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16 Beautiful HTML Wedding Website Templates 2017

16 Beautiful HTML Wedding Website Templates 2017

Is the big day approaching fast? Make sure you inform everyone about it by creating a beautiful website using HTML wedding website templates. Once you have the date set, start building hype and showcase the whole preparational process for your marriage ceremony. Your close ones will love to stay up to date and enjoy all those gorgeous photos and videos.

Craft an awe-inspiring website for your commitment ritual which might be just short weeks away. Have some fun with it and turn it into an online project. Instead of informing everyone involved individually, hit them up with a link to your website. Not only will it be cool and possibly something new for your families, but you will also save time. Making calls and sending pictures might be very time-consuming. Save time with a stunning website and rather focus on the planning part.

For a couple to quickly find a solution for the union day, we ran a ton of templates through our ranking factors and pick only the most pleasant and functional ones. Guaranteed, you are able to create a gorgeous appearance with all the HTML wedding website templates. You can easily code these into a preferred content management system. For instance, you can take a peek at our selection of top WordPress wedding themes and save yourself even more time.


lilac HTML wedding website template
When you need a unique way of inviting your family and friends to your wedding, Lilac HTML5 wedding website template is the way to go. Instead of sending invitations via mail boxes or emails, a link to your website will do all the magic for you. Not only that, it might be that a wedding site is not something they expected seeing what means a big plus for you.

Lilac wedding website template features a very creative design with tons of awesome animated sections and elements. You truly will inspire them and get them ready for the big day. Not only that, you can also share how you met, your first kiss and so forth to make you look the sweetest couple on the planet.

You can add sections like event timeline, countdown, location, gallery, gift section, bridesmaids and groomsmen and more to your page. There is also the invitation section/form so you get a clearer idea who will come and who will not.
Moreover, with social media integration, like Instagram, you can share images during the ceremony and entertain those who are unable to come. With Lilac’s customizable design, you can craft a gorgeous one-page website for your wedding.

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aimer HTML wedding website template
All the lovers out there, Aimer HTML wedding website template is waiting for you to use it as an innovative invitation. Make it something special and craft an astonishing website that will make your family and friends excited for the day of your marriage. The template is easy to customize, however, it also comes with reliable customer support. Although there are two of you, it still might happen that you need some assistance with website building. With assistance from support, you can overcome all the challenges and have your site up and running in a minute.

Aimer template has several HTML pages predefined. You can use the home, the about us, the ceremony info and others as they are. Still, incorporating your personal touch to it and doing a few tweaks will not hurt. At the end of the day, you will already do a lot by adding high-resolution pictures, information about the event and your story.

To see who will attend and celebrate with you, Aimer has a RSVP form ready for you which will save you time. No need to build one from scratch. Use the one included and modify it accordingly if needed. There you have it, little do you know, your page promoting your wedding will be ready for the launch in a super short time.

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Best Day

best day HTML wedding website template
Responsive HTML wedding website template, Best Day, offers you 4 mesmerizing page styles; Retro, Flower, Cherry and Sea. Start the process of crafting a website for your upcoming big event by picking one which you like best. Each style has something special to offer, yet all are fully functional with all the necessary elements to make your end web design look as professional as it can be. Even if you aren’t one who is familiar with coding and design, you can, too, construct the page which meets the level of a true expert. You should salute Best Day template for having it all ready for you to use right off the bat.

Best Day is a flat and stylish one-page wedding template which instantly adapts to any screen size. Let it be a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, everyone will experience your web creation the same. Plus, all your images, icons and fonts will look crystal clear on all the retina displays.

Impressive animations and a super cool RSVP will influence everyone who visits your page. Increase the hype for your big day with the Best Day HTML5 template. Quickly and efficiently, you will have the page ready and set to hit the online space.

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responsive HTML wedding website template
You will not be missing any features and special elements in your website with Wedding template. More likely, you will leave a ton of stuff untouched. Indeed, this responsive HTML wedding website template has all you need and then some. Just with the demos, you are treated with a ton of options to build the ideal couple’s page. There are over 20 demos available for both one- and multi-page sites. You should not have any excuses, pick the one you fancy most and start adding content to it. Or, do some creative moves, individualize it and then fill it with all the mandatory info.

