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5 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins 2022

Some people think using WordPress RSS Feed Plugins isn’t applicable today. But let me tell you that it is one of the people’s misconceptions nowadays. This plugin automatically sends your blog content to your readers through RSS Feed. Not just that, you can distribute multiple headlines, news, and blogs to hundreds – or even thousands of people.

More than that, it has several benefits to you and your visitors that we will share in this article shortly. With the feed reader, it continuously collects the data from your website. It delivers them to multiple readers who subscribed to your blog or website.

Many people depend on RSS feed because most of us struggle to make time for everything, let alone going straight to a website and reading a single blog. That would be truly consuming. Through the help of plugins, it will help you to reach users regularly.

You’ll find RSS way back from the late 1990s and still find it relevant today. Using this platform could always be rewarding even today as a WordPress entrepreneur or online marketer.

So, if you find it interesting, you can subscribe to RSS in a single click or go to the original website to include content on your feeds. If you finish this step, you can regularly read content from your chosen site. By the way, you can unsubscribe the feeds anytime you want.

The Benefits of WordPress RSS Feed Plugins on Your Websites

As you learn about RSS, the fact would amaze you and give you a better reason why you need to have this on your page or platform.

Back in the days of the early 2000s is dominated the internet just how social media like Twitter and Facebook do today. That’s why you’ll find RSS feed common before. But you’ll still see it now. Maybe, it’s just not as dominant as before, but it always does its job to website owners.

It allows people to check the website’s notification list, or RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

You might find social media as the go-to website of most people nowadays. But some individuals still use RSS feed to watch out for the websites’ feeds and learn about their new content. Also, it gives convenience to people by having a centralized list of feeds through the feed reader application. They don’t need to visit websites to find the latest news. Once they have RSS readers, they can get notifications right away.

WordPress RSS Feed Plugins Promote Your Business

So, here’s another reason why you need to put an RSS feed plugin on your website. It promotes your business and opens opportunities to develop your new content to other blogs and pages. Moreover, as more people get engaged in reading your content, they would be happier to check out your products.

This strategy only means that you can create a beautiful website and encourage or entice more people to avail of your products or services. That way, you enhance your audience presence, especially your target people. Also, you can have a wider audience.

If you’re asking whether RSS feed is still essential nowadays or not, the answer is it is vital to both content owners and consumers. It can help people avoid succumbing to many articles and websites every day by having their RSS readers. That will prevent them from information overload.

Other people prefer more professional websites where they can receive their daily feeds.

Today, the social media website dominates the online world. However, it is still undeniably true that there are people who just want to cut the crap out from Facebook and Twitter toxic feeds. So, RSS feed is their go-to application to read the latest content from their favorite websites.

One of its most significant advantages is choosing which to subscribe to and what to unsubscribe. Most RSS feed potential subscribers are professional people who want to keep a low profile in their lives, but want to keep updated with every day. The result? You will save yourself from fake news and trash feeds.

The Application Tools Where You Can Read Your RSS Feeds


Although some people do not use RSS feed often, the statistics show an increased RSS market lately. That only means that RSS isn’t dead. They still work perfectly as how they worked fine before. This application has an excellent interface that helps you view the feeds most conveniently.


With its highly-advanced features, you’ll see that it functions very well. It also comes with many options for beginners or advanced users as well.

Aside from these two readers, you’ll find many of them online.

But today, we’re going to show five reliable WordPress RSS Feed plugins you can integrate with your website. Continue reading, and you will find the one that will improve your content.

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

1. WP RSS Aggregator – Automatic and Powerful Content Aggregation and Curation

WP RSS Aggregator – Automatic and Powerful Content Aggregation and Curation demo page

This plugin can import, merge, and present feeds to your website. It shows that you are into finding the right content that you can relate to your site’s content. Moreover, it is possible to choose from different sources with high credibility. In this way, you can improve your SEO and website’s reputation.

Using this WP Aggregator enables you to import an unlimited number of content to your website. Furthermore, you can manage the site and feeds from a single admin page – giving you more convenience in taking care of your RSS Feeds.

What’s more, it automatically fetches new content for your sources. You can also customize and complement your display templates to your site’s design and theme. Furthermore, it comes with the built-in Gutenberg block and shortcode that you can post on your page immediately.

Videos are an essential factor in catching the readers’ attention. So, this plugin, it allows you to import the videos from Youtube or your source website. Also, even though there are hard-to-find RSS feeds, this RSS aggregator works great to find them with an auto-discovery feature.

