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28 Web Design Lead Generation Tips

Initially, lead generation is a smart method of getting inquiries from potential customers. This is a working way to get prospects engaged. Businesspeople used to use lead generation long before the appearance of digital marketing, e.g., trade shows or presentations with early-bird sales. Needless to say, lead generation became even more powerful with the rise of the Internet.

In 2019, any successful business has a professional website. Businessmen all over the globe want to run a lead generation website to boost conversions. In fact, the way your website looks and works does influence lead gen. You should know a lot about it to attract people to a business online project.

Why Do You Need a Lead Gen Website?

Lead Generation


You may not know how lead gen works, and that is what this post is going to be about. I’ve also added several examples of successful lead gen website usage. However, I’m sure you’ve seen designs that generate leads a lot of times. They are almost everywhere nowadays!

To make a long story short, a smartly crafted lead generation can enable any business to:

  • get more website traffic,
  • increase conversion rate,
  • showcase the needed products or services,
  • integrate with social media,
  • improve SEO, etc.

10 Vital Lead Generation Statistics

lead generation statistics


Without a doubt, the modern market is full of products and services that promise to bring more traffic. Still, not all of them are worthy of your time and money. Talking about lead gen, it works not only for B2C but B2B businesses as well. According to the lead gen statistics, in 2019, we can see the next data.

  1. Email marketing is the most commonly used (78%) lead gen-related strategy. It is followed by event marketing (73%) and content marketing (67%).
  2. 85% of all B2B marketers say lead gen is their most vital content marketing goal.
  3. Also, 50+% say they spend more than half of the budget on the lead generation needs.
  4. 46% of marketers with well-planned lead management strategies have sales teams who follow up on more than 75% of leads.
  5. Organic search, SEM/PPC advertising, and word of mouth referrals are the top sources of new business.
  6. 93% of B2B companies claim content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies.
  7. 81% of businesses report that blog posts are important or critical in generating leads
  8. Website owners with projects of 401-1000 pages get 6x times more leads than projects with 51-100 pages.
  9. B2B companies that run blogs generate 67% more leads than companies that don’t.
  10. 42% of organizations believe email is one of their most effective lead generation channels.

As you can see, there are many benefits of qualified leads using. But, what is more important, there are many ways you can use the mechanism to increase the number of visitors. Would you like to finally increase the activity of your business or personal website? In this case, don’t stop reading because there are lots of tips waiting for you below.

Track The Lead Generation Progress

track the lead generation process


Here is the lead generation tip many beginners usually forget about. The thing is that you should benchmark the current state of lead gen before you even begin. It’s important to do because that is how you can track the progress. With it, the site owner can determine which website areas need the biggest improvement.

To start with, these are the most common ways to improve visitor engagement:

  • email marketing brings you traffic from viewers that click-through the site from emails,
  • blog posts give you traffic from the most popular articles,
  • social media attracts users to your website when you use SM integration,
  • live chat and contact form brigs traffic from prospects who reach out to your customer service,
  • CTA buttons improve visitor engagement and make people do a particular action.

Once you understood where the activity comes from, it is time to transform visitors into leads.

10+2 Lead Gen Email Subject Line Tips



Following the marketing statistics, 47% of today’s marketers test subject lines. People do it to optimize the performance of their emails. It is an essential step as you need a compelling email to get prospects engaged. Keep in mind that the chosen email subject line should not only be compelling but businesslike.

So, how to get it? In a word, the perfect subject line should make viewers want to read the message. It also should include an honest representation of your services. Most professionals use different free line testers to make their emails prospect-friendly. You should try it too.

How to write catchy email subject lines?

  1. First things first, keep it short. These days, more than 77% of email opens take place on small-screened devices. It means that a viewer opens your email because they have some free time. And you don’t want to waste it, do you? That is why I recommend you to use no more than 50 characters in a subject line. With it, you can be sure a person will scan the email.
  2. Prefer using familiar sender names and never use no-reply sender name. Trustworthy relations between customer and business owners is what really important. Show people their opinion matter and let customers answer your emails.
  3. Segment your lists and personalize the experience using info from the actions a prospect has already taken. You should learn how to segment the lists depending on your business type.
  4. Try using personalization tokens, like name or location. Use them in subject lines to grab a viewers’ attention and increase the clickthrough rate. The latest researches show that emails with recipients’ names in subjects have higher click through rates than emails without personalization tokens.
  5. Let your would-be-customers enjoy the intrigue! Never tell a recipient what is inside the email. When it comes to lead generation, subject lines should make people want to open an email.
  6. Use the right timing. Study your audience with analytics to see when most people open your emails. Find the perfect time to send them so that there will be more people to read your emails.
  7. The more clear your subject line is, the better. In fact, people scan their inboxes with lightning-fast speed. Seeing that, I recommend you to choose a concise subject line instead of a complex one. Also, avoid using flowery language in your emails.
  8. Make your prospects feel special. Show a person that you have a cool offer or a sale especially for them. You can do it with a little help of the right phrasing. For example, use such phrases as “my personal gift” or “private invite”.
  9. Use numbers because the audience likes it. No secret, most of the modern businesses send emails that include various stats. Well, it is a proven way to catch the attention of a prospect. Use statistics and numbers to craft straightforward messages.
  10. Ask compelling questions right in the subject line.
  11. Don’t overuse CAPS!
  12. Use engaging preview texts.

