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19 Best Mobile-Friendly Free Music Website Templates 2018

19 Best Mobile-Friendly Free Music Website Templates 2018

Exclusively developed for singers, musicians, bands, DJs and everyone else within the industry, here are the best free music website templates. Without spending a dime, you are to hammer out a website for your outstanding tunes and promote your work with the online world.

You can now easily reach ears of those living on the other part of the continent or globe. If you would like to go from local to global, by all means, craft a music website for your art with these free templates.

Although you are busy all the time rehearsing and coming up with fresh tunes, that does not mean you should postpone site creation. Sure, doing it all from the ground up takes time, but with these free music website templates, you do not have to. Pick the design you are into the most and have your online presence ready in as short amount of time as possible.

In the list below, you will find a mix of HTML, PSD and even WordPress templates. All are carefully designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Oh wait, there is no buck. Meaning, a 100% return on zero budget invested. Cool, right?

Use these free templates for music websites for personal or commercial use. Moreover, you can easily customize them to perfectly suit your requirements and turn them into a unique creation. Get busy and start building the much needed page where others can get familiar with your music.

For all of you who are ready to go premium, check out our best premium music website templates. These unlock an entirely new chapter of possibilities, full of features and stunning elements.

Hint: If you are in need of best hosting for musicians, we have you covered. Pick accordingly and start growing your band or music career immediately after the site launch.


Indeed, music sure is life and if you are part of the industry and do not have a website yet, you need to get one done as soon as possible. You do not know yet how much are you missing without a solid online presence. Make an end to it and craft a creative website with Music website template. Solo musicians and artists, bands, radio stations and nearly any other who is associated with the music industry, grow your fan base above and beyond with a page. A combination of a website and social media can bring you very far without the need to invest a lot into marketing.

Music’s full-screen banner with text support for your band name and other information impresses everyone who visits your page. The template is compatible with videos, has a clean portfolio section, sports parallax effect and comes with a working send-us-a-message form.

More info / Download Demo


musicality free music website template
If you are in the entertainment business, Musicality will certainly be the free music website template that you need to look into. It has a clean and modern design which will boost your online presence and help you grow your business. You can use Musicality template for artist, band, DJ, singer or other websites that have something to do with music. But general entertainment is something Musicality does not have a problem taking care of, too.

Musicality template is fully responsive, easy to customize and uses Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons. This free one-page website template is full of awesome features, large images and an integrated contact form and Google Maps. Share your albums, promote your band members and even promote your services if you are a studio. Musicality template also supports video embeds and opens them in a straightforward popup.

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symphony free music website template
Symphony is a free music website template which is flexible enough to meet plenty users’ needs. It covers a wide range of niche sites like radio station, music event organizer, night club, label and others. The options are close to endless, you just might need to perform a few tweaks and you are ready to rock. Speaking of tweaking the template, Symphony template will not cause any challenges during the customization process. Still, you can use it as is and have the needed music website up and about in little to no time.

The amazing website building tool has plenty original features, like hover effects, newsletter subscription box and an artists slideshow. Push your latest released albums and tunes and let others connect with you on social media. You will find a Twitter feed and other social media buttons in the footer.

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delite free music website template
Investigate Delite template’s live preview and you will immediately notice the modernistic look it has. Everyone who will visit your website will instantly be intrigued by its content which could be almost anything. Delite is the free HTML5 website template which comes ideal for bands, clubs, consultants and other music and audio related websites.

Delite is powered by Bootstrap 3 what gives it flexibility and makes customization simple as pie. There is no need for you to use it out of the box. Feel free to modify it per your likings and add your personal touch to it. Delite’s layout is responsive, has a sticky menu and even pricing tables for your services. A big banner above the fold, filterable portfolio and functional contact form, take it all to your benefit with Delite template.

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bass free music website template
Bass is the up-to-date free music website template for all your outstanding projects. It has a responsive layout what makes your websites smoothly and instantly adapt to any device. This calls for overall great user experience whether they browse from mobile, tablet or desktop. For small businesses in the music industry, as well as bands and artists, Bass takes care of your web presence and helps you appear as professional as possible. No need to wait anymore, now is the right time to build a website and expand your business and music internationally.

What you will find super cool about Bass template is the HTML5 media player it comes with. Create a playlist with the best songs and gain new fans or persuade folks to come to the upcoming event. Smooth scrolling, one-page layout, 100% modifiable and a user-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 code, Bass unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you.

