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Booknetic Plugin Review FT
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Booknetic Review – A WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin

If you want to add an online appointment booking and scheduling system to your WordPress website, then Booknetic is a plugin that was built specifically for this task. In this Booknetic review, we’ll explain what this plugin can do and how it works.

While there are many services that offer this type of functionality, Booknetic is a very affordable solution for WordPress users. Not only is it great value for money but it also has lots of useful features that we’ll cover in this article.

By the time you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll know if this is the right tool to create an online appointment booking and scheduling system for a WordPress website.  

About the Booknetic WordPress Plugin

As mentioned in the introduction to this Booknetic review, this plugin can help you add an online appointment booking system to WordPress websites. Thanks to this, you can start accepting bookings for your services online, all through your WordPress website.

While you can let your customers and clients make bookings themselves, you don’t have to enable this aspect of Booknetic.

You could instead, decide to use this plugin as an internal online booking and scheduling system. This system would be used by you and your team to enter bookings and appointments made by your clients and customers in person or via the phone. Doing so would give you an easy way to manage your appointments, without requiring your customers to make the bookings themselves online.

Booknetic also integrates with payment processor tools to enable you to collect payments online related to your bookings. You can also integrate Booknetic with many other tools and services to build the right type of appointment booking and scheduling system for your business or another type of project.

As we’ll see in this Booknetic review, this is a highly flexible WordPress bookings and scheduling plugin that can be used in many different ways.

Best Booknetic Features

Booknetic Review

This part of our review will look at the best features of Booknetic to help you decide if this is the right tool for taking your online booking system online.

User-Friendly Dashboard

If you’re wondering whether you have the technical ability to implement an online booking system, the answer could well be yes.

Booknetic has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. It appears that a lot of work has gone into designing the user interface.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated on your WordPress website, you can start using Booknetic through its custom dashboard.

Booknetic Dashboard

As you can see from the above screenshot, the Booknetic plugin doesn’t follow the user interface design of the WordPress dashboard. Instead, you get access to a modern purpose-built dashboard for managing your appointments, bookings, and schedule online.

The homepage of the dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance, how many appointments you have scheduled and other important metrics.

Once you click through to the other pages of the dashboard, you can see things like the appointment details, payment information and a calendar view.

Thanks to the design of the Booknetic dashboard, this plugin is very easy to use.

Custom Booking Form Builder

booknetic form builder

To ensure you’re able to collect the right type of information when a booking is made, Booknetic gives you a lot of control over your booking forms. As well as being easy to use, the powerful Booknetic form builder increases the chances that this plugin can be configured to work with your business and its unique requirements.

Appointment Calendar

To make it easy to manage your schedule, or view the schedule of your team, Booknetic has a calendar feature. Through the dashboard, you can view the calendar and then quickly see all the appointments that have been booked.

The different views of the Booknetic calendar enable you to filter the appointments. This can help you quickly find the type of information you’re looking for. This could include viewing all the appointments for a particular staff member or client.

Ability to Handle Multiple Staff Members

If you want to create an online booking system for your business, then you might be pleased to learn that Booknetic supports multiple staff members. Due to this, your clients, or whoever is making the bookings can easily choose who they want to see for their appointment.

Each staff member can have their own schedule of when they are available for receiving bookings. You can also assign staff members to specific locations so they can only be booked at that location.

Support for Multiple Services

Select a Service

If your business offers multiple services, Booknetic can easily accommodate this. Through the plugin dashboard, you can create multiple services that your clients and customers can book.

The category structure view is very sophisticated and should be able to handle any configuration that your business has. It also makes planning out your services and their different categories very straightforward.

Multiple Location Support

Booknetic Locations

If your business has multiple locations, you can easily add these locations to your booking system with Booknetic. Then, when a customer or client is making a booking online, they can choose which location they would like the appointment to take place.

Recurring Appointments

If your business uses recurring appointments, you can automate the process of making these extra bookings. This would be useful for appointments that recur on a weekly or monthly basis, for example. Simply enter how often the appointment recurs, and the plugin will do the rest.

Blackout Options

To avoid customers and clients making appointments during periods when you’re not working, you can blackout certain dates. You can also blackout set periods of time, public holidays, and other scenarios. This can be used to avoid double-booking as well as general confusion with your online booking system.

SMS and Email Notifications

With Booknetic, your clients or customers can be reminded about their appointments and schedule, via the optional SMS and email notifications. Email notifications are made possible via integration with either SMTP or WP mail gateways. For these optional SMS notifications, Booknetic integrates with the Twilio service to enable this functionality.

This should come in handy if you want to reduce the number of customers or clients who miss their appointments. It can also help you and your staff stay informed of your schedule.

