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Top 20 Material Design HTML5/CSS3 Admin Templates To Build Awesome Web Apps 2017

Top 20 Material Design HTML5/CSS3 Admin Templates To Build Awesome Web Apps 2017

Without a good steering wheel, even the most exotic car will be turned into an expensive garage ornament. The same principle can be applied for websites, given that the administration panel often provides a user-friendly method of site management. Following the trend of increasing technological accessibility, most admin templates are catered towards a casual audience. While most retain their complexity and advanced features, they are presented through an intuitive layout.

When it comes to HTML and CSS admin templates, bigger is not always better. Simplicity is a valued quality, given that the panel must serve a practical purpose. In fact, a complex template would most likely weight down the system and cause slow loading speeds. While some visual customization options will always remain, most of the items on this list will focused on cleaner, well-written codes, along with mobile-responsive layouts. The power to manage a successful website or application, by using a pocked–carried device, is nothing short of amazing.

Monarch (Most Popular)


Monarch is a clean and minimal Bootstrap based admin template which comes in two versions – HTML and AngularJS. This template is mobile friendly and optimized to be used for any web app, SaaS, CRM, ERP or anything else. This template has loads of templates, modules and widgets that can be tweaked for your liking. Monarch is our favorite template on this list because of its clean design, functionality and well though library integration.

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Supina is a cleverly constructed and devotedly lightweight and efficient, technologically seamless and cutting edge, very end-user, admin and developer friendly, feature-rich and malleable, creative and natively responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. Supina is a technically refined and superbly innovative Admin Theme, a veritable one-stop shop platform for creating, developing and maintaining a myriad of diverse, functional and graphically mature websites of professional quality and user-friendly visual appeal, across a broad range of diverse website archetypes and applications.

Supina’s particularly streamlined and efficiently coded framework lives up to Bootstrap’s modularity to a fault, with easily extensible codebase that is developer friendly and extremely cross compatible with web-based applications, elements and components, both at front-end and back-end levels, with equal, unflinching ease. Supina includes numerous basic website and webpage templates, composed in HTML5/CSS3 W3C valid code and effortlessly modifiable into anything you might require, yet always greatly speeding up the workflow of creating and devising a whole website while offering visual refinement and taste regardless of user background and previous design experience. A lightweight, self-contained codebase featuring no needless JS or CSS makes Supina a truly sleek and functional Admin Theme package. Try Supina now, and see the power of a modular Admin Theme!

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Bratilius is an extremely practical and both tech-savvy and business friendly responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. Bratilius is a powerful solution for developers from any background, with or without previous UI or graphic design experience, to nimbly and swiftly output a myriad of completely unique websites, web-based applications or web-based presentations across all industries and interests, with polished, professional quality front-end UI website and webpage templates that can be wholly customized in numerous ways, making every Bratilius website, application or presentation a unique end-user experience.

At the same time, Bratilius affords admin users a plethora of potent and insightful tools and features from a myriad different Admin Dashboards and Menus, which are easily modularly integrated with any plugin or application you may wish to employ on your project, quickly affording webmasters key analytical insights and powerhouse development features like multiple admin user management, smooth reporting features like in-house developed Charts, Forms and other Widgets and Elements that can make the task of producing numerous business or corporate friendly presentations detailing all sorts of data and integrating with any number of third party resources in a seamless fashion, Bratilius is the ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme for people serious about presenting results in the best light!

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Delight is a minimal and natural looking admin template designed and developed using Bootstrap frontend framework. This framework integration makes this admin dashboard fully responsive and mobile friendly. Delight is well suited for any sort of web applications, admin dashboard, user dashboard, database driver services, hosting companies and much more. Huge library integration will help you to create admin dashboard you have always wanted.

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flatkit-angular-html5-website-admin-templateFlatkit is a gorgeous admin template that can definitely improve your web application. It is built using the Bootstrap framework, assuring great quality and a pristine browsing experience. AngularJS is used, along with nesting routers and views. If a big project is being displayed, the speed of some apps can be slowed. This is due to the large number of elements that must loaded simultaneously. Thankfully, Flatkit offers a lazyload function, allowing users to select only essential elements, streamlining the loading process. As a result, your application’s speed will be astonishing.

