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18 Awesome Catering Website Templates 2018

18 Awesome Catering Website Templates 2018

You got to be ready for all the orders and increase your potential with a stunning website built using catering website templates. You might be an expert chef, however, when it comes to web design, chances are, you do not feel very comfortable. Owning an already successful catering business or just starting out, in both cases, you should have a business website. Not only will it have a positive impact on your overall brand, with a web page, you can easily grow it to the next level.

Just years ago, or even today, restaurant and catering business owners are still putting a lot of their budget into a professional web design. While hiring one to do it for you can get extremely expensive, it also takes time. Days, weeks, even months, may pass before you will see your page live on the internet. To avoid it all, we meticulously picked high-standards following website templates for your catering businesses. With just the basic coding knowledge, you can build a site for your project in little to no time. These predefined templates have it all in store for you to craft an expert looking website for a tiny investment.

We specifically chose, one by one, the best catering website templates so you can save yourself even more of your precious time. The designs, the must-have features, responsiveness and all other necessities to run a successful catering website are at your service. Pick up the one you fancy, modify the content and have your site online ASAP.

For fans of WP, take a peek at our top collection of food and catering WordPress themes.


notch catering website template
Notch is a powerful, creative and modern multi-purpose website template with three refined demos. One of those is dedicated to food and catering businesses with a great assortment of features. But first, we need to mention that the design is responsive, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and easy to work with. Going the Notch way, you shine online when you fully set yourself up with a fresh website.

The food experience you deliver begins with a neat home page. It is all executed in a nifty order with an online reservation form, blog and delicious menu. With first page alone, you can have your visitors hooked and turn them into new customers. However, other inner pages are also included for a gallery, your team and a contact page. Moreover, link your website with your social media accounts and, like mentioned earlier, start writing a food blog.

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Restaurant Chef

restaurant chef catering website template
Restaurant Chef applies to almost any food related business. It is safe to call it a catering website template, too. But more than that, you can use it for restaurants, pubs, sushi, fast food and other types of businesses with online ordering. Tasty and appealing to the eye, Restaurant Chef template satisfies your guests with professionalism and attractiveness. The tool is for making one-page style websites which everyone enjoys browsing so much.

Like all other website templates for catering businesses in this collection, Restaurant Chef is also responsive and retina ready. It comes with Google Maps, basic menu, parallax effect, supports videos and includes a newsletter subscription form. For any additional assistance, hit up the friendly support team and they will be happy to guide you.

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Cattle Restaurant

cattle catering website template
Cattle Restaurant uses the most advanced technologies to ensure top-notch performance. Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3 were used when developing Cattle Restaurant to make it convenient and simple to use and customize. Following the latest and greatest practices also makes Cattle Restaurant compatible with devices and browsers. Whether a beginner or an experienced coder, this catering website template is friendly to both.

Bring your yummy dishes to the online space, advertise your talent and attract new customers with Cattle Restaurant. The template offers you enough room to push your business to the new heights and let it flourish. In total, you will find nine pages, full-width slider, categorized food menu and a reservation form. There are also some super cool details that decorate Cattle Restaurant to help you stand out.

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beyond catering website template
Beyond has a layout of a one-page website template and three impressive index pages. Each brings a unique way of expressing yourself, your business, your food creations and other whatnots online. It is a catering website template full of goodies for you and your visitors to enjoy. Beyond has a clean and organized code for you to add your details and information effortlessly. Even if you do it for the first time, in reality, it feels like you do it for the tenth time. That’s how simple it is!

After you choose one of the three demos, it is all a matter of editing and organizing. Soon after, you will be ready for the big launch of your fresh new website. It might also be a site redesign which all your loyal customers will enjoy through the roof. Benefit from a slideshow with original transitions, promote your services and portfolio, add pricing and, of course, the much-needed food menu.

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Restaurant HTML

restaurant html catering website template
Restaurant HTML or simply, Restaura, is a food and catering website template with a whopping thirteen home variations. Unquestionably, there is something for every taste. More layouts are dropping with future template updates while the current ones you can also modify however you fancy. In short, the possibilities are endless. Besides, in the Restaura package, you get eleven inner pages that cover every segment of your business.

