20 Best Responsive WordPress Themes With Slider For Corporate, Startup And Other Professional Websites 2018

If you own a business that is just starting out, you will encounter a lot of resistance. Regardless of what you do, the market will generate many competitors. However, you can rely on alternative means of promotion that are not very costly.

The internet is the great social equalizer, because everyone is given a voice. In many cases, a meritocracy is formed, where innovation is rewarded, and mediocrity is punished. A marketing budget used to cost millions of dollars, because it relied mostly on standard forms of media such as radio and television. Nowadays, you can run an entire marketing department with just a few people, for only a fraction of the price.

The WordPress community provides fertile ground for innovation, encouraging the development of small business. Furthermore, WordPress themes are cheap, modern and accessible upgrades for your web page. Regardless of its niche or purpose, your site can benefit from the outstanding variety of available themes.

They offer both practical and aesthetic changes. The introduction of features such as sliders can give you a competitive edge. Blog owners, photographers, craftsmen, and online retailers can utilize eye-catching sliders in order to showcase their best work.

Given that they allow you to put your best foot forward, slider WordPress themes are some of your most valuable assets.

Gillion (Trending Item)

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Jevelin is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It has tons of incredible premium quality features and demos to start exploring! Get it with the amazing Unyson framework and a Drag & Drop page builder. Jevelin offers a flexible design with many pre-built layouts and templates. It has the power to customize everything without the need of programming knowledge. Play with over 10 portfolio layout combinations and 6 blogs. Jevelin is made with the highest care for great looks. It comes with lots of customizations for colors or layout styles. It also has Parallax effect for backgrounds and videos. With Slider Revolution you get to set amazing slides for photos or videos. Custom widgets of all kinds including social media are also provided.

Jevelin is a theme made to fit either large businesses or individual users. It offers speed, versatility and adaptability of image. You will get it fully improved with SEO and translation ready. This is a tool made for any complicated task you can think of. It even provides +40 animation elements to add and 4 columns for posts! You will receive lifetimes updates and a child theme! Get doubts cleared out with its detailed documentation (it includes video tutorials too!) Get Jevelin!

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Divi is a modern theme for WordPress, which can enhance your personal or business website. In order to attract more clients and boost web traffic, Divi has implemented many useful features. Using this theme, it is easy to design a top-notch web page. You will not have to take any programming lessons in order to install and customize Divi, given that everything has been simplified and streamlined. All customers can build their own page layout, as this theme is extremely customizable. If you do not want to start from scratch, you could always implement one of the 18 premade layouts that are available as soon as you download Divi.

Not only are they time-savers, but they can also act as foundations for further personalization and change. Divi is constantly trying to push boundaries, and develop new features that will simplify the user’s life. For example, all site screen elements will be sorted into fundamental modules called blocks. Using the Divi Builder, you are able to easily interact with these blocks as you design a page that matches your dream. This product’s flexibility is staggering, considering that it can fit any niche, and adapt to any website. In addition, Divi is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. For more information about Divi multipurpose theme you can read this review.

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WordPress themes have seen nothing but unrelenting progress. Developers are constantly trying to push boundaries and implement new and exciting features. Given the market’s high standard for quality, these products cannot be anything less than excellent. Avada is a product that towers above all others, as it is the fastest selling theme of all time. It has certainly earned its place, considering its versatility and clear coding. Avada is capable of adapting to any web page, regardless of its niche. If you want to sample this wonderful theme, be sure to check out the live demo.

As a customer, you are given the opportunity to create a distinct page. Uniqueness is important, because a company that lacks brand recognition will be destined for failure. Avada offers an infinite amount of color choices, along with many other features and personalization settings. Also, you can easily customize your page even if you are not very tech-savvy.

It is very common for modern websites to adopt mobile-friendly features, given the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. Avada goes all-in, as it allows the site user to select a Wide, or Boxed layout in order to fit all screens. With this product, it does not matter what device you own, or which browser you prefer.

