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Top 15 HTML5 Hotel Website Templates For Luxury Hotel, Resort And Hostel Booking Sites 2017

Top 15 HTML5 Hotel Website Templates For Luxury Hotel, Resort and Hostel Booking Sites 2017

While other business fields can allow a margin of error, the hotel and hospitality industry cannot. The entire market niche is built on the perception of quality, and substandard service is unacceptable. From the towels to the cutlery and carpets, nothing can be left to chance. However, your fine venue will not be the first thing that is seen by most customers.

First impressions matter, and they are often made online. Most patrons will search for hotels using a search engine, thus the need for an impressive web page. Site creation can be a daunting affair, especially for those who do not specialize in web development. Still, hiring a professional company can be rather expensive.

HTML templates offer a solid alternative, given their user-friendly philosophy. They allow you to create amazing hotel sites. You will be able to post photos, organize reservations, and even spearhead a social media marketing campaign. The benefits are endless, and the price is very reasonable. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Hotel Website Templates:

Pinar Hotel


Few HTML templates can ever hope to match the quality of Pinar Hotel. This product has a large number of practical features, and it seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetic appeal. It has 14 layered PSD files, and an easily customizable interface. The layout is Retina-ready, fully-responsive, and cross-browser compatible. Regardless of your customer’s preferred device, they will be able to access your page. Pinar Hotel has 4 pre-defined color schemes, allowing for more visual customization.

The template is well-documented, as it has included a well-written file that explains every feature in detail. Even novice site owners can become overnight experts. It is possible to contact support representatives, should any issues arise. Font Awesome icons are available for all users, in addition to a Google map function which can be easily personalized. With Pinar Hotel, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Currently, this template has a commendable 5 star review, as clients are eager to praise the product that has improved their web page. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version of Pinar Hotel is available. A live preview can be accessed by those who want to sample the template without having to commit to a purchase.

More info / Download Demo



LYON is a web developer’s best friend. This versatile and professional HTML template offers many useful features, each implemented in order to increase your odds of success. Although it can be used for a variety of sites, LYON is tailor-made for room reservation and hotel booking pages. In terms of accessibility, this product is Retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, and fully responsive. Potential clients can plan their reservations on smartphones, tables, laptops and desktop computers.

The LYON code is organized, streamlined and commented. The template uses jQuery 1.11.3, and it has implemented Material Icons and Font Awesome Icons. The navigation system is simply flawless, resulting in a pleasant experience for both clients and site owners. You will have complete creative control over every detail. Users can select width parameters, content areas, title bars and side bars. There are 5 incredible Listing Layouts and Room Details.

LYON benefits from the latest search engine optimization techniques. This increases your business’s visibility, and it can help you to climb those hyper-competitive search engine rankings. The design focuses heavily on ease of use, typography and user-friendliness. The template was not made exclusively for seasoned web developers, as anyone can create a superior site.

More info / Download Demo



You really can’t go wrong with Berg. This incredible HTML template never fails to impress. It has many eye-catching options and features, each promising to improve your web development experience. Berg can be showcased in both one page and multi-page formats. It should be mentioned that a Drupal and WordPress version is available. The template has some astounding designs, with more than 45 quality home pages.

Berg is very versatile, and it can be used for a wide variety of business websites. There are 45 pre-designed demos that are fully-functional. Each demo caters to a specific market niche: food, travel, creative, hotel, fitness, spa, and so on. In total, there are over 110 HTML files, web elements and feature sections.

With so much choice and diversity, it is impossible to dislike Berg. Merchandising can be a great method of boosting your revenue. Thankfully, this template allows you to create and personalize an online store. Of course, it will have cart and checkout features. A Mega Menu is available as well. For special events, you can showcase a countdown directly on the site. It will also feature impressive block animations, a Mega Menu, a Coming Soon Page and some Font Awesome icons.

More info / Download Demo




If you want to create an awesome resort, booking, travel agency, or hotel website, Yoona is an ideal choice. This incredible HTML template offers a flat design and a structure that can easily support Parallax sections.  Yoona seamlessly blends beauty with practicality, and it has implemented a multi-colored layout that never fails to impress potential customers. The code is well-written, streamlined, and clean, guaranteeing an excellent browsing experience for all users.  This template was designed using the innovative and prolific Bootstrap framework.

