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19 Best Veterinary Website Design Examples 2023

The best veterinary website examples to get inspiration for your upcoming project. Latest website trends in one place.

The perks of having pets are beyond measure. They are a great source of companionship, happiness, and wellness. Additionally, these pets are grateful, loyal, and true in their affections. Accordingly, the American Pet Products Association reveals in its survey that 67% of US households or approximately 85 million families have pets in their homes in a 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey. Consequently, different articles indicate that pets are wonderful means to alleviate stress, anxiety, improve immunity, helps fight depression, and have many more benefits. Therefore, animals, whether domestic or wild, need care and attention. Thanks to the existence of veterinarians who diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions of pets’ diseases, livestock, or other animals. If you’re in this line of business, you probably need to consider building credibility online. Here’s a list of veterinary websites providing ample options to achieve your goals.

With the power of digital marketing, a brand can quickly maximize reach with minimal effort. Today, you can find adept developers to craft user-friendly websites or exceptional veterinary WordPress themes to entrust your content with. With a good website, you can attract and convert prospective clients and retain a competitive presence. With this collection, you can find different layouts, styles, designs, and content but with similar goals and visions to build the brand and increase revenue.

Check out these veterinary websites ready to impress and enkindle you to build outstanding websites.

Best Veterinary Website Designs

1. Clinica Dr. Mauro

Clinica Dr. Mauro 

For some people, pets are part of the family. If animals are well-trained, they can perform several tasks for humans. Consequently, there is a high demand for veterinarians everywhere. With that in mind, a good website would help a lot to the success of every veterinary brand. Clinica Dr. Mauro’s website is great potential for its brand promotion. It welcomes a blissful video of a couple and a dog on the hero header. Understanding the essence of testimonials in improving its credibility as a vet, this website ensures that the testimonials section looks great and captivating. It uses the sticky header where a user can easily navigate to the other necessary pages of the website.


2. Veterinarska Fakulteta

Veterinarska Fakulteta

Domestic and wild animals deserve safety and security. Hence, the expertise of highly professional vets is a demand to treat such animals under serious conditions. Veterinaska Fakulteta is one of the remarkable and creative designs of veterinary websites. It has a beautiful background of different types of animals on every section. It also implements a nice transition effect from one section to another. Apart from that, it’s also easier for a user to navigate the website using the fixed numerals on the left sidebar that serves as a menu. Moreover, the website also implements smooth animation upon scrolling, animated counter, social media integration, and more. It also comes with a super clean and neat blog section.


3. Veterinarska Stanica NIS

Veterinarska Stanica NIS

Be it sports, leisure, entertainment, safety and security, trained animals are truly valuable. In turn, these animals ought to have the best care possible. Thanks to the professional vets ready to provide the best medicines and treatments to domestic and wild animals. Veterinarska Stanica NIS is an excellent example of a veterinary website. Utilizing more white space in the website, the overall design looks clean, neat and professional. The website uses clear, high-quality images, descriptive CTAs, and has a smooth navigation scheme. It also embraces the sticky menu so users can easily access different website pages. Since a blog is vital in improving the web presence, this website ensures that informative and engaging articles are published interestingly.


4. Abel


You’d always want to shine in the industry as a professional veterinarian. Your skills and expertise will be spread easily when you have a website that can help boost your career. Abel is here to stimulate you to create the best veterinary website possible. It embraces a clean, out-of-box layout with compelling copy and a strong visual hierarchy. The hero header showcases a set of full-width images through a smooth slider. With the desire to introduce the brand with style, Abel has a beautiful split-screen layout of images and services. Abel includes informative articles with a seamless blog section on the homepage to boost its web presence. Check out other useful elements of this veterinary website to aid you with your upcoming projects.


5. Bollington Veterinary

Bollington Veterinary

Vets are truly amazing as they help save many animals’ lives daily. They are surely doing a wonderful job with their knowledge in treating animals’ diseases, disorders, and injuries. Bollington Veterinary has an extraordinary website design that vets can look into for inspiration. The website looks clutter-free with well-organized elements. It has a simple design on the homepage with a cool and smooth animation upon scrolling. The hero header introduces the brand with video integration, stunning image, a headline, and a brief description of the brand. The website has a nice presentation of other content through outstanding boxes. It also comes with a seamless presentation of its facilities using a single row of images.