Grunt task was added for experienced users, allowing them to focus on the coding and save previous time. In terms of customization, there are countless variables that can be modified and tweaked. A limitless color palette is available, and the customer can create something that matches his visions. Flatkit has 6 pre-designed layouts, each with a unique and interesting style. A well-written documentation source was added, offering to explain every feature in detail. This product is entirely responsive, as it can work with smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. In addition, it is cross-browser compatible. For those who wish to sample Flatkit, an interesting live preview was made available.

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Westilo is a versatile and powerful admin panel template. It can accommodate the needs of CMS, web admins, ERP, CRM, web applications, point of sale sites, and Payroll management pages. Integrating and using this product is very easy and intuitive. Personalized widgets and massive form elements are available for all customers. It is possible to include some charming extra pages: Typography, Calendar, Grid, and a 404 Error Page.

Westilo is powered by jQuery, and it features over 1000 gorgeous Font icons, each with its own distinct style. In addition, this product includes beautiful customized charts, various widgets, tooltips, and notifications. Basically, Westilo can fit any purpose, and adapt to any niche. Following a very user-friendly philosophy, your admin panel will be highly accessible. Only entry-level expertise is required, as the template can be used by anyone.

There are multiple layout elements and variations, such as the boxed layout, title Leftbar, Topbar User Thumb, Iconic Leftbar, and so on. Westilo is compatible with all browsers and devices, capable of working with smartphones and tablets. It should be mentioned that the documentation source can explain every feature in detail. It you wish to sample Westilo first-hand, be sure to access the live preview.

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Limitless is an admin template that offers boundless potential. Adaptable and streamlined, the layout will provide one of the best browsing experiences on the market. Limitless  was constructed using LESS and Bootstrap. In total, there are 4 versions of this template: a main variation, and 3 alternative styles. Limitless has over 1000 elements, in addition to multiple features and settings. Customers will benefit from untold freedom, as they get to design a product that matches their preference.

Your site or application’s capabilities will surely be expanded, as this product incorporates over 100 plugins. Just like its name suggests, Limitless removes all limits and shatters every boundary. Your online business will surely prosper. Of course, the entire experience will be friendly towards mobile device users, given that this admin template is entirely responsive. People from across the world will be able to enjoy your sites and apps from their tablets or smartphones. For customers who are also coders, Limitless is a blessing. There is a unique piece of code that is attributed to each file, making it easy for you to find and edit elements. In addition, the entire layout will be fully-translatable. For more info, be sure to access the live preview.

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Ample Admin

Ample Admin is an awesome WebApp template. It is specially designed for admin panel feature enhancements. It works with a modern, simple but smooth look and 7 demos! Ample Admin is Bootstrap based and compatible with HTML and CSS3. Simplify apps introductions with all Bootstraps features to help backend actions. Dashboards get more than 10 new premium additions in a instant. Some of those additions Ample Admin gives you include MegaMenu and Range Slider. You can change 12 different tabs styles and improve your file uploading options. 3 different dashboard designs are also available. Ample Admin provides many applications to integrate to your website theme.

Lightbox, RTL and Summernote stand out from them. Get Princing tables, Maps location, and amazing panel add-ons. Ample Admin has some socializing features like e-mail boxes and chat a application. For general design 6 color skins are at disposal and lots of widgets. Ample Admin is made a simple non intrusive template. It works best for users with very basic themes ready to get updated. You will be able to learn and improve your knowledge on panel versatility. PSD files are also included for free! Look for its many to-long-to-write features and witness its powerful easy integration! Use Ample Admin!

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Fuse is a high-quality AngularJS Admin Template. It is flexible, clean and unique, based on the outstanding Angular Material Library. This product has multilingual options, offering to translate the layout into any language. Without a doubt, Fuse is an ideal choice for international customers. There are 12 pre-designed pages, along with 12 pre-built layouts. It is obvious that lack of variety will never be an issue. Four built-in apps are available, in addition to 3 distinct dashboards and 20 PSD files.

Should you encounter any issues with Fuse, do not hesitate to contact the premium support service. The support representatives are well-trained, polite, and eager to help. It should also be mentioned that every customer will benefit from a series of free updates. These updates assure that your site or application will be able to keep up with the latest technological trends.