Use Popups for Lead Generation

Use popups


Before we moved to the next step, I want you to take care of the popups you use. What is a popup? Well, shortly, a popup is a web design element that appears on a page when a visitor males a certain action. For example, when you enter a website for the first time, you will see a small window. It is usually located in the center of a screen and offers your something e.g., newsletter subscription, free eBook, etc. There are such popups, as:

  • Subscribe Newsletter popup,
  • Countdown popup,
  • Contact Us popup,
  • Discount popup,
  • Yes/ No popup,
  • Info Card popup,
  • GDPR popup,
  • Cookie Policy popup, etc.

To make things clear, here is what you should know about popups.

  1. Popups can be initiated by a single or double mouse click. So, it appears automatically as soon as a visitor performs this action(s).
  2. They can also be initiated by a rollover.
  3. Sometimes popups are initiated by voice command.
  4. Thee web design elements can be timed to occur.
  5. Popup window will always be smaller than the background window or interface.
  6. It always has some call-to-actions texts.
  7. Popups can be generated by the security holes in browser security.

Although these are the simple web design elements, popups are important for lead gen. With their help, you can collect customer contact information to use for newsletters. That is why your popups should come with a professional design. They should also harmonize with the rest of your online project, and they should not be too annoying. Therefore, make sure a visitor sees newsletter popup no more than twice per day.

5 Tips to Craft CTAs that Convert

5 Tips to Craft CTAs that Convert


At the outset, call-to-actions are small but crucial web design elements. They should make visitors take a particular action you want them to take. Thus, the main task of a properly created CTA is to interest a prospect and navigate them somewhere. You can introduce your company with the help of CTAs or even make people download a free sample of your work.

By tradition, CTAs come in the form of a web design button but not all the time. They can also be images, icons, or simply linked texts. The thing is that any component of your website can be CTA. It can be anything that improves the conversion rate and directs visitors with a clear core message. For these simple reasons, in 2019, any business type needs a professionally created CTA.

How to design a CTA that converts?

Uber CTA example


  1. Study the meaning of colors to get an effective CTA button. You should understand that different colors awoke different emotions. When chosen smartly, a CTA will bring the needed reaction. And also don’t forget that people can have some associations with the colors you use. For example, you don’t want your CTA button to be gray because a website visitor may think the link is disabled. Nowadays, the most popular CTA colors are orange, green, and blue.
  2. When crafting the design of a CTA button, make it simple. Even if you are right in creativity, you don’t need this button to be complicated. All in all, CTA is the element that needs to be easy-to-understand. Still, you can experiment with gradients, shadowing and other cues, just make sure you don’t overuse them.
  3. Use click triggers to generate leads with CTA buttons. When working on this step, you need to select the most visible advantages of your services. Shortly speaking, you have to show a website visitor why the call-to-action button is worthy of pushing. And you can use the button as a quick way to present some info but do it cleverly. There is no need to put too much text; 2-4 words would be enough.
  4. Sizing your CTA buttons is what you should also work on. Make sure you have found a golden mean. With it, your button should not be too small or too big, but it should be noticeable. You can use the rule of thumb that will also help with the mobile version of the site.
  5. Keep an eye on the design of your CTA. It should harmonize with the rest of your website. And it should stand out at the same time. To create an attention-grabbing CTA button, I recommend you to use contrasting colors. There are lots of free color contrast checkers to use for these reasons.

7 Blog Posts Lead Gen Tips

Monstroid2 blog post example


As it has already been mentioned, in 2019, blog posts make another popular way to improve conversion rate. The thing is that any online presence would be good for lead generation purposes. Following the HubSpot survey, companies that have 30+ landing page websites generated 7x more leads than the ones with 5 or fewer pages. So, let’s imagine that you already have a landing page or a full-featured website. What should you do to generate more interest in your services?

