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free WordPress video themes
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13 Best Free WordPress Video Themes 2023

Kick-off your online project with style by choosing your favorite web design from the best free WordPress video themes list. Create a website for self-hosted and embedded videos without breaking a sweat.

What is marketing? We hear this word so much that its mention has become like background noise. Marketing is the science of presenting your product or service to various people. It is about making others see your product or service through your own eyes and convincing them of its quality. Being involved in the process must be considered, with demographics, human psychology, economic knowledge, and good old-fashioned charm and humor.

The problem with online profiles is that they truly are a dime a dozen despite their quality. As consumers, we often experience things through our emotional filters, so presenting a feature list of your product may not be enough to attract customers.

Enter WordPress, and its vast community. A very talented development, these will find plenty of opportunities here in designing beautiful themes. These themes give your page its unique look and layout, a canvas of creativity through which the user can market his content and express his creativity. This is only a small step to incorporating videos on your website. Videos are proven to attract more attention than any other form of media, so let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress video themes:

Best free WordPress video themes



If you want to design an interesting video-sharing website, check out Shapely. This high-quality WordPress theme will never disappoint, as it offers a broad selection of useful features. Most free and premium plugins support iThemes Security, Contact Form 7, WordPress SEO, Jetpack, etc. WooCommerce is no longer a premium plugin, so you can get it. This makes it very easy to construct personal online stores and eCommerce websites. This theme is also translation-ready, enabling the creation of multilingual websites, making it easier to appeal to foreign demographics as you attempt to distribute your videos.

TShapely has a one-page design and a responsive layout for all devices. The theme is highly customizable, as you design a page that perfectly matches your vision. Every website element or theme can change its color with a single click.

More info / Download Demo

Newspaper X

Newspaper X is a WordPress theme of solid dedication to news and magazines. Storytelling and the latest gossip are topics of strength. Newspaper X uses the Bootstrap framework, and it is very customizable. Moreover, it has an awesome header that inserts the headlines for the day! You get grids for image and text posts and integrated ad banner management.

Furthermore, the Sidebars, a topbar with a search bar, and footers are also featured. Lastly, play along setting its recent posts pages, its contact page. You can even divide posts into 4 cool types/topics sections. Start using this amazing theme and get what you are looking for! Get Newspaper X!

More info / Download Demo

Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite comes with a powerful live customizer and animations. It is made as a one-page scrolling theme with a Parallax effect. You will find blog pages, contact pages and custom support completely available too. All possible commercial transactions are made with the WooCommerce plugin in no time. Set amazing shops with carts, product preview and more. Pixova Lite is a theme made to have all the beginner tools and more! Get custom support too! Make a good time out of building a website with the possibilities this edgy and up-to-date theme gives you. Try Pixova Lite!

More info / Download Demo


Are you planning on sharing a ton of video content on your website? If that is the case, save yourself time and energy with Antreas. This modern, clean, and trendy site canvas is a free tool that calls for a quick solution to your magnificent ideas. In other words, let Antreas take care of the manifestation of the desires you have for your online presence. Antreas sports a single-page layout that perfectly adapts to any screen and device. It is mobile-ready and responsive and optimized for search engines and speed.

The editing process happens in real-time, without going behind the scenes and changing the code. This means Antreas is very newbie-friendly, perfect for all users. Antreas also comes with frequent updates and a team of experts who will help you build a banging page.

More info / Download



Activello is a professional and stunning WordPress multipurpose theme.

Suppose you need a website that can receive your incoming traffic. Whether from apps, marketing campaigns, coupon redemptions, or any massive user temporary home on the web, Activello is a theme that can pull this off in style and grace every time. Activello is both expansive and light. It is perfect for many applications, but chiefly among them, it stands out as a spectacular and refined video blog theme. Additionally, it is a perfect fit for the mobile era with features such as custom-built configurable sliders and infinite scroll with dynamically loaded endless content. And with its deep-running Boostrap roots, Activello is natively responsive across all devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Try Activello today!

More info / Download Demo


Blaskan is a WordPress theme specialized in lifestyle, light-weighted topics. Additionally, it is excellent for blogs and magazines. You will get a clean, minimalistic and simple concept. Blaskan aims for posts to stand out with pictures and elegant writing. Also, it features a section for recent posts and social media icons. You will get a top bar and footer, an author bio section and a boxed layout. Blaskan is crafty, modern and girly. It uses a visible menu at the top and a banner. Have people all over subscribing to it! Get it for free and start setting up your page! Use Blaskan.

