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20 Best Certificate Templates 2022

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

Many people will agree with this William Jame’s argument. However, few are aware of how to show their appreciation. At any stage of human life – from early childhood to a great age – people need to feel appreciated. Appreciation does make them feel valued in life and motivates self-improvement. For this reason, society has found a smart way to appreciate different people’s achievements in various spheres of life.

There are multiple certificates, diplomas, and other official documents which can be applied in schools, at universities, at work, and in other areas of life. With their help, people can get appreciation and recognition. These docs can help to prove a student’s level of achievements, personal skill level, different competence levels, etc.

So, what is the most affordable way to create a certificate for your business or non-profit purposes? Grab ready-made certificate templates designed by pros. There is a huge variety of premium templates with rich functionality. Most of them suit multiple business purposes as well as personal needs.

How certificates can help you?

For example, you’re a teacher at a primary school. You’re about to organize a sports competition for your pupils. How to award a winner? A diploma or certificate is the best choice since a child will be able to show this official do his parents and relatives. The awards encourage children to get innovative, creative, and ambitious.

If you’re a business owner, you have to encourage your employees as well. Adults acting like kids and they need appreciation and recognition as much as kids. Try to reward them for their excellent service, and soon you will notice a substantial improvement in their job. System of reward 100% works in any sphere of life.

In a nutshell, creating a certificate doesn’t require much effort and money. Using quality premium templates will simplify this process to the full. Experienced web designers have built a number of effective layouts featuring rich functionality, impressive graphics, and full responsivity. Take a closer look at these 28 certificate templates and see for yourself.

Classical and Simple Certificate Template

Classical and Simple Certificate Template

Use this standard template to create any certificate. The universal design of this template will suit any type of certification. It costs only $13. Do you want maybe to thank your employees for the quality work done or to issue special gift certificates for customers? This template will perfectly cope with the task! Made in the style of minimalism, it contains everything you need for quality design. The characteristics of the template are as follows:

  • editable in any vector program;
  • also works with Adobe Illustrator 8 and newest versions;
  • jpeg file and EPS file;
  • help file with more tips included;
  • finished version for printing;
  • two free fonts.
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Flexible Professional Completion Certificate Template

This professional competition certificate template is designed for businesses and companies in the field of training. It also suits state educational institutions, online schools, or creative institutions.

This multipurpose template also works for corporations where various competitions are often held. You can easily change the title of “Best Employee of the Month”, “The Smartest Manager of the Quarter”, etc. The design was created in 2 colors (blue and red) and with the landscape design. The templates are A4 format and US letter paper size with bleeds. You can easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop. If you have any questions in customization, there is a help file, and long-term support for you included.

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Simple Certificate Template

Beautiful Simple Certificate Template

This simple certificate of achievement is decorated in great colors. It has a hand-drawn design and suits many kinds of certifications. For example, you can use it as a certificate of excellence or recognition. It is also perfect for award-giving. The color scheme allows you to use it for various events and applications. The theme is designed in a minimalist style and has the necessary images or logos. To use it, double click to open it in Adobe Illustrator 8. The characteristics of the template are as follows:

  • Jpeg and EPS file formats;
  • free fonts for design;
  • universal design that is suitable for any event;
  • help file;
  • the ability to add and replace items in any vector program.
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Professional Appreciation Design Certificate Template

This professional and straightforward appreciation certificate template made in business style. A strict modern design creates a positive impression of the company. The primary colors of the template are blue and white. This template is multipurpose and also suits for certificates of achievement or excellence.

It is simple to customize and ready to print. You can easily add some logos or images if you need them. To edit the template, use Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or newer version. For $13, you will receive 2 Adobe Photoshop files and a help file. On the template, you can find two used fonts Lato and Bebas. The size of the template is A4 with Bleed 0.25 inches.

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Modern Award

Modern Award Certificate Template

Is it the high time at your work to approach holidays, praise, or the end of the internship, the probationary period of colleagues, and you need beautiful certificates urgently? Just download the template and adjust the data in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or another graphics editor.