Your website will be entirely Retina ready and responsive. Due to this adaptive layout, site content can be easily accessed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In addition, Yoona is also cross-browser compatible. Many niche-specific features were implemented, such as the Ajax Room loader, special sections for Rate and Review, price tables and booking sections.  Should any problems arise, it is possible to contact the awesome customer support team.

For those who want to learn about Yoona, a detailed documentation source was made available. It contains information regarding every detail and feature. After reading this file, you can become an overnight expert. Be sure to access the live preview, for a free sample of this HTML template.

More info / Download Demo



If you are searching for an excellent HTML template that can enhance your hotel websites, look no further than Corsiva. This streamlined and beautiful product never fails to impress. It has implemented some niche-specific features, making your life a lot easier. There are several room layouts, and even a personalized form for reservations. The Corsiva layout can be accessed from desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops, given that it is entirely responsive. In addition, clients will also benefit from cross-browser compatibility.

Sticky menus are available, and they can improve a patron’s browsing experience. Your site can feature responsive sliders that can showcase your business’s most notable assets. It is also possible to display eye-catching photographs, thanks to the addition of the PrettyPhoto Gallery. Corsiva has an astounding dropdown menu that is based on CSS, and the code is well-commented. Given the template’s flexibility and adaptability, site administrators can update posts and offers with ease. They are no longer required to sit in an office in order to work. From home or on the move, you can get your job done. If you are not convinced by written reviews, be sure to access this product’s live preview. There is no financial risk, given that it is completely free.

More info / Download Demo


Zante Hotel is an awesome Hotel & Resort HTML Template! It is made to aid your page and business to reach a higher level on the hospitality industry scale. You will get it with more than 44 files to make action. It uses a HTML5 and CSS3 code that makes it run smoothly. Zante is made with Bootstrap framework and offers jQuery library for easier navigation. Everything is thought out for a great user experience. To make you as a buyer happy, you get 4 unique homepage variations to personalize your site.

Zante features great layout design options to get crafty. It has a pixel perfect quality and allows settings photo galleries. You will get Slider Revolution plugin and PHP files! It even provides beautiful Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons too! Zante has a very responsive design that adapts to all screens and devices. It is made for potential clients to reach you anywhere. And talking about reach, it is also made with awesome newsletters and forms. It has MailChimp and Ajax Contact and Booking forms integration! Use this awesome template without regrets and get those 5 stars you aim for! It will empower your business and web page in an instant! Use Zante!

More info / Download Demo

Hotel Booking


With a name like Hotel Booking, it isn’t hard to determine this HTML template’s niche. It promises to improve every aspect of your web page, as it welcomes clients to your establishments. Accessible and versatile, Hotel Booking will never disappoint. The code of this product is well-written and optimized, resulting in a superior experience for both clients and site owners. A Working PHP Contact Form was made available, in addition to a Retina-ready layout. Customers can access your page via their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, given that Hotel Booking is entirely responsive.

This template was constructed in Bootstrap, and it has cross-browser compatibility. Upon installation, you will also gain access to a nifty Error 404 page. In total, there are 12 gorgeous HTML pages. Regardless of your choice, the site will look amazing. Google web fonts are available. Of course, a good hotel booking site must have a solid navigation system. Thankfully, your page will include the Google Map feature, offering to guide clients to their destination. Free support is available for all users, should any problems arise. You may also consult the well-written documentation source. For more information, be sure to access the live Hotel Booking preview.

More info / Download Demo


If you want to design an astounding hotel, travel, or booking website, look no further than Trips. This gorgeous HTML template eliminates the need to hire professional web developers, as it can be used by anyone. No advance programming knowledge is required. The pixel perfect design seamlessly balances practicality and beauty, resulting in an ideal experience for both customers and business owners. Pretty CSS animations are offered, in addition to a 24/7 support system. Regardless of your issues, never hesitate to contact their helpful representatives. This template can be used for almost any site, given its versatility and commitment towards quality.

The Awesome Slider premium plugin is included with the basic download. It allows administrators to create eye-catching slides that are sure to impress potential customers. It should also be mentioned that Mega Menus are supported. A detailed documentation source offers to explain every feature in detail, and it can turn you into an overnight expert. Google web fonts and Font Icons were added, free of charge. There are numerous typography elements that can elevate the quality of each post. Trips also has 23 PSD files. For more information regarding this template and its wonderful features, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is an elegant and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen provides a purposeful platform for crafting beautiful modern websites. You don’t need to write a line of code to get the best results with LeadGen. Deploying engaging websites is and quick and effortless task with LeadGen. Over 32 deliberate demo websites let you hit the ground running from day one. With LeadGen, businesses can create and establish an online presence effortlessly. Let LeadGen articulate your content in an approachable fashion. Hotels, motels and hospitality industry websites find a robust partner in LeadGen.