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X is an awesome WordPress theme for users who appreciate quality. It is entirely user-friendly and intuitive, facilitating the creation of a site that can dominate the market. This theme’s front-end is functional and flexible, giving you the opportunity to work on content without any delays. As is the case with all modern themes, X can accommodate the needs of mobile device users. Considering that smartphone and tablet displays are smaller, applications must make the most out of the available space. Thankfully, X has adopted that philosophy, implementing an app-style interface that reduces screen clutter.

It only takes a simple button press, in order to modify your current post’s text. With this ability to edit as you go, many typing and editorial mistakes can be swiftly corrected. If you are a new user and you are having trouble with the customization or installation process, make sure to check out the amazing video tutorial. It is quite short, yet informative. Users can also enjoy some top-quality plugins. However, the plugins are not simple additions, given that each of them was modified for your theme, turning them into custom extensions for X. This theme’s popularity and success is justified by its relentless pursuit of quality. In only 6 months, X sales have generated over a million dollars. If you decide to purchase this product, you will own a piece of WordPress royalty.

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Enfold is a gorgeous WordPress theme that allows users to construct amazing websites in a matter of moments. Installation and customization are very fun and intuitive, as this this theme tries to cater to people of all levels of expertise. Regardless of your client’s device preference, Enfold will be able to display your well-written content. Resizing and compatibility issues were completely eliminated. If you encounter any problems with your theme, do not hesitate to visit the support forum. It features a large number of useful topics.

There are some interesting, well-designed theme demos which can be easily installed with one click. You only need to access the theme’s backend in order to initiate the process. Editing can be hard, if you lack programming knowledge. However, Enfold has introduced an outstanding drag and drop editor. Just as the name suggests, the user has to click a page element, and drag it across the screen to where it needs to be. Basically, as long as you can use a mouse, you will be able to personalize your content and site. The Administrator options are as intuitive as the rest of the theme. Also, the instruction of the innovative WooCommerce plugin will facilitate the creation of an efficient, professional, online shop.

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If you are a creative person who is seeking to establish a website that reflects your personality and burning ambition, look no further than Bridge. With its charming layout and innovative features, this product has managed to become the best-selling theme in 2014. Bridge is constructed on the versatile and powerful QODE framework. If you wish to sample it, you only need to access the live preview. Customers are able to select their favorite style and design, given that every single site element is customizable.

Thanks to the one-click importer feature, you can establish a fully-functional, personalized website in a matter of moments.  Bridge is so much more than a simple aesthetic skin for your site. It is a multi—functional theme that will streamline your content, and improve every aspect of your page.

It is customary for themes to have a few demos, in order to facilitate quick installation. However, Bridge goes the extra mile by offering 100 demos, tailored for every possible eventuality. Customers will find that their theme can suit any purpose, and accommodate every business niche. The Qode Slider greatly improves any site, by proudly displaying examples of your best content. It introduces a full-screen video and image slider with variable height and stunning Parallax effects.

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Seo Company

Seo Company is a truly terrific, visually versatile, amazingly agile and readily responsive WordPress digital marketing and social media website theme. This theme has been created by a skilled group of designers and developers as a flexible, user-friendly solution for creating all sorts and kinds of impressive, professional quality modern websites, though it has been specifically polished to outperform the competition in all matters SEO, digital marketing or social media. Digital marketing agencies, social media managers or enterprises and SEO specialists or corporations will find a solid partner in Seo Company.

Building your website is an intuitive, breezy matter with Seo Company, which readily supplies beautiful, useful features such as modern pricing plans, smooth and functional MegaMenus and seamless pop-up customizable forms, among many other nifty design perks. Impressive out of the box readiness for all the major advertisement revenue services is included to help you monetize your websites in a matter of minutes and from day one, with simplified ad blocks being easily dragged and dropped into position in your customized layouts. Enjoy the gorgeous Whiteboard feature, powered by Revolution Slider, and watch your business grow to unforeseen scales overnight. Seo Company is the theme you need for 2016!

