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free photoshop brushes resources
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Top 12 Resources for Free Photoshop Brushes 2020

Photoshop, the world’s most widely used graphics editing software, has been responsible for the art of millions upon millions of visuals that we find on the internet today. Lightroom is of course another contender for the first position, but mostly in the context of editing photography. With more than 26 years of existence, Photoshop is still being frequently updated and new content is being added and released.

Learning Photoshop has never been easier, thousands of tutorials, thousands of courses, personal mentoring, and plenty of guides regarding Photoshop exist, yet it remains clear that Photoshop isn’t a tool that’s very friendly to beginners, and the learning curve can turn out to be rather steep, challenging, and quite difficult at times. Often we see graphic artists create STUNNING pieces of work with Photoshop. Creators spent intense amount of hours that went into learning Photoshop to the extent where such work as possible.

Photoshop requires a certain amount of time to achieve a state of perfection. Businesses can benefit greatly from having one of their designers know or learn Photoshop, as it can be used to create custom content for social media, blogs, products, and other marketing related areas that could greatly increase the visibility of your brand and promote your new content.

Brushes in Photoshop allow to quickly create different experiences with the visuals you are creating. A brush enables you to use a specific set of visual elements that you can quickly add to your creative artwork with a single click of a button. Where to get Photoshop Brushes? We got you covered, with a proper list of more than a dozen great Photoshop brushes resources where you can download thousands of brushes within a single search entry. All these sites feature free brushes, with no strings attached.


brusheezy free photoshop brushes

The Eezy family is on point when it comes down to graphic design resources; vectors, themes, video materials, are all part of the Eezy family of free resource sites. And Brusheezy has been a long part of this family that has managed to make a statement to the Photoshop community — come join an open-source community of designers who happily share their free brushes with other members of the community, as well as visitors from search engines, without expecting anything in return. Yes, a premium Brush section is of course present, the site has to sustain itself in some way, but thousands of free brushes are awaiting your downloads right now. Download pages are UI friendly, offering a tiny description alongside a huge download button, as well as license ownership.


My Photoshop Brushes

my photoshop brushes

My Photoshop Brushes has been one of the longest running brushes resource on the web, and still, even after many years of running successfully, the resource manages to surprise and lighten up with new and exciting releases being added to the database frequently. Brushes are divided in categories and tags that make the searching for a brush process much easier, much more pleasant. Once on the download page, there’s a download count, license information, and the download button to click straight away. Other available downloads on this site are PSD files, patterns, shapes, styles, and gradients. A tiny tutorials section exists to help graphic designers learn about the process of installing new Photoshop brushes, and how to go about getting it done most effectively.



brushlovers free photoshop brushes

BrushLovers is a brand name, it’s a brand that only wants to focus on Photoshop brushes, and make the best possible experience for graphic designers who are seeking this type of content for their next project. Its content spans across a multitude of varied categories that will cater even to the most unusual, most creative, most inspiring needs of a designer. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a brush for yourself, or a client that wants to have unique work done for him, within a single search on BrushLovers you will be presented with hundreds of unique brush designs that will be hard to match by anyone else.

The only thing to remember is that you should always carefully read and analyze licensing details for all of the brushes, just so you don’t run into copyright issues down the road. If you ever get confused by some of the information, reach out to the team of BrushLovers and they will gladly give you a hand where necessary.


Brushes by All Free Downloads

brushes by all free downloads

We have given some previous credit to All Free Downloads already, these guys are giving back to the community more than just Photoshop brushes, but also vector graphics, and PSD content that has helped millions of designers to perfect their final touches of an important visual design. The public library of All Free Downloads brushes is consisting of over 2,000+ unique Brush packages that offer a wide selection of categories and concepts for brushes. Watch out for that licensing information, but try and have as much fun as possible with these exciting brushes you now get to play with.



fbrushesfree photoshop brushes patterns textures

FBrushes (Free Brushes) works in three different categories: brushes, patterns, and textures. All of which are available for Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. The content is free, it’s diverse, and it delivers on a promise of catering only the highest-quality brush content you will find anywhere. Yes, some of the brushes are dating back centuries ago, yet you will still find use for them when working on retro designs, but don’t forget that FBrushes is home to some of the most downloaded brush content on the web as well, needless to say, many of the free brush resources websites are. Each one has something unique to offer, so take advantage of those offers and get experimenting.



inobscuro free adobe photoshop brushes

inObscuro is a personal site of Nela Dunato. She’s a graphic designer who spent the last 10 years building Photoshop content and sharing it for free through inObscuro. Nela also provides premium resources for those who can recognize her sharp skills in creating unique Photoshop content. You won’t find even a close copy of anything that she has to offer. She’s an artists, and her work speaks for it.


