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21 Best Free Themes For Tumblr 2023

When looking for the collection of the best free Tumblr themes, this is the list that will do the trick. Whatever style you need, it’s here. But if it misses some details, feel free to tweak it.

Tumblr is the world’s most recognized microblogging service / social media network, allowing users to share short-form and media-type content.

Starting your own Tumblr community takes just a few moments and all Tumblr blog owners are in full control of how their blog appears to the world.

You can edit raw HTML to adjust your custom themes, or you can pick any of the following free Tumblr themes to optimize the appearance of your Tumblr blog to display better your personality and what you would like to achieve with your Tumblr content.

Almost everyone knows of Tumblr’s existence, but not everyone is keen on using the platform. What may seem like a blogging platform to some, Tumblr is a network of creative individuals who like to share content that’s usually out of the ordinary and not necessarily newsworthy or worthy of being constantly indulged in.

Tumblr is also home to those who like to share their creative thoughts and ideas within the scope of a supportive and friendly community towards funny, satirical, and sometimes ironic content.

Benefit from these beautiful web designs and create a powerful Tumblr blog.

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Best Free Tumblr Themes

1. Tumblr Official

tumblr official free theme

You can easily tailor Official to your liking with outstanding customizations. Of course, you do not need experience, as the process is pretty straightforward. You can alter colors, fonts, even header image. Make it your way to a tee since that’s exactly what Official offers.

Official rocks a very minimal yet vibrant layout that will present all your content beautifully. Moreover, if you want to be more personal with your audience, do not forget to include an avatar; you can also turn it off.


2. Art She Said

art she said free tumblr theme

Art She Said is a free Tumblr theme that will do you well if you are artistic. Instead of dealing with the design from the ground up, pick a ready-to-use layout. It saves you so much time, allowing you to start sharing your ideas immediately. Even if you already are but would like to freshen up your Tumblr page, you can do it with Art She Said.

The layout is entirely fluid, adapting to all screen sizes instantaneously. If you are ready to make an immediate difference, you better skip procrastination and make it happen now with Art She Said. Enjoy the instant result and go from there.


3. Ten Toes

ten toes free tumblr theme

If you adore beauty, simplicity and sophistication, then Ten Toes is the best free Tumblr theme. Ten Toes works smoothly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. Even when it comes to modern web browsers, Ten Toes always works flawlessly. If pictures are your primary expression method, Ten Toes will be your ideal tool. Its focal point is showcasing your visuals in the best possible way. However, Ten Toes supports all post types so you do not have to feel limited.

Ten Toes treats you to infinite scroll, unlimited colors and gives you a chance to upload your own logo. When you hover over the post, options for share, like and reblog appear. For a bigger version of the photo, Ten Toes opens it in a popup. Install, edit and improve Ten Toes however you fancy for the best results.


4. Yuki

yuki free tumblr theme

We kick off our list of best Tumblr themes with Yuki, a grid based Tumblr theme for photography enthusiasts. Yuki verges on the minimal side of things. The theme’s homepage is nothing but a list of photo thumbnails that other users can click on, and learn more about. You might also find use for Yuki in situations where you just want to share a series of posts related to visual content.


5. Ashley

ashley free tumblr theme

Responsive? Check. Minimal? Check. Content oriented? Check. Customizable? Check! Ashley is a brilliant Tumblr theme for all your blog sharing needs. Ashley supports all available Tumblr post types, making this theme somewhat multi-purpose if you plan on creating a site that consists of variety of content types. Quickly change up the fonts through a Google Fonts integration.


6. Svbtle

svbtle free tumblr theme

Svbtle was a rapidly growing blogging platform for elegant-type personalities. Things changed when Svbtle announced that it would be switching of its free service, and instead now charges $6 per month for users to keep their blogs alive, perhaps there is some comfort in knowing that you are using a paid service, and perhaps that brings about a certain feel of peace of mind, but those uninterested in paying money for blogging needs can enjoy the Tumblr Svbtle Theme that resembles the same look that Svbtle users loved and adored so much.


7. Hipster

hipster free tumblr theme

It’s a great day for bloggers when a theme company decides to share some of their premium content as free, Hipster is one such theme that achieved that status of becoming a free premium theme. Leading features that keep people attracted to Hipster include: sticky content, the ability to navigate content with keyboard, Instagram integration for displaying your latest pics, a sidebar for displaying the most important details. Check out the premium version of Hipster for an even more overwhelming list of modern features.


8. Simplify

simplify free tumblr theme

We can foresee Simplify being a favorite amongst startups who use Tumblr to announce new features, products and general announcements. The sleek modern feel of Simplify makes it appealing to writing about news, and other general information that needs a proper design for the information to be consumed. A cool navigation menu button on the right corner of each page takes away the necessity to display overly many HTML elements, and instead enables a similar to mobile navigation experience that leaves all the focus on content. Supports Disqus, and Google Analytics.