You can set the limit of fetching RSS feeds to avoid slow performance. Lastly, you can use and create your customized feed that you can use on different parts of your website.

More info / Download

2. WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher blog layout demo page

This plugin allows you to organize your feeds according to their categories. It also comes with WordPress standards regarding the interface and design. Moreover, you can manage and edit the feeds and campaigns you have made. So, you’ll expect this website as user-friendly since your users can read RSS feeds from your site in an organized way.

With the free version, you can enjoy several features and functionalities. It has multiple feeds, categories, and tags to arrange the feeds accordingly. Also, this plugin auto-discover other feeds from the website without knowing the URL. It is indeed convenient and easy on your part. You’ll save more time and use it to improve your page better.

Moreover, this plugin lets WordPress handle the RSS fetching that is only known as an external cron job. As the admin, you also have full control to set the minimum or maximum items you can include on your page. It also has the comment “On or Off” option. So, depending on the situation, you can configure that setting anytime.

You’ll find the Dashboard Widget with the campaign’s summary to keep track of your content or the campaign you’ve already made around your website.

More info / Download

3. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy – Powerful WP Autoblogging and News Aggregator

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy – Powerful WP Autoblogging and News Aggregator demo page

Importing, curating content, and auto blogging is possible with this Feedzy RSS aggregator. This plugin allows you to arrange the RSS feeds and display unlimited them even in only a few clicks. Moreover, it automatically imports feeds from your subscribed channel or websites. This process improves your credibility, and more people will trust your website.

You can also use specific shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks to display your shortcodes. Another way is through using third-party page builders like Elementor. At the RSS feeds, you can also import the content and the images included. If not, you can still use your relevant images according to the posts.

Furthermore, you have full control of the number of items you can display on your feeds. You might display only one article in a block. Well, you can do it easily through this plugin.

Regarding the content’s headline or titles, you can change them if they are too long and take all your feeds’ spaces. You can do editing through the Title Character Limit feature.

At the admin page, you can configure everything according to your preference. You also control the meta fields you can present on your page. If you want to get more of its features, you might want to go for the premium version of this plugin. You can convert your feed into posts and filter the keywords on that content in that version. You’ll see more of its features and functionalities as you use it more often.

More info / Download

4. Super RSS Reader – Add an attractive RSS Feed Widget

Super RSS Reader – Add attractive RSS Feed Widget demo page

You can fully customize this WordPress RSS Feed plugin with the colors and external styles you want to improve. Also, it has a configurable News Ticker that you can turn on and off. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the ticker speed too. With the color themes available, you can make your RSS Feed Widget more enticing to attract more people on your website.

If the feed items are available, it automatically displays thumbnails on your page. It also supports the RSS and Atom feed so that you can deliver high content to your visitors or audiences. Moreover, if the content’s title is too long, you can cut or strip it into a short text.

Having this type of plugin makes your website more reputable. It also helps your users to revisit your website regularly. As they visit more on your page, there will be more traffic to your site. Every feed comes with different themes. For the admin, you have full control of your feed’s themes and design at the admin page.

What’s more, the RSS settings page is easy-to-use and navigate. So, you can configure and manage everything in a few clicks.

More info / Download

5. WordPress RSS Feed Retriever

WordPress RSS Feed Retriever demo page

This plugin is right if you want to fetch multiple RSS feeds from another website. You can display them on your page using a widget or shortcode. At the settings page, manage your RSS Feeds. Afterward, copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere on the site. Otherwise, you can put it as a widget on your Header, Sidebar, or Footer.

One of its features is that you retrieve unlimited feeds from other websites. You can decide whether to post the entire article or go with the page’s excerpt. It will give more credibility to your website, especially if you choose the page with more audiences.

So, if you choose to add only the excerpt, you can select texts from the content and add them to your excerpt section. You can also show the read more button next to it to redirect visitors to the whole article. Therefore, you can add the link in the Read More. If you enroll in affiliate programs, this could be useful to you.

You can expect that this plugin is lightweight and easy to use. It has all the features you need to create excellent RSS Feeds on your website. 

More info / Download

The Final Takeaways

Having an RSS Feed on your website is up to you. But if you think it will boost your online presence and increase your traffic, it might be helpful to consider these WordPress RSS Feed Plugins we have shared with you. You can choose from one of them and use it entirely for your good.

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