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21 Best SEO Friendly Website Templates To Rank Better 2018

21 Best SEO Friendly Website Templates To Rank Better 2018

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most commonly spoken complicated topics on the internet. There are many experts like Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin, who constantly share about the SEO tips that they have learned in their career. The SEO includes lots of complex factors like the backlinks, quality contents, bounce rates, page authorities and much more. These are the factors which we website owners can manage by ourselves.

The 50% main factor of your site’s SEO lies in the quality of the template or the theme you use. The quality refers to the coding of the theme and the templates. Well written codes don’t overdo or fail in their task. They just accomplish their task perfectly, such templates are often mentioned as the SEO friendly website templates. So at Colorlib we always try to collect the best templates and themes to make your search more simpler. Even we have shared some high quality website templates and WordPress themes for free with our readers. Here on this list, we have shared some of the premium SEO friendly website templates for you.



The Stack is a multipurpose website template. It is a value for money template collection. What type of template do you need? Name it, the template model will be there in this collection. With this template you get 40+ variations, each covers different niche and you also get landing pages and coming soon templates. The unique feature of the Stack template is you get a custom page builder exclusively for this HTML template.

The variant page builder has 240+ interface blocks which is customizable and easy to integrate into any part of the web pages. The page builder includes a wide variety of modern web elements, with the page builder you can customize the web elements to fit your needs. All the template follows a clean full-width design layout. All the templates in the Stack use HTML5, CSS3 and modern Bootstrap framework. Overall the Stack can be used as both personal website templates and professional website template.

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The SaaS


The SaaS is a modern website template for startups and tech companies. This template includes all type of variants from classical business sites to the modern websites. All the template follows neat design layout that fits the professional needs of a website. The SaaS template provides you nine homepage variants out of the box. You also get six header variations and customizable website UI elements.

The template is SEO friendly and code optimized. The SaaS template supports cross-browser and mobile responsive. All the templates use full width design layout, that utilizes the screen spaces effectively.

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Pofo is a creative style website template. The template includes 25+ demo variations, which includes both colorful templates and minimalistic templates. Each demo variation uses different layouts and menu style, so you get enough options to explore and choose the template that fits your needs. Most of the template uses light skin color scheme, but you also get dark skin version in some of the template variations. The Pofo is a perfect choice for creative agencies, portfolio templates, and corporate sites.

The Pofo template uses icon collections from font awesome, themify and ET line icons. So you will never run out of icons with this template. This template provides you features like parallax scrolling, Instagram feed integrations, gallery and animated skill bars. To make the sliders more interactable with cool effects this template uses Revolution slider and swiper touch slider. Overall this is a feature packed website template, you get lost of premium add-ons along with this template. The WordPress version of this HTML template will soon be available, so try to check it out if you want this feature packed template in WordPress CMS version.

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Webster is a feature packed and one of the best HTML template you get. To this evergreen template collection again new demo variations are added recently, so you get plenty of template options to choose from with the Webster. You get full-width design layouts and boxed design layouts. All the templates use latest design layouts and modern web elements. So this template is future proof.

With this template, you get 40+ homepage variations and 300+ templates. This is a flexible website template, which provides you 50+ shortcodes and 380+ reusable UI components. Which means you can use the web elements where ever you want in the template, with the help of the shortcodes. You can also customize the web elements easily as per your design needs. This template also provides you premium plugins like revolution slider, mega menu, and MailChimp.

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Listeo is single purpose website template. It does not include multiple layout options and multi concept demo variations with it. But it serves its single purpose flawlessly. The Listeo template is designed as a directory website template. You get all the necessary features and options to create an effective list site. The template follows a minimalistic design layout. With its full-width design layout, you have plenty of screen spaces and the white spaces add richness to the web elements and texts.

The Listeo template provides you four homepage variations and more than five design layout option for the list page. You also get dashboard templates with the Listeo, since it is a listing site you can use user dashboard to effectively manage the contents and the user. The template also provides you the option to include an interactive map, to show the places in the list effectively to the users. By default, this template uses red color as the color scheme of the template, but you have the option to switch between different colors.

