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Best Vpn Services
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14 Best VPN Services For Total Online Security 2020

To stay safe and secure in the online world, you should look into our collection of the best VPN services. These allow you to stay anonymous while browsing the web, downloading content, receiving files and even sending data. But a VPN aka a virtual private network can do so much more for you. You can access sites that are unavailable in your country and stay protected when using public WiFi.

Many do not even think about security anymore when spending time online. With the use of mobile devices, access to the internet became a necessity. Not to mention, it is almost too easy to get on the internet. You pick up the smartphone, choose the available WiFi connection and voila, you are already publishing your latest selfie or updating your story.

But these public places are also perfect for hackers to sneak into your device and steal anything they could benefit from. Or just to fool around with you.

This is when a VPN comes into play. Although a virtual private network is not 100% reliable, and this is what you should be aware of, it is still a whole lot safer to do stuff on the internet using one. While a VPN protects you to some extent, you should still need to use a good antivirus. Not to mention, you should carefully select what to download and what to stay away from.

A virtual private network is not the problem solver when it comes to downloading malware. If something seems shady to you, you better stay away from pressing the red button.

As the latest studies show, VPNs are on the rise. More and more people are using them and there is no reason why you should not, too. And even if you are a loyal iOS user. When using a VPN to use online platforms that are restricted from your country, notice one thing: they are heavily against virtual private network users. Those streams might not work as flawlessly as you thought they would.

In this article, we look into some of the best VPN services available on the market. Some are cheaper than the others and some even offer you to test it out for free.


ipvanish vpn service

What might be one of the biggest benefits, even advantages, of IPVanish, is the fact that they pride themselves by keeping zero logs. To be frank, most VPNs do not keep logs at all. There is no data store with them at all. This calls for the privacy of-a-kind which you all deserve. Especially when it comes to a VPN which is meant to keep your security safe when browsing and doing whatever else you are doing on the internet. All your personal information will, from now on, be safe entirely when using a free WiFi connection. No need to keep yourself worrying who can access your computer and steal your data. A top-notch virtual private network like IPVanish is here to make you anonymous in the cyberspace.

IPVanish has more than 40,000 ISPs on over 850 servers in 60 different countries. Once you use the service, your IP disappears and is replaced with a new one. What this means is that all your data is sent through an encrypted tunnel which keeps your online presence as safe as possible. It offers you unlimited server switching and up to 5 simultaneous connections on different devices. IPVanish is very easy to use and responsive what makes it a great use on mobile devices, too.

To test it out, IPVanish (sadly) comes with an only 7-day trial period. However, if you plan to use it a lot, a full week of usage might be more than enough to give you a better idea whether or not the service is for you. IPVanish will never kill peer-to-peer traffic and makes using torrents secret. When installing it, the process will be smooth and you will start using it sooner rather than later. Pick the desired settings and become no one on the world wide web. Access the geo-restricted sites, browse content from all around the world and make your random streams while at an airport or a local restaurant untrackable.

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nordvpn vpn service

No matter where you are, doing traveling stuff, on a business trip or taking a cup of coffee with your friends when connected to a WiFi, your data protection is of utmost importance. To pick one app which does all that and a bunch more, here is NordVPN. One of our best VPN services to keep you safe at all times.

It is packed with features and a ton of extra goodies what makes it one of the most preferred VPN out there. The double VPN adds an extra layer between you and the online space and encrypts the web traffic. Meaning, an even safer web experience for everyone using NordVPN.

As far as the privacy goes, you cannot go wrong with NordVPN. In just a few clicks, you can enter the world of web camouflaged. Speaking of camouflaged, mix a virtual private network with the incognito way of browsing and make no one know who you are. All of your data will be as safe as it can be and history deleted. When you put NordVPN to work, your real IP address changes with a virtual one through the service’s servers. NordVPN does not track logs and makes your online activities undercover with the DNS leaks technology.

With way over 1,000 servers in 61 different countries, you can have complete online freedom. NordVPN guarantees you sending and receiving files, browsing and streaming to be secure and private. Not only that, but the experience using a VPN will be super fast, too.

No matter the device and operating system, NordVPN is compatible with all of them. It is easy to use and comes equipped with a fantastic mobile solution. That said, you can have 6 devices connected with one NordVPN account at the same time. And to even further improve your VPN experience, NordVPN allows you to replace shared IP with a dedicated IP address.