Freepik’s Brushes

freepik free photoshop brushes
Freepik is a massive resource of vectors, graphics, stock images, you name it, Freepik covers it. Indeed, if you are looking for free Photoshop brushes, Freepik has them in store for you as well. There are different options at your disposal, readily available to put them into practice and make an immediate difference. All the kits that you find on Freepik are unique and original, as well as easy to use, so anyone can get the most out of them without breaking a single drop of sweat. Whether it is watercolor brushes or something super fun and catchy, you will find it on Freepik now.



deviantart free photoshop brushes
DeviantArt is another enormous platform for anything design-related. Pretty much whatever your heart desires, you will find it on DeviantArt. Sure, you might need to dig deeper sometimes, but that is not the case when it comes to Photoshop brushes. There are thousands upon thousands of collections, offering you to find the exact brushes that you fancy. In short, up on DeviantArt, you will find nothing missing. You can browse randomly, by artists, groups, collections or simply type into the search bar exactly what you are after. Also, do not miss reading the copyright regulations, so you do not face any inconvenience.



bittbox free photoshop brushes
While Bittbox might not deliver as massive bundle of Photoshop brushes, as some other free resources do, it still does the trick. The freebies section on Bittbox unlocks tons of goodies that will do you well. Instead of doing all the work from the ground up, save yourself time and energy by decorating your creations with beautiful brushes, which will only spice things up. All the elements that you find on Bittbox are of high-resolution, making sure the outcome will be crystal clear for everyone to enjoy. Little work for remarkable results, that’s what’s up when it comes to the available materials.



brushking free photoshop brushes
A full-blown collection of various free Photoshop brushes that anyone and everyone can profit from. There are 27 pages worth of all kinds of brushes on BrushKing, available to you with a click on the button. Some of the categories that brushes on BrushKing cover include hearts, drawings, abstracts, ornaments, symbols, vintage, swirls and grunge. Search the goodies, find the brushes that resonate with your project best and go from there. Apply them and you can see speedy and spectacular results immediately after. With oh so many different options, you can also go entirely against the grain and try out something that might not fit at first glance. You have the freedom to come up with your unique creation hassle-free.


Obsidian Dawn

obsidian dawn free photoshop brushes

Obsidian Dawn has existed for over a decade. It’s a household name for Photoshop users who are seeking original, artistic, creative and authentic Photoshop content for their projects. The resource has been featured in some of the most prestigious design magazines, and design startups known to man. There are quite a tutorials to choose from too. Take some time to learn more about Obsidian Dawn and what it might have to offer for you.


WOW Brushes

wow brushes free photoshop brushes

WOW Brushes archives only the best of the best Photoshop brushes. It offers everything freely within the index of more than 20+ unique pages of free content to download instantly. The site hasn’t been that active as of late, but the archive of brushes remains. We strictly recommend our readers to avoid the comments section because it has been completely taken over by spammers. Other than that, a great resource to browse while you have some time to spare.


Getting Photoshop Brushes for Free

Photoshop resembles a programming language, something that requires patience and trust in order to fully master it. Although full mastery isn’t possible, the number of skills grows each time we open the program and create something new. The same goes for programming. Photoshop brushes is one of those elements that can really adjust the way an image is presented. But, there are things far more important than that. This is the way you image the image, and how each of your brush strokes affect a visual. You also need to know how to combine brushes together to create new, exciting, and wonderful pieces of digital artwork.

Take a moment to indulge in this roundup of the best websites for free Photoshop brushes. You can’t anything that can match these directories of brushes, we know — we hand-picked them all!

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