This universal template suits for different purposes like Diploma, a certificate of appreciation, or a certificate of acknowledgment. All you need is to edit the title and some text. The whole procedure will not take 10 minutes. Moreover, this template has a high resolution and print-ready. The price of this award certificate is only $13.

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Sistec Appreciation Certificate Template

This modern and corporate appreciation certificate I want to hang on the wall and demonstrate to colleagues. All that is needed is to edit some text and numbers. This template you can edit in Photoshop, Word, or another graphic editor and your text will be indicated on the certificate. A black background with a pattern in the golden frame is looking very professional. This design will suit any corporate identity of the company or educational institution.

Words in gold highlight the warm colors of the photo and give flyer design integrity. Each element affects the effectiveness of this design as a whole. The size of the file is 8.5 × 11 inches, and it costs only $10.

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Elegnat and simple Certificate of achievement Certificate Template

This achievement certificate is another excellent example of a clean space. This template you can use as a universal one.

And since you have a neutral design in muted tones, then probably creating a certificate, you will want to add some images or your brand logo. There is plenty of space. For editing, use Adobe Photoshop or another vector program you like. It can make the design more attractive. This universal template costs $13.

The characteristics of the template are as follows:

  • easy to customize;
  • EPS and jpeg file formats;
  • help file included;
  • ready to print;
  • fully scalable.
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Certificate of achievement Certificate Template

Certificate of achievement Certificate Template

An excellent visual solution for those who develop online educational projects where, upon graduation, students receive certificates. This template of achievement is hand-drawn and has a vertical orientation. It can be edited in Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, or other vector programs. It is also possible to immediately enter the person’s name, which is essential for online learning. Another feature is the placement of the brand logo of the founder or online school. This certificate template has a minimal friendly design and costs $13. For this price, you will get a file in EPS and jpeg formats. This template is fully scalable and includes a help file.

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Modern Diploma, Achievement Certificate Template

Modern Diploma, Achievement Certificate Template

If you need a color-changeable diploma template, have a look at this new achievement certificate. It has three color versions: blue, gold, and black. The template has a minimal design with a geometric frame.

To prevent the design from seeming overloaded with details, translucent round shape with geometric patterns is on the background image. This muted background image allows you to select text blocks and make an accent on the name of the owner of a certificate. Above is the place for the logo.

The characteristics of the template are as follows:

  • 6 EPS files;
  • 6 AI files;
  • Print-ready;
  • Help guide tutorial is included;
  • Works with Adobe Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop;
  • A4 and US letter sizes;
  • CMYK color mode.
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Artistgraph Certificate Template

Artistgraph Certificate Template Artistgraphs is a classy printable certificate template, which is a real pleasure to look at. You can use it to mark the progress of your staff or students. For just $13, you get a top certificate design with sample text and attractive design elements. Artistgraph comes in a range of colors, so you will be able to pick the coloring that best matches your corporate identity. You can also choose either A4 or US Letter sheet size. To adjust the look of Artstgraph, you can use the common graphic editing tools that you like most, e.g. Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

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Corporate Certificate Template

Corporate Certificate Template Use this classy, elegant and fully editable certificate template to praise your staff for their recent achievements. This theme is attractive with modern cursive fonts and top notch design elements. You can pick one of the 3 pre-built color variants and 2 sizes: US Letter and A4. To edit this award certificate template, you can use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Word. Thanks to the theme’s layered structure, you can move, add or resize the theme blocks up to your liking. Last but not least, this theme incorporates only free fonts, which you can download from the Internet with no trouble.

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Company Certificate Template

Company Certificate Template This printable certificate template will be ideal for beauty industry companies as it uses pastel shades and fresh watercolor images of cherry blossoms. If you teach beauty industry related courses or seminars, you can use this theme to craft a good looking certificate. Give this certificate to your students upon course completion, and they will be happy to put it on display in their offices. Company Certificate Theme is well organized and skillfully layered for simple editing in Word, Photoshop or Illustrator. Last but not least, this editable certificate template is provided to you in the most common A4 format (landscape layout).