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tunnelbear vpn service

Would you like to have a bear guarding you online and occasionally allowing you to pet it? If so, TunnelBear is here to make it all come true for you. With its jaws wide open, it scares all the treats and hackers aways and makes you feel the safest. But to get serious, TunnelBear is one of the best VPN services with all the necessary tools to keep you secure on the internet. Using a free WiFi might not be as safe as you may think it is. While some are doing it just for pure fun, the others are breaking into your devices and stealing content with a purpose. Steer clear of cyber attacks with help from TunnelBear.

It is not only the cuteness what makes you intrigued by TunnelBear, more or less, the features and functionality win. Combining great design with solid software is definitely something that should not be missing in the era we are living. TunnelBear is well aware of that. You can set it to be working at all times, making it re-connect on the restart. This way, you do not need to worry about pressing the ON button manually. Even if someone else uses your device, they can use it freely while remaining out of harm’s way.

To kick your shielded web browsing off, try TunnelBear for free. They give you 500MB of free data every month, but you can send them a tweet and they will raise it to 1GB for you. At any time, you can upgrade to Giant or Grizzly plan and stay safe without the need to worry about exceeding the free limit. Strong AES 256-bit encryption, multiple devices, a global network of servers and no data storing are a few of the TunnelBear features. In case you do not know which geo server to choose, use auto tunnel option and it will pick the closest one for you.

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expressvpn vpn service

To boost the speed of a virtual private network to its max, ExpressVPN underwent countless hours of work and optimization. After they managed to get all things in order, they released a superb tool which keeps your privacy safe and sound. What adds up to its awesome features and extreme speed is the 30-day money back guarantee. You can use ExpressVPN for a whole month and get the most out of it before you go all in. ExpressVPN supports all operating systems and comes with extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Of course, you can use it on smartphones, tablets and desktops without restrictions.

The set up itself is really easy and newbie-friendly. After the sign up, it is only a matter of the installation process and you are ready to browse the web personal-IP-free. It is just as easy as it sounds. No need to show the world your IP address, can you imagine?

ExpressVPN’s servers are located in 94 countries, in 145 cities around the world. America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, they are all sorted with ExpressVPN. Unlimited bandwidth, speed and server switches along with 99.9% uptime is all what you get with the VPN. It also supports L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP protocols, has a powerful encryption and the no activity and connection logs keeps you safe from company sharing your surfing data. They will not because they cannot.

ExpressVPN is not only express with their virtual private network but with their support, too. Via chat or email, you get prompt replies with guides and assistance in case you need any extra information. For your information, if you pick the annual plan, you get three months for free what makes it 15 months of ExpressVPN altogether.

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ivacy vpn service
If you are looking to hide and protect your presence online, you better consider Ivacy. You never know what’s out there, so better be safe than sorry. Ivacy is simple to use VPN service that does the trick for a tiny fee. Speaking of fee, actually, there are different plans you can go with, but you can kick things off with a $0.99 7-day trial and go from there.

There is a ton of stuff you can achieve with Ivacy, besides internet protection. For instance, if you are unable to access particular content due to your GEO location, you can simply use the VPN, locate yourself anywhere you want, and enjoy the goodies that were just seconds before unable to you.

Moreover, with Ivacy, you can protect up to five devices at the same time, indeed, using only one account. Some other features include 256-bit encryption, P2P support, malware protection, over one thousand servers and more than one hundred locations around the globe. Never feel worried again with Ivacy and enjoy the world wide web comfortably.

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The freedom of browsing the web without getting attacked in any way, shape or form is yours with This VPN service is for everyone, whether you are browsing news sites, shopping online or even playing games, whatever the case, takes care of it. To make things even more exciting, you can get things moving in the right direction without the need to spend a dime. As for the free plan, it supports 10 GB of data traffic per month, five locations and one device. If you would just like to test the waters,’s free package will surely do the trick. In fact, if it suits your needs, you can use it forever.

Moreover, there are also additional premium plans, which unlock tons more features and options to protect your virtual presence entirely. comes with 1800 servers globally, IP leak protection, no logs, split tunneling and AES-256 encryption, to name a few. The service works fantastically well for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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protonvpn vpn service
While Switzerland is famous for all sorts of super-fine products and food delicacies, they also know how to take care of your online protection. ProtonVPN is a VPN service that works will all the latest devices and platforms butter smoothly. Your security will be on point at any given time you access the internet, whether it’s social media at an airport, or viewing GEO-restricted content. No one will know who you are, and you are able to access just about any website and online platform that you fancy. You have your online presence under total control with ProtonVPN.