9. Oscar

oscar free tumblr theme

Freelancers beware, there’s an amazing new Tumblr theme on the block, and it’s Oscar! Oscar has many different uses to it, a simple blogging theme, or a personal blogging theme for sharing thoughtful stories and articles that won’t go unnoticed thanks to the modern design features you won’t find in every Tumblr theme. Highly customizable, Oscar offers the traditional features you would expect from a blog; a comments system, analytics integration, social media icons, and general responsivity over all of the blogs pages.


10. Taylor Swift Lover Theme

free tumblr theme

If you are on the hunt for a bubbly free Tumblr theme, you need to take a peek at the Lover theme. Inspired by Taylor Swift, this energetic and vibrant solution is packed and ready to go, making sure your content displays stunningly. Of course, this theme runs flawlessly on every device, from handheld and up to desktop computers. It is also cross-browser compatible and retina-ready.

Other treats of the Lover theme are custom colors and images, Disqus comments, support for all post types and localization. In little to no time, you can pick the theme, personalize it and start sharing compelling content with the world. Whether it’s music videos, texts, images, you name it, Lover theme displays it all in the best possible light. Enjoy the outcome.


11. Chale

chale free tumblr theme

Chale is the type of a free Tumblr theme that will immediately set you apart with its distinct look. It rocks a split-screen, creating an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Chale is the ideal solution if you would like to mix and match blogging with a personal website. Chale also follows all the latest trends and regulations of the current web standards for continuous smooth operation. It adapts to all modern devices, retina screens and web browsers.

The collection of features is also pretty vast. For a seamless experience skimming through content, Chale supports infinite scroll. Awesome quick view, social media integration, custom logo and background images, full creative control and an about section are all the goodies Chale brings. Make it yours with just a click and take things to new heights.


12. Minimalism

minimalism free tumblr theme

Minimalism’s a high quality theme for brands, individuals and creatives who wish to share their imagery content in a minimalistic and professional approach. You can also expect features like content grid management, custom header and custom background color and image.  Additionally, you get a mobile-ready layout, social media icons (popular ones), infinite scrolling to enable more fluid content browser experience and a sticky sidebar navigation menu. Theme is ready to be translated in your own favorite language thanks to localization options.


13. Shiyori

shiyori free tumblr theme

Elegance is the lifeblood of Shiyori theme, a traditional infinite scrolling homepage delivers a graceful content navigation experience. Additionally, Shiyori allows for bloggers to use all available post types, making it easy to turn your blog into a multi-content enterprise. Features a search widget, and an internal tagging system for making finding content easy and relaxed.


14. Prima Donna

prima donna free tumblr theme

The name doesn’t lie, Prima Donna is a girly Tumblr theme built just for girls, unless you’re a guy and you like pink color and flowers all over your blog posts! Prima Donna’s main area of focus is typography and how it can change the look of your content, even if it is different type of content each time. Supports responsive web design.


15. PopGallery Lite

popgallery lite free tumblr theme

If portfolios and circles are your thing, you have found your true soul mate, and his name is PopGallery (Lite)! PopGallery is a popular Tumblr theme amongst those seeking a modern and clean solution for their portfolio, gallery, and presentation needs. The circle thumbnails on the homepage of the blog is what makes it so attractive, and there are no limits either. Animated visuals will appear interactive on the homepage, making this a one-in-all solution for those who want to publish visual content without worrying about its presentation.


16. Orange Pop

orange pop free tumblr theme

Everyone needs a way to express themselves. Orange Pop uses an orange (obviously) color scheme to deliver a simple blogging theme based on traditional blog layout patterns. It also includes a sidebar for social stuff, Twitter feed, and custom text elements you may wish to display.


17. Cosmic

cosmic free tumblr theme

Cosmic’s a truly cosmic experience! Additionally, it’s one of the more unique themes in our post here, featuring a darkish design strategy that speaks on behalf of itself. It’s also composed of two different sidebars (left side), where the first one can be used as a navigation menu for pages, forms, and other important links, the other sidebar (more on the inline of the design) can be used to display logo, social information, and Twitter or Instagram feed widgets; or both.


18. Skyfall

skyfall free tumblr theme

Skyfall is a colorful choice of theme for the photography minded. With Skyfall you can use your Tumblr blog as a gallery for quickly displaying your latest work. Image only posts will show up on the front page, and once clicked on they will display their content through a lightbox, and if more than one item has been uploaded to the post, anyone will have access to browse through those photos from the homepage. Something unique to our list of the best free Tumblr themes.


