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Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Perfect WordPress Landing Page

In the internet marketing sense, a landing page is a specific page on your website that is developed for a single conversion target.

In other words, a landing is a particular web page that a visitor can come at or land on. The main objective of this page is to restraint the options available to visitors, helping to direct them towards your destined conversion goal.

The main purpose of a landing page is to attract more and more visitors to the website. Sometimes, this is about clutching them to subscribe to an email list, click a particular button/link, or buy a product. In other terms, it is used to grab new visitors and quickly convince them to get into some marketing process on the website.

Why Landing Page is a Vital Part of Your Site?

You might be thinking that why we need to create a landing page to persuade the visitors to take some action. We can also achieve the same goal from any web page that can be created and developed in the WP platform. Then, why it is essential to building a landing page to generate leads?

Anyhow, the basic difference between the landing page and any other web page is that it always provides better results and quickly produces leads, as it is created for a single conversion goal. A site homepage usually carries lots of different elements and information to attract visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to create a landing page to hold back the interest of a visitor and allow them to take a specific action.

Designing of the landing page is the most exciting thing, but still, most the landing pages are very minimalistic. Usually, they are developed completely distinct from the other pages of a website and contain only a bit portion of a site’s original design.

In this post, we will disclose some of the necessary points that we should keep in mind while creating an engaging and unique WordPress landing page. In order, to make a perfect landing page, then you need to follow the essential tips:

1. Make Use of Plugin

You can quickly create unique landing pages in WordPress by using WP plugins. Now, you don’t need to worry about improving code, as you can use a plugin for the same purpose.

One of the best and free functional plugins available in the market is WordPress Landing Pages. It builds impressive landing pages for your WordPress site. This plugin is easy to use and offers boasts of features that can match your customized needs.

Through this, you can monitor and track the conversion rates, run multivariate split tests on landing pages and also generate maximum leads efficiently.

2. Use Drag and Drop Theme Builders

A landing page in your WordPress site should be different from all the other pages of your website. But, many of the developers find themselves restricted because of the limited availability of WordPress themes in terms of what you can and cannot execute the design.

Actually, most of the themes enable you to place whatever you want inside the main content block of a page template. But, the same you cannot do outside of this area.

With the help of drag and drop theme builders, you can do whatever you want to with the design of any web page of your site. It is highly customizable and can make changes quickly, without any confusion. You can use it to quickly create a landing page on your website. You can find different multi-purpose WordPress theme with a built-in drag & drop visual page builder here and here.

3. Lead Pages

LeadPages is one of the paid methods for creating Landing pages. It has given new dimensions to online marketing. It is the best tool that is used for creating extraordinary landing pages, merging them with options forms and many other elements.

4.Hack LeadPages

You might be thinking that whatever I am saying is wrong or illegal. But, it is completely fine as it doesn’t go against any method or policy.

At times, LeadPages dispenses a new template as an HTML download. You can get those templates right from the official site and can use them in your projects.

However, the only obstacle comes in between that those landing pages are true HTML, and it is necessary to make them WordPress- compatible.

You Can Follow These Steps to Handle This Problem:

(a) The first step you need to do is to search this on Google:


(b) Then, browse and download the suitable template that can match your needs.

(c) Once downloading the template, extract the archive and rename the index.html file into the page-landing-template.php .

(d) Then, edit the file and do this:

Put this line at the top of the page:

You can change the path to an external file and add it to your current theme. For instance, a line

(e) Upload the templates to your FTP immediately directly into your current theme’s folder.

5. Develop a custom page template manually

This is one of the traditional methods of creating landing pages on your WordPress site. You can build a custom page template for your WP theme and make desired changes inside of this template.

You can build a landing page manually through a custom page template. You just need to take the default page.php template and trifle with its CSS/HTML structure.

Suppose, you are working with any of the default WP themes, then you can easily chuck the default header, the left-side sidebar, the footer etc. Through this following coding, you will be able to understand the concept more easily:

Create a file called page-lp-example.php: and add the following content in that file and add it inside your theme’s root folder.

Now create a file called footer-lp-example.php: and add the following content in that file:

At the end, you just need to take this landing page and use it to display an offer.


They are the most important factor that can help you to increase the conversion rates quickly. By creating a landing page, you can solve your marketing problems with ease. You just need to follow all these solutions that can provide you a compatible landing page of your WordPress website. If this tutorials feels confusing you might want to check these ready-made WordPress landing page themes that will help you to setup a professional looking landing page with ease.


This post was written by Lucy Barret. Lucy is working at WPGeeks as a Sr. WordPress Developer and handling all HTML to WordPress Theme conversion projects with a team of 75+ developers. She enjoys writing posts related to WordPress and loves outdoor trekking.

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