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jsp hosting compared
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9 Best JSP Hosting Providers Compared 2023

A solid JSP hosting provider will be a fantastic Java host, too. To save you time and effort, we scoured the world wide web for the best solution for every website that runs on Java. After all, not every web host is JSP-friendly. We compared the ones in advance so only the highest-standards following services got listed.

In case there is anyone who stumbled across this collection unintentionally, you might wonder what is a JSP. It is an abbreviation for Java Servlet Pages or JavaServer Pages. JSP is a scripting language that helps you build from scratch and control web pages based on HTML through servlets. To implement and deploy it, you need software like Tomcat. Many prefer coding in JSP since it is very easy to use. But you will have difficulty hosting your website if you have zero knowledge of JSP and Java. But do not get intimidated by it. Learning the language is simple and a great way to start your programming career.

The collection of JSP hosting services gives you a complete solution for your online project. Do not lack the performance and ensure a fantastic user experience. Everyone building an online platform in the JSP format knows how well the final products alter. Remember, no matter how amazing your page is, if the hosting does not offer you top-notch service, and support, you wasted all the time spent developing and designing the site. Let’s look into the best JSP hosting providers compared.

Best JSP Hosting Providers

1. Bluehost

Bluehost - JSP hosting based on VPS

Predominantly, every web host that does not have a JSP optimized hosting plan solves it with a VPS or dedicated hosting plan. Popular Bluehost is no different. While their shared hosting is not ready for Java programming language, their VPS and dedicated programs are. With these, you can enjoy hosting your JSP websites and make your online presence be of the best quality and ensuring first-class user experience.

You must undergo three simple steps to install Java on one of Bluehost’s Virtual Private Server or dedicated hosting. However, before you even begin, you must ensure that Sudo Access is enabled. While there are many ways to set up Java, the following three steps show you how to do it using yum.

First, by using an SSH client, you log in to your server. Second, you type in “sudo yum install java”. And third, you then press “Y” and hit enter. Voila, will install the latest version of Java. You should look into the resource to install any other version to see which command line installs the required version. For all the links and the step-by-step guide you should look into Bluehost’s knowledgebase section.

There are 3 VPS plans of which the cheapest option starts at $19.99 per month. You get 2 CPU cores, 30 GB SSD web storage, 2 GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth. The enhanced control panel offers fool root access that gives you complete control over your server. This comes helpful for your JSP hosting needs specifically.

For support, Bluehost team is always in action and if unsatisfied with the service, a 30-days money-back guarantee takes care of a refund.

Our in-depth Bluehost review further breaks the web host and gives you the most honest opinion.

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2. SiteGround

siteground - affordable JSP hosting

SiteGround is one of the hosting providers whose services come very cheap for a basic user. However, if anyone wants to bring into being a JSP website with a Java container such as Tomcat, you should skip shared hosting. Go with the dedicated hosting plans straight away. Still, even with the base configuration of the SiteGround’s dedicated servers, you cannot use it as a JSP hosting. It is only possible with a dedicated server with root access. And the installation of the service should be deployed by the server owner. Regarding the support, SiteGround does not provide complete assistance and extra fees may apply. That may not be too practical so we advise only website builders with experience to go with SiteGround for their Java Servlet Pages web application

After you dig deeper and read our thorough SiteGround review, you land on the premium managed dedicated servers page. From there you will find three plans: Entry, Power and Super Power. You can pick the location of your servers by choosing the following three options: United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The closer the server to your audience, the faster your website will load. Each plan offers 5 TB of bandwidth with 4 GB RAM for Entry and 16 GB of RAM for Power and Super Power packages. What SiteGround truly shines at is the phenomenal customer support. An amazing group of experts is at your service 24/7 through chat, phone or tickets. Even if you are still considering whether or not SiteGround is the right deal for you, talk to them and together you will find the ideal solution for your JSPs.