6. Secondhand Hounds

Second Hand Hounds

Veterinary medicines contribute to the wellness of pets and wild animals. But without expert vets to deal with such a meticulous task, those medicines are pointless and ineffective. Hence, you should always opt for an excellent website as a veterinary firm. Secondhand Hounds is a good example that deserves to be in this collection of veterinary websites. The hero header showcases striking images and headlines using a slider. This website utilizes a vibrant shocking pink as the primary color that adds a touch of enthusiasm and vitality. It stimulates a user to get involved with its activity by adopting, donating, fostering, and volunteering exhibited in square boxes. In addition, the fantastic float hover effect adds beauty to that section. Moreover, this website also integrates video, newsletter, social media, blog page, and events.


7. BondVet


Diseases, injuries, and disorders in animals need the care and treatment of veterinary services. To maintain the wellness of animals, veterinarians are a great aid. So, if you’re practicing such a profession, you can improve your reach when you craft a website. Here’s BondVet that’s added to this list of veterinary websites. It has a comprehensive and straightforward design that makes the content look clutter-free. Its hero header looks delightful with a blissful scene of veterinary checkup accompanied by CTA and headline. To improve its credibility, BondVet exhibits magazines that featured its brand. To set a brand from the competition, unique services should be apparent. Hence, this website reveals how they differ in a simple but effective course. Other notable features include Instagram feed, newsletter, testimonials, sticky menu and more.


8. Somers Animal Hospital

Somers Animal Hospital

Animals deserve to be treated well. Aside from their companionship, they can also alleviate stress and boredom. Regarding disorders, wellness, and injuries of animals, vets are known to provide the care they need. Like Somers Animal Hospital, it ensures that pet owners can set an appointment with ease through its veterinary website. It has a warm and welcoming homepage as it introduces the brand with a perpetual video background. A pet owner can easily make an appointment; that element is a primary CTA.

Additionally, the animation upon scrolling enhances the overall design of the website. Of course, it would be more interesting for new clients to see reviews or testimonials of the recent customer’s experience with the brand. Hence, this website impresses them with such an excellent testimonials section.


9. Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital

Cresenta Canada Pet Hospital

Building a website can be a great choice to improve your veterinary profession. Since most people rely on the internet for brands to trust, you should make your brand visible online. Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital has a seamless and professional-looking website. It’s packed with essential elements intended for the veterinary website. The animation upon scrolling enhances the design and adds elegance to it. While the high-quality, clear images are magnificent, the excellent typography and visual hierarchy also improve the site’s look and feel. Of course, CTA is vital in motivating the audience; hence, this website ensures that all CTAs are attractive and provocative. Other gorgeous features include the parallax effect, sticky menu, amazing hover effect, video integration, and more.


10. BluePearl


Video background of inspiring scenes can truly help boost your next web design project. As videos can quickly deliver messages and drive more traffic, including them on your homepage is best. BluePearl welcomes the audience with a warm and tender video background. Of course, the most important elements are also visible on the hero header, including the captivating tagline and search feature. The website showcases its services for both pet owners and veterinarians through huge rounded menu options. It also features a Google Map integration for showcasing different branches of BluePearl in different locations. Moreover, every website should include blogs, so this website comes with a great blog design and a clutter-free layout. It also embraces the great parallax effect, video integration, etc.


11. Gallatin Vet Hospital

Gallatin Vet Hospital

With the expert and professional vets worldwide, pets’ diseases and injuries can be cured and more animals will be saved. If you’re practicing this profession, you might consider building a good website. Gallatin Vet Hospital is one of the awesome veterinary websites that you can look into for inspiration. It has a huge, full-width image on the hero header, an attractive CTA, and an enticing tagline. Since videos are engaging and can convey your message to the audience, this website integrates videos in different sections on the homepage. It also presents the team of vets in a simple yet attractive manner. Meanwhile, testimonials are also added to the website to provide a positive perception and impression on website visitors.