You can add animations to your website by incorporating them into the slider or spread them across your whole site. Parallax effect is also a cool way to further entertain the guests. But many will spend most of the time reading the story section and checking images. Your page will also be packed with other useful information, like the party schedule, the actual event and the RSVP form. Of course you can also have your site to autoplay your favorite song. By the way, you can document the whole process with your fantastic wedding journal. Let everyone go behind the scenes with you.

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liebe HTML wedding website template
We could say that Liebe is just another HTML wedding website template, but it is so much more than that. Built using Bootstrap Framework, the layout is responsive and fully mobile friendly. Perfect for all types of wedding focused pages, but ideal for an engaged couples who already have the date. With the countdown timer, you can let everyone know the exact second of the big “yes” moment.

Liebe template includes 2 headers, one with slideshow and the other one with picture wall. Furthermore, it has 3 ready-to-use color presets but you can freely create your very own. Try and incorporate you two’s favorite colors and make it very personalized. It is simple to edit individual elements of the template and even doing improvements. You might want to add something specific that represents you and only you. Flip through the thorough documentation and start making changes.

Google Web fonts, Google Map with a custom marker, flower illustrations and filterable gallery are Liebe’ goodies. Plus, there is a working RSVP wedding form with validation so you do not have to build one. For a one-page wedding event theme, Liebe template will do its thing and give your online presence a well-defined layout. All the required information, your story, blog and all the rest is gathered in one place.

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lovebirds HTML wedding website template
With help from web design, you can achieve a completely different approach to telling your story and sending out an invitation for the D day. If it would be 10 years ago, it might be a little uncommon to build a site announcing your marriage. Meanwhile, in this day and age, it is getting more and more popular. Instead of constantly be in contact with the close ones during preparation, you can keep them updated via your website. Very convenient, indeed.

Lovebirds HTML wedding website template is based on all the latest technologies. Its one-page layout goes full-screen with two menu options, vertical or horizontal. Building a website will be quick and easy, yet the final piece will be at a very high level of expertness. Like you would outsource it, just that you’ve done it all on your own.

Key sections of Lovebirds template are couple’s page, loveline aka story, groomsmen and bridesmaids section and the timer with the needed information.
Optimized for fast loading speeds, retina readiness and complete responsiveness, that’s what Lovebirds is also very good at. Make those following your website reach it from all types of devices.

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marry HTML wedding website template
Demos for a one-page and multi-page website building come with Marry HTML wedding website template. It is a perfect option for invitation and engagement with a comprehensive list of features. Showcase your love tale, location and introduce folks to the event. With this clean and sophisticated template, you can quickly start the launch of your wedding page. First, pick between one or multi-page demo and start from there. Full screen slider displays stunning imagery and a quick little story or you can use it to promote the big event.

The forthcoming nuptials between you and your significant other can be represented in a beautiful light using Marry template. Along with the main two layouts, you are treated with more than 10 unique pages and over 10 original sections when it comes to the one-page web design. Background songs can be used with Soundcloud or HTML5 audio. A fine tune for an even finer experience. Though you save a ton of time with a powerful template, it is worth investing a little of your effort to develop a true work of art. After all, it is your marriage what we are talking about. You do want it to be the best day of your lives, right? It is going to be the day you become husband and wife. Build a website and share it with the ones who you plan to invite to the ceremony.

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Wedding Tale

wedding tale HTML wedding website template
In the modern day we are living, there is almost no better way to tell you Wedding Tale other than through a website. With a responsive and modifiable template, you can forge an epic web adventure for every guest. With 13 demos, 8 one-page and 5 multi-page, you have a great foundation for your site with Wedding Tale template. No matter the demo you choose, each delivers all the sections a marriage site needs. Bride and groom, your love story (3 versions), location with map and form to name a few, it is all ready for you to put to use for your very own wedding website.