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Creative & Elegant Certificate Template

Creative & Elegant Certificate Template This is a fresh and nature inspired certificate design, which looks nice thanks to creative polygonal framing. The template used for many niches like wellness, beauty care, sports & fitness, etc. Creative & Elegant Theme comes in A4 paper size with bleed. There are 3 pre-made color variants of this theme available. You can also choose between the portrait and landscape layouts. Luckily, editing this certificate design template is not complex, with AI, PSD and DOCX versions of it at your disposal. So, use this quality theme without any doubts and don’t make your team wait for your praise!

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Appreciation Certificate Template

Appreciation Certificate Template This pastel certificate template looks modern and neat. It’s designed to express your appreciation for someone’s work. This theme has a classic landscape design, with sample text providing you with the content hints. To turn this theme into your certificate, you just have to replace dummy text with your one using either Photoshop or MS Word. If you wish, you can also quickly change the imagery, top logo and colors thanks to the theme’s well layered structure. Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about buying premium fonts with this template. All the fonts, skillfully used within this theme, are available free of charge on the web.

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Art Sign Certificate Template

Art Sign Certificate Template Use awesome Art Sign Design to praise the skills and diligence of your team. This theme is multipurpose, so it will be a good match for next to every business niche. With Art Sign, you can craft a trendy certificate that looks very presentable, at the same time featuring all the text that you need. Art Sign Theme is available in 5 most wanted color versions to help you match the certificates you create with your corporate identity. Moreover, the theme pack includes PSD, EPS and DOCX files with the template design. That’s why, you can edit this theme in the popular graphics editor of your choice (Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Word).

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Black & Gold Certificate Template

Black & Gold Certificate Template Who said that a certificate should have a white background with some simple text on it? Put your company or institution apart from the crowd by giving out the unique black and gold certificates. This theme not only boasts of a stylish color palette but also uses free blackletter fonts and unique design elements. With this award certificate template, you’ll be able to create luxurious and trendy certificates within minutes. The template comes in PSD format, which makes it Photoshop ready. Thanks to the organized layers, you’ll easily change the text and adjust the look of this theme.

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Sophisticated Modern Certificate Template

Sophisticated Modern Certificate Template With golden lettering on white and exquisite framing, this printable certificate template has a fit-it-all classic design. Thanks to its timeless look, this theme will be a good match for next to every business niche. All the text and design elements of this theme can be 100% adjusted or replaced in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can also choose between the portrait and landscape layout of your certificate – both designs are included in the theme pack. Finally, this certificate design template includes resizable vector elements, links to get the needed free fonts from the web, and all the guides you need to make this theme your own.

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Sistec Certificate Template

Sistec Certificate Template Do you want to show your team that you value their work? Then, you can create prime certificates with Sistec theme. This theme was coined by experts to let you praise your staff or students on completion of any course, degree, training or project. Using this pretty cheap theme, you can create a range of certificates for different purposes using Photoshop or MS Word. The template has a neat layered PSD file structure, which lets you adjust the look of every theme element when needed. Luckily, Sistec theme is 100% print ready with 300 DPI (dots per inch) resolution and 0.25-inch bleed.

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Royal Company Certificate Template

Royal Company Certificate Template Meet Royal Company template, using which you can create top-notch certificates for different purposes. The certificates you power with Royal Company will look classy and polished thanks to a well thought layout, unique badges, and other design elements. What’s more, Royal Company Theme is available in 5 color shades, meaning that you can choose the colors that best meet the identity of your company. This certificate design template includes 15 files in total: 5 EPS files, 5 MS Word files, 5 PSD files. On top of this, you get a “Help” file, which includes links to the free typography used for this theme.

