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12 Best WordPress Tab Plugins 2023

You must be familiar with tabs. They refer to those colored strips that help you open exactly the page you want in a paper file. Tabs offer an easy user experience—users can click on a tab to view the content inside it. You’ll see a similar option in a browser, where they help you get to the page or website you want to visit. Many quality WordPress tab plugins are available, which help you create tabs that use distinct icons, colors, and animated effects.

Tabs can be convenient when you have content to get to readers in a limited space. At the same time, they retain both the design and user interface. The advantage of tabs is that readers will not have to scroll long pages. Moreover, tabs can improve conversion rates by adopting a structured approach.

With WordPress, creating tabs to present content neatly to visitors in tabbed sections is easy. All your information is split into sections for convenient consumption. Some users maintain that hiding content behind tabs reduces the SEO advantage since Google prefers to appear immediately on the page load. Some users report a fall in search rankings when they move content behind a tab. Some may want to tab sections, such as FAQs despite this viewpoint. So, weighing the neat tabbed layout against any possible SEO disadvantage would be necessary. If you happen to need a theme for your FAQ or knowledge-based website.

The following plugins help add clean, responsive, and structured tabs to your pages, posts, and custom post content and even within them. All the plugins in this list are free, though many allow you to upgrade to a premium version.

Best WordPress Tab Plugins

1. Elementor – Drag and Drop Page Builder

Best for beginners building their first WordPress website.

Elementor is WordPress’s most popular drag-and-drop website builder, with over 5 million active users worldwide. It has countless elements, including different vertical and horizontal tabs for a beautiful way to display content.

Elementor might be too much if you are looking into just creating tabs and no other elements, but it is the right tool for anything above that. It has everything you need to build a custom design and functionality via a drag-and-drop user interface. It is the easiest way to get started with your first website.

Price: Free version with limited widgets that includes tabs. Advanced functionality and widgets start at 49/year. Need hosting with your Elementor website? That will set you back $99/year.

More info / Download

2. WP Tab Widget

Best for users looking for simplicity and quick setup.

WordPress Tab Plugins - WP Tab Widget

What makes WP Tab Widget attractive is it’s AJAX-powered lazy load feature. This ensures that your content loads fast. It can help you create a tab widget for your sidebar to place Popular Posts, Comments, Recent Posts, or Tags for greater clicks. With 40,000+ active installs, the plugin includes layout styles and cache system features. The built-in pagination system allows pages to load only when necessary.

The tabs created by the plugin are fully responsive, and you can display them in any widget area. You can set the post date, excerpt, number of comments, and tabs in the widget. It controls the widget’s title length, thumbnails, and excerpts. The design is clean and simple, and the user interface is easy to use.


This plugin is free and can be used on unlimited sites. WP Tab Widget Pro, priced at $29, has many additional features, including a scope for customization. It’s also SEO-friendly and well-optimized for speed.

More info / Download

3. Tabby Responsive Tabs

Best plugin for creating responsive tabs with WordPress.

Tabby Responsive Tabs adds tabs to your site using a shortcode. Besides, you’ll need to add a single line of code to add tabs to your sidebar. It comes with many convenient options, like keyboard access for tabs and multiple sets of tabs on the same page. Using jQuery creates horizontal tabs that automatically switch to an accordion interface to fit the screen’s width. This lightweight plugin enjoys 30,000+ active installs and can add amazing fonts to your site. It uses a semantic header and a content markup.

Tabby Responsive Tabs

The base version does not include an admin panel, but you can customize tab display by replacing the built-in CSS rules with a custom version. A pro add-on, Tabby Responsive Tabs Customizer, can enable a settings panel for your tabs. You can choose the default styles and select from several presets. If you wish, you can even set custom colors. You can also add cool icons to your tab titles. There are other paid add-ons, which can add many more features.

Price: Free. The commercial license is available for £24 (one-time payment).

More info / Download

4. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Best plugin for eCommerce websites powered with WooComerce.

woocommerce product tabs

If you would like to boost your WooCommerce store, one way to do it is with custom tabs. What are these tabs all about? They work on a per-product basis, unlocking more features to add information, details, specification, and anything else that will make your items more buyable. You can create custom product tabs individually, but save the template and append them to multiple items if necessary.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce is a simple WordPress tab plugin that gives your eCommerce platform another layer of amazingness. You can effortlessly create, edit, rearrange and delete tabs and customize them accordingly. For your information, the tab area uses WordPress’s standard text editor, allowing you to add text, images, shortcodes and even HTML.

Price: FREE. The Premium version has bulk add and editing functionality and costs $29.99/year.

More info / Download

5. Ultimate Blocks

Best plugin for Gutenberg users

ultimate blocks free wordpress plugin

Ultimate Blocks is a versatile and convenient WordPress tab plugin that simplifies creating compelling content with Gutenberg. It is an all-in-one plugin that delivers many possibilities for enhancing your website. And Ultimate Blocks works ideally for bloggers and marketers, but anyone can take it to their full advantage. You can expect new features to drop for convenience with future plugin updates. FYI, there are already seventeen available.

Speaking of the goodies that Ultimate Blocks brings, let’s mention some. Reviews, tabbed content, call-to-actions, notification box, testimonials, social sharing, countdown timer, progress bar, and the list goes on and on. Ultimate Blocks is the way to go if you want to spice up the experience.

Price: Free for private and commercial use.

More info / Download

6. WP Tabs – Responsive Tabs Plugin for WordPress

Best tabs plugin for multilingual websites

wp expand tabs wordpress plugin

Adding tabs to your WordPress website does not require you to be a web developer. In short, you do not need coding skills to complete the job. However, you need a dedicated WordPress tab plugin that makes things happen for you. With WP Tabs, you can enrich your website with custom tabs, adding another layer of organization to your online presence. Of course, there are numerous reasons to add tabs to your page, so do not limit yourself.