More info / Download Demo


Ascendant is a versatile and easy-going multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with a responsive design in all senses. Page and posts can handle endless customizations and use many shortcodes. Ascendant is WooCommerce compatible to set up premium quality shops for any product. You will get customizable sidebars, color pallets, and more than 100 Google Fonts. This is a friendly modern-looking theme made to adjust to your needs. Get this awesome theme now! Get Ascendant!

More info / Download

Portum Material

Portum Material follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. With its cleanness and sophistication, Portum Material ensures that all your content is beautifully displayed on all devices and platforms. It is a free WordPress video theme with an up-to-the-minute design that will operate all the time seamlessly. And if you dig the layout as is, you can experience the fastest page launch, avoiding building it from scratch entirely. Heck, you will not even need to perform any coding.

A full-width slideshow is one of the first things all your visitors will see. You can use it to grab their attention and push the hottest content or the latest news. Portum Material also includes call-to-action buttons, portfolio, animated stats, and newsletter subscription form. Portum Material is always ready to take charge and make a difference.

More info / Download More info / Download Demo

Travelify – Awesome Travel Theme

Travelify corporate travel theme

Search for any countdown of the best WordPress themes, and Travelify you most likely be featured there. Additionally, its versatility allows it to fit any category and satisfy any need. Furthermore, it has a responsive design and a featured slider. It is also optimized to be retina-ready. Be it business websites or personal blogs, Travelify has you covered.

There were incorporations of multiple layouts and some awesome plugin support. If you wish to sell your service or product, the WooCommerce plugin will allow you to do so in a controlled and reliable environment. Support for this theme is free via the Colorlib official support forum.

More info / Download Demo

Sparkling – Free Flat Design Theme

sparkling photography theme

This theme was built using the famous Bootstrap Framework. It has a clean, sharp look that will impress any website viewer. A front-end design was included, perfect for tablet and smartphone displays. Any respectable theme must be able to project itself seamlessly on any device, regardless of what browser is used, the resolution of its screen, or what manufacturer it has.

More info / Download Demo


marketingly free wordpress video theme

When building a marketing agency website, you may want to introduce all types of content, including video. If that is the case, you are in safe hands with Marketingly. It is a free WordPress theme with tons of material to mix and match. It is also a tool that costs you nothing, yet it promises an outcome that will move mountains. Whether building a new website or redesigning the existing one, you can always count on Marketingly.

Upload custom logo and favicon, hide or show the sidebar, and include custom background image or solid color. Marketingly is also optimized for SEO and fast loading and acclimatizes to all popular mobile devices. If you are unfamiliar with how you do a particular task, check the theme landing page, which clears it.

More info / Download Demo

Business Startup

business startup free wordpress video theme

Business Startup is this spectacular free WordPress theme you can use to build one- and multi-page websites. A tool that easily adapts to numerous intentions for your convenience. It is also flexible enough to accept additional customizations for you to tailor it to any branding directions precisely. Agencies, startups, construction companies, medical firms, well, any business can greatly profit from Business Startup.

Above the fold, Business Startup comes with a featured video banner that instantly captures everyone’s attention. The theme is also compatible with the Elementor drag and drop page builder for the codeless editing process that unlocks full creative freedom. Business Startup takes care of all the technicalities, too, so you know your professional website will run without a hitch all the time. Download now and set things up shortly after for you to grow the business to new heights.

More info / Download Demo

Pinbin – Beautiful WordPress Theme

pinbin grid style theme

Although most items on our list are good-looking, this stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes. It maintains a clean, streamlined appeal that will work well with any device. The design is fully responsive while maintaining a charming, minimal aspect that will project a tasteful and controlled aura. You may preview it by checking out the free demo made available.

There are guaranteed full image functionality. The lightweight coding provides a resilient yet simple framework for this charming theme.

More info / Download Demo

More amazing WordPress video themes for you

If you couldn’t find the theme you were looking for in this collection, you might want to look into premium WordPress video themes. Since all WordPress themes allow you to upload and embed videos, you might want to check other awesome theme collections on our websites. Also, feel free to ask questions about these or any other WordPress themes listed on Colorlib; we will be happy to help.

