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best vpn gaming
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15 Best VPN For Gaming For Guaranteed Safety 2022

Whoever entertains himself by playing online games, our list of best VPN for gaming services is worth looking into. But it is not only because it keeps your online presence anonymous. A solid VPN takes care of other things, too.

First, a gaming VPN may solve the issue if your favorite game just got blocked in your country. By picking a server location where the game is available, you can be back in the business sooner rather than later with the virtual private network of choice.

Second, you can purchase and play games that aren’t yet released in your country. Be the very first who gets a chance to play the latest gem and make others jealous. Be aware, this might go against the terms so if someone knocks on your door, do not say that you have not been warned.

Third, it unlocks access to location-limited multiplayer and even helps improve ping in some of cases. With a powerful virtual private network for gaming, you can reach every location globally.

Fourth, last but not least, your security. VPN is an extra layer of protection that keeps your data behind a virtual shield. Salute VPN’s encrypted connection, allows you to stay hidden. Roughly speaking, no one truly knows who you are while you keep defense and maintain a web presence.

Remember that even the best VPN for gaming can impact your internet connection. It can throw it off balance and cause a lack of performance. And that is a big NO for any gamer out there. Imagine you are just in the middle of an important mission and the VPN stops working (even for a millisecond!). It can happen. Yet again, using a VPN for gaming can be hugely beneficial.

For whatever reason you plan to use any from our collection of the best VPN for gaming services, you can be sure that you are treated right. Now let’s get a clearer picture of those and give one a test run.


vyprvpn vpn gaming

When you are online, playing and having fun, you need zero distractions while having complete protection at the same time. And that especially goes for stuff like speed. No one wants to be lacking it. When you are using a VPN, in some of cases, it does slow down the overall performance of your computer. If you want to avoid it, then VyprVPN is one of the best VPNs for gaming. No need to wonder why we put it at the top of our collection. It will do the trick for you and keep your online gaming uninterrupted. Just how you like it.

VyprVPN comes with two packages, the basic and the premium. The former covers all your basic needs and up to 3 clients using the service simultaneously. Premium is the advanced plan that supports 5 devices and includes a VyprVPN cloud and Chameleon Protocol. Chameleon fights against VPN blocking. Both programs, you can test out for straight three days. It is not much, but it will better understand if VyprVPN is the right option for you. You can test it at different times of the day to see its performance and be amazed by the speed.

With servers in more than 60 countries, you can freely play any game and join communities. You need not wait until a fresh title gets released in your country. Turn on a VPN, pick the desired location and see the magic happen. A solid virtual private network for gaming will take care of changing your area and allow you to enjoy new releases first.

What might be the biggest drawback of VyprVPN is that they keep logs for 30 days. Meanwhile, some VPN services do not keep logs, making it even safer. If that is something that bothers you not, by all means, you do not have to keep on scrolling further to find the ideal one. VyprVPN is the tool that will do you and your gaming good. The king of speed.

More info / Download


tunnelbear vpn service

When a group of bears joined forces to develop a privacy app, TunnelBear was born. Their main aim was to make the product as simple as possible and they succeed at it. Not only that, but the whole experience using the product is adorable, too. Bears everywhere make sure your online security is of the highest standards. You can also browse the web like you are in a different state. When playing video games, you need security and the ability to instantly change location. TunnelBear does all that for you.

There are three bears you should meet first. Little, Giant and Grizzly. For a free VPN experience, Little gives you up to 500 MB of monthly data. The only thing you need to do is to create an account. Moreover, Giant is a monthly deal and Grizzly a yearly plan, which is also the best seller. TunnelBear is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and has browser extensions for Chrome and Opera. As an extra, TunnelBear also offers an ad blocker for Chrome. Combine Blocker with the VPN and you have even more privacy when online.

TunnelBear’s network of countries covers more than 20 locations globally and keeps on expanding. More opportunities are yet to come. They guarantee they will never log any of your web surfing data when using their service. Do we hear extra privacy? If you enjoyed browsing the web and playing games with TunnelBear, you will bring your experience to a new level. Once you see how simple it is to be anonymous, you will never stop using a VPN.

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VPN Unlimited

vpn unlimited service

VPN Unlimited is the ideal option for everyone looking for a cheap solution when it comes to online security. This is one of the best VPN for gaming providers regarding pricing. And they even offer you a lifetime option that is the cheapest depending on your age. But even the monthly deal comes at a low and very affordable cost. However, we did not put VPN Unlimited on the list because it is cheap. There are many other reasons that we will look into right now.

First, VPN Unlimited is compatible with all the most notable platforms and devices. You can even use it with Apple TV. Besides, it has extensions ready for Chrome and Firefox.