Getting your venue noticed is effortless with LeadGen. Optimized for marketing, LeadGen lets your business take a massive appeal. A lightweight Bootstrap framework makes LeadGen fast-loading and speedy. LeadGen performs well across all traffic scenarios and usage cases. Keep your server loads down and minimize your cost while maximizing your reach. LeadGen packs responsive portfolio and gallery pages for you to showcase your services. The awesome modern landing pages let you receive your customers in style. Make the right first impression and market your rooms to the world at large. LeadGen lets you put together potent hotel websites in no time at all. Check out LeadGen today!

More info / Download Demo



For those who wish to create incredible multi-purpose websites, KALLYAS is an ideal choice. It incorporates a broad spectrum of features and options, capable of functioning in any market niche. In total, there are 12 homepage variations, each with its own distinct charm. Users will get to enjoy a modern mega menu, and 6 distinct header variations. KALLYAS has multiple Font Icons, 14 Hero scenes, and 5 different layouts for portfolios: Category, sortable, creative, full width and carousel.

The collection of sliders is truly impressive: Fancy Slider, iCarousel, laptop slider, CSS3 Panels, Circular Content, Fancy Slider, and many more. Site owners can create awesome newsletters in order to update their followers. This is made possible by the inclusion of the MailChimp feature. There are multiple page design variations: process, FAQ, testimonial, team, blog items, career, services, Contact Us, process, and so on. Users will gain access to professional pricing tables, holiday page headers, and an animated header. KALLYAS also has a dynamic PHP contact form, and several PSD files. You can build a great online community around your business, given the excellent social media integration. Novice users can navigate the installation process with ease, due to the inclusion of an extensive documentation source.

More info / Download Demo



In today’s high-tech environment, no business can afford to neglect its website. Petra is a high-quality HTML template for Resort, Hotel, and Bed & Breakfast pages. There are 3 Petra demos, each with its own unique charm. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing. This template’s design is simply stunning, managing to perfectly balance power and user-friendless. It allows you to save a lot of money, as there is no need to hire a professional web development company. The installation and customization process can be completed even by novice users.

The page will offer a grid or list view of all objects and rooms, showcasing you establishment in a very attractive format. Navigation is very intuitive, encouraging followers to browse your offers and prices. The template was constructed with HTML and CSS, and there are 4 different room page variations. The layout is completely responsive, and it is compatible with all devices and web browsers. Indeed, clients will be able to view the page from their laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, be sure to check out this template’s live demo. There is no financial risk, given that it is completely free of charge.

More info / Download Demo



Starhotel is an exceptional HTML and CSS template for hotel websites. It is based on Bootstrap 3, and you can use it to enhance your hostel, bed and breakfast, motel, resort, and spa page. Regardless of the customer’s needs, Starhotel will do an excellent job. A working reservation form was implemented, allowing clients to plan their trips and reserve their rooms.

This template is compatible with most browsers on the market, and it is entirely Retina-ready. The layout is fully responsive, perfectly capable of accommodating those who prefer hand-held devices. This is a very important feature, considering that most online shopping or browsing happens on mobile phones.

Starhotel has a nifty Owl Slider, and the pages will incorporate gorgeous Parallax effects. Timed animations are available, along with multiple background options. The Google Maps feature can guide clients to their destination, helping them to safely reach your venue. PSD files and more than 479 icons were included. There are timed animations, available with the download. This product is very accessible for novice users, as it includes an extensive documentation source. It can explain every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert. Be sure to check out the live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration.

More info / Download Demo



CityTours is a clean and valid HTML/CSS template. It can enhance every aspect of your hotel website, increasing your view count and your bottom line. The design is eye-catching, professional, and easy to customize. This template was constructed in Bootstrap 3.3, and it will look incredible on all devices. Those who prefer hand-held devices can rejoice, knowing that CityTours is fully responsive. Users will be able to access the page from their tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs.