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3. InMotion Hosting

inmotion - best JSP hosting provider

InMotion is a solid web hosting company with many options for businesses and even individuals. While their selection of plans is decent, only a few are JSP hosting friendly. Moving one step forward, InMotion’s VPS and dedicated hosting plans suit JSP. For everyone after using Tomcat, the basic VPS or any other higher plan is a must. But you should know that InMotion does not support any custom Java/JSP application. If it is not you who are putting the pieces together, you should ask your developer if you come across any issue. Even if you do not get technical support from InMotion, it is still a reliable and top-notch

The entry VPS plan goes for $29.99 per month and you can already use this one for installing JSP and Tomcat. VPS-1000 offers 4 GB RAM, 75 GB web storage, 4 TB bandwidth and 3 dedicated IP addresses. With every package, a free domain name is included and so is cPanel license. Each plan gives you the needed website speed due to the power of SSD drivers. The uniqueness of InMotion also shows how they use CPU cores. They created an infrastructure that allows them to offer you as many CPU cores as you need. This way, your server stays performing swiftly even when executing multiple actions at the same time. Others offer you only a certain amount of CPU cores, sometimes even one or two. InMotion undoubtedly cares about the speed of your JSP-powered application making it work insanely fast.

With all the fantastic features and goodies, InMotion guarantees a refund for the first 90 days. That is enough to see whether or not you plan to stay with the company or move to another one. As the icing on a cake, their dedicated support is available 24/7 through chat, Skype or phone. Someone is always ready to help and assist you with everyone outside the Java reach.

To get even more familiar with the hosting company, read our insightful InMotion hosting review.

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4. HostGator

Hostgator - cheap JSP hosting for any website

If you did some browsing to find yourself the finest JSP hosting provider, chances are, you already met HostGator. No questions asked, HostGator is a big deal amongst web hosting providers. It sports shared, cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting plans, which are not ideal for JSP. It comes down to VPS and dedicated plans which you can use with Tomcat, the open-source web server and servlet container. It is available with Linux and Windows dedicated server, as well as Snappy 2000 or higher. And Snappy is the basic VPS program they offer in case you might be unfamiliar.

The HostGator administrators can install Tomcat for you at no extra fee on Windows dedicated servers with Plesk. Regarding Linux, only version 7 is available for installation at the moment but this might change in the future. If you require any other Tomcat version, say 6, inform the support in advance. One thing you should be aware of is that Tomcat 5.5 does not support Java 1.7. Plus, although they can install Tomcat for you, HostGator does not support configuring or setting up Java application. It should be you or your programmer who should take care of all the rest.

The plan which requires the least budget spent is Snappy 2000. It is a Virtual Private Server that supports both Tomcat and JSP. 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 12 GB disk space and 1.5 TB bandwidth, these are some of the features of Snappy 2k. All plans allow you full root access and perform weekly off-site backups for your own safety. Additionally, HostGator JSP hosting treats you with an A1 customer supports which always comes prepared with the needed help.

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5. JavaPipe

javapipe jsp hosting
The name of this host pretty much speaks for itself. JavaPipe is a JSP hosting compatible with Tomcat 6, 7, and 8. With the advantage of the cloud, you have total control and management over your server. In short, hosting Java and JSP websites is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Entry, Medium and Large are the three plans for servers in the USA or Europe. You get to choose the location for even better performance of your page. All plans offer SSD storage and amazing cloud stability, making your Java application run 24/7. JavaPipe also provides the best user interface and the tool to be as flexible as possible. You can easily upload JARs, deploy JSP, and pause your Tomcat container anytime.

JavaPipe is a surprisingly cheap Java and JSP optimized hosting that starts selling at only $5.40 per month. The Entry package provides 5 GB of SSD storage, 200GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. All plans come with daily off-site backups, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited domains and subdomains.

For the finest security, JavaPipe offers MariaDB and achieves fantastic performance with XtraDB storage engine. You will only understand the pure power of JavaPipe once you start using it.

There is almost no point in saying that JavaPipe is one of the top JSP hosting compared to other providers on this list. And to make it even more attractive, it offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. Although it is already one of the cheapest, you can still put it to the test run first before you fully commit.

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6. Interserver

interserver jsp hosting
A Linux and Windows Cloud VPS by Interserver gives you a wide range of options as a JSP hosting service. You can manually pick from 1 to 16 GB of RAM that also scales the resources and provides more freedom. The plans include features like SSD hard drives, 99.9% uptime and instant provisioning. Within one control panel, you can manage multiple servers and adjust stuff like RAM, more storage and all the rest. Backups and snapshots are also included to offer an extra protection from losing data. For even more options, full root access allows you to install and modify any software you need to improve your hosting experience. Extra upgrades are also possible but an additional monthly fee applies. Do you need an extra IP address? Or maybe a direct admin? No problem, Interserver has you sorted.

Along with the most popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Magento, Interserver has Java pre-installed. The extensibility of the JavaServer Pages hosting is close to endless. You can easily install whatever software you need and bring into being a Java app of the highest standards.

