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Top 10 Lightweight And Easy To Use WordPress YouTube Plugins

Top 10 Lightweight and Easy to Use WordPress YouTube Plugins

YouTube is the most popular video streaming online. It will be a great advantage to your website if you use a YouTube Plugin. More than that, it catches the attention of your visitors and let them stay on your site for an extended period. Most of the time, using informative videos would be more helpful to the majority number of readers than using blog posts alone.

With the following plugins, we want to reassure you that we are providing the lists of the 5-star rated items to give your more a dynamic experience. All of them are lightweight and easy to use. Most importantly, they are free of charge. You don’t have to pay any single penny to get your favorite WordPress YouTube Plugins.

Embed Plus for YouTube

Simple WordPress YouTube Plugin

You can manage your YouTube live stream, YouTube gallery, and YouTube embed at your WordPress dashboard using this plugin. It is well-packed with features assisting you with your website’s improvement. It is also compatible with the Gutenberg blog editor, wherein it shows your YouTube wizard button.

If you want to enable the block editor list, click on the plus (+) sign that is under the Gutenberg block selector. Don’t forget to choose the “YouTube Wizard” menu, where you can find under the “Embeds” category.

This plugin also comes with the customizable GDPR consent message for the user’s privacy and consent. Moreover, you can also enjoy its features to let you display your multimedia files from YouTube. You can create your own YouTube playlist that will appear on your website.

At the settings, you can generate the grid-based responsive playlist. With this functionality, it would be convenient for your visitors to choose videos from the gallery.

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Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

White-themed WordPress YouTube Plugin

This Video Gallery plugin works best for your website if you want to show the complete list of your playlist to your visitors. It is responsive and user-friendly, and will surely help to increase traffic on your platform. What you will love about this one is that it is not only intended for business-oriented pages, but it is a big help for those artists who want to embed their YouTube channel to their web page.

With this plugin, it will showcase your creativity by presenting your business or projects in videos or slideshows. Visual business techniques are much better than advertising with words alone. So, if you want to improve the overall appearance of your website, installing this is one way to go.

Some of the critical features of this plugin are the video embed support, the hover effects, Video Lightbox effect, 16 free version of video gallery themes, and many more.

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YourChannel: Everything You want in a YouTube Plugin

Organized WordPress YouTube Plugin

If you own a YouTube channel, there’s no reason not to love this YouTube plugin intended for you. It comes with several functionalities that would be a great help to your WordPress website’s overall performance. With this, it is easier to link your videos into your page. Once videos appear as your visitors scroll through the pages, it might hook them and keep them wanting more. That will increase your Google ranking.

The first thing you need to do once you’ve downloaded and activated this plugin is to put your YouTube username or channel ID. After that, setting up your channel on your website is now possible. At the YourChannel setting’s page, the displays are color’s accent default color of Black & White, footer’s banner image, playlists, uploads, single videos, total videos and views, banner image, profile picture, and username.

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Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

Mobile-friendly WordPress YouTube Plugin

This WordPress YouTube plugin support Vimeo and YouTube Gallery. So, if you need to embed videos on your website, this is an excellent choice. It has the essential functionalities where it helps you to become more efficient in improving your site. At the WordPress dashboard, you can input the video galleries, such as the YouTube Gallery, Vimeo Gallery, and Video Gallery Mix.

You can choose from the 7 refreshing views of origin code YouTube Gallery. Pick the one that suits your needs and preferences. Rest assured, all of the video galleries look nice and impressive. They are all functional too. The process of creating your own video gallery is pretty simple. You just need to upload videos from your saved files, input a catchy title, write a caption, and give some link.

In the setting, you can manage different options. The main three are Vimeo Gallery, YouTube Gallery, and Lightbox.

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Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery

4K Quality WordPress YouTube Plugin

One way to keep your visitors longer on your website is through presenting videos on appropriate pages. YotuWP is one of the competitive plugins supporting video embeds on a website. With this plugin, it is easy to link your videos from your YouTube page.

You can choose from the three layouts of your video galleries. It can be Grid, List, or Mix. With the Grid Layout, it has the multi-column videos, including the vertical video info. At the settings, you can change the number of columns manually. On the other hand, with the List, it only comes with one column together with the horizontal video info. Lastly, the Mix layout is the combination of the two.