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Bauhaus is a creative style website template for the architectures and interior designers. As we shared in our architecture website template collection, these template adds value to the visual aesthetics and the creative thinking of the architectural professionals. The Bauhaus template gives you three homepage variations. It includes both light and dark skin versions. All the three demos use clean and professional looking website design layout.

With this template, you get lots of white space which adds richness to the creative architectural design images. The transition effects and other hover effects are done neatly on this template. To match the creative style of the template, trendy fonts are used in this template. But the fonts are easy to read and clearly visible even in the small screen devices. There is also a WordPress and Drupal CMS version for this template, if you are into any of these CMS you can check also them.

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Juno is a cool looking photography website template. In fact, it is a photography website template collection. With this template, you get 12 variations. Each follows different layout options, which you can find in all the top photography website templates. Whether you need to create a royal looking dark skin website or clean looking white skin website, the Juno template includes both light and dark skin variations.

This SEO friendly website template uses latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is a flexible website template which gives you 11 color schemes and different header style variations. You also get premium plugins like revolution slider with this template, so it is also a wallet-friendly website template.

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Maxo is a premium one-page website template. With its clean design, the template manages to get more than three hundred downloads. As of now, the template gives you nine homepage variations. All the variations follow simple and clean design layout. The logical design of the template helps the user to get more information from the site at a glance. In all the template you get a big header image section, here you can add image or gradient backgrounds. The template supports Font awesome icons, so you have plenty of multiple browsers compatible professional looking icons. This well coded website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. The Maxo also support Revolution slider, so you can create interactive slides easily.

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Plume is a clean and professional looking website template with multi concept demo variations. This template includes ready made websites designed for all the major niches in the industry. Almost all the template follows a similar design layout, with slight variations. As of now, the Plume includes 50+ demos. With this template you get many useful widgets like facebook, map, Instagram feeds and many more. The visual effects on all the templates are clean and professional looking that fits all types of professional and personal websites. The Plume uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is mobile responsive, cross browser compatible and SEO optimized.

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The Bezel is a colorful modern website template. Primarily the Bezel is designed as the corporate and software company website templates, but now they have included templates for other niches also. So it is a multipurpose and multi-concept website template now. Currently, the Bezel includes 15 demo variations. Each template follows different design layout as per the niche. But all the template follows full-width design layout style only, so you have plenty of space to impress your website visitors. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, all the web elements are made to perform well even in the small screen devices. With this template you also get shop page layouts, so you can use Bezel as an e-commerce website template as well.

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Cynic is a clean and professional looking website template for digital agencies and SEO agencies. The template includes six demo variations, which includes both modern and classic design layout. With this template, you get premium features like Slider revolution to create interactive slides and Linear icons to make a clean presentation. All the variants are multi-page templates, so you will never run out of the page with this template. All you need to do is to add your contents and kickstart your website. This well coded website template is SEO friendly, mobile responsive and Cross-browser compatible.

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Noha is a premium quality website template for creative agencies. If you are looking for a brand focused website template, then Noha is the best solution for you. All the template variations follows similar layout options, with slight variations. You get right side navigation bar and in one design layout you get the navigation bar in the left. To give user an distraction-free website experience, hamburger style menu option is used. The other benefit of using the hamburger style navigation is, you can provide a uniform navigation experience to the user in all devices.
With clean white background and bold texts, the user can read the texts and feel other web elements comfortably with this template. It is a flexible website template, which gives the user option to change the header and the footer color.

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Lovely Corporate


Lovely corporate is a corporate style modern website template for multiple niches. Lovely corporate includes major niches like restaurant templates, music website templates, education templates, magazines templates and much more. So you get multiple options and multiple layouts to choose from. You are bounded by limited design and web elements with this template. This is a well-coded flexible website which allows you to customize and web elements easily anywhere on the web pages. With this template, you get 80+ pages builtin and 32+ stunning home pages. You get other useful interactive features like parallax scrolling, video slider, eight portfolio variations and Instagram feed integration.

