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Top 15 Resources of Textures for Web Designers & Artists

Textures have evolved drastically over the years; from simple grunge and vintage patterns, to fully sophisticated patterns and textures that use the latest web design standards to help designers create the kind of designs that will wow the customer. Textures are a great way to optimize the look and feel of a particular design you are working on, but it’s also a way to add a little bit of personality and emotion towards what we are building.

From being a simple way to showcase design skills, textures have evolved to become a way to add deepness to design, to add meaning to certain areas of the website project, and not to mention to express uniqueness and originality. The use of textures on a website add to the experience of browsing things like emotion, feeling, and personality. And with that in mind, let’s look at the fifteen most popular texture sites on the web, as decided by web designers and creative artists.


stockvault free textures resource

Stockvault doesn’t just offer textures; their digital content library includes elements, objects, seasonal settings, and traditional web design graphics,. The textures section is home to thousands of unique and specifically tailored textures. These will add that extra flavor to any project. All textures come in high dimensions (their original resolutions). That means you have full freedom over how you use each texture. Whether it’s for a mobile device or a desktop experience, you control the size and quality of each texture. The sites texture category has received millions of downloads; this only proves that textures are well alive and still kicking.

Lost & Taken

lost taken free textures resource

Lost and Taken’s texture gallery offers textures in categories like Light, Motion, Leaves, Rust, Glass, Water, Wood, Bricks and even Books. The database is compact enough to be browsed fully within a few minutes. You never know what kind of texture you might stumble upon; it might just be the one you were looking for all this time!


rawpixel free textures resource

With all the different free texture resources we have here, you will surely find precisely what you are after. Rawpixel is another impressive alternative with tons of material for your convenience. Their textures’ section is broken down into multiple categories, like fabric, paper tile, nature, wood, stone, industrial, etc. Inside each category, there are tons of different options for you to take full charge of. You can also filter by “curated,” “popular” and “new.” Of course, if you are looking for something exclusive, you can always type your keyword in the search bar. Keep in mind that each texture image/background comes in different sizes.


unsplash free textures resource

Unsplash is a giant platform of free stock content, with over nine hundred texture backgrounds. You have many creative options to choose from, easily finding the one that triggers your interest the most. Along with the original image size, you can also download the texture of choice in smaller dimensions, just in case. On top of that, if you click on the info button, you also get more information, like the number of views and downloads, camera model, focal length, ISO, shutter speed and the like. And if you would like to share the image on social media, you can.


vecteezy free textures resource

Vecteezy is an amazing resource of free visual content, like vectors, design templates, clipart graphics, and textures. There are tens of thousands of different variations to choose from. You have several filtering functions for a more targetted hunt for ease of search. On top of that, you can also search by different categories and search exclusively for textures with a free license. You can download it without creating an account when you find what you are looking for. Also, please read the attribution guidance when using the stock texture free of charge to avoid inconvenience.


freepik free textures resource

Freepik is of course a well-known name in graphic designers world. Their textures database (more than 3,000+) is a well-known resource for those who need textures for both free and commercial use. Each surface can be downloaded in .AI, .EPS and .SVG file formats. Much of the content on Freepik has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times individually, signaling for high quality and resource reliability. Freepik is home to a passionate team of developers who will happily answers your questions and provide you support if support is necessary.


textures free resource is run by a team of seven photographers and design artists who have shared more than 65,000+ unique textures. Not anyone can say they’ve got a keyword matching domain name for their project. Textures houses more than a hundred unique categories. Thus, it gives you full freedom of choice when finding the textures that will outline your business mission, creative passion, or point of interest in design.


textureking free resource

TextureKing does nothing more than provide great and artistic textures that you can easily browse and download. Each texture comes in very high definition. This, in turn, allows you to use the textures for projects that require crisp resolution. Remember to follow TextureKing’s Twitter account to stay updated with the latest texture releases.

Subtle Patterns

subtle patterns free resource

Subtle Patterns is somewhat of a known name in the graphic designer sphere. The site itself is home to 400+ unique and carefully picked background patterns and textures that will make all the necessary improvements for your site. There’s also a WordPress plugin available for those who want to play with Subtle Patterns directly from their WordPress dashboard. High quality textures at no cost; there’s not much more you can ask for.


freestocktextures free resource

Free Stock Textures is the work of two photography artists who do not proclaim themselves to be highly experienced. However, they admire the craft and are happy to share their photography successes and results with anyone who might find it useful and interesting. There are some gems to be found on this particular texture resource.


brusheezy free textures resource

Brusheezy is the place to share your free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources. Here, you can explore and discuss other artists’ creations worldwide. Or, you can just find that perfect little freebie for your next Photoshop project. Brusheezy makes it easy to explore thousands of resources created by artists from all over the globe. All the resources are free to download, and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects. The textures have been carefully selected by designers who have got more than a decade of experience behind their back. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about dealing with textures that aren’t up to par with the latest design standards.

Archive Textures

archive textures free resource

Archive Textures has more than 70,000+ free textures that will inspire you for the infinite possibilities of design choices and optimizations. Most of the textures on Archive Textures are 1920 x 1200 px in resolution. This gives opportunities to incorporate these textures in your web design projects like themes and templates.


3dtotal free textures resource

3DTotal takes creativity to a whole new level. The kind of free textures you can find on 3DTotal have been created from literal objects in real life. So for example, if you are looking for a texture that resembles a brick wall, rest assured that someone at 3DTotal has taken a photograph of a brick wall and extracted a snippet of it to use as a texture! More than 16,000+ unique textures are available in the 3DTotal database; take your time to explore them.


pixeden free textures resource

You can’t skip the amazing texture (free and premium) packs that Pixeden’s team has to offer to its community. Each pack is created for a specific category; whether it’s Grunge, Brick or Rusty textures that you’re looking for, a team of design experts have carefully selected a few designs that will amplify the look and feel next project.

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