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best cpanel hosting
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7 Best cPanel Hosting In 2023

This guide presents the best cPanel hosting services, taking the hassle out of your quest to find the perfect match for your website.

If you want to launch your website easily and have complete control, you’ve landed on the right page.

cPanel is the control room of your website, allowing you to manage everything with a few clicks, from creating emails to managing domains.

It’s your digital dashboard, where simplicity and functionality are key, and beginners and seasoned webmasters alike particularly adore it.

Regardless of your project, cPanel hosting is waiting to cater to your every need (just a few scrolls below).

Let’s explore the unlimited possibilities together and make the web a cozy home for your ideas.

This post covers:

Decoding cPanel: What is it?

Have you ever wondered what cPanel is and how it became today’s powerful web management tool? Well, wonder no more!

History and Evolution of cPanel

In 1996, a groundbreaking software entered the digital realm: cPanel. It was inspired by the need for a simplified, user-friendly interface to manage web hosting services.

Its humble beginnings were marked by a seamless blend of functionality and simplicity, allowing users of varying expertise to navigate the waters of web management easily.

cPanel has since evolved, becoming a driving force of reliability and innovation in the hosting world. It has undergone numerous upgrades and refinements, transforming into the multifunctional, user-oriented platform we know and love today.

Each update brought more features, improved user interface, and enhanced security, ensuring an optimal user experience for webmasters around the globe.

Features and Benefits

So, what makes cPanel the universally acclaimed dashboard for web hosting management?

  1. User-friendly interface: cPanel boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible to novices and experienced users. Its design simplifies complex tasks, offering a hassle-free experience for managing your websites.
  2. Versatile functionality: From email creation and domain management to file backups and security features, cPanel offers many functions, allowing users to tailor their web environment according to their needs.
  3. Enhanced security: With cPanel, security is paramount. It has features designed to safeguard your websites from threats, ensuring webmasters’ peace of mind.
  4. Efficient resource management: Keep tabs on your website’s performance, allocate resources effectively, and optimize your site’s speed and responsiveness through cPanel’s comprehensive resource management tools.
  5. One-click installations: Install applications and software easily using cPanel’s one-click installations. It opens up many possibilities, from blogging platforms like WordPress to eCommerce solutions like Magento.

Why Choosing the Right cPanel Hosting Matters

Choosing the right cPanel hosting is like choosing the right companion to explore uncharted territories.

The right choice can make your journey smooth, enjoyable, and full of exciting discoveries. Making the right pick matters because of:

Security Concerns

Picking a cPanel hosting that cares a lot about security is really, REALLY important. It’s like putting a solid lock on your online home, ensuring no one unwanted can get in and mess with your things.

A good, secure cPanel hosting helps keep dangers away, finds weak spots, and protects your website from bad things on the internet.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is getting more advanced each year, so the hosting you pick needs to ensure your website is safe and sound.

Ease of Management

The right cPanel hosting is like a friendly guide, simplifying the intricate paths of web management.

It offers an intuitive interface, clear options, and helpful tools, turning the complex task of managing websites into a walk in the digital park.

Whether updating content, managing emails, or installing applications, the right cPanel hosting empowers you to do it all easily and joyfully.

Scalability and Performance

Choosing a cPanel hosting that offers scalability and optimal performance is a must.

It ensures your website can grow, adapt, and perform at its peak, even as it expands and evolves. It’s about having the flexibility to add more resources and capabilities as your online presence blooms.

Nurture your digital ventures with the right cPanel hosting and watch them reach new heights.

Reviewing the Top 7 cPanel Hosting Providers

1. Hostinger

hostinger cpanel hosting

Meet Hostinger’s cPanel hosting – your friendly solution for simple website management.

It’s like having a helpful companion to run and boost your website’s performance. With unlimited MySQL databases, FTP users, 1-click auto-installer, and Cloudflare DDoS protection, managing your site is a breeze.