Along with the demos, you can choose between 7 color schemes which will improve personalizing the template and eventually your page. Add a slider or a video straight from YouTube and feel free to blog about the whole process of your preparation for the ceremony. There sure are many out there willing to see what is cooking over at your end. No only that, by creating cool articles with photos, less folks will be disrupting you by sending you messages or calling you. Save up the needed time for all the arrangements, meetings and other whatnots. Oh yeah, who is going to pick the cake?

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sweetheart HTML wedding website template
For a nifty page dedicated to the commitment ceremony, Sweetheart is an elegant HTML wedding website template. It features all the needed a wedding website calls for and comes with the sample data which you can freely use for your creation. Page and Slide layouts are pre-built so you can quickly define the look of your site. To avoid the hassle, this is a great way to spend little time for a fantastic outcome. With so much going on at the moment for you two, you try to take as many shortcuts as possible. Building a wedding website using a modern and tasteful template is an excellent way to save time. On the other hand, even if you will not invest countless hours into building the page, you will still have a professional site ready.

Sweetheart template allows you to change the color to whichever best fits the couple. Moreover, there are two types of gallery, masonry and grid, along with other stuff for a complete couples’ website. That said, special segments are sliced and dedicated for your love story, couple details, the final event, countdown timer and all the rest. You will have it all represented fabulously and very appealing to the eye.

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ewedding HTML wedding website template
To invite your family and friends to your wedding in an original way, eWedding HTML template is the way to go. Indeed, a website is a great way to let everyone know about the ceremony and get the excitement going. Share details about the location, the groom and the bride, the story of your love life and so forth. To make it happen and have it represented in an eye-catching way, eWedding HTML wedding website template will do you good.

The template comes with 4 home page layouts, 3 multi- and 1 one-page. Along the predefined index pages, eWedding does not miss the love story section, photo gallery, wedding menu, RSVP and even a segment for blog. Feel free to blog about your whole process of getting married and become an entertainer. Speaking of entertaining, add background music and make the whole experience even more intimate. Or if you haven’t picked it yet, now is the time to choose the song, your song. To get a full view of the elements eWedding supports, hit up the live preview. It is a template for inviting people, the big event or for engagement. You can even use it as a secret surprise for your partner.

More info / Download Demo


glanz HTML wedding website template
There is almost nothing that comes as a challenge for Glanz template. With many available demos, you can construct a variety of websites within the wedding niche. From couples’ pages to business, like wedding planner, cakes and flowers, and gorgeous invitations and announcements. Find the demo that suits your needs and start adjusting the elements and modifying the layout to individualize it. Chances are, you might find one which already meets your expectations. In this case, the lucky couple will have their page ready even quicker.

Responsive and retina ready template, Glanz, appears elegantly and instantly adapts to any screen size. This calls for the best user experience which is especially needed when it comes to a page for a wedding. We know how glamorous and luxurious everything is at the actual event. Well, with Glanz HTML wedding website template, you will not distance yourself from it with your web design. Since the ceremony is still far away, it is your website which can prepare everyone for the big day. Use it not only to introduce yourselves, share your story and as an invitation. A page can also keep everyone up to date with what is going on over at your end at the current moment.

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The Wedding Date

the wedding date HTML wedding website template
Everyone who intends to get their close ones ready for the “I do’s,” The Wedding Date HTML wedding website template gives you all the required to do it via a lovely page. The best part? You two can do it all on your own. No need to hire a coder nor a designer. With a flexible template and all the essentials, plus the documentation, you can form the dream marriage site. You will have a lot of fun and become impressed once the building process will be finished. As you will see, with little or no real web design skills, the site you are about to launch will be of high-standards.

It is all the demo material of The Wedding Date template which will do its thing. Six main color schemes are predefined, however, if none is to your likings, change the color any time in the CSS file. You can add uniqueness to your website only by customizing the color. However, there are other ways you can personalize the HTML wedding website template, The Wedding Date.

