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Wedding Invitation Mockup

24 Best Wedding Invitation Mockup Templates 2020

If you are on the hunt for first-class wedding invitation mockup templates, you came to the right place. In the collection below, you can find some of the finest, most comfortable to use and realistic tools that will get you going in no time.

Keep in mind, almost all the templates that we have in store for you work for an assortment of different intentions. That said, you can smoothly go entirely against the grain and use the design for something else.

Anyhow, if you are looking to design a wedding invitation, you better test it out with a life-like mockup. With a quick process of enriching the template of choice, you can see whether or not the design requires any last improvements and whatnot.

When working with a client, a mockup is a great way to display them the possible version of the design. There is no need to do a test print, which helps you save additional time and cost.

Moreover, there are also such wedding invitation mockup templates that you can edit entirely online, as well as PSD file formats for Photoshop. Choose what suits you best; a professional outcome is a guarantee in both alternatives.

Mockup of a Wedding Invitation Card Next to a Plant

mockup of a wedding invitation card placed next to a plant
If you are working on a client’s wedding invitation card, allow them to see what would the end product look like with a mockup. This photorealistic template creates a minimalistic atmosphere with a touch of creativity. Just slide in any design you want (700 x 1000 px) and see it appear on the mockup. Along with that, you can also change the color of both the card and the envelope. Make it exactly to your liking, play around with all the possible combinations and have a life-like demonstration ready and set speedily. A mockup also offers you to boost your workflow through the roof.

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Mockup of Two Wedding Invitation Cards on a Wooden Surface

mockup of two wedding invitation cards on a wooden surface
If a darker surface would work best with your wedding invitation design, this is the mockup alternative to consider. After all, just like with any other Placeit template, you can test things out before you even pay the fee. How cool does that sound? All you need to do is to create an account, and it automatically unlocks all the features. Speaking of features, you upload the image/design from your computer, change the color of the cards, add graphics and append texts. As there are two cards to edit, you can easily present both the front and the back design.

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Square Wedding Invitation Card Mockup In Hands

square wedding invitation card mockup in hands
You can always level things up with a photorealistic wedding invitation mockup like this one, featuring a card held by both hands. There is no need to be an expert designer to be able to enhance the default setting and make the presentation follow desired regulations. Also, if you are looking for a square wedding invitation card, this one will do the trick. Attach your design (850 x 850 px), change the color of the card and even alter the background. As for the design, it can be of a different dimension, as you can crop and reposition it, making it fit the surface how you want.

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Mockup of a Woman Covering Half Her Face with an Invitation Card

mockup of a woman covering half her face with an invitation card
A lovely and enticing wedding invitation mockup of a woman covering her face with it. If you are ready to use this one, all you need to do is to go over to Placeit website and all the rest is pretty self-explanatory. After all, you get to edit the entire mockup from within your browser. From changing the color of the card to adding your design, you do it all in just a few clicks. Of course, you can also append additional text and various graphics if necessary. Make things the way you want it and have a presentation ready in no time.

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Mockup of a Wedding Invitation Mockup

mockup of a wedding invitation mockup
Simple, yet creative way of putting your marvelous wedding invitation design to display. It features the card on a wooden table, all set for you to improve it according to your preference. Keep in mind, if you have the design ready (700 x 1000 px), you can be done doing the work with a click. Still, you can additionally change the color, add text and graphics. There are quite a few options at your disposal to improve and fine-tune the mockup, so it meets your heart’s desire to a T. And you can also use the template to create several different possible variations before choosing the winner.

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Invitation Lying on a Table With Envelope Above It

invitation lying on a table with envelope above it
While you might handle wedding invitation cards personally, the chances are high that you will send them away. If that is the case, here is a special mockup that includes both the card and the envelope, laying flat. As for the envelope, you cannot really do much. However, you can alter the invitation card completely. With colors and with designs, make it pop and see the outcome trigger everyone’s interest in a snap. This is a great way of showing a life-like version of the idea you have when working with a client. Make it happen quickly and effortlessly.

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Over The Shoulder Wedding Invitation Mockup

over the shoulder wedding invitation mockup
If you are looking for something different, this wedding invitation mockup of an over the shoulder look comes more than ideal. It offers you to change the shade of the background and the card right off the get-go. It does not stop here. With the simple upload image button, you can append any design you fancy and see it appear on the card instantly. Other goodies contain “add text” and “add graphics” that will only spice things up. If you are ready for a realistic presentation of your invitation design, make it pop with this nifty template.