Followers can keep track of upcoming events, thanks to the calendar feature. In addition, a Mail function was added, allowing you to receive feedback or send out newsletters. Thanks to the personalized theme generator, Fuse can generate custom Angular Material Themes. These can include unique color schemes and other elements that help you stand you. A live preview was added for those who wish to learn more.

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Clean UI


Clean UI is a cleverly constructed and powerfully outfitted, ambitious and expansive, reliable and responsive premium Bootstrap 4 Admin website template and Angular starter kit. Clean UI is the ideal assistant for professional developers and coders that need a solid, robust framework for quickly assembling functional, powerful modern web apps across a range of usage cases and archetypes with seamless efficiency.

Deploying a broad set of prebuilt tools to streamline your coding and integrating the cutting edge Bootstrap 4 modular design for optimized responsive behavior, Clean UI is the real deal. 9 different layout types are offered up for you to freely configure and implement as you see fit, with tons of useful, convenient features powered by Angular, such as functional user accounts and profiles, login and registration pages, alpha and beta dashboards, image galleries, and the amazing Gyazo customizable Theme Settings, which you can use to build your own unique customizable settings blocks for deployment anywhere you see fit. Features as complex as messaging, calendars and mail have been already implemented, saving you time and effort in achieving incredible results with your web apps. Clean UI is the ultimate theme for mobile and web developers looking to implement their work. Try it now!

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Quirk is an outstanding Bootstrap Admin Template that offers a flat, clean and modern design. It has the potential to vastly improve your websites or web application, given its practical and innovative features. However, despite its power, Quirk has a simplistic and user-friendly design. This makes it easier to install and customize. In addition, loading times are improved because the loading process is not burdened by unnecessary elements. Quirk features valid HTML5 and CSS3, and it can be managed via Bower and GruntJS. Regardless of your niche, you can always use a good map. Thankfully, this product supports map integration, offering many practical uses for your clients.

An incredible table design is featured, along with 10 ready to use widgets. The entire layout will be fully responsive, capable of working on hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility is available as well, guaranteeing that any users can enjoy Quirk. If this is your first Admin Template, it might seem a little daunting. You can now rest easy, knowing that Quirk has included a well-written documentation source. It can explain everything in detail, effectively guiding you through the development process. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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Altair is a gorgeous AngularJS Material Design Amin Template. It was based on the jQuery Library and the UIkit Framework. Altair is a fully responsive product, given that it works very well on smartphones and tablets. Compatibility issues have been completely eliminated. There are several custom pages available for all customers: User Profile, Invoices, Mailbox, User Edit, and so on. Personalized components are offered as well: dropdowns, accordions, lightbox, dynamic grid, sortable, nestable, preloaders, notifications, and tabs. With so many elements and options, you will be able to craft something that perfectly matches your taste. In addition, future updates and improvements will be based on the customer’s feedback. It is refreshing to find a product that changes and evolves with its owners.

Altair will incorporate a useful file uploader feature, in addition to an AngularJS powered editor. Sliders, Datepickers, Timepickers, and an Advanced Select option are also available. This product promises to work with all major browsers and operating systems. If you wish to learn more about Altair’s features, be sure to check out the extensive documentation source. It is quite useful, especially for new customers. For those who want to sample the product before committing to a purchase, an Altair Live Preview was made available.

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If you are searching for a premium admin dashboard theme, look no further than Remark. It is very easy to personalize, given that it incorporates some versatile components which were built with Less CSS. Remark itself is constructed using the Bootstrap framework. This product offers a layout that is entirely responsive, and it can work with tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. The users interface is flat, featuring a very streamlined and optimized style. Remark also has Angular UI Support.

In total, there are over 1000 user interface elements, and more than 100 widgets. With so many options, you are able to design a unique admin dashboard that represents your style. PSD files were included, along with a beautiful horizontal Mega Menu. Customers can choose between multiple layouts, and there is a practical quick chat panel.

With Remark, your website or app can support multiple language settings. This expands your horizons, as it allows you to appeal to different demographics.  Special error pages are available: 400, 401, 403, 404, 500 and so on. There are also pages for galleries, user lists, Google maps, site login or register, vector maps, code editors, and password recovery. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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It would be very hard to find an admin dashboard template that could match OneUI’s quality. This wonderful product allows you to construct your site’s backend and frontend using only a single, versatile user interface framework. It was constructed with LessCSS. As a result, OneUI has a modular design that is easy to extend, personalize and navigate. Even if you are a new user, it will feel familiar and comfortable. For both mobile and desktop computer users, this will be a very fast experience. OneUI taps into the power of the GPU, resulting in some modern, jaw-dropping animations. OneUI also uses popular AngularJS JavaScript MVW framework. Similar AngularJS powered admin templates you can find here.

