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vinyl record mockup
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24 Best Vinyl Record Mockup Templates 2020

For everyone who runs a music label, these best free and premium vinyl record mockup templates will help you on your journey. Despite all the different music listening methods available today, still, millions of people around the world prefer turntables and photographs. Let’s face it, nothing beats the sound of a good old vinyl record. Not just that, but vinyl records are one of the only music mediums that last forever if stored correctly.

Every beautiful and photo-realistic vinyl record mockup that you find in the collection below is fully editable and adjustable. In many cases, you can edit and improve both the case and the record label. The entire process takes you just a few clicks once you have the design ready to go.

Without further ado, if you are about to release new music, do it with style and fashion and use the timeless vinyl. If you are just the slightest music enthusiast, you know that vinyl records are coming back. Not just that, you might be a collector yourself. Waste no more time, take action now and increase the hype for the new release with a life-like presentation of a vinyl.

Mockup of a Man Holding a Vinyl Cover at a Music Store

mockup of a man holding a vinyl cover at a music store
Once you have the design for a vinyl record ready, there is one smart move you would want to do before the physical product. It’s to use a mockup and see its life-like version. Not just that, but you can employ this same photorealistic presentation for starting raising hype and promoting the new release on different online platforms. Here is a nifty solution featuring a man holding a vinyl record at a music store. With a working area of 1600 x 1600 px, you can easily and effortlessly slide in your design and make it appear on the template in the snap of a finger.

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Mockup of Two Vinyl Records

mockup of two vinyl records
While the case of a vinyl matter a whole lot, its the record design that you would want to style accordingly, too. As for the latter, here is a mockup of two vinyl records that feature a fully editable background. With an option to include two different designs, you can play around with variations, as well as present front and back aka A and B side of a vinyl record. Moreover, you can also alter the background with any color you want, as well as add a call-to-action and a graphic. Even though you will undergo a 100% in-browser editing, you still have quite the freedom to establish the presentation that will be exactly to your liking.

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Mockup of a Vinyl Record in a Minimalistic Setting

mockup of a vinyl record in a minimalistic setting
A full-blown vinyl record mockup featuring both the case and the record. With that in mind, indeed, you can style both items, creating a life-like demonstration that will help you raise sales. Whether you are utilizing a mockup purely for testing, to see how the design will look real-time, you can also use it for marketing and even on your online store. Along with individually improving the cover and the record, you can also change the color of the cover, the label and the background. Enhance the default appearance accordingly and shine online with a new vinyl release.

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Hands Holding Vinyl Record Mockup

hands holding vinyl record mockup
To go straight to the business, here is an amazing mockup of hand holding a vinyl record. You can fully edit and adjust both the case and the background. In little to no time, you will have an entirely customized version ready to go. Whether you work with a client or you would like to add a new creation to your portfolio, use this template and make a difference. You even have an option to add a text overlay in case of a call-to-action or any other message you would like to share. Make it yours and get the hype going strong.

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Vinyl Record Cover Mockup

vinyl record cover mockup
If you would like to keep things simple, yet creative, grab this vinyl record mockup now. It features the case, leaning on a two-colored wall while standing on an editable surface. With an option to edit all three background colors and the vinyl label, you can either make the appearance as colorful as you want or keep things clean and sophisticated. Thanks to all the different options and functions, you can quickly come up with a bunch of different versions that will help you find the winner quicker. You can always go back to the drawing board, reset your work and start the fun process all over again.

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Mockup of a Woman Staring at Vinyl Record

mockup of a woman staring at vinyl record
A cup of hot tea while examining your new purchase in great detail, what else you want in life? If you would like to bring the photo-realistic presentation of a vinyl record to a whole new level, do it now with this mockup. With the artwork available, it only takes you a few clicks, and you can already have the end product ready to go. To top it all up, you do all the editing in-browser, over on the handy Placeit platform. Nope, you do not even need to use Adobe Photoshop and still have a chance to create a striking outcome that will amaze everyone.