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Crane is a WordPress theme for portfolio building and specialized online businesses. It has tons of demos with amazing customizations and features an awesome drag-and-drop page builder. Try any of its demos and homepages with just a one-click install and with full or selective import. Crane, moreover, has tons of great visual elements and prebuilt options. It boasts a powerful mega menu that is adaptable to mobiles and works on blogs and portfolio pages.

In addition, Crane lets you attract clients with writing and sell them stuff with WooCommerce. Gaining loyal fans of your work is also possible. Not only do you get the option to set blogs, but you can set up an online store, too. You can reach potential customers through ConvertPlug as well.

Crane further features two beautiful sliders and is completely Retina-ready. Slider Revolution and Layer Slider are its main third-party plugins for your visuals. Besides these, it offers Parallax backgrounds, headings, sidebars, and much more. It’s great, too, that Crane works great on any device, screen, or browser. With over 2,000 icons and widgets, you’ll enjoy spicing up your posts and pages. So, try out this awesome theme on your next project with documentation all the way!

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Orion is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes with tons of prebuilt selections for demos, homepages, headers and footers. Despite of this, it also aims to versatility with unlimited features for colors and skins. It separates its pages in two principal categories Home Creative and Home Minimal. Orion wants to become the best out there for portfolio agencies and freelancers. It gives you amazing portfolio integration with Masonry, Title Grid and more. You will also find unlimited portfolio pages. Orion has Translation Ready ( files) and Google Maps.

It supports AJAX and uses advanced options for fonts (Google Fonts and Fonts Awesome). Orion uses Retina Ready as it is adaptable to any screen and device including mobiles. Design includes Parallax for backgrounds and MegaMenu for main posting. Orion has custom page templates, Visual Composer, and Slider Revolution included totally free. It also has automatic updates and a six months’ customer service support. It is an Envato quality check product with six months of customer support. Get transactions done with its WooCommerce integration. Orion is compatible with almost all browsers available. Enjoy your one-click install demo… Start putting your portfolios out there with the best option available. Get Orion right now!

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Mikos is a powerful and flexible, engaging and easy to use, colorful and classy, dynamic and highly responsive WordPress one and multipage multipurpose website theme. This theme is an extremely intuitive platform for webmasters from any background and skillset to easily take charge of their own website projects in terms of visual and behavioral experience, without having to write a line of code. Mikos is ideal for professionals looking to create an online home for themselves and their portfolios, where they can effortlessly introduce their audiences to their professional accomplishments within an enticing, elegant environment.

Mikos is preferred by architects, architectural studios and firms, landscape architects and all similar, related professions and fields of interest. Architects love how Mikos allows them to fine-tune every single element within their websites, including Full Typography Control, Full Animation Control and a multiplicity of colors, borders, layouts and full-fledged demo websites for you to base your own off of and get the ball rolling in no time. Handsome portfolios allow you to display your finest built or projected works up, front and center without complication. Mikos has been extensively SEO enhanced, ensuring top notch search engine performance across the board. Give Mikos a go today!

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Salient is a very adaptable WordPress theme. It can suit any purpose and accommodate every business niche, due to the implementation of many useful features. With Salient, your website is sure to gain a massive amount of popularity. For more information regarding this product, be sure to access the live preview. A modern website cannot afford to alienate its followers. By featuring a fully responsive interface, Salient is able to accommodate laptop, desktop PC, tablet and smartphone users. In addition, site owners can benefit from a large degree of mobility, given that they can post content on the fly.

This theme incorporates a customized version of the renowned Visual Composer plugin. It uses drag and drop technology in order to facilitate the visual personalization process. Users only need to select an element, and place it somewhere else. This makes Salient accessible for all people, not just computer programmers or web designers.

The Options Panel is massive, yet easy to navigate. Everything is where it needs to be, resulting in a very intuitive layout. The amazing Nectar Slider is one of Salient’s best features. It is compatible with swipe screens, it is video background-compatible, and it has Loop and Fullscreen Options.