After you pick the color, it is time to start adding the content in form of pictures and information-rich texts. Share your story, start a journal, specify when exactly you will get married with an event countdown and more. There is also the working RSVP form for people to respond to your attractive invitation.

More info / Download Demo

Love Story

love story HTML wedding website template
Bring your Love Story to the online space with a modish website template. It will do the major part of the work for you. Not only that, with the comprehensive HTML documentation, it will also teach you how to make it all happen and install it properly. With this in mind, you do not have to be a real professional at page building. It is all close to finished, yet you can still modify it however you fancy it.

Love Story HTML wedding website template is responsive and retina ready. It is optimized for search engines and compatible with all the notable browsers. Though it is very lightweight in the design, it is still a powerful product capable of constructing ultimate wedding sites. You can choose between boxed and full-width layouts, add about us page and even expand the site with an online store. Love Story supports it all. To incorporate different elements into the design, a ton of ready-to-use shortcodes are available for you to take to your advantage.

Both for a wedding page or an event planner site, Love Story is the optimum template to realize different projects. With so many goodies and extras, you can also use the item for corporate sites.

More info / Download Demo


lovely time HTML wedding website template
A future married couple might want to share something special with their family and friends. They can take them on a pleasant journey with LovelyTime HTML wedding website template. With a website, you can share your story, how you met, your first date, first kiss, how he proposed and more. Special pages for groom and bride are great when you want to introduce yourselves in a fun and engaging way. Additional HTML5 pages give you more options when it comes to color, background pattern and header styles. There are enough variations to meet every taste. Still, the well-commented code makes editing the template a whole lot easier. Meaning, if you would like to change something, you have complete freedom of doing it.

Built with the Bootstrap Framework, LovelyTime template guarantees you to have a responsive and extensible website. Your engagement and wedding needs regarding web design are fully sorted. Sooner rather than later, you will be able to start sending the link to your astonishing page out to your family and friends. The kind of an invitation they probably will not expect. And that is definitely a big win for you two. A surprise here and there never hurt anyone.

More info / Download Demo


belle HTML wedding website template
Clean, minimal and designed to a T, Belle is a responsive wedding template to help you bring your lovely moments online. A fantastic approach if you would like to share your story and process with a wider audience simultaneously. No need to update everyone individually. Have it all featured on your site and share it with just one click. What a time saver! But do not be intimidated by the fact that you will be the one building the page. Yes, you. And it will not even take long before you will start seeing fine results and your wedding page unleashed to the internet. Great documentation of Belle template is a must read if you are a novice.

Belle HTML wedding website template is for one-page sites which will impress every guest. Starting on the top, a full-width photo with quick info of the big event might be the loveliest thing of your page. Further down, you can feature a timer and a cool wedding events timeline by the hour. Your tie-the-know website will not be complete without a proper story and imagery. You can even invite folks with video invitation which will only spice things up.

More info / Download Demo

Amore Wedding

amore HTML wedding website template
Smooth animations, smooth scroll, one-page template, elegant, modernistic, you name it, Amore Wedding sports it all. All you soon-to-be-a-married-couple can quickly and efficiently build a wedding website. Live preview shows you that nothing is missing, from the about us section, to story, gallery and also the RSVP form. While everyone will surely enjoy scrolling from the top and all the way to the bottom of your page, practical navigation takes the visitor straight to the desired section. It might be that they just need to fill out the form, confirming their arrival.

Amore Wedding HTML website wedding template is uncomplicated to modify. Wherever there is a need, make improvements with ease. Based on the Bootstrap Framework, your fascinating page instantly adapts to the screen of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers for the best UX. The major part of the technical work is not of your concern. You only need to add the images, the texts and the colors and you are ready to rock the wedding world.

The countdown timer appears on the big slider for everyone to immediately get the main info. All the rest follows below the fold. A short bride and groom introduction, your vivid love story, event details and more. Go basic or go in-depth, that is totally up to you. You know your people best. Share your entire story or just give some hints to make it more intriguing. But do expect a ton of questions coming in on the day of the big event if the latter is your choice.

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