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Press Certificate Template

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Appreciation does matter so much. This press certificate template will help any profit and non-profit organization to reward anybody for their job, achievements, service, etc. Featuring a minimalistic, clean, and universal design, the template will suit multiple needs. After easy and fast installation, you can effortless proceed to the customization process. You will wonder how many options you can edit and adjust to your personal needs or business standards. For example, the product includes limitless web fonts allowing you to pick the most suitable for your preferences. If you need, you can change a color palette of your certificate.

This press certificate template is available in three formats: EPS/ PSD/ MS Word. You won’t have difficulty printing it since the product is completely print-ready and suits A4 paper format. So, the core features of this template are:

  • 5 color variants: blue/ paste/ red/ green/ orange.
  • 3 file formats: EPS/ PSD/ MS Word.
  • Easy customization.
  • Affordability (the full pack of options just for $8).
  • Printable (excellent for A4 paper size).
  • responsive.

Certificate of Completion Certificate Template

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“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.” With this template of certificate of completion, you will be able to reward your employees or congratulate your attendees on graduating from your training, etc. The design of this digital product is cutting-edge and thought-out. Coming with 4 color pallets, the template can be easily adjusted to your personal needs. You can pick a certificate with a dark-blue or white background. Fonts and other typography elements on the dark ground will be available in three color schemes: yellow, green, and light blue.

Moreover, there are several formats supported – PDF, PSD, EPS. You are free to choose the most appropriate format. Designed by the team of MotoCMS pros, the Certificate of Completion features a completely affordable and responsive solution for creating an official document within an hour or less. Besides, using this premium template you can gain benefits:

  • competent support;
  • rich set of customization options;
  • modern, sleek, catchy design;
  • legible, eye-pleasing typography.

Michel Smith Creative Certificate Template

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If a human being is worthy of recognition, he should receive it in a favorable manner. This certificate template is intended to reward people for their achievements in a modern-looking and memorable way. The product is available in three different color schemes. Thus it’s easy as a pie to tweak any color you wish. Besides, the template comes with life-term support. If some problems crop up, you always can ask for qualified support to resolve it. Additionally, it’s jam-packed with an accurate help file that includes a number of useful answers to frequently asked questions.

Michel Smith template supports a print-ready format. That said, you can use this product for creating both a digital certificate and printed on the A4 paper (print size: 8.26×11.69 inches). The layout is easy to resize and adjust to customer’s needs. All typography elements meet the latest web design norms. There are two fonts used in the template design:

  • Bebas Neue
  • Montserrat

Depending on your personal preferences and business requirements, you can change, edit and adjust different setting options of the template.

Waves Certificate Template

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Certifications can signify appreciation of someone’s commitment to the job. Likewise, these can manifest how someone excels in the profession. With such facts, giving out seamless and professional certificates is essential. This Waves Certificate Template will never fail to provide the right aid in creating the best certificate.

This premium template features vibrant and beautiful colored waves with polygon pattern. With this useful resource, you get an elegant certificate design in 2 sizes – an A4 and US letter size with Bleed that is easy-to-use and print-ready (having 300 dpi). Furthermore, it offers 4 colors in each size offering 8 PSDs all in all that is fully editable and customizable for your needs. The typography plays a vital role in crafting a wonderful certificate, with this template you’re content will look excellent with the 3 different fonts it uses which includes Montserrat, Courgette – Regular and Windsong.

Colored Certificate Template

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Certificates don’t just exist for the formality of events such as giving away of certificates but they do build professional credibility too. With that in mind, this tool ought to look professional. Whether you use it for appreciation, completion, recognition and other similar purposes, certificates are to look grandeur. This Colored Certificate Template will eradicate the difficulty in crafting the most elegant certificate designs. Featuring colored halftime and mosaic design, your certificate will indeed look magnificent. Crafted to render seamless results, this certificate template uses letter size (8.5×11) inch with .125 Bleed. It is available in PSD which is fully editable and customizable to acquire your preferences. It’s in print-ready (300 dpi) so getting your certificate designs in no time is much possible. You may also change colors easily.