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TheFox is a modern, ultimate theme for WordPress. Its design is very clean and flexible, allowing your website to fit any purpose. Regardless of your business niche, TheFox can accommodate your needs. Thanks to an intuitive and powerful admin panel, in addition to some amazing visual customization tools, this theme can greatly increase your view count. Be sure to check out the live preview, if you wish to sample TheFox. For new customers, an extensive documentation source was included. It is very informative, containing relevant information regarding this theme. For community feedback and troubleshooting, customers should visit the support forum.

Upon purchase, this product will include 30 jaw-dropping home page design variations. These home pages are very detailed and aesthetically pleasing. The Options Panel allows you to design a website that matches your vision. With one click, the entire site’s color scheme can be altered. Even your individual posts and pages will feature a distinct options panel, giving you more control over your content. Accessibility is one of TheFox’s main design pillars. This isn’t a theme that was made for web developers. In fact, it kind of makes them obsolete. Anyone can simply setup and customize a page, without the need for specialized knowledge.

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Unicon is an amazing design-focused WordPress theme that can enhance any website, regardless of its niche. It is packed with practical features, resulting in more versatility for each user.  Unicon can be used for the pages of eCommerce shops, creative agencies, corporations, portfolios and blogs. Basically, if your goal is to establish a successful online portal, this is the theme for you.

The administration panel is powerful, yet intuitive. Every option is where it needs to be, resulting in a solid experience for all site owners.Online stores are a staple of today’s market. Thankfully, Unicon has incorporated the renowned WooCommerce plugin. This allows you to design a trustworthy online shop that can attract many customers. Your bottom line will surely increase, considering that you can sell your items and services.

The theme code is streamlined and well-written, making it easy to modify Unicon. In terms of aesthetic customization, you can alter your site’s color scheme, and organize your page elements. Mobile users can rejoice, given that Unicon is compatible with tablets and smartphones. Regardless of your visitor’s screen size, they will be able to access your content. In addition, this theme also works with high resolution Retina devices.

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Ronneby is a modern WordPress theme that aims to revolutionize the industry. It is simply stunning, boasting an excellent design and many useful features. Due to its versatility, this amazing product can fit any role, adapting to every niche. In fact, Ronneby can be your first and last theme, because you will not need to purchase another.

This premium product rewards its user’s loyalty with the addition of an excellent support system. Their representatives are intelligent, well-informed, and polite. Do not hesitate to contact them, should any issue arise. There is no lack of customization, considering that there are over 40 distinct layout variations, with new demos available every week. You may also use adaptable templates in order to shape your content. Additionally, the theme designers added a stylish portfolio and blog options.

The customer reception has been almost universally positive, as users praise this product’s commitment towards quality and innovation. Given the large number of features, Ronneby’s price is very fair. In addition, it incorporates some premium plugins that are available free of charge. You can use the Visual Composer, VC premium and Slider Revolution plugins once you purchase the theme. Ronneby runs advanced typography capabilities, facilitating font management and enhancing your blog’s aesthetic appeal.

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Redwood is an amazing WordPress theme for users who wish to create an impressive website. This is an innovative product that features a classic, modern, and streamlined layout. With Redwood, you can create something that reflects your vision an all your wants. There is an infinite amount of color customization options, allowing you to change your site’s palette. Redwood does not compromise between aesthetic appeal and functionality, resulting in a well-rounded product that can attract many potential customers.

The general layout is flexible, pretty, and completely responsive. Say goodbye to pesky compatibility problems, because Redwood does its best to eliminate all resizing issues. Smartphone and tablet users will benefit from the same experience as those who prefer laptops and desktop PCs.

At every step of the way, the Solo Pine customer support system is there to guide you. They employ eager, talented individuals who specialize in solving any unfortunate situation. The developers also added a MailChimp newsletter given that online attention spans are quite low. It can keep your followers updated, teasing them with upcoming offers. Redwood is a good choice for those who wish to attract an international audience. It is completely translatable, able to display your content in multiple languages.