The features of WP Tabs are very many, ensuring everyone gets the most out of it. First and foremost, the appearance is modern, stunning, and ideally in tune with mobile devices. Moreover, WP Tabs has fantastic customization options (over thirty!), two tabs positions, drag, and drop sorting, a shortcode generator, and RTL compatibility.

Price: Free for basic functionality. Premium version with WooCommerce product support, nested tabs and much more run $29 / year.

More info / Download

7. Tabs – Responsive Tabs with WooCommerce Product Tab Extension

responsive tabs with accordions wordpress plugin

You can now swiftly craft neat and convenient tabs to decorate your website. These tabs are perfect for adding extra information to your websites and FAQs neat. You can make it happen with Responsive Tabs with Accordions plugin in a snap. With the default settings and layouts, you can also fully customize the tabs and make them congruent with your page.

From one location, you can configure settings, add your content, and have it all ready to go live sooner rather than later. Before diving in, check out the live preview page and get its gist by watching the how-to video. You will be able to hammer out fresh tabs like a professional from then on.

Price: Free

More info / Download

8. Tab – Accordion, FAQ

tabbed wordpress tab plugin

Tabbed is a versatile and practical WordPress tab plugin with numerous options for crafting custom tabs. Regardless of the website, you run, be it an online store, blog, or business page, the addition of handy tabs can elevate the experience. From animated, horizontal, and vertical to circle and FAQ, Tabbed is perfect for all. In a short video presentation, you can see how simple making tabs in your WordPress admin dashboard. So straightforward, anyone can do it even if a beginner at web development.

When utilizing the power of Tabbed, you can create fully modified tabs that suit your website and branding regulations perfectly. It also creates a web design that works on all devices, browsing platforms, and retina screens. In the Tabbed kit, you will get a whopping collection of 31 styles of tabs, neat transitions, a widget for posts and pages, and complete customization freedom.

Price: FREE for standard functionality. Premium features with more customization options costs $10.

More info / Download

9. WP Responsive Tabs

responsive horizontal vertical and accordion tabs wordpress plugin

WP Responsive Tabs is a neat and easy to use free WordPress plugin that helps you introduce different tabs to your website. Of course, without the need to be a programmer! When working with WP Responsive Tabs, you will never need to touch a single code string. Yet the outcome will be professional and sophisticated.

Moreover, WP Responsive Tabs fully supports horizontal and vertical tabs and accordion style. You can also add as many tabs as you want, as there is no limitation. Set custom order, user shortcodes, preview tabs from your admin dashboard, and style them with custom coloring. The final creation will also be entirely responsive to ensure excellent desktop and mobile devices performance. If you want to unlock even more features, WP Responsive Tabs’ pro plan is the way to go.

Price: Free

More info / Download

10. Responsive Tabs

Installing and activating Responsive Tabs adds a Tabs section to the admin panel, where you can create tabbed content for your website. You can do a lot while creating the tabs, such as choosing a color, reordering them whenever you want, and displaying them on any location you choose using a shortcode. The plugin also shrinks to an accordion, and you can pick the breakpoint at which it collapses. The plugin is fully translatable.

Responsive Tabs

The premium plugin creates tabs that link directly to external pages, add icons for your tabs, and offers a choice of several backgrounds presets. You can integrate your tabs with social media, too.

Price: Free

More info / Download

11. Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab increases conversions by adding sticky tabs to your site. You can add a “Global Call to Action” to your website and vertical tabs to either side of the browser window. The tabs can be linked to any external page. The tab stays in place even as a visitor scrolls down so it’s always visible. It’s responsive and works great on mobiles, too.

Simple Side Tab

It’s possible to modify the tab text output and turn the display on and off using filters. From a simple screen setting, you can set the text for the tab, choose fonts, set internal or external links for the tabs, and use unlimited colors for tab elements.

Price: Free. Everything is included in the free version with no hidden upsells.

More info / Download

12. Responsive WordPress Tabs Plugin

With the Responsive WordPress Tabs Plugin, you can use an HTML code to create tabs in two responsive modes. It allows you to browse the tabs in two ways—by adding navigation arrows to the header or a menu button to display the extra tabs in a popup. When it comes to smaller screens, you can display only the tab icons while hiding the text.

Responsive WordPress Tabs Plugin

Both horizontal and vertical tabs are possible and the addition of custom images as icons for the tabs. Else, you can pick an icon from the Font Awesome library. You can open an account not only by clicking on it but also by using the specific URL. The default tab ID can also be specified.

A commercial version that permits you to use the plugin on commercial websites and removes the “Wonderplugin” watermark is also available.

Price: Free

More info / Download

To Wrap Up

A website layout is crucial for keeping visitors on a website for longer. While menu plugins can help a visitor move around within a website, these tab plugins can help take a visitor directly to the content they want. If visitors cannot find what they want within two or three clicks, they are likelier to move away to other sites. These free plugins can help present tons of content in a structured fashion. Let us know if they worked for you in the comments below.

I hope this article helped you to find the best WordPress tabs plugins for your website. These days, it is popular to use drag and drop page builders for WordPress; all have built-in tabs functionality. That way you get a full site edition capability including tabs. Such plugins are easier to use because they have a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

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  1. Are there any plugins with a comment tab? in the style of Woocomere. Thank you.

    1. That’s something you are not going to get done with a plugin. The thing is that comments are generated for each theme in a different way. Of course, there is a main function that calls for comments but then they are modified for most themes differently.
      You can use any of the plugins below and output comments via PHP based on how your current theme does it. But like I said, there won’t be one plugin that does everything for you automatically.

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