Fonts used:

  • Montserrat
  • Courgette – Regular

Corporate & Modern Word Multipurpose Certificate Template

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Hand out certificates with confidence as you acquire premium certificate templates that guarantee to yield remarkable results. These certificates serve as a token of hard work, diligence and perseverance of a person so it must be perfect for recognitions and appreciations. This Corporate & Modern Word Multipurpose Certificate Template never fails to impress awardees. With this tool, you can find both landscape and portrait orientations that use US paper size with Bleeds. It’s available in different file formats so you have ample options on how to edit your piece. You can have it in PSD, AI, EPS, DOCX, Pdf. You may also choose from the 3 color variations this premium template offers. The best part is that quick and easy graphics replacement is guaranteed. Thanks to the smart object layer added in the template. Other notable features include:

  • Well organized layers and groups
  • Professional and clean structures
  • Print-ready (3mm Bleed)
  • 300 dpi resolution, CMYK color mode

Award Design with Geometric Shapes Certificate Template

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No doubt, certifications demonstrate someone’s commitment to the job and both benefits the company and employee. As it boosts professional credibility, business firms can also use it for branding. No matter what firms are giving away certificates, it should be perfect and look professional. This Certificate Template could be the best resource you can acquire for your certificate projects. Featuring an award season with geometric shapes, this template can truly make an event unforgettable and interesting. It uses an A4 size (8.26×11.69) with Bleed area of 3mm. It’s in print-ready format (300 dpi resolution) that’s fully editable, customizable and resizable. Moreover, this template is available in Illustrator AI & EPS files.

Fonts Used:

  • Bebas Neue
  • Montserrat Great-vibes

Classic Appreciation Certificate Template

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The most inspirational thing in the world is when your work is appreciated. This certificate template with an elegant, modern design and classic options will allow your employees to feel appreciated at a very high level. It can be applied to many businesses and non-profit companies. You can use it as a certificate of achievement/ appreciation/ excellence/ recognition, etc. The layout has CMYK color mode and 300 dpi resolution.

In addition to the classic, multipurpose design, the template includes a help file and Photoshop CS2 file. It’s made in three main colors: beige, black, and brown. All the typography elements are well balanced to focus a viewer’s attention on the main subject of the document. Moreover, the template is printable since you won’t have difficulty getting a standard A4 format for a printed carrier. Thus, just for $13, you will get a professionally designed certificate template enhanced with many options.

Modern Certificate Template

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Are you looking for an effective, eye-pleasing, and modern way to reward your workers or students? This cutting-edge solution will help you do it effortlessly and uniquely. Featuring an elegant, professionally looking design, this template will suit multiple needs – personal, business, profit, and non-profit organizations.

The template is fully printable, easily editable and incredibly customizable. It contains 6 PSD Adobe Photoshop file, EPS Adobe Illustrator file, and one support file. Having bought this product just for $13, you will get a variety of options to adjust it to your preferences. For example, it will be easy to change a color scheme in a click. There are 4 color versions supported. Moreover, you can pick the most suitable mode for a certificate: portrait or landscape. In a nutshell, the certificate template boasts:

  • The clean, professionally built code.
  • Modern multipurpose design.
  • A set of editable features.
  • 4 color schemes.
  • 2 position modes.
  • An affordable price.

Graduation Certificate Template

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What can be more memorable and vibrant than a day of graduation when students start opening a new stage of life? Such a thrilling and promising day always keeps pace with a graduation certificate. For this reason, it has to look festive, grand, and eye-catching. This doc sticks in the memory for a long time. Fortunately, this certificate template meets these requirements and corresponds with the latest web design trends.

The certificate template comes in a rich variety of formats: fully-layered PSD, ready-for-print EPS, editable PDF, and AI format. You’re free to personalize this certificate and make it more appropriate to your business. There are many editable options allowing you to achieve a stunning unique look. That said the template provides with:

  • Vector elements;
  • JPG files;
  • Portrait and album mode;
  • Sleek, catchy design from MotoCMS pros;
  • An affordable price for a brilliantly packed product.