You get reliable, user-friendly service, easily handling files, data, and more.

Enjoy fast, adaptable packages integrated with LiteSpeed Web Cache, ensuring your pages load swiftly.

Hostinger’s cPanel hosting is secure and has advanced features to keep your site safe and regularly backed up.

Plus, the Softaculous Apps Installer makes adding popular web applications in a matter of clicks. Welcome to stress-free, secure, and speedy hosting with Hostinger.


  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • 1-click Auto Installer
  • Automatic Backups
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free SSL certificate


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced security features
  • Fast page load and optimal performance
  • Affordability


  • Unlimited resources may come with limitations


  • cPanel Hosting Silver ($2.59/mo): 50 websites, 30 GB SSD storage
  • cPanel Hosting Gold ($3.59/mo): 100 websites, 50 GB SSD storage

Why we recommend it: We recommend Hostinger because it combines user-friendly management, robust security, speedy performance, and reliable support, all at a value-driven price

Get Hostinger

2. Bluehost

bluehost shared hosting

Building and managing a website becomes a piece of cake with Bluehost’s cPanel hosting.

With Bluehost shared hosting (you can also choose WP, VPS online store and dedicated hosting), users receive all the necessary features, tools, and guidance to craft and launch awe-inspiring websites.

Features like free CDN, custom WP themes, and automatic WordPress installation are included.

What we like is the WordPress Academy’s easy-to-follow tutorials that users can access to learn and grow.

Bluehost ensures users’ sites maintain optimal performance with resource protection on shared servers. Additionally, security is a priority with free SSL, automatic malware scans, and SiteLock Security Scans.

Bluehost provides everyone with a dedicated platform, enhanced cPanel, 24/7 support, and the innovative Wonder Theme, empowering you to get online fast and efficiently.


  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Chat and phone support
  • Custom WordPress themes
  • Automatic WP installation
  • Automatic malware scans
  • Easy and quick onboarding


  • Exclusively WordPress optimized
  • Lots of educational resources
  • User- and beginner-friendliness
  • Enhanced security with frequent malware scans


  • Users might encounter frequent upsells


  • Basic ($2.95/mo): 1 website, 10 GB SSD storage, custom WP themes
  • Choice Plus ($5.45/mo): 3 websites, 40 GB SSD storage, free CDN, free SSL
  • Online Store ($9.95/mo): 3 websites, 40 GB SSD storage, free CDN, free SSL
  • Pro ($13.95/mo): 5 websites, 100 GB SSD storage, free CDN, free SSL

Why we recommend it: We recommend Bluehost as it offers a user-friendly, secure, and optimized environment with valuable features and dedicated support, making website management smooth and efficient.

Get Bluehost

3. HostGator

hostgator php hosting

HostGator’s cPanel hosting is like a friendly habitat for every website.

It offers fast storage, unmetered bandwidth, and unbeatable hosting – this service truly has you covered. Moreover, you can enjoy a free domain for the first year, effortless one-click WordPress installs, and included email.

Navigating is a breeze with the latest cPanel, and users can manage their websites like pros with expert management tools.

Security is top-notch with included SSL certificates, and with 24/7/365 support, help is available whenever needed.

Plus, a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures users’ sites are always accessible to visitors.

Last but not least, you can easily establish online stores with specialized eCommerce tools and attract more visitors with $150+ in Google Ads.

Gator time!


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • One-click WordPress installs
  • Free domain for a year
  • Website statistic tools
  • Easy application installs
  • Web based File Manager
  • eCommerce tools


  • $150+ Google Ads credit
  • Effortless to use and manage
  • Phone and chat support + extensive knowledge base
  • SiteLock protect


  • Renewal rates are a bit steep


  • Hatchling Plan ($3.75/mo): 1 website, 10 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Baby Plan ($4.50/mo): 2 websites, 20 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Business Plan ($6.25/mo): 3 websites, 40 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth

Why we recommend it: We recommend HostGator for its user-friendly interface, unmatched support, and robust features, ensuring a smooth and secure website management experience.

