Top 22 Custom Font Plugins for WordPress 2019

In the early days of web design, there weren’t many great choices for fonts. However, with the increasing demand for custom designs and the ability to transport typography into a digital format, the number of typography fonts has risen from a few hundred to several tens of thousands. Now, there’s a custom font available for any niche, category, or creative project imaginable, and this is only the beginning. Typography is what sets the tone for a website design. Headlines, content body, sub-headlines, navigation, and other design elements can be custom-optimized with the use of fonts. However, designers need to remind themselves to keep the number of fonts on their designs to a bare minimum. Several font types on a page will confuse your readers and strain their eyes.

WordPress as a platform will work out really well for those who want to add custom fonts. You can activate a great number of plugins on your WordPress blog, and the market is only increasing. Where there is demand, supply is naturally going to arise. Every year, a new typography trend emerges, and designers are once again challenged to learn structural markup and design appeal. As a WordPress blogger, most of the work is already done on your behalf. The design is there, you just need to implement a new font if you want to make the content’s appearance a little more specific.

With tons of free font resources, such as Google Fonts, you can create unique designs. The following custom font plugins aren’t just for using fonts from third-party resources. They are also for uploading your own fonts that you may have downloaded or purchased elsewhere on the web.


Fonts is focused purely around the idea of adding extra fonts to your WordPress post editor. It also has the ability to change the font size for particular paragraphs, words, or whole posts. This can be very useful to those who need to outline different aspects of an article through typography. The premium upgrade will enable you to add all of the Google fonts to the selection menu. You can further upload your own fonts and use them directly in the post editor.


Use Any Font

Working with CSS to change the styling of a design isn’t available to everyone. Coding is still alien to many, which, of course, is why so many opt for WordPress as their website platform. WordPress makes the process of changing design an easy one. The Use Any Font plugin supports your own custom fonts and their specifications. Once a font has been uploaded, you can convert it into a web-friendly format. Then, you can start using it for whatever reasons you may come up with. The other advantage concerns performance. Since the plugin stores all your fonts on your own server, it will take much less time to fetch them whenever a page reloads.


Easy Google Fonts

Google Fonts remains a solid leader in the market of free fonts, with more than 1,000+ choices to pick from. There’s always something new that you can add to your typographic designs through the use of Google Fonts. The plugin Easy Google Fonts tries to make that process even easier than it already is. What stands out the most, though, is the function that will natively integrate Google Fonts selections within the WordPress function called Customizer — the place where you usually edit your styling options for the theme that you’re using. Through Customizer, you will have the ability to preview any changes before you commit to them, but also have the permission to change the way fonts interact with your design.


WP Google Fonts

More than 100,000 WordPress users have activated the Google Fonts plugin on their blogs. Such a high number of active users speaks in great volumes about the quality that you can expect. Working with Google Fonts manually can be a straining process, and certainly time consuming, but now you can put all that behind you and enjoy everything that Google’s Fonts platform has to offer with this simple to install plugin.

The best part is that you get some customization options as well, such as the ability to add custom fonts to specific CSS elements — so for example, you can style your blog in a way where the content body will have a uniquely assigned font, and the widgets area a completely different font. But, a word of advice on this; stick to a maximum of 3 unique fonts in the main areas of your blog, otherwise it will put extra weight on people’s eyes and they might miss some of the stuff that you are promoting or publishing.


Better Font Awesome

It didn’t take long for Font Awesome to appear in this custom fonts plugins roundup for WordPress — this time around, the plugin is called Better Font Awesome! With this plugin you’ll have great extendability options where Font Awesome usage is concerned. Each of the icons will be possible to export as shortcodes, as HTML code snippets, you’ll have the ability to use them directly in your WordPress content editor, and there’s also the feature that adds CDN support for maximum deliverability and performance. Developers can enjoy the backwards compatibility, so you can switch between different versions (and in turn variations) of Font Awesome, and not lose the shortcodes that you’ve already built.


MW Font Changer

Respect for all countries and languages is essential when we talk of web development, it’s not just the global English citizens that use WordPress, but also citizens of countries like the middle east. Here’s a wonderful plugin that’s dubbed MW Font Changer — enabling a selection of fonts that’s related to the Persian and Arabic languages, but also some Latin mix in the middle. You’ll have access to a separate font editing dashboard where you’ll be able to change fonts for the inside of your admin dashboard, but also for unique CSS classes and id’s based on where you want to add and change the fonts.


