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20 Free Restaurant Website Template That Makes Visitors Bon Appetit

20 Free Restaurant Website Template That Makes Visitors Bon Appetit

According to the recent survey by Toast Tab, 56% of the people order their food through online and through the website. The same study also reveals why the people visit the website often; to see special offers on that day and new recipes on the menu.

79% of the restaurant owners accept that making advancement in the technology improves the customer satisfaction and also retain rate. Which indirectly implies that in the millennial era taking your business to online is a must.

In a highly competitive restaurant industry having a website, makes your effort to grow your business easier. The following free restaurant website templates help you to make an attractive and easy to maintain restaurant website.

The modern website template gives you a lot of customizing option and many trendy visual effects to your website. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 helps the website to have animation effects without affecting the website performance. You might also find these free website templates useful.

The following restaurant website templates are designed and developed on the HTML5 and CSS3 website only, but they are developed exclusively for the restaurant and other food-related industries.


Eatwell Free TemplateMore info / Download Demo

Restaurant by Colorlib

Restaurant free website templateMore info / Download Demo


Caviar free templateMore info / Download Demo


Bakery Free Template

Bakery is a one-page restaurant website templates. This website template is the best choice for food bakery, cafe, coffee shop and restaurant website.

The detailing on this website is to be appreciated. Right from the font style to the color used, the designer has followed the famous restaurant website design trend. As soon as you land on the website template, a huge banner image with delicious food images welcomes you.

Though it is a single page restaurant website template, Bakery has all the website element you need on a professional restaurant website. The food menu section is intuitively designed in a tabbed interface; the user can easily switch between the tabs they like and find the food they want.

More info / Download Demo


More info / Download Demo


listing free directory website templateMore info / Download Demo


More info / Download Demo


Redcayenne free templateMore info / Download Demo


Coffee free templateMore info / Download Demo



Cookery is a flat design new restaurant website template. This website template is built over the bootstrap, which by default have HTML5 and CSS3. So you can experience a smooth and fast loading website.

Cookery web template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used as per the user requirements. This responsive web template is designed with a clean flat grid system. Using of CSS3 makes the

It is a multi-page restaurant website template with the basic pages you might need on a restaurant website. The layouts are designed in a way that the food pictures are presented delightfully to the visitor.

More info / Download Demo



Mammas Kitchen


Mamma’s Kitchen is a free restaurant website template. It is a single page website template that provides all the information in one place.

This website template is built on HTML5, CSS3, and bootstrap. Mama’s kitchen is mobile responsive out of the box; your website can serve your customer well on any device. The use of green color in this website template, indirectly indicates the foods in the restaurant are fresh and healthy.

The menu section of this website template is designed intuitively and also looks clean. The category option given above helps the user to search and find the food they want easily. This website template is the best pick for restaurants, coffee shop, fast food centers and other catering services.

More info / Download Demo



Delicious free restaurant website template is fully responsive. It is easy to customize and gives awesome display effects on devices of all screen sizes.

This restaurant website template is designed on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 framework, which makes this website load faster and also mobile responsive.With bright colors and popular Google fonts, this website template looks professional and also modern.

The food menu section is designed like a listview, when you move to other tabs the transition effects are clean. Apart from the food menu section you also have event section in this website template.

More info / Download Demo

Cafe Home


Cafe Home is a multi-page restaurant website template. It is a simple straightforward website template. It follows usual design layout. The website template is built over HTML5 and CSS3, so out of the box the website template is mobile responsive. If you are looking for a neat and simpler restaurant website template, then this is the best choice for you.

More info / Download Demo

Cafe and Restaurant


Cafe and restaurant is a trendy looking restaurant website template. With big image holders, you can display your delicious food images and stir the appetite of the visitors as soon as they land on your website.

It is a multi page website template with modern and bold fonts. With white color as the background, the images and the text looks clean on this website template. This website template is a best pick for restaurant, food & drink, brewery, gifts, hobbies & crafts.

More info / Download Demo



Restaurant is a one-page website template to make an outstanding website for a food shop, restaurant, coffee shop and bakery. With on-trend HTML5 and CSS3 framework, this website has an immaculate and professional look.

The use of bright red colors makes this restaurant website template an obvious choice for the fast food restaurants. The parallax effects on the food images are nice. The opening and closing hours details are also a well-thought website element.

More info / Download Demo



Eat is a single page website template. It is built over HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap3 framework. This restaurant website template is easy to customize and to maintain. This template meets the latest requirement, and it is fully responsive template fits on all devices with multi-browser support.

With bright yellow color, the website template gets one attention easily as soon as they land the website. Big header section with logo and start button at the center helps you to brand your website with your logo easily.

Instead of a menu option, only gallery section is given to display your restaurant pictures elegantly on the website. The images are displayed with a small note at the bottom, so you can use this to mark the rate of the food.

More info / Download Demo



Grilling is another mouth-watering restaurant website template. It is a one-page website template, which helps the visitors to see all about your restaurant on a single page.

This restaurant web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. The transition effects and other animation effects are neat and professional. Especially the menu section is designed very intuitively.

It is the only restaurant website template in this list that offers a separate section for today’s special and offers. The colors, flat-grid pattern, texture, font-awesome icons, hover animations, functionality, and alignment perfectly adds up to make this template outstanding, and it’s served with plenty of features that come in handy.

More info / Download Demo


What’s Your Choice

These are the best restaurant website template with modern design layouts. Each one of them is unique from others and serves their purpose effectively. Based on your needs select the best free restaurant website template for your restaurant website.

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