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– Support is offered only through the Forum.  This way the forum will have richer content, support going transparent, the user would simply search for the answer.

– Bugs should be reported on Github

– Communication between co-workers is very effective during support

– No conflicts, incidents or nervous behaviour. In someone has hostile attitude, the reply will be given when we’re calm, so no stings. Even if he’s right or not, a hostile response will intensify and develop the confict so they must be avoided at all cost.

– Replies start with “Hello! Thank you for choosing our theme!” and ends with “Thank you and hope you have a great day/week/weekend/etc.”, “Kind regards, …” . Of course these will be given when we first reach the client, afterwards in the sub-replies a simple Hey there or Hey John is enough. Very important to be polite even if sometimes sounds like too flattery.

– Use “safer” words and phrases, read these articles:

– Reply target is 25 threads/ replies/day.

– No thread goes unanswered. Even if the reply target is 25/day this doesn’t mean it has to be fixed, lower or higher. It’s important that each thread must be replied.

– Replies threads will be marked as “Solved” and the OP will be asked for confirmation is everything’s good so you can close the thread. If the OP confirms it’s ok, the thread will be closed immediately, if no confirmation at all, at the end of the month the threads must be closed automatically by the system

– In the cases of threads where you don’t know the response, and there’s needed to consult with an author, a mail will be composed containing link to thread, url and admin details if it’s offered, and if it’s the case, a short briefing of the problem. If there’s a quick question though and doesn’t require too much solving time, it can be asked anytime. Also except urgencies.

– To save up some time and not to provide with an answer that has already been replied, the OP will be provided with links to the already answered threads.

– Use Chrome Developer tools or Firefox developer tools console.

– If something is beyond your scope of knowledge, you can ask for help from a developer (but keep in mind not to interrupt), or simply delegate the ticket to a developer and reply to the customer that the problem is “beyond your scope of knowledge” and is forwarded to a developer.

– Be professional and HELP customers!

– You can always calm down an angry buyer, you just have to say the right words and use proper politeness. Always try to calm down the situation, respond faster and avoid having a bad attitude and respond angrily. Some people will never ever be satisfied and that’s life, we cannot please anyone. If a buyer keeps screaming, tell him to calm down and reply later, because we can find solutions and we’re also humans.

– Never be a smart-ass and don’t reply with an arrogant attitude. We’re a business and we should keep our clients not send them away. Only state-employed budgetary have an arrogant attitude and respond by mood, expecting someone to know something. Most buyers are newbies and they don’t really know something. Let’s respect them.

– If a user needs customisations, kindly tell him we cannot provide support for such requirements but, you can take it as a custom paid job and if he wants, you can carry on with the discussion further.

– Customer Needs customisations? – it’s up to you if you can handle such request in 20-30 min you can take it, for big modification or projects you can redirect them to freelance websites

– Be careful with abusers

If there’s an abuser, someone who posts 1000 posts and has no clue how to use anything:
1) Kindly ask him to follow the documentation and point to the chapter where he can find the info.
2) Send him a link to the knowledge base
3) Tell him kindly enough not to take it personally, but we cannot respond him to every single question he has because we have to help others too and we cannot risk getting flooded with unanswered topics.

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