19. Lets Go Pink

lets go pink free tumblr theme

Girls love to use Tumblr. It’s fun, simple and all your friends are on it. We also respect the choice and wish to toprovider our female origin readers with choices. Here’s another girly theme by the name of Lets Go Pink! It’s Pink, it’s creative, and it has room for talking all about yourself. It also has an extended sidebar widget for bio information.


20. Superstudio

superstudio free tumblr theme

Superstudio’s a dynamic and clean Tumblr theme from the Chinese community. Superstudio is a solution for businesses, startups and freelancers to discuss their latest projects and developments. The design of Superstudio ensures professionalism and authenticity that everyone listens to what you have to say.


21. Harbour

harbour free tumblr theme

At first glance, you might mistake a Harbour optimized blog for a WordPress, or Ghost built websites. Somehow the Harbour theme achieves a very transparent effect on its design. It showcases how it is possible to achieve smooth design layouts, even when working within the limitations of third-party platforms.


As Tumblr is sunsetting and is no longer actively maintained, you might want to consider other popular blog website builders.

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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Hi

    Nice post, one of the best i’ve read on recent tumblr themes. Still, I haven’t found what I’m looking for and I thought maybe you could help me, please?

    I have a tumblr about architecture photography which started as a hobby but I want to turn it into a photographers compilation more or less. The thing is, i need a theme similar to the one i have now ( minimal, sidebar, accent colour) but which includes an ordered list of tags (which would be the photographers) if possible without the annoying #.

    Could you think of any theme that would work for me? I’m a complete 0 in web design, and I’ve been searching for ages! i would truly appreciate it.

    Thanks =)

  2. James Patton says:

    Great information. I have just started focusing on Tumblr, late I know, but you have provided a good breakdown of a number of great themes. It’s a little more difficult to navigate the themes on Tumblr, so having your information beforehand, certainly makes it easier. Great job!

    1. James,

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you found this list useful.

  3. Sarabelle says:

    This was a good list of tumblr templates you should consider doing one on great paid themes, too.

    1. Sarabelle,

      Thank you for your feedback! We will be publishing one over the next couple of weeks.

  4. Hampton Lamoureux says:

    Nice selection! I appreciate many of the clean and minimalistic examples with responsiveness. 🙂

  5. Actually, one of them “Yummy” is not for free anymore 😉 Just an info to update this post 🙂

    1. Paulina,

      Last 4 themes on the list are all premium themes. We have added a specific category at the end of the post, so users can compare how premium themes stack against free themes.

  6. I love the Verse theme, I just have no idea how to install it. I was expecting a .txt file I could copy and paste into the Edit HTML part of Tumblr, but it doesn’t have one. Any ideas? 🙂

    1. Claire,

      Please make sure to contact theme developer directly as they might have more information on that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. The Hipster theme is causing a bit of a problem. The sidebar loads in and then moves to the right slightly, mashing into the posts. When I tried to fix the issue, I got the sidebar to remain on the left, but it lost the ability to remain fixed there and was being scrolled up like any other post. How can I solve this? I don’t do coding.

    1. Nay,

      Make sure to contact The Hipster theme developer directly. We are here to showcase themes and templates but we haven’t developed all of them therefore we can’t always help.

  8. ESSSSE is a personal favorite, and your article goes into greater depth than most.

    Here is hoping, despite some already rough patches, that Yahoo keeps Tumblr going as a viable platform.

    Thank you,

  9. I Love the Tumblr sssooooooooo much😘😍😍
    OMG!!! The photos are sssooooooooo cccuuuttteeee!!!!!!!!!

  10. Awesome roundup Alex,

    I really love the Hipster theme, it’s one of my all time favorite 🙂

  11. I’m trying to modify colours for the gravity theme but having no luck. Love the theme, I tried updating the colour HTML codes for the meta tags and had no luck. I tried making it subtle black #1c1c1c and tried jet black. Anyway this is frustrating as I want it black and white and it’s stuck with that blue. I was doing this all instinctively, I’m a novice at this sh.

    P.S. Some pro should edit that theme so the bar sticks and there’s parallax scrolling involved where the photos will actively scroll whilst the header won’t move, that would give that home button some purpose.

    1. Also, I’d like to add a background image (a single GIF), any tips?

  12. Superstudio was the fit for me. I needed that large header space for an image. Thanks for the list!

  13. Oscar Tumblr Theme Problem says:

    The Oscar theme is now useless. You can’t update anything on it because tumblr now requires assets that are https…….. this theme refers to URLS that are not https. I cannot figure out how to fix this and the people who made that theme ignore me. So if I want to edit the appearance of my site, tumblr won’t let me until this is fixed.

    1. Oscar, can you just open “edit html” under the theme customization options and do a search of “http:” and replace all with “https:”? That’s worked for me in the past.

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