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Sound Studio

sound studio free music website template
Do you own a sound studio? If you do and if it happens that you do not own a website yet, why waiting? With a proper Sound Studio template, which is also free of charge, you can put together a page shortly. The minimalistic, yet expert, approach, the template has with its web design, will have your business appear even more pro than it already is. Although you might be working locally only, having an online presence is a must in this day and age.

Sound Studio feels very premium although it is a free music website template. It has two home pages, one with slideshow and the other with a video background. On scroll animations, hover effects, pricing tables and a simple contact form will turn guests into clients with ease.

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method free music website template
Method is a modern and neat free musician website template that every band will greatly benefit from. Besides the to the point home page, Method also has five more sections to cover every part of your band. From the band introduction page and music pages to tour section, gallery and contact page with a form, Method has it all. If you need quite a basic website built for your band then Method template might be the best option for you.

The template is responsive and retina ready with dynamic content. Modify what is available, use particular sections as they are and add your custom pages per your need. With a fantastic website, your band can reach new fans from the other part of the world hassle-free. An entirely new world opens up for you once you go live online.

More info / Download Demo

Music Max

music max free music website template
Music Max is a free, responsive and flat Bootstrap template for your music websites of all types. Massive banner slider with text welcomes visitors to the world of your fabulous music. Of course, it will intrigue them and make them scroll to learn more about what your project is all about. And that could be a band, an event or even an orchestra, with Music Max, you will not have a problem bringing about the wanted page. Bright colors, big pictures and animations are all perfectly in order to take each visitor on an unforgettable music journey across your website.

Your websites that use Music Max free template will be responsive and compatible with all the modern browsers. If the layout is what you dig, there is no need to look further. Music Max template is here to turn you into an expert website forger even if you haven’t created one yet.

More info / Download Demo


mosaic free music website template
Mosaic template is always ready and set for you to put it to use and fabricate the eye- and ear-grabbing music website. The final product will be a real entertainer and since you are in the entertainment business, Mosaic and your project are a match made in heaven. The free music website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework what makes it flexible and adaptable. On top of that, you will enjoy modifying it to your likings since the procedure is effortless.

Although some will like Mosaic template out of the box, many will still play around with features and use it to its full potential. Left sidebar , audio player with playlist, App Store and Google Play call-to-action buttons, Mosaic is packed with features and ready for band sites and other music platforms.

More info / Download Demo


warbler free music website template
By choosing any of our free music website templates, you are just moments away from crafting the site you or your client demands. But free does not mean poor quality and inadequate user experience. While there might be design and performance lacking free templates out there, we made sure to hand collect only the most promising ones. Another fantastic tool that will treat you well is Warbler.

For music events, Warbler is a great template with all the essential elements and plenty more. Some of the features are wide slideshow, video popup, parallax images, news/events section and album promotion. Take things into your own hands, and short moments later, you will have a working website ready for the launch. Moreover, no one will even notice that you created your page for free. And to take things even further, send Warbler developers a donation and remove the link back to their page entirely.

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boombox free music website template
Make everyone aware of your tunes and band in general by creating a website with free music website template, Boombox. Keep everyone entertained at all times with your remarkable web presence that no one will be able to resist. It has a responsive and boxed one-page layout that follows all the latest web trends and technologies. Speaking of which, Boombox is based on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework for an endless amount of possibilities. You are looking at an adaptable and extensible template which is ready to promote your tunes and albums.

You do not need to have tons of prior experience with websites creation to use a contemporary product like Boombox is. Newbies and developers friendly item which keeps your level of professionalism intact. No matter how heavy you go on Boombox, the final web design will always be top-notch.

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Music Life

music life free music website template
Music Life is a responsive and high-resolution display ready free music website template. If Music is your Life then the template we will further investigate right now is the ideal for you. No matter what your role is, you can engineer a wide variety of websites with Music Life template. For bands, singers, albums, even event organizers and agencies, the template is powerful enough to meet your needs and requirements. Modern animations and effects, nifty design and a flat grid system are some of the features of Music Life. For your information, even if you do not find something out of the box, Music Life is customizable enough for you to get it done yourself. Seems fair enough, right?

Get things sorted and pick the template you fancy most and have your page up and running in a breeze.