Awesome CSS3 animations, hover effect, sticky menu, stunning and filterable food and drinks menu and a functional book a table form, Restaura makes sure you have it all at your disposal. Display news for upcoming events, showcase your promotional video and build customer trust with testimonials, Restaura allows you to do it all.

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vienna catering website template
Cool and sophisticated catering website template, Vienna, was exclusively built for the food industry. Once you start customizing it and adding your data, you will notice how little work is needed to finish the work. If you stay with the default content, you will have your website up and running in no time. On the flip side, make sure you do not feel limited. You can dig deeper into the code and apply changes to the template to meet your exact needs.

There is a custom slider available and all other useful features a catering or a restaurant business owner requires. Events, contact, menu, gallery, you have it all ready for you to put to use. It has all been placed in a strategic order but you can rearrange elements at any time. The Vienna HTML5 restaurant template adapts to a number of food businesses with ease. For your information, Vienna is also eCommerce ready for you to expand your services when needed. Moreover, you get PSD files, too. In short, Vienna is a convenient food website template for efficiently crafting a professional looking site. Small investment and easy setup for amazing results.

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wehungry catering website template
By mentioning food so much, we are getting hungrier and hungrier. With Wehungry template, you feed your catering website with all the appetizing condiments and ingredients. It is a fulfilling treat for a cutting edge web design to help you popularize your business. Isn’t that something you strive towards? To march in the direction of victory, that should be your concern. But in a good way. Thankfully, Wehungry template is nearly ready for the launch even as is. No need to go advanced, use it as is and bake the goods so they will bind together in a real masterpiece. Not just an attention grabber, it will cause visitors’ mouth to water, too. Expect plenty new emails hitting your inbox sooner rather than later.

Another masterful template with a variety of demo material to make your lives easier. 8 home pages are ready for you to take to your advantage. From coffee and burgers to ice cream, organic and pizza, you will surely find the one that comes close to your idea or branding. Bear in mind, Wehungry’s code can be changed at any time to add a more custom way of representing your business and services in the online space.

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tasty catering website template
TASTY catering website template does not need an introduction. It is a responsive modern HTML template which provides all the needed to successfully run an online platform for your food businesses. No matter what you are an expert of, a solid online appearance is a must for all types of projects. We are living in the era of the web after all. When one hears for your brand name, he rushes searching for it using his mobile device. First, if there is no website, they might immediately lose interest. Second, if there is a website but it does not adapt to their screens, they will leave early without doing any business with you.

To have your page follow the modern trends and make it look first class, TASTY is an excellent tool for you. It is a Bootstrap based HTML product perfectly suitable for a contemporary restaurant. Offering catering services? No worries, TASTY has you covered with all of it. The very stylish layout makes your page appear sophisticated, exactly how it should. From the palatable menu to reservations section, with a unique style that TASTY is baked with, you are safe and ready to shake the industry.

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panshi catering website template
Panshi is a catering service HTML template which lets those interested in the design to indulge in its features and possibilities. With three one-page and one multi-page demos, there is enough pre-made material for restaurants, catering companies, bar owners and other food oriented projects. Nowadays, it is obligatory for each brand, company or professional individual to own a website. Without one, you are simply far behind those whose every aspect of their business is as pro as possible. Offline and online. Make sure you do not get left behind rather start building with Panshi.

Combined, there are 13 HTML pages available for you to swiftly hammer out a page. Indeed, we talk about a working website which ensures great user experience. It will not be long before you start taking your first orders. It might get very chaotic and noisy in your kitchen. But that is only a good sign for as long as you have it all under control. In case you still aren’t on the internet yet, be prepared for all the additional calls and emails. With an online presence, your are visible to a larger audience. Plus, all the social shares might cause a snowballing effect. Get the most out of the online space with help from Panshi template.

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rubis catering website template
Rubis is a creative catering website template for everything-food. Let it be a full page or a simple landing page, you can create both with Rubis easily. You can use the former to go into details and have it all featured on the website. Meanwhile, the one-page/landing page version, you can use to showcase your business. No matter which option you choose, the website you finish crafting will look modern and stylish. Before giving it a go, take a peek at the demo to develop a better idea what you can achieve in a website.

