objectives that you can put into play with ease. Feel free to make custom improvements and corrections and tailor each post banner to your taste precisely. After all, each file is easy to edit, so even a newbie gets to establish a professional outcome.

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