While money-back guarantee feature builds extra trust into the company, Interserver sadly does not provide it. There is not even a trial period available. You jump in with both feet or you do not. But you do get a 10% discount when you pick the 1-year payment option. If you are just starting out and your Java app is not bombarded with traffic yet, Interserver is a very cheap option. Due to its flexibility, it is a very good choice for your websites based on JSP.

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7. A2 Hosting

a2 jsp hosting
A2 is a true heavy-hitter amongst web hosting providers. They have a very nice selection of plans to cover every website owner’s needs. And when it comes to JSP hosting, A2 takes care of it, too. You just need to know that JSP, Servlets, and Tomcat are not supported on their managed hosting plans. You must put into the next gear and jump straight to the VPS, dedicated or Cloud VPS. But to raise the stakes even more, A2 brings you a Java optimized hosting that comes in three different levels. You can pick between Entry, Mid and top package for a relatively low monthly fee.

Although there are three options, you still do not have to stick with what is available. For your information, you can manually configure each Java hosting plan. Meaning, you can pick the desired disk space, CPU cores, memory and bandwidth. Additionally, you can choose the operating system, cPanel and Turbo Bust, as well as any from the four data center locations. To cut a long story short, you only need to pay for the necessary resources and scale on the go.

Using Webuzo, your Java software set up is possible with just one click. Besides, when a new Java is available, you receive an email with the link to upgrade it to the current version. With A2, you will not have to worry about the performance of your JSP app and the loading speeds. They use a SwiftServer platform that runs on SSDs and gives you an option to choose the 20 times faster Turbo Boost. An additional fee applies accordingly.

When you need a customized JSP hosting solution, A2 comes very practical. It allows you to design your ideal server instead of being a one-size-fits-all hosting. This way, you can save money and be completely comfortable using it due to their anytime money back policy.

For developers, A2 gives you root access to not only access your server’s files but also modify them. There is truly just so much you can do with a hosting provider and make your own version of the server which fits your needs precisely.

To further educate yourself about this amazing company, check out our A2 Hosting review.

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8. iPage

ipage jsp hosting
iPage is no stranger to JSP and Java. Like you might be used to it by now, its shared hosting is not compatible with Java. Meanwhile, VPS and dedicated hosting plans are not only compatible with it, they have JSP script pre-installed for you. As far as their Virtual Private Server program goes, it has three options for you: Basic, Business, and Optimum. These make your JSP start quick and efficient. The Basic package would do you just good for anyone new in the business. It includes 1 CPU core, 1 GB of memory, 40 GB space, and 1 TB of bandwidth. Other awesome cool goodies come with every plan at no extra cost: CPanel, root access, instant provisioning, and a free domain.

Due to the Cloud-based technology that iPage uses, they ensure enough room for your website to grow flawlessly. You can improve your server on demand when your JSP website is slowing down. The freedom iPage offers you is super important for the long-term success of your business. All iPage plans that come with JSP ready-to-use are very adaptable. For any your-product-specific information you need, the loyal support team is available to you at any time of the day. Moreover, with a 30-days money-back guarantee, you can safely cancel the plan you are using and get a refund.

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9. DailyRazor

dailyrazor jsp hosting
Doing things Java optimized, DailyRazor is one of the JSP hosting services you should consider. Not only is it a cheap option, being in the game for a long time, you know they will treat you right. Three plans are available for your JSPs: Shared Tomcat, Private Tomcat, and Java Cloud VPS. But those programs do not end here. Each is broken down into more options for your web applications. For instance, you can pick between RazorIMAPACT and RazorSHARP with Shared Tomcat. The other two main programs give you more opportunities to find the ideal solution for your online project.

To find the ideal Java/JSP hosting plan, it all relies on your goals and plans you would like to achieve. DailyRazor suggests going with Shared or Private Tomcat hostings when deploying Struts, JSP, JSF, and Servlets. And when using Java frameworks that implement Enterprise Edition features like EJB and JPA, you better pick Java Cloud VPS immediately.

DailyRazor hosting plans for JSP applications include free domain registration, a $100 Google AdWords coupon, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. All programs also offer unlimited web space, bandwidth, and MySQL databases. Private Tomcat and Java Cloud VPS also support countless websites whereas Shared Tomcat powers up to 15 websites. DailyRazor’s support team is at your service all days of the year for all questions and concerns. Give yourself a chance and start your JSP hosting strong.

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