Blog content creation is the next proven and non-invasive way to increase website activity. Using web design for lead generation is as easy as ABC. You just need to know the main rules, and that is where lead gen meets SEO. To put it briefly, Search Engines Optimization is a smart mechanism that influences the reputation of your site. In case the website is SEO-friendly, Google and other search engines will quickly notice it.

These are the must-haves your blog should have to attract people:

  • responsive design,
  • Search Engines Optimization,
  • readable fonts,
  • icons,
  • visual effects,
  • content elements,
  • user-friendly features, etc.

Without a doubt, any page of your website should be SEO-friendly but especially blog posts. Organic website visitors who come from Google expect your blog to contain the information they are looking for. It makes another way of website lead gen.

Here are a few tips on how to craft the blog that boosts conversion:

  1. You should avoid using click bates to keep a good reputation.
  2. Use relevant keywords. They will help search engines and visitors to see what your blog content is about.
  3. Make in-depth research to see which topics are popular in your business industry. Then create a group of posts related to these topics.
  4. Divide your blog posts into categories. Use subcategories if needed. It will improve visitor navigation and SEO rates.
  5. Make sure you publish posts regularly. It is the most important thing to get the attention of both search engines and your prospects. You can use checklists and plan your future posts long before you actually publish them.
  6. Ask the opinion of your readers in every post and always reply to comments.
  7. Create giveaways and special offers you can write about in your blog.

When it comes to the design of your website, there is one more thing you can do. I recommend you to showcase the most popular blog posts on the homepage. Needless to say, all publications should be clickable. Let people open them in a separate window so that it won’t interrupt viewers.

4 Social Media Lead Gen Tips

social media lead generation tips


Undoubtedly, social media already became a huge part of our lives, and your prospects will not make an exception. In 2019, SM has a great impact on modern society and that is why it is also a working form of lead generation. How does it work? Well, there is nothing complicated. Traffic just comes from a website visitor who engages in a campaign through your SM profile. You can also use some SM adds.

Now the main question is: how to design your business website? View the tips below.

  1. Use social login to let visitors enter your website via their SM profiles. This is a must-have because we live in the days of customers’ comfort. Today’s prospects are a bit spoiled, so let’s get some use of it! Logging to your business site via SM save visitor’s time and brings you social traffic.
  2. Integrate your online project with such well-known SM platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Then create an Instagram/Pinterest gallery and put it right on the landing page or on the main page.
  3. Add social sharing option. It allows people to share your posts with their followers via different social media. Needless to say, this step is meant to bring more people to your website content.
  4. Look for the Collections feature if you have an eCommerce site. This is a simple but working way of lead generation. It allows visitors to create collections with your products and share them as albums on SM platforms.

Visitor Communications Lead Gen Tips

visitor lead generation tips


Last but not least, communications with your prospects also make a way of lead generation. I mean you do need such handy tools as live chats and contact forms to improve customer engagement. These web design elements come in the pack of any worthy website theme or template. They are lightweight, easy-in-use, and do not require special knowledge. However, with the help of a properly created live chat, you can get more traffic from would-be-clients.



FAQ page is another popular businessman-customer communication way that leads gen. Plus, it is another must-have any winning business website should come with. If you are offering some products or services, don’t forget to add FAQ section to the web design. In most cases, it increases sales but not only! Here are the main reasons you need FAQ section  to:

  • increase conversions,
  • create a loyal and trustworthy relationship with prospects,
  • show the advantages of using your services,
  • empower people to find answers that will make them want to work with you,
  • save the time of your visitors,
  • further your working process, and much more.

So how should your website look to improve the bounce rate? There should be a separate page for a contact form, like the “Contact Us” page. By filling out the form, a website visitors send their questions or order directly to the site owner. With its help, you get the customer’s email, phone number, and name which you need for emails. There should also be a live chat window. Make it sticky so that the window remains in the corner on a page while visitors are scrolling it. And, obviously, don’t forget to place your contacts in the headers and footer.

Final checklist for better lead generation

As you can see, there are many ways to attract prospects to the needed products or services. To sum everything up, here is what you need to create a working lead generation website:

  • make the site navigation easy,
  • design proper popups,
  • focus on your target audience and study its needs,
  • keep landing page (or your homepage) well-structured,
  • use categories, tags, and keywords,
  • don’t overload your website or its pages with content elements,
  • integrate with popular SM platforms,
  • look for trendy lead gen features, like Collections,
  • use catchy headlines for blog posts and emails,
  • add live chat, quick contact form, and FAQ page,
  • use bright colors for CTA buttons,
  • let visitors share your website content with followers.
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