Of course, ProtonVPN does not save or collect any user data and information, making sure your protection is of the highest degree at all times. A few other highlights of this remarkable tool are support for up to ten devices, unlimited bandwidth, lightning-fast operation, DNS leak prevention and multi-platform compatibility. ProtonVPN offers three different pricing for you to find the ideal one hassle-free.

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Hide My Ass

hide my ass vpn service

Since we are spending more and more time on the web, our privacy is getting more and more crucial. A reliable product which remains your online surfing secure is Hide My Ass. The name might be silly but it sure does not fool around when it comes to web security. It is as serious as it can get, making browsing with a VPN flawless. It is one which is a bit on the expensive side but the yearly option is quite competitive.

The design is modern and the use of HMA! is smooth on all devices. What might be one of the biggest advantages of Hide My Ass is the fact how easy it is to work with. Not to mention, it has servers located almost everywhere. Even if a service/site you try to access is open locally only, with Hide My Ass, you will probably get a chance to reach it easily.

Download, choose a location and you are ready to surf like a normal surfer. Just that the IP you are using is not really yours and no one can reach your device to cause any harm. You can use Hide My Ass with any device, even online TVs and game consoles. What might be a downside of HMA is the use with only two devices simultaneously. But if you are an individual who is more likely to use only one device for browsing, you are good to go.

If you are a business, Hide My Ass also has a special VPN plan for you. Three different plans cover 5, 10 and 20 devices and keep your whole firm secure.
Whether you are a mundane surfer, a professional individual or an agency, with Hide My Ass, you can have your online security organized.

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vyprvpn vpn service

The easiest way to protect your online appearance when using public internet connection is by using a virtual private network. To ensure yourself complete web privacy, pick VyprVPN. This VPN might have one of the biggest pool of IP addresses spread across more than 70 countries worldwide. With a whopping 200,000 and counting IPs, connections are available at all times. Virtually, you can be anywhere in the world at any given time of the day. Plus, the safety of each surf, downloaded file or any other web act will be of the highest standards. It has a nice selection of features which will keep you safe and other golden goodies what makes it score a spot on our best VPN services list.

VyprVPN is simple to use and quick to set up. It comes compatible with pretty much any device and software what adds to the overall user experience. There are no third parties involved, the company owns it all, from hardware to software and network. Your protection is all under their wing, safe as a mother’s lap.
For encryption, VyprVPN uses a whole range of protocols including their very own one, Chameleon. It is especially helpful when it comes to those living in or traveling to countries such as China, India, Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey.

There are two plans, the basic and the premium one of which both come with a 3-day free trial. That is quite a short space of time. Besides, VyprVPN does not offer a money back guarantee. That said, make sure you test it thoroughly before you jump in with both feet. Also, the basic package allows 3 simultaneous connection while premium 5. Get busy, connect the VPN and let see the magic happen. What was once unreachable is now at the tip of your fingers.

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Private Internet Access

private internet access vpn service

With any of the best VPN services you find on this list, you can stop censorship with ease. The same goes for Private Internet Access. What we must point out and put an extra shine on is the price. While their monthly deal goes for $6.95, their annual plan goes for only $39.95. One of the cheapest options which is at the same time loaded with awesome features. And the money back guarantee is set to 7 days. A week full of heavy use of Private Internet Access will give you a better understanding what PIA is all about. After the 7 day refund period will pass, you will almost certainly jump straight to the yearly package. No need to wonder whether or not you will dig the service. You simply will.

With thousands of servers in 25 countries (more countries added in the future), Private Internet Access is quite a serious deal. Not only that, you can, in unison, use 5 devices and even block ads with it. Additional features are P2P support, no traffic logs and multiple VPN gateways. SOCKS5 proxy is included. From pure basics to advanced stuff, Private Internet Access sports it all. And then some.

Start surfing the web, streaming videos and shopping with a different IP from a different location. This way, your privacy stays protected and no one can use your personal information for advertising or any other purposes. Private Internet Access has plenty online documentation in text and even video format. You can get the gist of it before you even start using it. For any additional information, you can always contact their dedicated support and they will be happy to help.

If you are concerned about your online privacy and security, you should not be anymore.

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purevpn vpn service

Whoever out there is more or less only about the highest speeds when using a VPN, you should all consider PureVPN. Of course, other features are also very handy what makes it one of the best VPN services. From a very competitive price, easy scaling and great support, PureVPN is the purest of them all. Thinking about lacking online speed is false with PureVPN. But if you need more proof, the best option would be to sign up with the company and test it yourself. After all, they treat you with a 7-day refund policy. Might not be the longest but on the other hand, it is enough to feel the power of this outstanding service.

