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WordPress photo blog plugins
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19 Best Plugins for WordPress Photoblogs 2022

Photographers have a great advantage in displaying their work online. A simple blogging platform like WordPress can be quickly transformed into a powerhouse for serving artwork, selling artwork, and simply promoting yourself as a professional photo artist. Creative digital artists can also use a photoblog to promote their graphic design skills. The uses for a photoblog are quite many. Some wallpaper sites can be considered photoblogs, especially if they’re using WordPress as their back-end to serve all those images. However, how does one begin the process of launching a photoblog? Aren’t WordPress themes related to photography enough?

Technically, Colorlib has already reported on many photography-oriented themes. See some of those posts here:

The selection of such themes is huge. You have the photography and portfolio themes used to display portfolio items, often actual photographs. You also have visual page builders, which have exploded in popularity. Customize these with custom addons to replicate a photoblog or a portfolio environment. However, what about separate gallery plugins that could be utilized for displaying visual content?

That’s what we will try and depict in this collection. We’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins for photoblogging, photography sharing, portfolio creation process, and general gallery sharing. You’ll be amazed at the amount of great resources out there. Starting your photoblog will no longer be a task for the future. Now, you’ll have all the tools to get it done.


Modula is our favorite gallery plugin for WordPress since we use it for Colorlib and several other projects. This plugin is very flexible. The free version does a lot on its own. The premium version, on the other hand, is worth every penny.


Cincopa WordPress Media Plugin

Cincopa WordPress Media Plugin

When we think of photoblogs, we might assume that a photoblog is only useful for photography content, but more often than not, that content type extends to music and video files. Cincopa’s plugin can handle audio, video and standalone photography equally well across all platforms and browsers. The galleries are stylish and allow the user to experience the photos just like you would want them to, through a smooth lightbox gallery experience. The photos can be listed in many different styles, including traditional lightbox, Pinterest, and image lists. You can select the kind of media-type you’re working with from the options menu, whether it’s photos, slideshows, videos, podcasts, or audio files. The plugin can handle them all with equal precision. Start making a new post and use the plugins settings buttons to configure your galleries and plug them into your posts.

Gmedia Gallery

Grand Media Gallery lives up to its name. It’s a grand plugin with grand functionality. The separated media library management window provides plenty of options for photobloggers to configure their galleries and media files in organized manner, to deliver the best browsing experience for the reader. Galleries and photos can be managed individually, you can apply custom categories, tags, and filters to each of the photos, and create an unlimited amount of albums. It’s much like your personal digital library of photos that you can share with your readers. Due to the feedback and receptivity of WP users, a set of modules have been released to extend the basic functionality beyond the basic capabilities. Those features include photobox, music management, sliders, 3D galleries, and more.


Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant

Generally, the Media Library in WordPress is considered functional and great at what it does. Still, it does help to install an Assistant plugin that can take the Media Library functions to the next level, in such a way that it compliments your photoblog experience significantly. The two big features in this Assistant plugin are the shortcodes that can be used to post customized galleries and gallery tags within your WordPress content areas. The selection of content templates then enables you to display data in a suitable way for your WordPress theme, since you have full editing permissions anyway. You can also add your photography meta-data to each of the photos that you share thanks to the custom fields entries. Search also gets a revamp to increase the search results beyond the basics you’d get for normally searching through the media gallery.



photonic wordpress photoblog plugin
Regardless of your project, if you want to add the niftiest gallery to your website, you can make it happen with Photonic. While WordPress’s integrated gallery function only delivers the most basic features, Photonic unlocks a whole new spectrum of possibilities. Along with adding your custom content directly, Photonic also supports other different sources, like SmugMug, Flickr, Instagram and Google Photos to name a few.

Photonic is also 100% compatible with Gutenberg builder and mobile devices and modern web browsers. In the case of using the classic editor, Photonic overrides the existing gallery shortcode. However, it also has a feature to create a custom shortcode for Photonic gallery specifically so your existing one does not disappear. On top of that, Photonic also easily handles a combination of posts created with Gutenberg and those without.


robo gallery wordpress photoblog plugin
Hammer out an interest sparking gallery that will decorate your WordPress website with the help from Robo Gallery. It is a simple WordPress photoblog plugin that will take your page to an entirely new degree. Bear in mind that Robo Gallery is ideal for you even if you are fresh to WordPress, themes, plugins, and building websites in general. The tool does not require any prior experience, available to utter beginners, and advanced users.