Google Fonts for WordPress

Sometimes, you only need to change the typography and the entire online presence improves. If you would like to enhance your website or blog with new fonts or just to try out different variations, Google Fonts for WordPress is the plugin you should consider. Right after installing and activating the tool, you gain access to hundreds upon hundreds of fonts, ready and set for you to use them. This gives you more than enough options to find the right fonts for your online project.

Google Fonts for WordPress sports a live customizer preview that lets you take a peek at fonts real-time. Moreover, Google Fonts for WordPress works with any theme and is also 100% translation ready. Of course, there is no coding required to add custom fonts to your page when utilizing this plugin.


Custom Fonts

If you would like to introduce custom fonts to your web space – hence the name – Custom Fonts is one fine solution for you. When customizing your website, one of the elements you would like to edit is typography. Sure, every WordPress theme comes with its own pack, but you can always implement other fonts if you find it necessary. With Custom Fonts, you can do it seamlessly, without the need to have any prior experience.

Bear in mind, Custom Fonts currently works with Astra theme, as well as Beaver Builder theme, Elementor and Beaver Builder plugin. The setup process is quick and straightforward. After you install and activate the plugin, you can then upload fonts in loads of different formats (.woff2, .woff, .ttf, .svg, .eot). When you complete uploading the fonts, you can already start using them – as simple as it sounds.


Font Awesome

Along with adding custom fonts to your WordPress website, chances are, you would also want to enrich the experience with outstanding icons. To do so, just pick up Font Awesome free plugin and you are ready to roll. The extension fully supports both Font Awesome Free and Font Awesome Pro. It offers you to get hit with new icons instantly after they are officially released. No need to do any manual work.

Moreover, if you were using the old version of the plugin so far, it is time to upgrade and enjoy all the new edition’s perks. Needless to say, the upgrade will happen smoothly, without a hitch. With that in mind, waste no more time and take your online appearance to new heights with custom icons alongside some fine and sophisticated fonts that other plugins deliver.


Japanese fonts for WordPress

There is almost no need to explain what this next custom font plugin for WordPress is all about. Whether you a Japanese individual who is looking to start his or her personal blog or you would like to expand your existing website’s reach to new languages, get your hands on Japanese fonts for WordPress. Installing and activating the plugin is pretty much identical to all other WordPress extensions you ever added to your page. In other words, it is simple and quick.

Japanese fonts for WordPress also follow all the latest trends and regulations, coming fully compatible with the new Gutenberg builder. Notice, you need to enable Gutenberg support to be able to use it when creating new content. That’s that, add Japanese fonts to your WordPress website or blog and shine online.


Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colours

Styleguide also wants to tap into your Customizer feature of WordPress, and give you the most straightforward experience for adding new fonts to your WordPress blog. The settings are few, but concise. You can select fonts for headers and body text, but you can also change up the color scheme to reflect the fonts different characteristics on your own designs. Developers can extend Styleguide and add it to their own theme development projects to make it easier for clients and customers themselves to make custom changes for the fonts that they wish to use with their blogs, with a library of fonts as big as Google Fonts — they’re surely going to find something that sticks.


Zeno Font Resizer

Settling for set configurations in typography is a tough cookie to crack. It’s difficult to figure out, the kind of audience that is mostly reading our content. Are these people with 20/20 vision? Do they have difficulties reading small fonts? Are they annoyed by fonts that are too big? The list of possibilities goes on.. but Zeno Font Resizers takes all those concerns and solves them with a single plugin. It’s quite possible that you’ve seen other websites use a font resizer before, it’s the 3 “AAA” letters that go up in sizes, whenever a user selects a particular size, the font-size of the whole page’s content is also changed.

The plugin at hand, Zeno, uses JS and jQuery to integrate that functionality. And users won’t have to worry about re-selecting their prefered font-size, because Zeno will save a cookie within the user’s browser history, and deliver the same font-size the next time they come to read your blog. A handy plugin even if you haven’t thought of such functionality before. It really helps mobile users to set up a more friendly content reading environment.


WP Font Awesome

Want an accessible way to plug Font Awesome into your WP blog? Just get the WP Font Awesome plugin. All functionality is shortcode based, so you can literally plug the fonts anywhere on your blog where shortcodes are supported, and if you’ve used WordPress for long enough, you’ll know that WordPress supports shortcodes literally anywhere, even directly into your core PHP files.


Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit is the premium fonts service from Adobe. Typekit’s reputation is high for being a consistent provider of high-quality web fonts that work great in all situations. The customer support that Typekit users are able to receive has been unmatched by the industry; they also actively support social media channels and listen to the user feedback there, get in touch if you’re running into difficulties to get your Typekit platform to work. Typekit works with cloud services as it does with websites, there’s just so much to this service and all that makes it so great. Typekit Fonts for WordPress is the plugin that extends Typekit functionality to your WordPress blog so that your readers can also enjoy the highly rewarding benefits of stylish and professional fonts.


Arabic Webfonts

Arabic Webfonts allows you to add your own Arabic fonts to wordPress. The plugin supports Customizer so you’re always capable of previewing the end result before pushing out real changes in your production theme.


WP SVG Icons

We’re friendly with SVG. Please explore our past publications on free SVG management tools, and also a selection of SVG animation examples; and where the web is headed in this particular category. WP SVG Icons plugs in a library of nearly 500 unique SVG icons. What happens then, is that your WP blog gets a nice little addon of SVG icons, but because they are SVG — they add incredible performance benefits to your overall blog health. And who can deny the importance of performance, especially when search engines consider website performance a ranking factor. These icons are a set of web-fonts, and are extremely scalable. Meaning they will not degrade in quality the larger they get.

Another great feature of this plugin is the ability to use the same icons across all devices. No need to generate Retina specific images for mobile devices. By setting a max-width on the icon, it then becomes responsive. This plugin is also great for developers who use icons on multiple sites and want to avoid the hassle of re-installing web fonts onto a new server every time. With this plugin its one click and you’re ready to begin working. You can use these anywhere in your themes.


WP Ionic Icons

WP Ionic Icons enables the Ionic Icons support in your blog with the help of shortcodes. These are modern and very stylish icons that will be best suitable for business and creative agency websites that want to make their designs flourish.


Premium Custom Fonts Plugins for WordPress

That was a stellar collection of custom fonts plugins for WordPress, we couldn’t have meant to make the collection much more in-depth than we did. You’ve already learned about so many great fonts plugins for WordPress, but are you ready for what is coming next? We’ve got just a few more selections to show you, but we must caution that these come from a premium marketplace, so you’ll need to invest some finances if you want to get access to all those goodies that the next few plugins are offering. We recommend them all, because we know they’re coming from a trustworthy resource, and the plugins themselves have been carefully developed by industry leading developers.

Font Uploader

Forget about those fancy font providers, just start using your own fonts. Either build your own, or hire someone else to create them for you.. the Font Uploader will give you the tools that you need in order to upload your custom fonts and specify their use in any particular design aspect of your WordPress blog. At fifteen bucks a piece, it’s a steal for such an incredible feature.


FontPress – WordPress Font Manager

FontPress empowers your WordPress blog with some juicy fonts from the webs best font resources: Google, Typekit, Cufons, and your own custom font faces are also supported. With more than a thousand sales already, there’s a reason people love FontPress. The reason why we love it so much is because of a particular shortcode it provides. Basically, you can use any of your fonts within a shortcode to create a custom font text experience. What could possibly be more enjoyable than that if you have big admiration for design, and you all already know that we do.


iOS7 Style Font Icons

Love Apple? Love iOS? Own an iPhone? An Apple addict? If you answered Yes to at least one of those questions, then the iOS7 Font Icons are for you! All the lovable iOS7 icons that you already know so well can now be incorporated in your own WordPress blog, and you can use them in any way imaginable; in posts, in widgetized areas, anywhere literally.


Styler – Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP

Styler is similar to Styles, that popular WordPress style customization plugin we mentioned earlier on. It is different in the area of providing many set resources that have been in-built within the core of the plugin, further enhancing the experience of allowing you to create your own custom styles and designs of your WP theme that you’re at the time using.


WooCommerce Beautifier

This is something slightly different compared to all the other plugins that you find in this collection. If you are running an online store based on WooCommerce and you would like to enhance its look, WooCommerce Beautifier is the tool that will do you well. The name of the plugin goes straight to the point, giving you all the rights to modify your eCommerce page and all WooCommerce elements to a T. For instance, customize fonts, colors, design and style of your store’s front and internal sections.

WooCommerce Beautifier is compatible with all the themes that you can find on the market. What’s more, you can also save and export your template creations so you will not have to repeat the process over and over again. Fine-tune the look of your web space with WooCommerce Beautifier and make a difference.