Get HostGator

4. A2 Hosting

a2hosting cpanel hosting

A2 Hosting offers blazing-fast cPanel hosting, ensuring a seamless user experience for everyone.

A2’s Turbo Servers promise page load speeds up to 20X faster than standard hosting for those craving more speed. This implies enhanced SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

A2 offers round-the-clock support with a knowledgeable and friendly Guru Crew available 24/7/365.

Worried about migration hassles? A2 ensures free account migration and a risk-free experience with their money-back guarantee.

They commit to 99.9% uptime, ensuring reliability. Users also enjoy unlimited transfers, continuous security with free HackScan, global server locations, and unlimited email addresses.

Feel free to check out our A2 Hosting review for more information.


  • Turbo Servers for 20x faster page loading
  • Free account migration
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • A2 cloud backups
  • Global server locations
  • Environmental-friendly hosting


  • Strong focus on extreme speeds
  • Unlimited features/resources
  • Great reliability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • Unlimited doesn’t always mean 100% unlimited (reading the fine print is necessary)


  • Startup ($2.99/mo): 1 website, 100 GB SSD storage, 5 databases
  • Drive ($5.99/mo): Unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited databases
  • Turbo Boost ($6.99/mo): Unlimited websites, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, unlimited databases
  • Turbo Max ($14.99/mo): Unlimited websites, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, unlimited databases

Why we recommend it: We recommend A2 Hosting as it delivers blazing-fast, reliable, and user-friendly hosting with exceptional 24/7 support and a risk-free money-back guarantee.

Note: If you need endless resources, these unlimited web hosting providers are your best pick.

Get A2 Hosting

5. InMotion Hosting

inmotionhosting cpanel hosting

InMotion Hosting offers user-friendly cPanel hosting, enabling easy website management and growth.

The industry-leading cPanel is accompanied by 24/7 customer support, ensuring smooth experiences for users.

From professional email setups to premium security features like password protection and IP blockers, every detail is fine-tuned.

Enjoy faster website speeds with UltraStack hosting and NVMe SSD storage, making websites up to 20X faster.

The free drag-and-drop builder allows for easy custom layouts within WordPress, and with the Max Speed Zone utilizing advanced routing technology, a speedy network is guaranteed.

They offer a 90-day full money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free environment.

It’s a safe, secure, and satisfying hosting experience, fortified with multi-layer defense and automatic backups, ensuring peace of mind.

Finally, don’t miss our extensive InMotion Hosting review.


  • Free domain and SSL
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Hack, malware DDoS protection


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Multi-layer defense
  • Password protection and IP blockers
  • Generous resources even on entry-level plan


  • Limited data center locations


  • Care ($2.99/mo): 2 websites, free SSL, 2x speed performance
  • Launch ($5.99/mo): 25 websites, free domain and SSL, 6x UltraStack speed and performance
  • Power ($5.99/mo): Unlimited websites, free domain and SSL, 12x UltraStack speed and performance
  • Pro ($13.99/mo): Unlimited websites, free domain and SSL, 20x UltraStack speed and performance

Why we recommend it: We recommend InMotion Hosting for its user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, advanced security features, and high-speed, reliable hosting experience.

Get InMotion Hosting

6. Scala Hosting

scala hosting cpanel hosting

Scala Hosting offers simple, fast, and reliable cPanel hosting with free and effortless migration, ensuring a seamless transition with no downtime and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Clients enjoy 24/7 fully managed support, addressing all server-related inquiries promptly, with instant live chat and 15-minute response tickets.

The included SPanel facilitates easy VPS hosting management with hundreds of features, making website management no sweat.

Users can launch and manage over 400 apps, including WordPress and Joomla, with a single click, enjoying automatic updates, cloning, and backups.

To boost website speed and user experience, Scala Hosting employs OpenLiteSpeed web server technology, ensuring lightning-fast access.