To be frank, what we just went through is only a small segment of features and functions that the remarkable Robo Gallery sports. Core features of Robo Gallery are Gutenberg block, responsive and mobile-ready layout, fifteen hover effects, polaroid gallery and social sharing. Additionally, with Robo Gallery, you can make a fully customizable gallery that will immerse in your branding regulations.


nextgen gallery wordpress photoblog plugin
NextGEN Gallery is an adaptive and easily modifiable WordPress photoblog plugin that suits various purposes. Besides, NextGEN Gallery does not shy away from creating the most basic galleries and such that fit the pickiest users. From photographers to artists, with NextGEN Gallery, you can create an enticing photo gallery, a portfolio if you will, without hassle.

The installation and activation process of NextGEN Gallery is pretty similar to any other WordPress plugin available on the market today. After you add the extension, the NextGEN Gallery icon appears in your page or post editor from where you can then fine-tune your galleries accordingly. For more information on working with NextGEN Gallery, you can read the in-depth documentation and get its gist. In short, nothing complicated at all.


Gallery has 200k active downloads because the plugin excels at making your photo galleries more friendly to the user, more flexible and usable at the same time. Gallery is a mobile-responsive addition to your existing media library functionality, with the addition of custom view templates, widgets, social media integration, and lightbox additions.

All the extras that you’d hope WordPress will add as native functionality in the future. The thumbnail and masonry views are really helpful in transforming your WordPress blog from a standard content blog, into a true photoblog that will wonderfully outline your expertise in photography. There’s also an option to create slideshows and compact albums. We particularly liked the settings panel for creating shortcodes, where you can enjoy the full set of features and create galleries just like you’d prefer them to be. It’s nice when plugins allow you to fully control the appearance of your content.

Advertisements and watermarks are also available for configuration. Not only can you protect your work directly, you can start earning revenue for it if you so desire. The major image types are supported. All galleries can be configured in unlimited varieties. Video content can also be embedded into your galleries.


Supsystic comes out of the hiding room and into the light with a spectacular plugin that will solve all your problems when it comes to photoblogging! You can upload images using the default WordPress media library or import images directly from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media networks. That could be the very reason why so many are relying on this plugin from Supsystic.

The plugin doesn’t interfere with the design for mobile devices. No matter what kind of gallery or slideshow you’re building, mobile will render it just as well. The extra layer of options includes custom photo effects that can be applied or reapplied directly in the settings panel of the album. Having your portfolio on the web without the addition of visuals isn’t viable, so that’s the market that the team working on this particular plugin are trying to target. Photobloggers, creatives, and those who need a portfolio that can capture the attention well.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Quite a few of the plugins will focus on gallery integration within an existing post that has content inside of it already. Others, such as the Responsive Photo Gallery, will focus more on the aspects of creating gallery/photoblog experiences individually on a single page. Meaning, the turn page becomes the photoblog experience itself. You can customize the shortcodes to deliver different gallery outputs and put them on a single page. Automatically organize and separate each other without disregarding the user experience. You can integrate the animation effects in the settings to apply those as you edit your gallery photos.

Gallery - Photo Albums

This gallery plugin has its own set of offers that many haven’t been able to resist. It is friendly to audio and video media types, but it’s also very rich in its selection of photo display templates and the way it displays multiple galleries. The first impressions lead toward hotel interiors and general real estate agencies that want to publish their available products using WordPress.

Create filterable photo galleries and integrate them into single pages, give your readers a true photoblogging experience with the permission to browse as they choose. The many different gallery style templates cater to all needs, and certainly a wide variety of situations where image display is concerned. However, this can also lead to the use of the plugin on wallpaper sites. Because of in-built pagination and filter options, it’s a great plugin to present your work for the use as wallpapers.


The gallery plugin from Envira is a Lite version, with a pro version available on their website. A gallery plugin like this can only succeed if it integrates new and interactive features in it, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. The Envira Gallery dashboard is a dashboard, a separate entity from everything else in WordPress, with dedicated focus towards album creation and gallery generation. You can enjoy features like media uploading from URL, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or a remote server. You can also upload videos.

Its optimized codebase optimizes performance, and it supports search engine optimization. Envira will also be helpful to those creative photographers who want to sell their work directly on their WP blog.


Sunshine Photo Cart


Speaking of selling your work, Sunshine Photo Cart is for those photoblogs where you want to sell your products/photographers directly to the user without third-party interference. The selling dashboard allows you to configure product type, sizes, quantities, and special requests. Validate payments using PayPal or a direct check. Create an unlimited range of products or galleries, and pay no fees anywhere. You keep all profits.