I am not yet happy with this theme collection because there aren’t many great themes that are free and made for video hosting and sharing. We want to encourage theme developers to release more video themes because the demand for this theme is relatively high, but existing themes aren’t competitive. This is not just a problem with free video themes as most of the premium video themes you can find here are average at best. There must be some explanation, but based on statistics for both collections, I can confirm that users are interested in this theme, leaving our website disappointed because they couldn’t find the right theme. Developers, this is a great opportunity for you!.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specializing in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BA he self-taught frontend web development. Currently has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular), and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience, and simplicity.

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  1. mehwish angel says:

    Looks like pro themes..,

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      None of the above listed themes are pro themes and all of theme are free to use for private and commercial use. If you are looking for some premium WordPress themes you might want to check this theme collection.

  2. I really have to comment here, I don’t often take the time to do so as I am very busy with my sites, but these themes are not all free, the one that I was interested in is the simply named ‘Video Theme’ and upon clicking on the link it takes me to yet another pay for a theme site. This theme will cost a minimum of $29. How many sites/blogs have I come across that have there site seo description as ‘Free WordPress Themes’ and only to find out that it’s just bullshit. So I urge you to revisit these and update your information.

    1. Robert,

      Let me know which of these themes are no longer free an I will make sure to remove them from the list.

    2. Me too my friend.. I don’t comment on such “pile up posts” like you. But it felt like yours was the right comment to write to!

      So mr colorlib? You’re piling up a few not so cool themes together, put out a “masked link to them” and squeze a few paid ones betwwen them in order to get some affiliation money from people who are fed up searching the web among “theme advisor websites” like yours?

      I don’t know what you call it; a business? At the culture I was born in this act is called advanced opportunism!
      How does it feel to feed your family with that money?

      Besides you’re writing a respond “tell me which ones are free so I can remove them” What kind of a shameless you are to speak such a word.
      You own the content man! You! And it’s someone else’s job to dig up your opportunist links so that in case whoever reads this man’s comment and gets curious and presses your crappy links will get associated with your affiliation account and if they buy anything from those sites in 30 days you will get some more affiliate money.

      1. Levent,

        Let me know which of the themes are no longer free and will remove them from the list.
        I see that you have completely misunderstood my previous comment and I hope you will at least understand this one. Maybe try reading it multiple times as that sometimes helps.

  3. Robert is 100% correct. I had the exact same experience.

    The “VIDEO” theme, by Templatic. There are two versions of this theme. One is Old and Free. One is New and Paid. ONLY the new PAID version is responsive and has all of the great features. The Old / Free one is not responsive nor mobile-friendly and for ANY kind of support, you have to pay.

  4. Saqib Qureshi says:


    I Find my website theme for this site. Nice themes collection. thanks 🙂

  5. Video theme is not free, prices start from $29.

    1. Thank you for reporting it. I have since removed it. It used to be a free video theme but appears that a lot have changed since.

  6. atul arvind says:

    All themes are so cool and most amazing thing is all are free.
    thanks for sharing

  7. Is there any free video blog themes?

  8. Carl Lacanlale says:

    Hi! Thank you for this post.

    Im new here in website developing and web design world. I just need to ask for few questions.

    I just downloaded a FREE THEME from here and I created a webiste using wordpress. I wonder how can i use these templates for my new website?

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Carl,

      Did you install WordPress on your own hosting or used service on On you can’t install 3rd party themes such as onves listed above. If you installed WordPress on your own hosting you can install theme by going to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New. Difference between both WordPress platforms you can find here.

      1. Carl Lacanlale says:

        Hi Aigars,

        I already figured out on how to install Focus theme on wordpress. And I found out that for me to add more videos on the theme I need to purchase the premium version of the “Focus” theme, or how can I add more video uploads using the free version.


  9. I Want to purchase the premium version of the “Focus” theme, or how can I add more video uploads using the free version.

    1. Please contact Focus developers directly. We do list many themes but we haven’t developed all of them.

  10. Looking to start a youtube take over website, but i can’t find a theme for free that does live streaming plus video hosting and not from other websites from my local server only..
    Anything like this out there?
    Just getting started and need a few pointers like where to find a free theme with these plus an ad program where people can get paid for their videos via ads like youtube.

    1. Jason,

      You are essentially looking for a platform instead of a theme. Themes are all about applying styling for WordPress. In your case you are looking for functionality that WordPress doesn’t have. Your option is to either hire a coder/code yourself or look for a different platform. Themes/templates will help you only with the design.

  11. All themes are pretty and the most amazing all are free.

  12. Sumas Rai says:

    Thanks for the 15 lists i install Activello theme

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