25 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Social Sharing is now an integral part of our internet experience. Furthermore, it’s constantly on the rise and becoming popular with older folk as well.

With so much information on the internet, it is a real feat to track down what you really need. However, search engines make it possible to find information that you need, but social media also plays a significant role in helping you find your favorite websites. Not to mention your friends or the people whom you follow have a lot in common with you and when they share something, correspondingly you’ll find the shared information of interest.

72% of internet users are active on social media, not to mention it represents a marketing opportunity which you cannot ignore. After search engines, it is social media that drives most traffic to websites. Unlike normal advertisements and television slots, it serves as a 2-way communication and helps build brand awareness.

Creating good content is only a job half done. Getting it before the target audience is the other tricky half. That’s where social sharing can give a leg up. You can tap a share button from almost any screen and content is instantly shared. I’d sincerely recommend you read this excellent article on Shareaholic which provides insightful information about the sources of website traffic over the past few years from search engines and different social networks.

There are many Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress available which you could use on your website. I’ve picked out a few of the popular ones here for a quick read.

Premium Plugins


Monarch’s a top-rated social sharing plugin with a plethora of options and comes from Elegant Themes. Personal settings are easily imported and exported from site which monarch supports. With more than twenty social networks that it supports, the dashboards provides ease of management for it.

To encourage social shares, there’re several display and placement options. The features below can make it versatile –

Statistics such as shares, likes, and follows can be monitored effectively through the dashboard. The share count can be displayed upon reaching a certain number.

Purchase Price: For $89/year, you’ll receive access to 87 premium themes and their offering collection of plugins including Monarch.



Kiwi is a simple and easy to use social sharing plugin that is available as free as well as premium version. It is one of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress and is bundles with some of the themes made by Colorlib as well.

Free Version Premium Version

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a visually stunning plugin that gives you access to great features. It supports popular social networks and works pretty well with most well built WordPress themes.

Plugin supports Pinterest images. The potential increase in traffic as a result of Pinterest interaction’s high for some industries, but the size of the default images acts as a dampener. With Social Warfare, Pinterest specific images can be loaded, without affecting the regular images.

Another plus with Social Warfare is that you get to add tweetable quote boxes in different designs within your content box and you can add custom tweet quotes to individual posts.

Social Warfare is developer friendly and a user can extend it’s functionality with add-ons. It includes the much in demand Frame Buster plugin that protects your content by preventing others from adding content over your own.

Some of the features available as part of Social Warfare –

  • Choice of over 75 different colors and styles.
  • Responsive, fits any screen size.
  • Custom widgets can be added to posts to show the number of shares.
  • Rich, large summary cards can be added to tweets.
  • While total and individual share counts can be displayed, low share count can be kept hidden.
  • You can also track shares with UTM tracking code.

Purchase Price: Starts from $24 a year for one website to $200 for 10 websites.


Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share & Locker Pro helps make your website visible among social networks. ‘Locker’ refers to the facility of locking up content that can be unlocked only upon adding a share, pretty much the same as the previous plugin.

The features that make this rank among the better plugins are –

Purchase Price: One time purchase of $15


TweetDis is a simple WordPress plugin for easy tweets. It works on a slightly different concept from the usual social sharing plugins.  With TweetDis, you can create content like tweetable quotes easily. TweetDis also understands that visual content always works better on social media and with this plugin, you can even tweet images.

Besides, it also has the features below –

Purchase Price: If you’d like to use TweetDis on your website, it’ll cost you $37, but for only $10 more you can use it on 5 websites. For $77, you can use it on any number of websites.

Easy Social Metrics Pro

If you are particular about monitoring how your content performs on social networks, Easy Social Metrics Pro is a pretty awesome plugin which warrants your interest. You can quickly see which posts are gaining the most attention and viewership. Additionally, it automatically collects data for you and reports it timely. You can track pages, post, images, videos or portfolio items easily.

Some other features are –

Purchase Price: One time purchase price of $28.

Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux is an attractive all-in-one package that works well as a social sharing plugin for most WP sites. It is a relatively newer plugin and is compatible with most WordPress plugins – WordPress widgets, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Aesop Story Engine, Jigoshop and Easy Digital Download.

It supports 10 social media sites, besides providing an email sharing option. You can adjust the color, size, appearance and position of the sleek buttons sporting the logo of each site.

You can also add floating social media bar to your site. The plugin uses lightweight JavaScript and CSS, so buttons load faster.

Purchase Price:  One time payment of $15

Flow Flow WordPress Social Stream

With Flow Flow, a stream having a combination of different social feeds can be created from the admin area. You can copy the generated shortcode anywhere on your website. When it called up for the first time, it gets cached in the server, and the subsequent visitors will see amazingly fast responses. You can also use filters for complex streams.