12. Vet Girl

Vet Girl

If your goal is to protect, promote and advance your veterinary profession to meet society’s need, then you probably need to see VetGirl. It’s a #1 veterinary CE resource for veterinarians worldwide. This website offers a subscription-based multimedia service online education for veterinary professionals. Its website is a seamless combination of good functionality, a clutter-free layout, and visual hierarchy. Aims to deliver compelling content, this website ensures that videos, images and text are all clear and excellent. The hero header features a perpetual video background with clear and descriptive CTAs. It also exhibits the next webinars just below the hero scene to clearly visible to the attendees.


13. Vancouver Veterinary

Vancouver Veterinary

Building a website that greatly represents your brand is essential for an edge over the competition. One of the best ways to improve brand awareness is having a website representing you and your profession. If you need inspiration to craft your project, you may check these awesome veterinary websites we’ve handpicked. Vancouver Veterinary has a sophisticated and innovative website design. It utilizes a full-width image and large boxes to link with the team page, services and laser therapy. What’s more? Vancouver Veterinary also showcases different awards they’ve gained to increase credibility and authenticity.


14. Guelphcat


Many households love and prefer cats as wonderful pets. These playful, feline friends are truly adorable and may cost less than other pets like dogs. Guelphcat understands such amazing personalities of cats. And it wants the world to know they truly care about these adorable creatures. Its amazing website lets users easily distinguish why they should entrust their cat to the firm. The hero header showcases different high-quality images of cats using a sleek slider. Huge, square boxes are also utilized to present other pages such as the team page, vet store, etc. It also uses a parallax effect to present articles in a creative course.


15. PetCure Oncology

PetCure Oncology

If you need the inspiration to build your veterinary website, you can check this collection and list the elements you wish to implement. PetCure Oncology is one of these remarkable veterinary websites that have the potential to stimulate your vision. It features a center-content structure that leaves no room for congestion. Utilizing shades of blue as its primary color, the website looks cool and calm. The website has a simple homepage design but includes essential features. It showcases the blog or news articles using a slider, but users can check all the information on the other page. PetCure also showcases the pet heroes who have joined the clinical trials.


16. Fishtown Animal Hospital

Fishtown Animal Hospital

Here’s a simple veterinary website design ready to inspire fellow vets. Fishtown Animal Hospital comes with a clean and minimalist web design layout. It welcomes every visitor with a smooth slider on the hero header, CTA, and different services. Additionally, the specific services of this website look great with thumbnails and a short description. This firm uses a drop-down menu for displaying other categories. It presents doctors, staff, testimonials, careers, etc., about us. Furthermore, the user can access news, blog, forms, FAQs, and online pharmacies.


17. Brace Bridge Animal Hospital

Brace Bridge Animal Hospital

Here’s another resourceful, well-organized, and innovative veterinary website design. Brace Bridge Animal Hospital comes with a simple and clean layout. This website enables a visitor to shop from the numerous products for their pets. Furthermore, it features ample articles that will help pet lovers ensure the happiness, wellness and security of their pets. What’s more? It also showcases the professional vets behind this firm by using a slider.


18. Colonial Veterinary Hospital

Colonial Veterinary Hospital

A brief content on the homepage can never bore a website visitor. However, the content you include must be engaging and useful. Colonial Veterinary Hospital is one of the veterinary websites you can look into if you need help crafting your website. The hero header has a refreshing look with a canine on a green background. This website ensures that a visitor can easily make an appointment online, meet the team of vets, easily shop products, and even check out the services available for their pets. In addition, this website implements the accessibility feature just like other useful websites.


19. Pet Poison Helpline

Pet Poison Helpline

A super neat, clutter-free, and innovative website is here to inspire fellow vets worldwide to create outstanding veterinary websites. Here’s Pet Poison Helpline has the qualities and features to establish a web presence. The homepage is packed with useful elements for a veterinary website. This website includes a bold and attractive tagline, CTAs, and a clear image on the hero header. It also clearly displays the simple and important steps for a poisoned pet.

Additionally, the website showcases how their services work for every client who needs their help. What’s more? Video integration is also added to introduce the brand well across the web.

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