Second, KeepSolid’s fantastic virtual private network offers a static IP and a personal server to boost your online protection even more. Check for special offers.

Third, you can use VPN Unlimited on not only 1 device but 5 simultaneously. It supports desktops, smartphones and tablets. You can even set it up on your WiFi router.

Last but not least, a vast amount of documentation is available online. Use it as a guide on setting a VPN on your device or for more information about the service. If you do not find your answer, you can always contact support and they will get back to you ASAP.

When budget is the biggest decision making factor, VPN Unlimited is the ultimate solution for your gaming needs. Take their 7-day money back guarantee to your advantage and put it on a test. See how well it performs when playing your favorite games and base your final decision on that. A week might be just enough time for you to pick or move on to another virtual private network from our collection.

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Private Tunnel

private tunnel vpn gaming

Private Tunnel keeps you private while playing video games and helps you virtually move around the world from the comfort of your sofa. You can access the web from an entirely different location in the world in just a few clicks. Thanks to the power of a virtual private network, you are no longer situated and limited to one spot. Is there a new release available but geo-restricted? Until then, you were probably eagerly waiting for the title to reach your country. Well, with Private Tunnel, the wait is no more. Let the service change your location and IP address and start playing the game early. How awesome does that sound?

Private Tunnel is a convenient VPN that comes with a 7-day trial. What you will probably get intrigued by the most is the yearly cost. Every month, Private Tunnel costs $6 while on a yearly only $35. They are pushing their annual subscription, making you pick them over the competition. It is one of the cheapest options out there and you can put through a week-long challenge for free. And do not forget to test it on three devices in unison.

Concerning devices, Private Tunnel supports them all, including all the popular platforms. You can freely use it with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Whether you are a gamer on the go, you like playing video games on your PC or both, Private Tunnel keeps your data secure. Even commuting to work or school, you can instantly change location and keep the entertainment going from an entirely different country.

To grab a VPN service at a bargain, Private Tunnel will probably win you over right off the bat.

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expressvpn vpn service

When you need an instant and efficient solution for gaming, ExpressVPN comes very handy. It is easy to set up and even simpler to use and manage your online connection. The simplicity of the service allows everyone to browse and play games anonymously. There is no need to lack online protection anymore. Ramp it up with a virtual private network even if you already use an antivirus.

ExpressVPN has servers located in more than 94 countries worldwide and keeps adding new ones. In brief, you can access nearly any content that happens to be unavailable in your area. Simply connect the VPN and set it to the desired location; all the rest will happen automatically. The software is compatible with different platforms and devices and loads you with unlimited bandwidth, speed and server switches. You can also use ExpressVPN with Linksys routers and install an extension to Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Setup tutorials are available online to successfully use the VPN and benefit from it. You can hit up the support team via the contact form, chat, or send them an email for all extra info. It all comes down to how quickly you need a reply.

All three plans ExpressVPN has ready for you come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Test the waters first and then jump straight to the annual deal. Why? When choosing the 12 months deal, you get additional 3 months for free. Meaning, for the price of 12 months you get 15. Select the plan and keep your data secure from hackers and malware.
Whatever you do online is not secure anymore. With a powerful virtual private network, your gaming experience will not harm your data and information. Jump on board.

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ivacy vpn service

Never worry about playing games online once you have Ivacy turned on. This gaming VPN takes care of all and everything for your convenience. Let the machines do the work for you, while you enjoy competing with other gamers, regardless of the location. If you are accessing GEO-protected content, you can now get it with simple virtual teleportation to the location that unlocks the material.

Ivacy works with all well-liked mobile and desktop devices, platforms, and web browsers. No more slow speeds, no logs policy, 256-bit encryption, unlimited serves, P2P support, you name it, Ivacy covers it for you to enjoy the online freedom you deserve. While only one Ivacy package is available, the different payment options offer you rewarding discounts. Last but not least, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available to every Ivacy user.

More info / Download vpn service

As the name implies, you can now hide on the internet, even when enjoying playing your favorite video game with This remarkable VPN service does not need an introduction, as the name says it all. Still, it is worth mentioning at least a few highlights that will surely impress you. First and foremost, the pricing starts for free, so you can test it out immediately. This will give you a little better understanding of the amazingness of first-hand. But you can later upgrade at any time you want. For your information, offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

It rocks 1800 global servers across 72 locations, IP leak protection, split tunneling, no logs and support for different devices and platforms. You will also enjoy the simplicity of, which makes it perfect for first-time VPN users and experts.