WooCommerce Integration

If you want to collect payments online as part of the appointment booking process, it’s possible with Booknetic. As Booknetic works with the popular WooCommerce plugin, you can add the necessary ecommerce functionality to collect payments online very easily.

PayPal and Stripe Compatibility

When it comes to collecting payments online, Booknetic can be set up to work with both PayPal and Stripe. This gives you a good range of options for how you can accept payments online. As these are two of the most popular online payment processors, this is good to see.

Of course, you can use Booknetic in many different ways. Therefore, if you don’t want to collect payments online, you can easily turn off this functionality of the plugin.

Collect Deposit Payments

Collecting the full payment upfront might not be appropriate for your business. If this is the case, you can still protect yourself from lost revenue with Booknetic. Thanks to the deposit payment functionality, you can define an amount of money to collect during the booking process. This should not only prevent you from losing all your revenue from a missed appointment but it should also encourage your customers and clients to attend their appointments in order to prevent them from losing this deposit.

Create Discount Coupons

If you want to offer your customers discounts on your bookable services, you can create coupons inside of Booknetic. When creating a coupon, you can set the discount as a fixed amount, such as $10 off the full price. Alternatively, you can set the discount as a percentage of the full price. You can also set the expiry date and usage limit for each coupon. Defining which services a coupon can be used with is possible too.

Google Calendar Synchronization

To ensure you’re able to keep track of your appointments schedule, you can easily integrate Booknetic with the popular and free Google Calendar service. Thanks to this, you can view your schedule outside of your WordPress website, by viewing Google Calendar, either via a web browser or smartphone app.

If you want to ensure you never miss another appointment again, this feature is very useful.

Export Customer and Appointment Data to Excel

If you want to back up your data or import it into another app to analyze it and create reports, it’s very straightforward with Booknetic.

Exporting your data in CSV format allows you to open it up in many popular software applications, including spreadsheets like Excel. Then you can use the functionality of those programs to dive deeper into your data and see when your busy periods are, which customers make the most appointments, and any other information you think will be useful for your business.

Fully Mobile Responsive

The pages of the plugin are all fully mobile-friendly. This means that your visitors can make appointments, regardless of what type of device they are using. This also applies to the plugin dashboard. Thanks to this, it’s possible for you to manage your schedule and bookings on a smaller screen smartphone device.  

Customizable Design

To ensure that the Booknetic content, such as the forms and booking panels fits in with the rest of your site, you can choose from one of the seven predefined color styles. You can also create your own custom color scheme from scratch. If you’d like your online booking system to match the branding of your business it’s possible with Booknetic.

Works with Any WordPress Theme

Whether you already have a WordPress website or not, Booknetic will fit right into your site. As this plugin has been built to work with any well-coded WordPress theme, you’re free to choose the right set of templates for your website when using Booknetic.

Detailed Documentation

As you can see so far from the information in this Booknetic review, this plugin has a lot of features. It’s also a very customizable tool. So to help you make the most of this plugin, there’s a lot of useful documentation on the Booknetic website.

When you purchase this plugin, as part of your Booknetic license, you can contact the support team for assistance should you run into any problems when using this tool.

Booknetic Pricing Information

The Booknetic WordPress plugin is available for purchase from the CodeCanyon online marketplace. This is one of the most popular places to buy a WordPress plugin so you don’t have to worry about online security when shopping there.

At the time of writing this Booknetic review, you can purchase the plugin for just $39.

However, be sure to check out the plugin page at CodeCanyon for the latest pricing information.

Regardless of how much you pay for the plugin, you’ll get access to future updates for as long as Booknetic is in development. You also get access to support from the plugin developer for six months from your purchase. However, you can opt to pay an extra $12.75 (at the time of writing) to extend this support period to 12 months. This could be a good investment if you’d like someone to turn to if you have any problems for the next 12 months.

You can view the latest pricing information for Booknetic on the CodeCanyon website.

Booknetic Review Conclusion

As you can see from this Booknetic review, this is a powerful plugin for adding online appointment booking functionality to a WordPress website.

As well as all the great features, Booknetic is also very easy to use. Thanks to this, whether you’re new using WordPress or a seasoned pro, you should find it relatively easy to install this plugin and then set up the facilities to handle online bookings and appointment scheduling on your website.

The price of Booknetic is particularly appealing. If you take a look at other online booking systems, you’ll see the Booknetic represents great value for money.

Whether you want to manage your schedule online or implement a fully-featured online booking system on a WordPress website, Booknetic is more than up to the task.

Click here to find out more about Booknetic today.

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  1. Hey. I use booknetic. Apart from the kind of complicated download which had an issue preventing me from opening the app I think booknetic is great. Sick design, great features easy to add staff, locations etc.. Im really glad!

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