Regardless of your device or screen size, this product can accommodate your system specifications. OneUI isn’t just a standard, cookie-cutter admin dashboard template. It was constructed from scratch, taking into account customer impressions and feedback. It provides a very personal experience, custom-made for its own community. A Calendar App is included, along with a Mailbox App. Using these features, you will be able to tease upcoming events, and notify customers with well-written emails.  There is even a Code editor option. If you want to sample this amazing Bootstrap admin template before committing to a purchase, you can access the live preview.

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Triangular is a modern, powerful Material Design Admin Template. Countless hours and research went into the development of this gorgeous product. The layout is clean and fully responsive, and it can accommodate users who prefer hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. With triangular, organizing events has never been easier. It has an incredible Material Design Calendar application, with 12 unique backgrounds. You may also include or edit events.

This template was built from scratch, using the Angular Material Design project from Google. In order to make the most out of the available screen space, a collapsible menu was included. When this menu is not in use, it will simply go away. A Timeline page was also added, offering more perspective and investment for your customers. There are multiple Material design color palettes which can be used to personalize your admin panel. Also, if for some reason you do not like the pre-made panels, you will be able to implement your own.  Triangular will seamlessly merge with your API, resulting in a pristine experience for any customer. In addition, a flexible box model was implemented, allowing users to design their own personalized layout. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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Elite Admin


Elite Admin is a clean and fresh-faced, incredibly modern and extremely intuitive, resourceful and responsive dashboard web app kit and admin template. Elite Admin is a convenient, cutting edge platform for webmasters, developers and app or tech startups that want to build potent, modern web apps in real time online servers with sophisticated backend features and functionality that allows them to get truly innovative with their products. Elite Admin furnishes you with six different dashboards you can set up in your backend, each with complex sets of admin tools and analytical functions and capabilities so you know exactly how your website ticks, what drives your traffic and where, with tons of awesome reporting interfaces so the data can be readily analyzed.

Elite Admin also includes awesome tools for helping you craft the end user interface of your web apps. Over a thousand pages are packaged along with Elite Admin, so that you can always find the right way to express yourself. Three thousand icons and five hundred user interface elements round off this powerful admin template’s selection. Built on HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS3, Elite Admin is ready to take your apps to the next level. Try Elite Admin today, and see for yourself!

More info / Download Demo



If you are searching for a top-notch Material Design Admin Template, look no further than Materialize. This wonderful product has a large roster of widgets and material design animations, jQuery plugins, and UI elements. It will work perfectly on any device, web browser or operating system. Materialize remains one of the most intuitive, accessible and fun templates on the market.

You can use this product for the web application dashboard of custom admin panels, SAAS, CRM, and CMS. In addition, an expandable sidebar option was implemented. Materialize offers valid CSS3 and HTML5, and it is completely Retina Ready. Your templates will be compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. Every feature and element can be personalized, resulting in a unique experience for each user.

In terms of customization, you can benefit from several typography options, Material Design Color Palettes, and Material Design Icon Fonts. Given that Materialize is constructed with Sass, simplified modification with variables is available. There is a large number of interesting UI elements such as: badges, raised or flat buttons, accordions, collections, navigation bars, tooltips, and many more. Your admin template will support large tables that are capable of dynamically loading data. You may also hide/show any column.

More info / Download Demo



For those who are looking for an excellent Admin Template that uses AngularJS with Bootstrap, Materialism is an ideal choice. It is an amalgamation of many useful plugins and modules. With Materialism, your personalization and browsing experience will be excellent. This template could have included any plugin on the market. However, only be very best products made the final cut. As a result, the design remains streamlined and unburdened by unnecessary elements. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from a Theme Picker, some gorgeous C3 styled charts, and personalized CSS3 animations.