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Woman Reading an Invitation Mockup

woman reading an invitation mockup
Would you like to see how the wedding invitation card looks in a person’s hands? If that is so, you can now test things out almost immediately. Just head over to the amazing Placeit platform and see the magic happen. Indeed, it is just as simple as it sounds – no different! With the content ready to go, you can have an outcome all set to impress others swiftly. After all, the mockup does not require advanced design skills to be able to use it. In fact, you can be an utter beginner and get the most out of it like a pro.

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Invitation Template on a Red Envelope

invitation template on a red envelope
For everyone who is using a red envelope for sending out wedding invitation cards, this is the tool that will come super handy. The mockup features both the envelope and the card, overlapping, on a rustic, wooden surface. With quick few tweaks, you can now improve the default look of the setup quickly. While the working area of the card is 645 x 825 px, you can still play around with different dimensions. For your information, you can crop and reposition your creative exactly how you want. And to add an extra touch of exclusivity, add a text overlay or a custom graphic.

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Template of a Green Envelope and Wedding Invitation

template of a green envelope and wedding invitation
If red is a bit too traditional and you like to go against the norm, this next wedding invitation mockup should be the one to consider. You will absolutely want to have the template to represent your beautiful design if green is your color. The mockup features hands holding the envelope and the card what makes the overall presentation super photo-realistic. In just a few rapid acts, you can now have a full-blown exhibition available and ready to amaze your clients. When working with any of the Placeit mockups, you need to be no expert. Every tool is very user- and beginner-friendly, so anyone gets to tailor it according to their directions.

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Art Deco Wedding Suite

art deco wedding suite
When in the process of organizing the big day, invitation cards and all that comes along is crucial. That said, in our bundle of goodies, you will find all the necessary to make things that follow your signature style. If you like a more luxurious look, you will enjoy using these four PSD files. In the kit, you get the main wedding invitation card, as well as RSVP, information and thank you cards. Every file is 100% layered and customizable, so anyone can easily enrich it with their personal details and information. Make things outstandingly appealing to the eye and wow everyone.

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Flower Anniversary Invitation

flower anniversary invitation
This versatile flower anniversary invitation card set is perfect for all sorts of different needs and intentions. Of course, you can easily use it for nuptials and any other special events. Out of the box, you also get two different color options, light and dark. Indeed, you can play around with different options and possibilities, too, and make the appearance following your precise style. That said, if you are interested in the creativity of this wedding invitation set, make it yours and spread the word out in style. With little work necessary, you can expect extraordinary results.

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Wedding Invitation Template

wedding invitation template
Are you in the process of creating a wedding invitation card that will touch everyone with warmth? You get a layered and modifiable PSD file that you can quickly style with your creative touch. Edit texts and colors with ease, introduce all the necessary information and have it all set in a small breeze. As soon as you start using the template, you will notice how simple creating a beautiful wedding invitation card is. You definitely do not need to start from scratch anymore. Also, the amazing quality of the tool allows crystal clear close-ups, too. Not to mention, it is print-ready as well.

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Greeting Card Mockup with Envelop

greeting-card mockup with envelop
With four outstanding PSD mockups, you can create an amazing presentation of both the front and the back design of an envelope and wedding invitation card. You can edit, well, everything your heart desires. From background to all the elements of the envelope and the card. From colors and designs, make it follow your branding regulations to a T. Thanks to the smart objects, all the magic happens with some dragging and dropping. Due to the fully layered structure, you can go very nitty-gritty with the presentation. No matter how picky your taste is, you will witness nothing but success with this mockup set.

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Wedding Invitation Mockup set

wedding invitation mockup set
A package of exquisite wedding invitation mockups for everyone who wants to inspire. Instead of sending out a dull card, you can create a custom design that will make everyone’s eyes go as big a saucers. The amazing 5000 x 3312 px dimension ensures that even the smallest details come into view without a hitch. For your information, you will even find a video tutorial that will help you get the gist of it right of the get-go. While you can stick to changing the text only, you can also level things up with any creative you want.

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Invitation & Greeting Card Mockup

invitation greeting card mockup
For a simple, elegant and trendy look, this is the wedding invitation mockup that you should not miss. In the bundle, you will find a whopping collection of twelve different scenes, each as its own PSD file. Of course, all and every template is fully layered and equipped with smart objects for the effortless editing process. The size of the card is of standard 10 x 7 inch dimension. Just like you can fully edit the card, so can you modify the background. If you would like to demonstrate the design idea in a few different views, this is probably the kit you need.