Additionally, a free domain, auto-installed SSL certificates, and an unconditional money-back guarantee make Scala Hosting an appealing choice for all.


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited emails and DBs
  • Daily offsite backups
  • Real-time malware protection
  • Free domain
  • Whitelabel


  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Free migration
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • OpenLiteSpeed technology for fast site loading


  • Learning curve may apply to beginner users


  • Mini ($2.95/mo): 1 website, 10 GB fixed NVMe SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Start ($5.95/mo): Unlimited websites, 50 GB fixed NVMe SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Advanced ($9.95/mo): Unlimited websites, 100 GB fixed NVMe SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Entry Cloud ($14.95/mo): Unlimited websites, 50 GB upgradeable NVMe SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth

Why we recommend it: We recommend Scala Hosting as it combines ease of use, robust security, and speedy performance, all backed by unwavering 24/7 expert support and anytime unconditional money-back guarantee.

Get Scala Hosting

7. GreenGeeks

greengeeks cpanel hosting

GreenGeeks offers a superior cPanel hosting experience, characterized by instant access and user-friendly control, ideal for everyone.

Upon signing up, you can immediately begin creating, designing, and managing your sites, installing popular CMSs like WordPress with just one click.

GreenGeeks emphasizes reliability with daily backups and robust hardware to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service. With unlimited data transfers, disk space, and automatic updates, managing websites becomes effortless and efficient.

The service prides itself on 24/7 support, providing assistance and knowledge whenever needed.

GreenGeeks also assures fast, secure, and reliable service, safeguarding sites with dedicated firewalls and secure server software, all underlined by a 99.9% uptime guarantee, making it a preferred choice for many seeking quality and affordability.


  • Unlimited databases
  • Free CDN, domain and SSL
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Built-in caching
  • Free nightly backup
  • 300% green energy match
  • One-click CMS installation


  • Eco-friendly
  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited resources
  • Instant cPanel access


  • Setup fee for monthly billing


  • Lite ($2.95/mo): 1 website, 50 GB SSD space, unmetered transfer
  • Pro ($4.95/mo): Unlimited websites, Unlimited space, unmetered transfer
  • Premium ($8.95/mo): Unlimited websites, Unlimited space, unmetered transfer

Why we recommend it: We recommend GreenGeeks cPanel hosting for its user-friendly, eco-conscious, and feature-rich service.

Get GreenGeeks

Comparing The Best cPanel Hosting Providers

Instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed by all the above information, here’s a quick recap comparison table of our top cPanel hosting choices.

HostingFree domainFree SSL1-Click installsUnlimited featuresEntry priceMoney-back guarantee
HostingerNoYesYesYes$2.95/mo30 daysGET HOSTING
BluehostYesYesYesNo$2.95/mo30 daysGET HOSTING
HostGatorYesYesYesNo$3.75/mo30 daysGET HOSTING
A2 HostingNoYesYesYes$2.99/mo30 daysGET HOSTING
InMotion HostingYesYesYesYes$2.99/mo90 daysGET HOSTING
Scala HostingYesYesYesYes$2.95/moAnytimeGET HOSTING
GreenGeeksYesYesYesYes$2.95/mo30 daysGET HOSTING

What Sets cPanel Apart from Other Control Panels

1. User-Friendly Interface

cPanel is like a kind and patient teacher, making complicated things seem simple.

Its interface is easy to understand and navigate, which is great for newcomers and experienced webmasters. It turns tasks like managing emails and installing software into a breeze.

2. Robust Security Features

Safety first! cPanel protects your web kingdom from the bad guys. It comes packed with features that help to secure websites against online threats and keep our digital treasures safe.

3. Versatile Functionality

cPanel is like a multi-tool, full of valuable features. Whether you want to manage domains, create databases, or backup files, cPanel has got your back.

It’s designed to meet a wide range of needs and preferences.