Multiple home page variations are available with each download: Home with Revolution Slider, Home with Single Image, Home with Video Background, Home with Search Bar, and Home with Map. Also, are 3 types of headers: Transparent, White Plain, and Transparent+Plain. In terms of visual customization, site owners will gain access to 4 color schemes.

CityTours has a working PHP Booking Form that allows client to plan their vacation and reserve their rooms. The Ajax contact form has anti-spam protection, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for every user. In total, there are 2000 jaw-dropping icons that are compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. A Google maps function was added, complete with an infobox and several markers. It should also be mentioned that the premium Revolution Slider plugin was implemented, free of charge.

More info / Download Demo



Lambda is an ideal HTML solution for users who want to create successful hotel websites. The design is simply flawless, promising to increase your view count. Lambda has many useful features, each implemented in order to make your life easier. Ready-made templates are available, for those with tighter schedules. In just a few moments, you will be able to implement a fully functional page. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

Lambda has many variables which can be configured or altered, allowing you to design a site that perfectly matches your vision.  It is possible to create eye-catching slides, thanks to the premium Revolution Slider plugin. The support system never fails its customers. Regardless of your problem, never hesitate to contact their representatives. Users will have complete control over their site’s navigation. There are 6 different header variations, included with every download. The layout will look incredible even on hand-held devices or high-resolution Retina screens. In addition, it is compatible with most major browsers.

If you are in need of guidance, you can consult the extensive theme documentation source. It should also be mentioned that some nifty video guides can be viewed on YouTube. Font Awesome and Feather icons are available for all Lambda users.

More info / Download Demo



If your goal is to create a superior hotel website, CountryHolidays can be your greatest ally. This charming HTML template will never fail to impress, given that it has implemented many useful features. CountryHolidays has a valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code, and it was constructed using Bootstrap 3.4. The layout will look incredible on any device, regardless of its screen size. Upon downloading this theme, you will benefit from more than 40 HTML pages, and 3 distinct home page variations: Home with Revolution slider, Home with Video Background, and Home with PHP/AJAX Booking form and autoresponder.

The PHP/AJAX contact form will feature protection against spam, resulting in a superior experience for all users. A Wide or Boxed version of CountryHolidays can be implemented. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. The premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge, despite its $14 price tag. You can now proudly showcase photographs of your venue, due to the addition of a Fullscreen gallery. This product includes 2000 amazing icons, and they are all compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. CountryHolidays has a Google Maps function, and it is compatible with all major browsers. In addition, Google web fonts were added.

More info / Download Demo



Superlist is an exemplary HTML template for hotel websites. It incorporates many useful files, each implemented in order to increase your chances of success. It uses cutting-edge technologies such as SASS and Bootstrap. Superlist has 7 pre-designed elements for home page presentations. There are 4 main header variations: large, small, full size for admins, and transparent small. You can select either the grid or row version, depending on your preference.

A good website is useless if it is not SEO-ready. Search engine optimization can help you to climb search engine rankings, thus increasing your brand’s exposure and popularity. Editing your content is easy, considering the user-friendly design philosophy. The code of Superlist is streamlined and well-written, and the layout is entirely responsive. Content can be viewed on any screen, regardless of its size. Your website can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

There are user related pages, along with special sections for testimonials, FAQ, and prices. This product has multiple template variations for blogs and contact pages.  By taking advantage of the Google Maps function, potential customers can easily reach your venues. For a more hands-on demonstration of Superlist, you can access the live preview. It is free of charge.

More info / Download Demo

All above listed are HTML website templates which means that there are no content management system (CMS) included with these themes. If you are looking for something more flexible you might want to consider these WordPress themes that are built specially for hotel booking websites.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Hello! I’m looking to buy a hotel booking template, but there are so many options and I’m not sure exactly which one is fit for purpose based on my needs. What I need is 1. to have the possibility to set or close the availability of a room if I receive reservations through other websites 2. set different prices (every day can have a different price) 3. add extra service to be booked during reservation process (example: airport pick-up, food and drinks, etc.) Any advice will be highly appreciated! Best regards

    1. Sofia,

      HTML5 templates listed above are basically a design with front-end functionality. These are created to help developers to speed up website building process. HTML templates on their own are not linked to any database and don’t perform any tasks on its own. You need to create a backend for it on your own. If you are looking for design and functionality you should go with WordPress themes such as these. The difference is that WordPress is database driven which means that you will be able to add booking calendar and that sort of thing on your website and actually make it functional.

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