More info / Download Demo

The Band

the band free music website template
The Band is a free PSD website template for those in the music industry. Use it to redesign your current website or as an inspiration to create one from the ground up. Well, you will not have to build entirely from scratch since quite some work is already done regarding the design. The Band uses warm colors and is very appealing to the eye. Hence the name, it is a bands-first template to push your music, upcoming gigs and other news that fans might be interested in reading. Let fans play your music straight from your site by implementing an audio player into the layout. Showcase tour dates in a vertical or horizontal timeline and link your website to your social media accounts.

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WordPress Free Music Website Templates

For a complete website creation coverage, we are adding extra WordPress free music website templates. There is no need to kick things off with premium products. You can first test the waters and only later upgrade to a payable version. To each their own.

MH MusicMag

mh musicmag free music website template
If heavy metal is something you are passionate about, MH MusicMag template will be the appropriate option for you. It has a dark layout with nice attention to detail that is best for online music magazines. Write about your favorite bands, publish the latest music and announce dates for the forthcoming gigs. Your content is always in the center of attention with MH MusicMag. With a regularly updated online magazine and a great web design, readers will love to come back for more. Of course, it needs to follow all the modern technologies and offer fantastic user experience to all, mobile, tablet and desktop users.

Download and install MH MusicMag and customize it how you like it. Unique widgets, banner advertising placements and loads of other great features make MH MusicMag a fantastic WordPress template.

More info / Download Demo


musicmacho free music website template
MusicMacho has a catchy design for pushing music events, bands, artists and any other creatives that are related to the industry. Develop a website quickly, customize it on the go and see results right away. MusicMacho is a Bootstrap Framework based free music website template what makes it mobile and cross-browser compatible. Moreover, even search engines, like Google and Bing, will love your website due to MusicMacho’s SEO optimization. In other words, experience high search engine rankings and see an increase in organic traffic.

Although working with MusicMacho will be unchallenging, product’s download page also has a link to step by step documentation and dummy data. No matter the barriers you might come across, you will swiftly find a solution to overcome them. Before you know it, a fully working website is ready to shake the music industry in style. Are you ready to proceed and sort out your online appearance?

More info / Download Demo

Seos Music

seos free music website template
Seos Music is a WordPress free music website template with a two-column responsive dark layout. It is clean and straightforward, ready to advertise, your music, band and any other audio project. Seos Music is optimized for search engines and compatible with browsers, as well as translation ready. Also, you can use the tool with all the most popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce for expanding your website to an online store. As far as customization goes, Seos Music allows you to modify header and background colors and background image.

To wow visitors, Seos Music does it with hover effects and on scroll animations. A back to top button is located in the footer, plus different widgets to add more information about your music and feature recent posts. If these types of layouts are your thing, by all means, download and install Seos Music now.

More info / Download Demo

Sungit Lite

sungit lite free music website template
Any type of music website and blog is not far away from realization anymore if you choose Sungit Lite WordPress free music website template. There is no need for you to work with the code to be able to modify the template and make it follow your requests. Sungit Lite is very newbie friendly with great features and lots of ready-to-use material. Some of the goodies you get are a customizable banner slider and mid section, social media options and custom CSS. Sungit Lite has three widgets in the footer and will not disappoint you if you would like to translate it to your native language.

Introduce music to your page, advertise tour dates and start writing a blog. If you are on a tour, why would you not want to document the journey by publishing blog posts? It is definitely something your fans might be interested in. Use it for extra promotion and to get personal with your loyal audience.

More info / Download Demo


deejay free music website template
It is a DJ with a twist, meet Deejay WordPress free musician website template. Needless to say, the tool was carefully designed and developed with DJs in mind but also suits other musicians, as well as event planners. You can use it for all sorts of intentions since it supports many plugins. To name a few, Deejay works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Events Manager.

In the footer, you will find three widgets, for recent posts, recent comments and testimonials. Bear in mind, Jetpack is needed for the testimonial widget. Create a website for your portfolio, publish content, sell merchandise and boost the upcoming event or gig.

More info / Download Demo


muso free music website template
Musicians and bands who are looking to build a website because you sure do need one, Muso is the free tool that will help you out. But Muso is not like a regular free music website template that you find in this collection. It is a strategic mixture of blog and exclusive features that music artists can take to their advantage.

To make the best first impression on everyone who visits your website, full-screen image with your logo or band name is what they will see upon your site’s load. Right below the immense banner, you can embed your music from Mixcloud or SoundCloud. If there is a need, you can also introduce a carousel which you can use to promote gig dates and other whatnots. Only then, the blog section begins and takes fans on a wild music ride.

More info / Download Demo


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