Something what might be a drawback for some is the fact that PureVPN logs your connection info. However, they clearly explain why they do it on their website. Also, ad blocking is available only with Chrome browser. Other than that, PureVPN will have your online connection rocking while at the same time safe and secure.

As far as connection goes, there are over 750 serves spread in 141 countries. It is safe to say that PureVPN links you with your desired web location in an instant no matter where in the world you are living or traveling to. With one account, you can use the service on 5 different devices and have access to all the servers. Every user can switch from one server to the other unlimited times and always be a “new” persona.

The Internet Kill Switch of PureVPN never exposes you IP and their self-managed network keeps all the data private. They are using 256-bit data encryption which supports a range of protocols. OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and IKEv2 to name a few.
For as long as PureVPN is on, there is a shield around you which keeps you safe on the world wide web.

More info / Download

VPN Unlimited

vpn unlimited service

It is too early to say it out loud – you do need to test it yourself first – but VPN Unlimited is probably one of the best (if not the best) VPN services from this collection. It has it all what the cheap VPNs have, as well as stuff that the premium ones sport. It is safe to say that if you still do not know which to go with, VPN Unlimited is the one to go with. You have it all to achieve the highest levels of security for a cheap price. The Professional plan sells for only $49.99 on an annual basis and the Infinity for $149.99 and you can have it forever. While there are even cheaper out there, VPN Unlimited is a rare find due to its features. You will be impressed. By the way, a 7-day money back is guaranteed.

KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited is exceptionally fast for ensuring flawless web surfing. It gives you complete freedom with using it on up to 5 devices at once and comes compatible with any operating platform. They have many servers located all around the globe for cutting edge performance which also allows access to the geo-restricted shows, videos, music, articles and other whatnots. VPN Unlimited is no stranger to P2P and BitTorrent and has a browser extension ready. Why yes, of course, ad blocker is included.

For the most demanding users, VPN Unlimited breaks the barriers not only with a personal IP address but with a personal VPN server, too. You can even upgrade your VPN account with adding extra devices. Hence the name, the possibilities are almost unlimited with KeepSolid’s amazing virtual private network. Look no further if you are in need of an all-in-one solution. Here it is, ready to take over your online safety.

More info / Download

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn service

Personal security is getting more and more important when entering the online space from a convenience of a coffee shop or hotel room. Public WiFi might be free, however, it is far from being 100% safe. Needless to say, many accessing it are starting taking action, picking a VPN. While there are a ton available on the market, our collection of the best VPN services will make your life a whole lot easier. With a selected few, we cover everyone’s needs to meet the desired internet protection they are after.

One of the tools which does you good is CyberGhost VPN. Since it does not keep logs, no one can track you and use your surfing data for, let’s say, marketing intends. It all vanishes into the unknown when using CyberGhost VPN. All your actions are encrypted with a 256-bit technology. Let it be shopping, banking, sending text messages or simply looking around, jumping from page to page, it is all out of danger.

With over 1,000 of servers in more than 30 of the most popular countries, you can enter sites which were once restricted to your geographical location. You can instantly change your online identity and start streaming your favorite show available only to the country on the other side of the globe.

Block ads, keep safe all your devices and block evil-intentioned content on the spot. CyberGhost VPN also blocks any type of tracking and retargeting a website has on their site. You know, those ads which continuously appear and follow you around the web.

High-speed tool, automatic kill switch, 30-day money back and DNS and IP leak protection are some of the additional features of CyberGhost VPN.
By far their cheapest option is the 2-year plan where you pay less than $3 per month. Always be careful.

More info / Download

encrypt-me vpn service is not amongst one of the biggest VPN service providers but it is one of the best. Its features and extensibility have met our ranking factors perfectly. If you are looking for a Europen-based firm, might just be the one for you. They have servers in over 40 countries and are adding new ones on a regular basis. also accepts suggestions regarding locations.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, speed and server changes. 5 simultaneous connections are available from any location around the world. No need to wonder anymore if you are fully secured when spending time online. Choose and you are good to go.

Getting the tool working for you is almost too easy to be true. Without a hitch, you will set it up and start using it in no time. However, at any time you come across any issue, offers a first-class customer support. With their help and the incredible product, you will not have a problem browsing, sending and receiving data with no name to it. Your IP and location will mysteriously change and they will not log your online actions.

Take the benefit of the 30-day money back trial run and be amazed,

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