4. One-Click Installations

cPanel makes installations quick and hassle-free. With just one click, you can install various applications and software, from blogs to online stores, making it a versatile companion for all your web projects.

5. Scalability

As your website develops and your needs change, cPanel can easily adapt, allowing you to add more resources and features whenever needed.

It’s all about giving you the freedom to expand and evolve.

6. Community and Support

Last but not least, cPanel is like a friend who’s always there for you. With a large and active community and plenty of support resources, you can find help, advice, and inspiration to take things to the next level.

Pricing Considerations in cPanel Hosting Choices

It’s essential to look at pricing and ensure it fits comfortably within your budget while meeting all your needs.

1. Understanding Your Needs

Choosing cPanel hosting is like shopping for the perfect pair of shoes – you need the right fit.

Consider what you really need. Do you require lots of storage, or is speed your top priority? Understanding your needs will help you find the right balance between cost and features.

2. Scoping Out the Plans

cPanel hosting plans are like different flavors of ice cream – there’s something for everyone. From basic plans for beginners to more advanced ones for growing businesses, explore the variety and pick the best one that suits your taste and needs.

3. Checking for Additional Costs

Sometimes, there can be extra costs, like setup fees or charges for additional services, lurking in the shadows. Knowing the total cost upfront is always best, so there are no surprises later.

Be sure to read the fine print.

4. Evaluating the Value

When looking at prices, it’s like comparing apples to oranges if you don’t consider the value.

Look beyond the price tag and consider what you’re getting in return. Does the plan offer great support, security, and features that make it worth the investment?

5. Exploring Discounts and Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Keep an eye out for discounts, promotional offers, and special pricing.

Some hosting providers offer reduced prices for the first term or include extra perks like free domain registration.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

Choosing a plan with the flexibility to grow is like planting a seed with room to bloom. As your website expands and your needs change, having the option to upgrade your hosting plan easily is crucial.

Making the Move: Switching to a cPanel Hosting Provider

Transitioning might seem like a big step, but it’s not.

Let’s walk through this journey together, and I’ll share some tips and steps to make your move smooth and hassle-free.

Identifying Your Needs

Before making the move, let’s sit down and chat with ourselves about what we truly need.

Are you looking for more features, better support, or affordability? Understanding your needs is the first step to finding the perfect new cPanel home.

Packing Up Your Digital Belongings

When moving, you must pack up your website’s data, files, emails, and databases. It’s like packing up your belongings when you move houses.

Make sure to back up everything; we don’t want to leave any precious memories or crucial data behind.

Choosing Your New cPanel Provider

Now, it’s time to choose your new cPanel host. Look for providers who offer the features, support, and pricing that align with your requirements.

And don’t forget to check out user reviews; they’re like friendly neighbors giving you the inside scoop.

Setting Up Your New Home

Once you’ve picked your new provider, it’s time to set up your account and configure your settings.

Follow the provided instructions or guidelines, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your new hosting provider; they’re there to assist you.

Moving In Your Website

Now, the exciting part – moving your website to its new home. Upload your files, restore your databases, and configure your email accounts. Take your time and make sure everything is in its right place.

Updating Your Domain’s DNS

The final step is to point your domain to your new host. This way, when someone types in your domain, they are directed to your website on your new cPanel host.

Celebrating Your New Start


You’ve successfully moved to your new cPanel hosting provider. It’s time to explore your new surroundings, make new friends in the community, and start building wonderful new memories.

User Feedback: Learning from Real-World Experiences

We can gather plenty of wisdom from user feedback, helping us make the right choice much more comfortable.

User feedback is like a treasure trove, filled with invaluable pearls of real-world experiences, enlightening insights, and helpful pointers.

It’s when users share their adventures, highs, and lows with cPanel hosting, helping us see through their eyes and learn from their journeys.

Whether it’s sweet praises, constructive suggestions, or little nudges to improve, each piece of feedback is a golden opportunity to refine, enhance, and perfect our cPanel hosting experiences.