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Paper Multipurpose


Paper Multipurpose is a feature packed multipurpose website template. This template provides you 18+ homepage variations. All the variations follow a clean and professional looking website design layout. It is one of the few templates like Listeo that provides you dashboard templates along with its website layouts. With this template you get almost 30+ modern web elements, all are easy to use and to customize. Shortcodes are provided for the web elements so that you can use the web elements wherever you want on the template. Separate shop pages are also provided with this template, so you can use Paper as an e-commerce template as well.

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Whether you thought of using creative style minimalistic design for all the major niches? Then GoTham template is the one to inspire you. The designer had strived a lot to blend the creative style into the major niches. As of now, the GoTham includes photography website templates, event website templates, agency templates, travel website templates, fitness website templates and you also get coming soon templates. All the variations include separate blog demo. So if you are up to create a content rich site, then GoTham got you covered with 16 blog page layouts. Overall this template is for the people who love minimalism and creative thoughts.

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Panorama is specifically designed for the photographers. If you are searching for a template to elegantly showcase your photographies then you should check out this template. This SEO optimized template helps you to make your website get top rank in the Google search result. You get the option to add videos as well. At the end, you have the option to add an interactive map to show the places where you have traveled to take mesmerizing photographs. As of now, this template gives you only two variations, one with horizontal scroll and the other with the vertical scroll. Overall this template is for the photography agencies and freelance photographers.

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Jacqueline is another single purpose website template on this list. This is a minimal website template for spa and saloons. To give users a relaxing feel this template uses light colors for the web elements and content blocks. It has all the necessary features you need to create a professional looking spa website. This template provides you three homepage variations. In the header section, you have image slider with smooth transition effects. You also have the option to add a call to action buttons. With this template, you also get custom icons that fit well with the overall design of the template. You also get a booking feature with this template.

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Homely is a real estate website templates. If you ever happened to read any social media marketing stats, you might have seen that the real estate niche is the most active in al the social media platform. Not only in social media even in the email marketing they are the top industry to send people frequent email. In short real estate is the most competitive niche in the online platform. So owning a SEO optimized site gives an edge over your fellow competitors.

The Homely website template is designed specifically for the real estate groups and the real estate agents. So you get all the necessary features to create a professional looking website. With its full-width design layout, you have plenty of space to present the properties elegantly to the users. This template also allows the user to submit their property on your site, but have to integrate with the property management system separately. Other important features you get with this template is search bar with the advanced search option, registration page, property gallery and interactive map to show the property location.

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Pizzaro is a food website template for the fast food and Pizza restaurant. This template follows all the design aesthetics and color scheme you would normally expect in a fast food website. For example, the red color scheme is particularly used predominantly by all the fast food centers in their logos and ads. But you get the option to customize the color of the template. With this template, you get four header variations and five footer variations. This template uses custom icons that fit the food industry niche. You also get the option to add online food ordering option and out of the box, this template has separate cart page to help you sell foods online.

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Vixa gives you a plethora of demo variations which might rotate your head. With this template has 70+ demo variations which cover all the major categories and niches. You get all the possible web design layouts with this template. Eight header and footer variations are there in this template. Vixa also provides you mostly used web elements with its package. All the animation effects and transition effects in each template are done smartly so that it fits for both personal websites and professional websites. Premium add-ons like the master slider and cube portfolio are also coming along with this template, to add more value to the template.

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Construction is another major niche in the website industry, so just added as a bonus in this SEO friendly website templates list. If you want to take a pride on your website for the construction business, then this template is the one for you. This template provides you three homepage variations. You get header variations like the fullscreen image slider, hero image, and a simple image slideshow. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Out of the box, it is mobile responsive, cross-browser compatible and SEO optimized. If you are expecting a premium feel construction website template for free, check out our Top Builder website template.

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Which One Is Your SEO Mate?

These are some of the best SEO friendly website templates you can use for your site. All the templates mentioned in this template uses well-written codes, that puts less wait on the server and thus your site performs better. Eventually, the better-performing sites get an edge on the Google SEO ranking when compared to other low performing sites. If you still can’t find the best template for your site, please take a look at our templates collections.

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