There is a variety of components which you can use to create custom HTML pages. Use the helpful documentation and never face any issue. Always have everything under control and know exactly where a certain element is located in the code when in need of improvements. Or changes to test different things out (read A/B testing).

For the background, and as an extra entertainment, you can add a video. Show what is cooking over at your end and have the video to grab guests’ attention. To further persuade them, Rubis’ gorgeous menu will do its thing. They will be calling your catering services and you will start seeing the growth of your business. With integrated Google Map frame, you let customers find you in a breeze.

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dawat catering website template
Catering businesses get a web design solution for their web presence with Dawat website template. You are more than welcome to put your imagination to work and test the epic customization options of the template. With all the predefined demo data along with it extensibility, you can easily craft a website which will stand out from the crowd.

The clean and well commented code won’t cause any struggle. Whether you are new or have some experience, Dawat is the kind of template which takes you on a website constructing journey. Just like you will enjoy putting together a site for your project, so will guests later enjoy browsing it. Everyone benefits from it.

Dawat catering website template is the optimum answer for catering services, restaurants, bakeries, even chefs’ portfolio pages. 8 demos will give you a clear understanding what kind of a website you can build. Two versions of slider, video, cooking and parallax home pages are at your service.

It will definitely be like an actual coder and designer built it. Expertness will go through the roof, so will the functionality and usefulness. It will rapidly speed up the process of coming online or redesigning your current website. The time saved can be dedicated to fulfilling orders and promoting the business.

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blackolive catering website template
If you are 100% sure your dining experience is the best in the world, you probably plan to expand your business and ensure as many folks as possible to enjoy it, too. One of the options to make it happen is a professional restaurant or catering website. To make the whole process a lot easier for you, our collection of the best catering website templates will be of tremendous help. One which cannot be missed is Blackolive one-page HTML template. Built using Bootstrap Framework, you are treated with a fully adaptable design which you can freely tailor to your requests. Aside from mobile friendliness, Blackolive is also optimized for speed. Meaning, only lightning fast page loading speeds.

The design of Blackolive template is very slick and minimal. There are no unnecessary distractions, only high-quality content. Luxuriate guests on the world wide web just like you would if they would visit your restaurant. Or an event you cater. A one-page website needs a great navigation to avoid the scrolling where the visitor knows exactly what he or she is looking. Meanwhile, those who are interested in going through all the sections of your business website, smooth transitions will do the job right.

By jumping straight to the food menu, one of the most important sections, you can show pictures, pricing and add descriptions. Make it look as tasty as you can and they will be hooked forever. Of course, the final product, the actual meal, will do all of the talking.

More info / Download Demo

Red Bistro

red bistro catering website template
Show the world that you and no one else truly know what good means. With years upon years of experience, you are the expert in your field. For a lip-smacking online presence, catering website templates, like Red Bistro, give you everything you need. Amaze and leave in great pleasure everyone who visits your website. Those who are just looking around might quickly become something more. As for the existing clients, they will be affected in an exceptionally positive way.

A professional website can easily be deployed even by those who are new to page building. Red Bistro template has it all pre-made and ready for you to put to use. No need to look further if you like the overall look of Red Bistro. With excellent documentation and smashing support, you can achieve remarkable things. Not only that, you can have an effect on the industry, too. When that is something you succeed at, a delightful future is ahead of you. That is a fact.

Make changes and tweaks to the code without any difficulty. It is all very clearly stated, you just need the very basics of the HTML. Other than that, Red Bistro template takes care of all the rest.

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lecker catering website template
With the available 10 demos, Lecker template is a fit for almost any type of restaurant, bar and other food businesses. Creating a one- or multi-page websites will be a breeze. It will not take long before you start entertaining the masses with mouthwatering imagery of your chefs’ creations. With template’s primary focus on the restaurant business, it is crafted so you grab more guests’ attention and turn them into loyal customers.