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5 x 7 Wedding Paper Stationery Mockup

5x7 paper stationery mockup
For wedding invitation stationery, this remarkably clean and minimalistic mockup will undoubtedly do the trick. The amazing quality and high-resolution make sure that the outcome will appear very eye-catchy. Needless to say, the card itself is of a 5 x 7 inch dimension. Due to the use of smart objects, you can now drag and drop your superb design with a click and see it appear on the template instantly. And if you are particularly interested in creating a light/white presentation, this is the template that will do you well. Sometimes, it takes you little to no time to create an exhibition that will appear as professional as possible.

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5 x 7 Paper Stationery Mockup

5x7 paper stationery mockup template
Another stunning and contemporary 5 x 7 inch card mockup, which you can use for wedding invitations comfortably. If you dig the scenery, by all means, download it now and make a difference. It comes as a PSD file, which you import to Photoshop, edit via smart objects and save the project. Pretty much, that is all the work necessary for a striking end product that will turn heads.
For your information, if this is the style that you fancy, you can even purchase a full set of 20 scenes, each bringing to the table amazing vibes.

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Horizontal Wedding Invitation Mockup

horizontal wedding invitation mockup
For a horizontal wedding invitation mockup, this could be it. It is clean, with a touch of greenery that lifts up the overall presence. Whether you would like to gain new inspiration or to knock everyone’s socks off with a first-class presentation, the mockup here always does the trick. Skip the tedious process of doing it all from scratch when you can go with a ready-made scene instead. The card uses a smart object layer that allows you to enrich the presentation with your creative design speedily. Try all sorts of different variations if you want before choosing the winner. Speedy and spectacular results await you.

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Free wedding invitation mockup templates

Wedding Invitation Card PSD Mockup

wedding invitation card mockup psd template
You do not always need to pay a fee to create a realistic presentation of a wedding invitation card. In this section, we bring you a set of outstanding, premium-like free mockups that are just a click away.
Elegance and sophistication are the two main characteristics of this extraordinary template. If you are in a hurry to create a unique invitation card for nuptials, do it now and make a difference in a split of a second. After all, the tool is just as easy to use as all the premium alternatives are. To make a positive impact on all the attendees, create a card of this caliber.

More info / Download

Beautiful Wedding Stationery PSD Mockup Set

free wedding stationery psd mockup
To craft stunning wedding stationery, here is the PSD mockup that will get you rolling right away. It is a very appealing solution that will help you with the design part of the wedding invitation card. After all, you can now test things out and see how your idea appears in real-time. You can play around with all the different options and possibilities until you find the right combination that will end up as a printed version. Feel free to use the mockup as inspiration, too, and make something that will spark everyone’s curiosity.

More info / Download

Wedding Stationery Mockup Set

wedding stationery mockup set
If you would like to spice things up with different elements and details, use this wedding invitation mockup. It features all sorts of different objects, like two envelopes, two cards, scissors, thread, you name it. And you can now use this same template to create a mind-bending presentation that will be very life-like. For when you would like to add a distinct touch to the demonstration of your designs, this is the option you should not omit. Let’s face it, the mockup costs you nothing, yet the outcome will be nothing close of half-baked. That’s that, now it’s your turn to make the most out of it.

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Free Wedding Invitation Rack Card PSD Mockup

free wedding invitation rack card psd mockup
This is a wedding invitation rack card mockup with an option to design both the front and the back. On the other hand, you can also bring into fruition two completely different designs, comparing them against each other. This way, you can find the winner much simpler. Once you import the PSD file to Photoshop, the process feels very natural. Even if you are dealing with a mockup for the very first time, you will still experience success with it. Go all-in, download the demo now, enrich it with your custom designs and see the life-like version of it.

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Wedding Invitation Card Mockup Free PSD

wedding invitation card mockup free psd
Instead of one, this package contains three wedding invitation card mockups for your convenience. Every template comes in excellent quality, making sure you can go very in detail with the information you would like to add to the card. Style both the front and the back view of the card, as well as the envelope. Each editable element comes as a separate layer, making sure you quickly alter it according to your needs. With this killer freebie, you will have no trouble hammering out an A-grade presentation that will take everyone’s breath away. Let the special detail set you apart and help you positively impact everyone seeing it.

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