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protonvpn vpn service

ProtonVPN is a powerful and practical Swiss-made VPN service you can utilize for every intention. And if this means for gaming, then ProtonVPN will do the trick without a doubt. With complete security and no logs policy, you are safer than ever online when you have ProtonVPN turned on. Your freedom is of utmost importance for ProtonVPN and the people behind the software. Your internet connection is 100% encrypted, allowing you to play games without anyone knowing where you come from. Not just that, but you can also access all the latest releases, which might be GEO-protected.

30-day money-back guarantee, no logs, high-speed connection, DNS leak prevention and multi-platform support are some of the features that ProtonVPN treats you to. ProtonVPN also comes with Kill Switch And Always-on functions, which are highly practical for when you lose your connection. With the available three different packages, ProtonVPN covers users of all levels. Let the fun begin.

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nordvpn vpn service

NordVPN is a special VPN for gaming for one thing particular. They do not take care of your protection once, but twice. With their double data encryption, they take care of your security very seriously. The first server changes your real IP so the second one does not even know what your real IP is. We could say that the first server tricks the second one which then tricks the online world. An approach to a virtual private network like this makes it impossible to detect your IP address. The only downside of the double VPN might be a slight decrease in speed. That said, if you are not too picky about NordVPN is a great choice to step up your web presence’s safety.

NordVPN has a very strict policy regarding logs – they do not collect any data. Additional protection comes with the automatic Kill Switch. If NordVPN’s connection drops, it instantly blocks your device from your internet connection. No sudden exposure of your online activity and IP address. Kill Switch ensures all online traffic goes through a virtual private network.

Ensure yourself complete freedom with NordVPN. Access every website easily and securely. Even the content (read games) previously offered only moderate use.

1269 (and counting) servers are available in 61 countries for the best browsing and gaming experience. Not to mention, P2P network sharing files will work smoothly and securely. NordVPN has the SmartPlay feature implemented in their plans for the finest streaming experience.

NordVPN offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android to meet even more users’ needs for your safety on the go. On top of that, you can use the VPN tool on a whopping 6 devices simultaneously. Rarely any VPN offers that many devices with one single account. As an extra touch to the already fantastic product, luxuriate yourself with a dedicated IP address for even better connection and quicker VPN.

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Hide My Ass

hide my ass vpn service

If picking the name of the service as the only ranking factor, Hide My Ass would be on the top of the collection of our best VPN for gaming services. It goes straight to the point. But there is more we look into when choosing the ideal virtual private network for gamers. By the way, there is another feature that HMA! excels at. It has servers in over 190 countries, more than any other from the list. You can connect to virtually any country and access the content easily. Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are covered.

Using Hide My Ass is as simple as pie. You sign up, pick the desired plan, download the software, and are ready to march into the unknown. No really. You know exactly where your location will be, it’s just that others will be unable to detect you. Depending on the plan you pick, Hide My Ass can be a bit pricey. But they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you enough time to test the service.

Unfortunately, HMA supports only two devices to use the product simultaneously. While this might be more than enough for an average user, for those heavily involved in using multiple devices and sharing their account does not meet the requirements. At any time, you can boost to one of their business plans but that will require a bigger budget. You can pick 5, 10 or even 20 devices if needed. Besides, if you need a customized option, feel free to hit up the support and develop the perfect solution for your vivid gaming needs.

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strongvpn vpn gaming

Many companies, firms and content providers block their sites from specific countries for whatever reason they have. If you live in one of those countries and want to access the material but do not know how a VPN is your answer. Even when it comes to gaming, a virtual private network comes very helpful. You will get to play all the new titles and even those blocked in your country. For a safe solution, here is StrongVPN one of our best VPN for gaming providers. Their military-grade protection offers every user complete protection when connected to a private internet. Not only are you secure from attacks, you also unlock a whole new world of possibilities for yourself.

StrongVPN gets your gaming needs sorted with three packages. They have one-month, three-month and twelve-month deals ready and you can expect which one is the cheapest. Each plan gives your money back after 7 days if you are not happy with the product. VPN has servers in 44 cities in 24 countries and supports PPTP, SSTP, IPSec, etc. protocols. It never collects logs and comes with up to 2048 encryption.

What needs to be pointed out is the free StrongDNS which is included with every package. For those who are after speed and not so much about security, this feature comes especially helpful. Combining VPN with DNS speeds up the experience while at the same time allows you access to the restricted area.

Say no to online crime, protect yourself and enjoy playing whichever game you fancy with StrongVPN. Your friends will continuously question themselves how you can play the game and they are unable. You know where to direct them to find the best virtual private network.

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ipvanish vpn service

When picking a VPN, the tool must be practical and powerful, yet at the same time, the design is modern. While some care more about certain aspects than others, IPVanish satisfies you all. You can even be an advanced user and IPVanish will still make you vanish online. It is loaded with features and a wide range of possibilities. It all begins with the package you choose. Like with StrongVPN, IPVanish has a similar approach to virtual private network plans. In other words, 1 month, 3 months and 12 months deals are at your service to meet your budget.