WD Instagram Feed


Instagram succeeded because there was a gap in the visual social media niche. Since being acquired by Facebook, this visual content media network has become a solution for users to share their lives through visual imagery. If you’re already an Instagram user, you can turn your WP blog from a simple blog for sharing stories to a more visually appealing photoblog where you can share your latest Instagram photos. You can kill two rabbits with a single stone and generate views on multiple channels with a single plugin.

You can redirect images to Instagram or open them with Lightbox. The lightbox display images as a slideshow with different transition effects. You can set sorting for the images (date, likes, comments, random) and define the order (ascending/descending). In the case of combined feeds you can use front-end filtering by clicking on specific hashtag or username.


Premium plugins for WordPress photoblogs


Modula is our highest-rated WordPress gallery plugin for photo blogs and image-rich websites. It has loads of great features and customization options that make it stand out.


WP Media Boxes Portfolio

wp media boxes portfolio wordpress photoblog plugin
Building and crafting online portfolios becomes a piece of cake when you play WP Media Boxes Portfolio. This add-on works with just about anything imaginable. For instance, you can showcase your photography, art designs, products and whatever else comes to mind. Indeed, WP Media Boxes Portfolio is an all-in-one plugin that needs no coding and no prior experience working with similar tools. You could be a first-timer and still successfully hammer out a portfolio of your dreams.

First thing’s first, WP Media Boxes Portfolio rocks a responsive and cross-browser compatible layout. Moreover, it comes with an advanced filtering system, search function, powerful sorting and user-friendly admin. The plugin also does not miss lazy load feature, retina ready icons, overlay effects and skin editor. Video tutorials and free professional support are also available so you will never find yourself alone.


Portfolio Designer

portfolio designer wordpress photoblog plugin
Portfolio Designer is a WordPress photoblog plugin that will help you out when creating the most advanced portfolios. Not only is it ridiculously simple to use, but the features Portfolio Designer has in store for you are out of this world. In brief, you can employ the plugin for any project you are currently working on or plan to launch. Indeed, Portfolio Designer is highly adaptive, perfect for any niche and industry you operate in.

With Portfolio Designer, you can create grid, masonry, slider and justify layout portfolios. Furthermore, Portfolio Designer also comes with fifty impressive effects, unlimited color options, supports audio and video files and works with any WordPress theme. You sure will have a blast using Portfolio Designer. Unleash your creative spirit and see the magic happen right before your eyes.


Noo Before After

noo before after wordpress photoblog plugin
You probably already saw those cool slider type of images which show before and after images. This same feature you can now add to your page by using the Noo Before After WordPress photoblog plugin. It has a horizontal and vertical orientation and works with all sorts of projects where you would like to show progress by using a before and after images. It grabs the user’s attention and positively affects the overall experience of your page.

Noo Before After is compatible with all the major drag and drop page builders, like WPBakery, Elementor and TinyMCE. What’s more, Noo Before After includes custom overlay functions, custom colors, supports RTL languages and automatic updates. Level up your page with Noo Before After and keep your users around for longer. They can now see the amazing skills you have with the cool before and after images that you can immediately include.


Go Portfolio

Go Portfolio

Sometimes, artists look for photoblog-related plugins to build a solid portfolio of their work. Essentially, a portfolio allows the same content arrangement as a photoblog would. So, we didn’t hesitate to include Go Portfolio here because of its flexible functions. It also offers stylish design choices when you browse through the demo pages. Supporting a visual composer, Go Portfolio makes publishing new portfolio items enjoyable. A variety of styles mean that your portfolio can stand out from the rest without the extra effort. If you’re running an e-commerce empire, you can outline your products in a grid using the same portfolio function that you’d use for your photography items.


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    Great in-depth review!

    I’ve been searching for days for a visually pleasing photo plugin to add to my Themify Ultra theme. I need the plugin to do the following:
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    2. Retain original image files in a Media library (as these will be sent to the printer for printing)
    3. Social sharing icons
    4. Online watermark (not original images)
    5. Image protection if possible i.e. right-click option
    6. Cart

    Woocommerce integration:
    1. At a specific photo, click Add to Cart.
    2. Select size, quantity, crop, etc.
    3. Enter billing/shipping details.
    4. Pay for photo and receive receipt

    Later I will use ( printer’s API to set up this part of the cart:
    5. On confirmation of payment, Order (photo) is sent automatically from library to the printer that is set up for my site.
    6. The printer receives Order and prints the photo and then delivers this direct to the customer.

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