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Brooklyn is an ideal choice for users who appreciate consistency and quality. It is a simple, one page WordPress theme with Parallax capabilities that can improve every aspect of your site. Given its vast roster of features, it is one of the most adaptable products on the market. You can use Brooklyn for photography, design agency, travel agency, charity, and entertainment web pages. However, its use is not restricted to the business world. You can also turn it into a charming personal blog.

With this product, XML files have become obsolete. Thanks to the One Click Demo Installer, you can easily imported the demo content with a minimal amount of effort.  This saves you the trouble of having to design your site from scratch, given that there are 13 premade layouts which can be applied immediately.

Brooklyn’s best attribute is its ability to effortlessly adapt to every conceivable niche.  In addition, it can be used by anyone, even those who lacks proper web development skills. With Brooklyn, a child can design an excellent website in a matter of minutes. It is always a good idea to translate your site, given that the internet is a global, multi-cultural network.  Thankfully, this theme can display your content in any language.

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With over 1600 happy customers, Kalium is one of the most popular themes on WordPress. That popularity is justified by Kalium’s quality, and unrelenting attention to detail. Accessibility and flexibility are the pillars of this theme’s design. Unlike other products, Kalium does not have a steep learning curve that discourages new users. The creators streamlined and simplified every site elements, resulting in one of the most user-friendly experiences on WordPress. Thanks to the Visual Composer, those without specialized programming knowledge can design industry-leading websites. This innovative plugin will take care of the heavy lifting, while you get to focus on what is truly important: the content.

Kalium is fully translatable, as it includes .po and .mo files. WPML-implementation can facilitate the creation of a multilingual site that accommodates users from across the world. All site elements have their own special short code, making it easy to personalize them. Thanks to the implementation of the Revolution Slider premium plugin, you can design eye-catching slides for your business. With these slides, site owners are able to put their best forward by showcasing popular posts and articles. There are also some portfolio variations, and different mouse hover styles. For more information, be sure to check out the live theme preview.

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Oshine is a gorgeous WordPress theme for those who wish to design a successful web page. It incorporates a versatile, multi-layout design that will surely impress your online followers. Once you purchase the theme, you can now access the voice guided tutorials which will guide you through the customization process. This is one of the most popular Photography and Portfolio themes on WordPress, given that it was praised by many customers, reviewers, and specialized blogs. Site owners can choose between 18 distinct demos, implementing the one that matches their vision. For more information regarding this theme, be sure to access the live preview.

With Oshine, you will control every element of your site. It incorporates a versatile drag and drop page builder, and it has distinct features such as the ability to preview visual changes. Regardless of your technical background, you will gain access to the most advanced customization options. There is no coding knowledge requirement, and even newbies are welcome. By visiting the Theme Options Panel, you will be able to choose between 500 stunning Google Fonts. In addition, customers can determine the color palette of their future page. Oshine can display your content on smartphones and tablets because it’s fully responsive.

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If you want to design a successful online commerce page, be sure to check out Flatsome. It is a stunning WordPress theme that facilitates the creation of an amazing online store. This is made possible by one of the most popular plugins in the world: WooCommerce.

The Flatsome Theme Options Panel allows you to customize every page setting. You can easily alter all colors, headers, fonts and footer layouts. Feel free to tweak everything, until your page reflects your vision. If the site owner is short on time, he can always select the “Load Preset” option in order to use a pre-designed layout. Flatsome is a theme that does not neglect its mobile-using followers. It has implemented a fully responsive layout, accommodating those who own tablets and smartphones. In addition, product carousels and sliders will respond to touchscreen commands.

Those who browse your page will be able to hide the product prices, while enabling catalog mode. The creators implemented a Smart Header feature and site administrators can also change header backgrounds, color schemes, positions, and logos. Customers can also personalize their typography, given that there are over 500 available Google Fonts. Lastly, Flatsome has an impressive Checkout and Cart section design.

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