Of course the menu will be responsive, and it will incorporate mobile-exclusive features. PSD files were also added: Material Bird Lollopop and the Materialism Logo. If you want to receive updates regarding future theme improvements and changes, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. It will always offer valuable information. Speaking of information, a comprehensive documentation source was added. In this file, you will find details about every aspect of Materialism. Also, this product promises to work with any major browser and operating system. It should also be mentioned that an Angular Google Maps option was added. If you want to sample Materialism without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



Staying true to its name, Modern is a high-tech Admin Dashboard that never ceases to amaze. While some products only offer updates for 6 months, Modern goes all the way and covers you for a lifetime. Outdated software will never be an issue. The entire dashboard was constructed using Twitter Bootstrap, and the results are obvious. Modern is responsive towards mobile devices, capable off working on any browser, platform or operating system. A 3D navigation function was implemented, along with an off-canvas profile box.

For customers who prefer more theme customization, 6 different color skins were made available. For information regarding any feature, you can always consult the theme documentation source. It quite comprehensive and well-written, and it can act as a tutorial for inexperienced users. Over 65 distinct template pages are available, guaranteeing design diversity. There are 2 primary Admin Themes, and a designated landing page. Modern has over 1100 icons, as each customer can design a page that matches his vision. This product’s layout is very intuitive, accessible to all users. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact the friendly support representatives. For those who wish to experience Modern first-hand, a free live preview was added.

More info / Download Demo



Kode is a beautiful admin template that works well with any web browser. In addition, its layout is entirely responsive, and it can be easily displayed on the smaller screens of mobile devices. This product’s code is very well-organized, clean and streamlined. Both followers and site owners can benefit from such a code, given that it is easy to modify and it improves loading speeds. Kode is one of the most flexible templates on the market. It is packed with useful features that allow you to design a unique page. Some practical plugins were added: Charts, Alertboxes, Datatables, and Forms. Regardless of your needs, Kode has you covered.

Every administration panel will have options to Hide, Open, Search, Close or Expand its content. There are even progress bars for your projects, adding an extra level of charm to the entire experience. Less files are available, in addition to 9 distinct themes and tabs. Kode has 500 beautiful font incons, and an option to display site tooltips. Support for social profiles is available, along with a 404 and 500 Page. It should also be mentioned that a login and register page as included. The live preview can be accessed for more info.

More info / Download Demo

Material Admin


Taking inspiration from the Material Design Principle, Material Admin is an excellent admin template. It is constructed using Less, jQuery and Bootstrap, and its entire layout is completely responsive. Nowadays, a product that alienates the mobile device market is destined for failure. Thankfully, that is a problem that you will not experience. Material Admin has several layout variations, and the customer can select the one that best matches his preference. This product has also implemented off-canvas functionality. Basically, an off-canvas feature will immediately go off-screen when it is not being used, thus saving screen space.

In total Material Admin has 6 distinct theme colors, each with its own unique charm. However, there is nothing stopping you from designing your own color theme from scratch. Many table options are available, and you can even feature large tables which will dynamically display content. You will also have the ability to hide/show columns. In addition, Material Admin has many page variations, such as email pages, contact detail pages, invoice pages, user profiles, locked screen page, pricing page, and search result pages. Custom buttons and gorgeous CSS3 animations are available as well.

More info / Download Demo



Xenon is a clean, streamlined and lightweight admin theme. In total, it offers over 136 incredible HTML files which include layout variations, UI components and different skins for your themes. Xenon manages to successfully overshadow its predecessor, Neon, and improve upon its excellent formula. With such a well-organized code and file system, everything is where it needs to be. This product is like a well-oiled machine that increases loading speeds and enhances every aspect of the user’s website or application.

The layout will be completely responsive and Retina Ready, capable of running on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. Regardless of your device or browser, Xenon will have your back. Compatibility errors were entirely eliminated.  Thanks to the Skin Generator, you will be able to design your own personalized skins with ease.

A Mailbox function was implemented, featuring a view mail, inbox and compose section. There is even a digital notebook function that perfectly mimics the style of a classic notebook. You will be able to easily delete or write notes. Of course, Xenon is optimized for touch screens, and some items were added to a touch-friendly carousel. If you wish to sample this Bootstrap Admin Theme, you can always access its live preview.

More info / Download Demo


If you want to experiment with Bootstrap and HTML templates before you decide if they are what you are looking for. You might want to research free alternatives such as these admin templates.


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