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Mvc5 Admin Dashboards
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8 Best MVC5 Admin Dashboards in 2021

With these remarkably impressive, flexible and sophisticated MVC5 admin dashboards, you can build new web applications fast.

Even if you plan to create a prototype or a quick model only, boost your workflow with a ready-to-use tool.

While experience is necessary to work with any of the admin dashboards below, you will save yourself plenty of time and effort. Today’s reality is that starting from the ground up is not necessary anymore.

It’s not only about the responsive and highly adaptive design that these MVC5 admin dashboards sport, but they also come with a plethora of features and UI components as well.

MVC stands for Mode View Controller, and ASP.NET MVC5 is a powerful web framework that gives developers the freedom to build amazing creations fast with less effort. Similarly to Bootstrap, just with other great perks that will simplify the process.

Speaking of Bootstrap, we have a complete list of admin dashboards (free alternatives, too) that you can put into play right away.

Building an admin panel is an essential part of a thriving business. It gives you an overview of how your web app is performing, so you can later make the right optimization decisions to take it to an even higher level of success.

In the collection below, you will certainly find the ideal admin template that suits your web application best.

Best Flexible MVC5 Admin Dashboards


skote mvc5 admin dashboard
Webmasters and web developers, even though the experience is at an all-time high, are still looking for predefined material to get their apps and projects on feet as quickly as possible. One of the tools that you will surely find great pleasure using is Skote. An all-around solution that comes with heaps of materials to get you started immediately. Not just that, but Skote also comes in all sorts of other versions besides the MVC5.

You can select from dark and light looks, RTL and LTR layouts, multiple inner pages, you name it, Skote delivers it. A few extras include box icons, Google fonts, three chart types and data tables. Every Skote user also gets a lifetime worth of free updates and access to a friendly team of experts for any additional help and support.

More info / Download Demo


veltrix mvc5 admin dashboard
Veltrix is a resourceful MVC5 admin dashboard that caters to all types of projects and web applications. With the different layouts, you can also find the ideal look for your particular objective out of the box. Still, for any additional tweaks and improvements, by all means, make them happen. In other words, you can always fine-tune the default appearance of Veltrix. And if you are searching for an RTL admin dashboard, you get it with Veltrix, too.

Of course, Veltrix is responsive and compatible with all modern devices and web browsers. The performance will always be first-class, even when it comes to fast loading. In the bundle of traits, you will find all sorts of highlights, like drop zone file upload, data tables, chart libraries, Google Maps, email pages and form validation, to jot down a few.

More info / Download Demo


metrica admin template
Metrica is a versatile MVC5 admin dashboard template with a minimal and easy-on-the-eye design. You can use this neat tool for multiple different intentions, like analytics, CRM, eCommerce, crypto and helpdesk, to name a few. There are all sorts of different samples at your disposal, but you can easily take things one step further by customizing Metrica according to your needs.

Some more features of Metrica are logging and registration pages, form validation, an invoice with a print button and file upload. Boost your workflow now with Metrica and start working on your application in the snap of a finger.

More info / Download Demo


aspstudio mvc5 admin dashboard
AspStudio offers you all the necessities to start building an MVC5 admin dashboard for your app. This tool has a modern look to it, which caters to all sorts of different objectives easily. What’s more, when you find it necessary for additional customization tweaks, by all means, do improve AspStudio according to your needs and requirements. The template is structured in a way that both beginner and professional web developers get the most out of it.

AspStudio is based on Bootstrap Framework, comes with over fifty solid and gradient colors, supports unlimited widget combinations and does not miss complete responsiveness. Along with the main design, AspStudio also comes with tons of pages, elements and other layouts for your convenience. Easy-to-digest documentation is indeed part of the AspStudio package as well for comfortable project execution.

More info / Download Demo


smartadmin mvc5 admin dashboard
SmartAdmin is another stupendous solution when it comes to picking the right MVC5 admin dashboard. It is more than evident that you cannot go wrong with SmartAdmin. The tool is fresh and regularly updated, making sure your admin runs and operates without a hitch for years to come. Even by employing SmartAdmin out of the box, you can expect an end product that will help you manage and maintain your web application a lot simpler.

As for the features, indeed, there are very many for you to benefit from. SmartAdmin rocks both dark and light styles, more than 235 layout variations, fixed footer, preloader, subheader, CSS animations and SmartPanel icons. The customer support is always A-grade, making sure to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have. Take things into your hands and start on the right foot.

More info / Download Demo


angle mvc5 admin dashboard
Angle is fully compatible with tons of frameworks, which makes it a multi-functional admin dashboard template. Needless to say, we can easily call Angle an MVC5 admin dashboard, as it comes with tons of features and seed projects for your convenience. Angle was released several years back, however, the author keeps on updating it frequently, making the tool only better and better. With thousands and thousands of users, you know that Angle is a serious competitor.

As for the ASP.NET MVC5 version, Angle comes packed with Bootstrap, razor layouts, RTL, translation, no JQuery and NPM package manager, to name a few. Everyone also gets free updates and a fully functional front-end landing page design. If you are interested in witnessing Angle in full effect, do not miss heading over to the live preview page and see what’s possible.

More info / Download Demo


appwork mvc5 admin dashboard
If you are working on a new project, sorting out an admin dashboard might still be on your to-do list. Avoid the hassle of starting from the ground up with Appwork now. A spectacular template in combination with a useful UI kit that will help you out, saving time and energy. Appwork is compatible with all sorts of tools and frameworks, including MVC5. Moreover, the layout is also 100% fluid, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops flawlessly.

Some of the core features include support for RTL languages, nine layouts, dark mode, 59 predefined pages, ten skins and over 290 elements to use and reuse. In short, Appwork sports just about everything to give you a guarantee that you only really need one tool that will help you quick-start your application. And if you need any support and assistance, hit up Appwork’s professional team, and they will offer a helping hand.

More info / Download Demo


mono mvc5 admin dashboard
The modern era, we live in, allows us to start building web applications and other projects without the need to start from the ground up. Why complicate if you have tools, like MONO, at your disposal to save you time, energy, heck, money, too. This admin dashboard comes packed with page layouts and many components and widgets that will get you rock and rolling sooner rather than later. In some instances, you will find MONO working excellently out of the box. However, this MVC5 admin dashboard also offers you to edit it per your request freely.

As for the features, there is a broad horizon of them so that MONO comes applicable for many different apps, websites and other types of projects. Toast notifications, two dashboards, email pages, slim scrollbar, tabs, accordions, Google Maps and RTL language compatibility, all this and more is what you get with MONO.

More info / Download Demo
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