Vintage Elegant Certificate Template

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Sometimes it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd because any and all are made by a pattern. However, this irritating moment doesn’t concern this elegant certificate template crafted by Rongbaaz. Though it’s designed in a vintage style, the template looks fresh and eye-pleasing. Beautiful typography elements in combination with a shrewd choice of colors provide a strong effect and look appealing.

What’s inside the template? It comes with all the needed options to be customized and adjusted to the customer’s needs. With 4 color schemes, it’s possible to modify the overall look to make it look more personalized. You won’t have difficulty printing this layout since it is print-ready and perfectly suits A4 paper size with bleeds. Designed in two eye-pleasing fonts Allura and Cardo, the certificate template looks readable and visually perceptible. This vintage template comes stuffed with:

  • 4 EPS files
  • 4 AI files
  • User guide/Help file

You will need Adobe Illustrator 8+ software for working with the .ai format of this template.

Red&Gray Achievement Certificate Template

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There are tons of color palettes and hues but just some of them work. Sometimes it’s a way difficult to choose the right color combination that would be visually pleasing for users. Designing in accordance with color theory, the mix of red and grey is acceptable. For the reason, pay attention to the Red & Gray certificate template designed in the red-and-grey color palette. A certificate will certainly look elegant, thought-out, and eye-catching.

The template is multipurpose so you can use it for many business niches, education purposes, etc. It comes with PSD file for Photoshop CC, working Photoshop CS2 file, and help file. The main technical features of the product are:

  • A4 print-ready size.
  • 300 dpi resolution.
  • CMYK color mode.
  • 0.25in mode.

This one-page certificate template is easy to customize. That said, you will easily turn it to uniquely looking, fresh-faced, smartly organized certificate of achievement within hours.

Professional Completion Award Certificate Template

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Take a closer look at one more professionally designed certificate template dedicated to rewarding people for their achievement in any area of life. The template has multiple color modes allowing you to choose the most appropriate one for your business. So, the pack includes 19 files: 6 AI files, 6 EPS files, 6 editable PDF file, and 1 guide for users. If you want, you can change the font of the certificate for free. The link with all the web fonts available can be found in the help guide file.

The award certificate looks cutting-edge, remarkable, and well-packed. Using this product, creating a certificate won’t take a lot of time and effort. Within an hour or less you can create an outstanding official document to reward people for their achievement. The main features of the one-page template are:

  • Print-ready;
  • 300 DPI resolution;
  • A4 size;
  • CMYK color;
  • Limitless fonts.

Memphis Award Certificate Template

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Welcome to one of the most attractive, multi-functional, and technologically sophisticated certificate template from LetMeSee team. This product looks catchy yet functions impeccably. It has an extraordinary appearance combining different geometric figures and color hints. The main information about achievements is placed in the central circle to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject of the doc. Since the template is made in different color versions; an owner will be able to choose the most suitable one for his purpose. At any rate, a certificate based on this template will look stylish and attention-grabbing hanging on the wall.

As for the main template characteristics, you can take advantage of:

  • Free fonts included;
  • Scalable vector in .ai/ .eps mode;
  • Completely editable files;
  • 300 Dpi resolution;
  • Variety of color schemes;
  • Print-readability;
  • Fully layered files.

Whatever purposes for creating a reward certificate you have, this template will meet your requirements and suit your needs 100%.

Bottoms up

Don’t keep your students, or pupils, or workers, etc. waiting for approval or reward. This set of premium certificate patterns will serve an affordable and catchy platform for creating an impressively looking certificate. With the help of these templates, you will add a festive mood to the prize-giving ceremony. Thanks to the clean code, the process of customization are easy and fast. Besides, all templates cost about $10. The price is affordable for a premium, feature-rich digital product. So, these templates allow anyone to create a professionally looking certificate without much effort.

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