The player mode’s features come with the big Player at the head of the gallery. Once users click the item thumbnail or gallery’s title, the video will play automatically.

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YouTube Gallery – Best YouTube Video Gallery for WordPress

Neat-looking WordPress YouTube Plugin

This plugin is easy to use. You can display your YouTube videos on your website using the Gallery or Grid view layout. As soon as you enable the YouTube Video ID, it will automatically create your YouTube video pages. It comes with different functionalities. One unique feature it has is the image ratio editor. In YouTube, you will have the 16:9 default. However, using this plugin, you can also edit the image ratio into 4:3.

The two types of YouTube Video Gallery pages have different features. The Gallery layout comes with the thumbnail navigation at the bottom. On a single page, you can fit up to 8 videos, and all other videos go to the next pages.

On the other hand, YouTube Video Gird Galley has more definite functionalities than the first one. Its video thumbnail displays in high resolution. You can also fill 19 videos on a single page.

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WP Video Popup – Responsive YouTube & Vimeo Video Lightbox

Responsive WordPress YouTube Plugin

This YouTube plugin allows you to link your YouTube and Vimeo accounts. It helps your website to become more visually stunning to the eyes of your visitors. One of its excellent features is the GDPR Compliance for the user’s consent. The videos from Vimeo or YouTube will only appear when the visitors give their permission to the site.

We are happy to inform you that the speed of this plugin is remarkable. It is bug-free, and the developers continue to improve their system. If you want to get the most out of their features, you can opt with the premium version. It has overlay background-color setting, adjustable popup size, autoplay on page-load, multiple popups in a single page, and their new feature – the self-hosted videos.

If you need some questions, you can find the Help menu at the settings page of the plugin once you finish your download.

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YouTube Widget Responsive

Simple WordPress YouTube Plugin

With this YouTube plugin, you cannot only embed your YouTube link to your website, but you can also manage the widgets directly from your page. You can include a lot of menus to help your visitors and viewers create their own actions while watching. It has YouTube subscribe button if you want to increase your YouTube subscribers. Aside from that, you can write captions below the video.

You can improve your video’s SEO by utilizing the fields. In the settings, it is also possible to enable the suggested videos, privacy mode, and others. The menus and buttons are limitless. At the dashboard or setting page, you can do anything you want with this plugin. It has auto-play functionality. You can enable it anytime you want.

If you need to learn more about the plugin or you have some confusion on how it works, you can go to the Help section and ask for customer’s support.

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Simple YouTube Embed

Functional WordPress YouTube Plugin

The simplicity of this YouTube plugin is enough for a small hosted website. Since it is light, it can load much better, and there are no complicated menus at the setting. You can start with it even without asking for help. Of course, before you can use it, you need a self-hosted website in WordPress.

You will enjoy its straightforward features to engage with your visitors more. It has an excellent YouTube video embed. You can manage the size and layout on the settings page. Moreover, you can enable the video to play automatically or disable it if your users want to play it manually.

You can either enable or disable the suggested videos. Furthermore, managing your settings is accessible. You have the option of enabling or disabling the player controls, video information, and the full-screen layout. One more thing, it is possible to use the high quality thumbnail in each video.

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ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

High-Quality WordPress YouTube Plugin

This WordPress YouTube plugin also supports other videos, such as the Vimeo and HTML5 videos. Multimedia is an essential part of a website to attract more visitors and potential leads. Almost all of the sites need it. It improves engagement with different people and let them learn more about the company or online business.

It is SEO-friendly with the specification of the title, description, and upload date. You don’t need to mess around with the previews and shortcodes. This plugin is WYSIWYG supported. It makes all of the URL embedded videos responsive and functional. Its autostart function is available for the provider that supports it. However, mobile browsers prevent it.

It comes with various functionalities to help you through with your goal. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want to get hold of its premium add-ons.

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What Do You Think Is the Best WordPress YouTube Plugin?

All of the WordPress YouTube Plugins are working. You can choose from one of them, download it, then activate it. Actually, they are all easy-to-use. It has multi-purpose and straightforward versions, but the final choice is up to you. I’ll be honest with you.

Nevertheless, if you only need a simple plugin for your website, it is not wrong to go for the minimalist one. Besides, you can manage it quickly, and beginners can use it without any problem. The plugins above are all great to use. You can try it on your website and see if it works for you just how it is for others.

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