5 types of unique title texts, daily specials, amazing animations and parallax sections ensure creating a one-of-a-kind page. However, with any of the predefined demos, more than half of the work is completed. Either add only your business information and a variety of content or start customizing the layout and make something unique. Whichever path you take, the included documentation and premium support are ready to take the page building process to an entirely different level. Plus, if you run into any problems, you know who to ask and expect a response within 24 hours on weekdays.

There should be no excuses, with a powerful catering website template, Lecker, your business page will be rocking the online space in a snap. Take care of the events with your professional catering services and connect with others.

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foodbite catering website template
For any small business within the food industry, FoodBite catering website template is the perfect page setting formula. A chef can easily tailor the template and make it for personal use, too. It is a clean and a high-class design which sports 100% responsiveness, as well as compatibility with high-resolution displays. All your images will look as clear as your eye can see.

To kick it off, you can pick between two of the predefined demos, Parallax and Slider background. Both feature appealing animations which appear on scrolling. Your menu will hook everyone immediately with a clear focus on the pictures. No one is able to hold himself back and not become a fan once seeing the tastiness and deliciousness of your meals. You know how the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Still, nothing beats the actual tasting of your foods.

FoodBite template is cross browsers compatible, meaning, it works on IE11, Firefox, Chrome and Opera to name a few. For full functionality of the product, the developers built it on the Bootstrap 3 Framework. As an icing on an already extremely beautifully decorated cake, you are also treated with free support and updates. Be up to date at all times.

More info / Download Demo

Red Chili

red chili catering website template
Make your site as hot as you would like with Red Chili template. This easy to use product turns you into a real page building expert even if you do not have many skills regarding coding and design. Red Chili HTML template comes equipped with 3 home page layouts, 2 about us pages and a whopping 5 different menus. This applies to food and drinks menus, not the navigational menu of your site. But you will not have a problem putting together a practical navigation, too. You will not lack full functionality of your website powered by Red Chili catering website template. There are in total 20 HTML pages included along with 18 color presets which you can blend together into the perfect final product. But if any of these do not follow your branding, make adjustments accordingly.

Smooth transitions, clean and trendy design, Font Awesome icons and Google Web Fonts, all this only adds up to the template’s overall usefulness and modification. Red Chili template is cross browser compatible, well documented and offers free lifetime updates. The well commented code will make your life easier and save you extra time. It is time to realize your project idea and start the food business you always dreamt about.

More info / Download Demo

Food Lover

food lover catering website template
You have to love food and you have to love running a business if you plan to run one. By picking Food Lover template, all your restaurant, catering, take away and even personal chef websites will be sorted. With a convenient template, you can forge almost any type of business website. Like you might know it already, you do not have to use the template as you see in the live preview. You can do modifications, change the colors, text, rearrange elements and more. No need to stick with what is already available and ready to use.

The retina display readiness of Food Lover catering website template displays crisp clean pictures what salivates guests’ mouth. That is exactly what you want to achieve. Resisting the tempting offer will be impossible. They will rush getting in touch with you for business.

By browsing your astonishing menu page, visitors and potential clients get familiar with your foods. There will be unimaginable for them to have their next event without you taking care of the attendees’ empty stomachs. Ensure an awesome experience flipping throughout the pre-made Food Lover template pages and have your site see the light of the online world shortly.

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responsive catering website template
No need to think twice, Catering is a responsive HTML template for chefs, restaurants and catering services. Owners of food businesses will be impressed by the numerous functions and features Catering treats you with. Assembled using all the latest web technologies, you are guaranteed your website to work incredibly on all devices, from mobile to desktop. Along with the super technical part, Catering template is also fully stacked with the relevant sections a successful restaurant or catering company needs. One can quickly scan through your page, learn more about you and your services and get in touch with you to do business. Be ready for new deals, a whole lot of them, all due to the fantastic site you are about to make with the professional template.

Secret ingredients are included for creating an outstanding first impression. You can pick between 6 pre-made index pages, 8 color schemes and other HTML files. For the best impact on each visitor, like mentioned earlier, right after the page loads, Revolution Slider will do its magical thing. You get it at no extra cost so feel free to play with it and use it for all kinds of different intentions. Promote special deals, showcase your kitchen, display luscious images of your foods and more. Whatever there is you need, Catering template will help you out realize it.

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