The type of server that your website runs on restricts the number of streams that you can have. This plugin is quite resource heavy and can find it difficult to load on old or low end devices. You can moderate your social feeds by excluding posts by URLs, by name or words. It supports over 15 social networks.

Purchase Price: $24 for a pretty interesting sharing plugin.

Social Snap

Social Snap is a fantastic and practical WordPress social sharing plugin that helps you boost your website’s traffic through the roof. Instead of solely relying on search engine traffic, utilize social media platforms and go above and beyond. With Social Snap, you have complete control over what your users do on your page regarding social shares and engagement. It is a tool that anyone can use, from bloggers and small businesses to agencies, designers, developers and all the rest who want to expand their reach and grow their audience.

Installing, setting up and using Social Snap is quick and straightforward. The social sharing plugin also comes with numerous features and assets, like auto-scheduling, old posts boost and advanced analytics. Social Snap allows your users to log in to your page using their social accounts and gets rid of all the hassle. If you are ready to scale, do it with Social Snap.

More Info



ShareBang’s a powerful, modern, lighting fast and easy-to-use social share WordPress plugin. It’s a social share kit built to give the ability to control almost everything with the buttons styles, positions, and behavior of appearance for each position and location. It comes with a revolutionary panel with tons of options.

It has 21 perfect engagement responsive buttons locations that’ll attract your visitors to share your pages that’ll drive more traffic and sales. Additionally, WooCommerce plugin and three dedicated positions on mobile and tablets are specifically built for it.

It comes with social locker that’ll lock any page or post until the visitor shares the page. This feature will increase your content shares, you can use this if you provide coupons or links etc.,

ShareBang supports 42 major social networks with heavy usage nowadays. WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, and more..

One of the powerful points in ShareBang plugin is the buttons themes creator (First of its kind). Users took this feature in a variety of ways with the ability to create each button theme setup that would suit your site.

35 elegant button styles and templates are completely customizable. They’re updatable and each update brings new ideas with free life time update.

View counts on buttons encourage people to share highly sharable content. You can initialize a count number for each social media.

It’s integrated with Mailchimp and Mailster to build your mail list with after share action. Additionally, an Analytics system designed to track shares, followers, subscribers, posts, and more. This feature gives you the ability to track everything over time.

ShareBang complete its experience with the unique feature of A/B test that’ll let you choose between the social share buttons setup (Profiles) to decide what was the most effective setup that bring more shares and has highest engagement.

Unique Features

This is a big deal plugin, complete and elegant approach.
Purchase Price: Comes with a competitive price $19 one time purchase / free lifetime updates

Preview Test Drive

Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker plugin works on the principle of locking up content to increase shares. You can also blur the content by using transparent or semitransparent overlay. Additionally, it improves social performance of your site and builds a quality audience.

8 networks supports Social Locker and you can expect more to come shortly. Built in advanced analytics is an added feature of this plugin.

Purchase Price: $25 to make your content accessible only to those who share!

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons is a sharing solution that helps promote sharing, enables monitoring and increases social traffic. It offers 18 display locations and supports about 35 social networks.

Additional buttons like Love This Button, Comments, Print and Send To Mail are available. Social media image sharing is free and available on, although video sharing is a paid option. It comes with an easy to set up wizard.

Purchase Price: $19 to add social share buttons to your WP site.

Freemium Plugins

Simple Share Buttons Adder

A simple plugin with which you can add share buttons to all your posts and pages, Simple Share Buttons Adder lets you pick an image set that goes well with your website or add your own.

The features packed in this plugin are –

The most recent update (Nov 2015) includes Yummly sharing functionality – Users can now share recipes from the same page, without having to use messy popups. You can place these buttons on individual pages. The developers also made email popup option easier to use. Moreover, they officially removed Twitter share counts and released this version without it.

Purchase PricePremium version is also available. For $10, you can activate Simple Share Buttons on 1 site, for $25 on 3 sites and for $100 on an unlimited number of websites.

Active installs: 100,000+, Star rating 4.7.


SumoMe is not a single app, but a suite of apps designed to increase traffic. And a WordPress compatible version of SumoMe makes it easy to integrate with WordPress sites. It is not necessary for you to use the entire suite, and you can pick only the ones you want by creating an account.

This app can add share buttons over individual targeted images, facilitates URL shortening and statistics. Moreover, it supports 16 social services including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. UTM will help you see exactly how much traffic every shared link is directing your way.

Purchase Price: Free with branding and paid options which start at $10/month for their starter pack and $100/month for their professional pack.

Add This

With Add This social sharing icon, a variety of designs and icon sizes are possible. It also supports over 200 social media services. Moreover, the makers claim that websites that use Add This sharing buttons witness a 20% increase in sharing.

Furthermore, the plugin is a free, but there’s a premium version. Lastly, the premium version has additional features like floating sidebar and a couple of additional widgets.