The Future of cPanel and Web Hosting

The cPanel and web hosting world is constantly growing and blossoming with new features and technologies. So what can we expect from the future?

1. Advanced Technologies

Imagine a world where cPanel becomes even more powerful and intelligent, integrating advanced technologies like AI and machine learning.

It’s like having a wise old owl helping you manage your website more efficiently and intuitively, making your digital journey more seamless and enjoyable.

2. User-Friendly Enhancements

The future of cPanel looks bright, with enhancements focused on user experience. Think of it as your friendly companion, constantly learning new tricks to make your web management tasks even more straightforward and fun.

Expect sleek designs, intuitive interfaces, and maybe even some delightful surprises.

3. Enhanced Security

Future cPanel versions will likely feature more robust security measures, ensuring our web projects are well-guarded against the ever-evolving threats lurking in the digital shadows.

4. Green Hosting

With growing awareness about our planet, the future might see more eco-friendly hosting solutions.

It’s like planting more trees in our digital garden, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment for everyone.

5. More Integration and Compatibility

cPanel may play well with even more apps and platforms in the future. In other words, creating more opportunities for collaboration and innovation, enriching our web experiences with diverse and exciting possibilities.

Conclusion: The Journey to the Best cPanel Hosting Choice

Selecting the best cPanel hosting can seem tricky, with so many great options available, but it all boils down to your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Each discussed hosting provider brings something unique to the table, whether it’s speed, support, or added features.

Remember, the key is to find a service that aligns best with your goals and offers the support you need to achieve them smoothly and efficiently.

  • Hostinger is the best choice for those looking for affordable yet reliable cPanel hosting with a slew of features like free SSL and email, coupled with enhanced security and weekly backups.
  • Bluehost stands out by offering competitive pricing, a free domain, and valuable marketing offers, making it a great fit for those looking to kickstart their online presence efficiently.
  • HostGator is the go-to option for those who value reliability and support, offering premium security, free migrations, and $150 in Google Ads credit to boost your online reach quickly.
  • A2 Hosting is a prime choice for speed enthusiasts, providing up to 20x faster turbo servers and perpetual security, suitable for those aiming for top-notch performance and safety.
  • InMotion Hosting excels with its 90-day money-back guarantee and Max Speed Zone technology, ensuring your website is fast and your experience is risk-free.
  • Scala Hosting is best for those who desire flexibility and speed, offering OpenLiteSpeed technology and a versatile SPanel platform, ensuring your website is fast and easily manageable.
  • GreenGeeks is the ideal pick for environmentally conscious users seeking reliable cPanel hosting, offering premium security, daily backups, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices.


cPanel has become extremely popular in web hosting due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and robust capabilities that simplify website management, making it a favorite among beginners and experienced users.

Is there a significant price difference between cPanel and other control panels?

There can be a price difference, as cPanel is often considered premium due to its extensive features and user-friendly interface. However, its perceived value and added convenience often justify the cost for many users.

How easy is it to migrate to a cPanel hosting provider?

Migrating to a cPanel hosting provider is generally straightforward, with many providers offering (free) support and tools to ensure a smooth transition.

Can I use cPanel with any type of website?

Yes, cPanel is versatile and accommodates all types of websites, whether personal blogs, eCommerce sites, or portfolios, making it a flexible friend for all your web hosting needs.

Are there any security concerns specific to cPanel hosting?

While cPanel is known for robust security features, like any software, it’s crucial to regularly update it and follow best security practices to mitigate potential risks and keep your digital abode safe and secure.

What is the price range for cPanel hosting?

cPanel hosting prices can vary, ranging from affordable plans suitable for small projects and beginners to more premium plans for large-scale enterprises catering to the diverse needs and budgets of the digital world.

Can I host WordPress with cPanel hosting?

Yes, cPanel hosting and WordPress go hand in hand, making your WP site’s installation, management, and maintenance a breeze with the help of cPanel’s intuitive interface and powerful tools.

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