From devices to platforms, IPVanish is compatible with them all. Let it be a Windows computer or a Mac, iOS or an Android device, you can use IPVanish on all of them. It does not lack routers support either. At the same time, up to 5 different devices can use one account, each sporting the same performance and characteristics. No name torrenting, unlimited P2P traffic and endless server switching, it is all possible with IPVanish.

Worldwide, IPVanish has over 40,000 shared IPs in more than 60 countries with 850+ servers. When connected to a free WiFi, your web presence will be anonymous and your gaming utterly secure. Getting your hands on the latest and greatest title will always be at the tip of your fingers with IPVanish. Changing your location is a breeze. There is no need to wait for your country’s official release. Instead, use the ideal virtual private network and enjoy playing before everyone else.

Help friends get access to titles and enjoy the multiplayer option together. Feel free to share our best VPN for gaming services collection. Nothing will stop you or harm you when IPVanish is on and you go undercover.

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purevpn vpn service

Compatible with many gaming consoles, PureVPN is a fantastic VPN for gaming. It follows three simple rules: security, anonymity and speed. Combine all three and you get a top-notch virtual private network. Security protects your data and identity, anonymity allows browsing under a different IP and speed boosts gaming experience beyond expectations. These are only the basics of PureVPN. You get plenty more in the form of a wide range of features and flexibility of the software.

PureVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption codes all online activities and sends them through a special tunnel, protected from threats. Even ads will not display and other irritating content when PureVPN takes action. Along with the whole VPN deal, one-click antivirus protection further improves your online presence. No virus can reach you while still keeping speedy browsing, streaming and gaming.

Internet Kill Switch ensures you are always protected even when PureVPN disconnects. It automatically aborts your internet connection and only reconnects when VPN is back on. Additionally, DNS Leak does not reveal your IP no matter what. It certifies unbroken protection which is highly needed when playing games on public WiFi. You can even block certain apps and services with PureVPN and control which can access the internet and which cannot.

As far as pricing goes, PureVPN is one of the cheapest options. However, the only thing is, you need to pick a 2 year deal. Monthly and 1/2 yearly deals are industry standards. You do not choose straight away. First, you can test its performance and features for a one straight week before fully diving in. 7-day money back guarantee before you take the plunge.

More info / Download

Private Internet Access

private internet access vpn service

Those who are strictly using a virtual private network for its functionality, the overall design might not matter much. These people are more or less only about reaching the highest performance levels while keeping the online presence unidentified. But aren’t we all about that? Sure, a cool and modern look is fine but what good a tool does you if it only excels design-wise? Private Internet Access does a fantastic job protecting your web surfing data. It is one of those VPNs which takes great care of your privacy and security while the user interface stays pretty raw. Almost old-school looking if you will.

Private Internet Access has well over 2,000 servers in 25 countries and keeps growing. It supports P2P, works simultaneously with 5 different devices and automatically blocks ads. Due to its rawness, PIA is very easy to use and you will set it up on your device in close to no time. Speaking of devices, it comes ready for iOS and Android gadgets and for all major platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. A ton of online text and video documentation is very practical if you run into any issues. Or it would be best if you had guidance with your set up. Still, you can always contact support staff for further assistance.

For a super cheap yearly deal, you can use all the features of Private Internet Access and keep your online gaming activities secure for as long as you stay online. And if something breaks and VPN stops working, Kill Switch automatically disconnects you. If you do not care about the design then Private Internet Access is your go to VPN for gaming. Meanwhile, if you like contemporary design we have many VPNs in this collection which will meet your needs.

More info / Download

Goose VPN

goose vpn gaming

Goose VPN is a fairly new virtual private network service that offers you a 30-day free trial. When a new service hits the market, the best option to grab attention is offering free the first month. After all, if the owner is 100% sure of his product, he will not have a problem convincing customers to continue work with them. During the trial period, you get a chance to test the platform and the VPN performance thoroughly. With someone new, you might be doubtful in the first place so having a free test round is very convenient.

People behind Goose VPN put a lot of work into the product’s design, making it look very modern. The installation process is quick and will take you only about a minute or so. From then on, you can change location and see how well it executes for your gaming needs. Being one of the freshest VPNs in the industry, they still might improve a thing or two, but they are on a great path to success.

Goose VPN is a Dutch virtual private network provider that reaches many locations worldwide. It allows you to use it on unlimited devices with just one account and follows a strict no logs practice.

No questions asked, if you like to try out new services then Goose VPN is worth your attention. The user’s friendliness will have you hooked immediately and so will the trendiness.

More info / Download
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