Active installs: 200,000+, Star rating 3.7.

Free Plugins


Shareaholic is one of the more popular social sharing plugins. Their award winning toolset for websites increases pageviews, repeat visits, time on site and sharing rates. Also, the easy to use analytics keyboard will help understand audiences and deliver appropriate content.

The following features can all be found in Shareaholic,

Lastly, Shareaholic (in the words of the developers) is an all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform that includes social sharing.

Purchase Price: It is free, but you need to register to access the features on offer.

Active installs 100,000+, Star rating 3.8.

Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing by Danny is a barebones plugin which adds sharing buttons for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It is also simple, lightweight and versatile. Moreover, the icons are simple with hover effect and you can display them in almost any position. Furthermore, you can add the buttons automatically or by using shortcode.

The load times are really fast as there is no heavy scripting involved, only a simple script of about 600 bytes that is not jQuery dependent.

Active installs: 3000+, Star rating 5.


Mashshare offers a highly customizable setting for social media sharing. The free service also supports Facebook, Twitter and email. Moreover, there are a number of free add-ons, but to add the other social networks you’ll have to move to the Premium version.

Active installs: 200,000+, Star rating 4.7.


WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing adds attractive social sharing buttons to your WordPress site. This plugin also supports major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Xing and Google+. Moreover, the buttons are responsive and become smaller for devices with a resolution less than 480px.

You can also easily reorder the buttons and you can add text before the share buttons. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to choose whether or not to load CSS/ JavaScript.

Active installs: 10,000+, Star rating 4.7.

Easy Social Share Buttons

With Easy Social Share, you can choose between 2 styles of buttons – minimal icon buttons or buttons with share count. Also, you can place them just where you want, the header/the footer or include them within your content by using shortcodes.

Furthermore you’ll need to download the default buttons from the social networks which requires CSS, additional JavaScript and image files. Easy Social Share’s buttons also don’t need such downloads, merely a 4kb CSS file. So, downloading these buttons will not cause your website to slow down.

Active installs : 30,000+, Star rating 3.7.


Share Buttons by AddToAny

Although you are unlikely to use them, Share Buttons by AddToAny offers more than 100 share buttons. It finds a place in this list because it allows for a great deal of customization. You can also track social media presence using Google Analytics.

Active installs: 200,000+, Star rating 4.7.


Jetpack is a incredibly versatile plugin, but can slow down pages just a bit. This plugin is not just about social sharing, but has other functionalities as well such as security services and helps with a ton of other important things as well.

The sharing module also allows you to choose the mode of sharing content – social media, print or email. Moreover, you can display buttons, text links, and icons for faster loading time.

Active installs: More than a million, Star rating 4.

Social Metrics Tracker

If you are looking for a free alternative to help you track your social media reach – try out Social Metrics Tracker. This plugin does not support as many social media networks; however it may be sufficient for you if you just want a general overview of your social media performance.

Active installs: 3,000, Star rating 5.

Some of the developers created plugins specifically for sharing on Instagram. Lastly, with Instagram emerging as a powerful social sharing platform, these plugins merit a closer look.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a WordPress plugin with which you can display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram account through a single or multiple feeds. Also, you can arrange the multiple feeds in the same page or on different pages throughout the website. Furthermore, you can save time by posting photos to Instagram and automatically displaying them on your website.

Active Installs: 100,000, Star rating 5.

Enjoy Instagram

All your images can be displayed in carousel or grid format in lightbox mode with Enjoy Instagram. Moreover, the developers optimized it for mobile devices.

Active installs: 10,000+, Star rating 3.9

Here’s a plugin which is Twitter specific 🙂

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is yet another social sharing plugin with special focus on Twitter. It is also one of the easiest ways to promote, share and track your content on Twitter.

To Sum Up

It is important not to go overboard and put in all the WordPress social sharing plugins that are available. Add only what is necessary and what is suitable to the demography of your site’s audiences.

This post would be incomplete, if I did not mention here that Twitter has officially discontinued Twitter share counts. It may still be available through other methods, but third party buttons created for Twitter will not fetch a response. These plugins will also remove the count component of Twitter button. However when you’re picking a plugin, consider Facebook’s ban on like gating.

Which plugin you choose is very much a personal choice. It depends on the unique character of your website and audiences.

Monarch offers a variety of configurations and loads pretty fast. Social Media Feather, Simple Share Buttons Adder and Mashshare are also great options. Additionally, Simple Share Buttons are quite straightforward without any fancy settings and so is Social Sharing by Danny.

If I had no specific requirements and were looking for an awesome social sharing plugin, I’d either go with one of the free options or choose a premium plugin which possesses a feature my website simply can not do without.

I hope the article was helpful and you find the right social sharing plugin for your WordPress website.