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Vinyl Mockup Featuring a Cool Woman

vinyl mockup featuring a cool woman
Another cool and trendy vinyl record mockup template that you should not miss checking out. Creating the design for the case is one thing, but having it printed can be a whole new story. That said, never run into issues by employing a mockup first and go from there. A mockup is also a great solution for gaining new inspiration, as well as to share your ideas with your client. The working area of the vinyl case is 1600 x 1600 px, and you can also edit the color. Upload your image, alter the tint if necessary and have it all set and ready to go.

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Mockup Featuring a Woman Holding a Vinyl Record

mockup featuring a woman holding a vinyl record
Is there are a better way of displaying your new music release than with a woman, holding the vinyl wile at the record label store? I know, right, you almost cannot get any better than that. To your luck, you can now create this same situation with a simple to use mockup. Head over to Placeit, and you can have the finished product ready to impress and amaze folks and music fans in a snap of a finger. You will only believe me how fast and easy the process is once you undergo it yourself. Upload your masterpiece (1600 x 1600 px), change the color of the case, append a text overlay and the work is completed.

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Mockup of a Woman Holding a Vinyl Record in Front of Her Face

mockup of a girl holding a vinyl cover in front of her face
Would you like to push the new vinyl record straight into their face? Well, you can now do that with this nifty, cool and attention-grabbing mockup template. It features a woman, at the record label store, holding her favorite vinyl in front of her face. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a fun way of displaying the artwork for the new release. Have in mind, you can freely use this mockup on social media and increase the hype for the new music. As a designer, you can also send it to your client and help them better visualize the end product.

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Mockup of a Vinyl Album Cover

mockup of a vinyl album cover
An exciting and easy to use vinyl record mockup template for you to take to your total advantage. Whether it is hip-hop, country, classical, rock or metal artist you work with, chances are, they are releasing a vinyl record, too. If that is the case, you can now make a presentation that will clearly knock everyone’s socks off. With the quick inclusion of your design, you can already see how the physical product would (and will) look. At this time, you can still perform any last tweaks and improvements necessary before sending it out for print.

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Vinyl Record Mockups

vinyl record mockups
A complete collection of twelve PSD files, featuring all the possible angles of the case and the vinyl record itself. With that in mind, you can fully change and improve all the elements of each mockup and make it follow your regulations and requirements precisely. Have in mind, you can also adjust the background and entirely personalize the experience. You are just short moments away from bringing into being a presentation that will spark everyone’s interest. You can also use this bundle of mockups for an assortment of different artists, as it is easily editable. Last but not least, thanks to the highest of quality, close-ups display even the smallest elements in great detail.

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Vinyl Mockup

realistic vinyl mockup
Another complete set of vinyl record mockup templates for you to take to your benefit. From the vinyl record label and color to cover and the inside of the case, you can modify it all and then some. The background is also adjustable, so you create a presentation that follows branding regulations to a T. One mockup even comes with a turntable that you can utilize to showcase the vinyl record in use. Tons of options, adjustable shadows, layered files, high-resolution, you name it, you get it all carefully packed into one bundle of goodies.

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7-Inch Vinyl Mockup

7-inch vinyl mockup
If you are particularly interested in creating a life-like presentation of a 7-inch vinyl, you came to the right place. Along with the vinyl record, you also get the case which you can edit to the very last detail. Tanks to the smart object layer, you slide in your creation with a drag and drop method. In just a click, you can already see your design appear either on the case or on the record. Fine-tune the background, too, and make the overall appearance practice the necessary wants and needs precisely. You definitely need not start from scratch, pick the mockup that fits your taste the most and boost your workflow.

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Record Album Mockups

record album mockups
For everyone who is all about simplicity and minimalism, we bring you a set of five different PSD mockups of a vinyl record. Download and import the mockups to Adobe Photoshop and unlock yourself the creative freedom right away. You can change the design, the color, the background and even alter the shadows according to your meticulous taste. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can now have a full-blown presentation ready to roll. Make a demonstration of a vinyl record and case that pops and enjoy the response. Due to the quick editing, you can also come up with a whole bunch of different variations first before going with the winner.

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Vinyl Record Mockup Template

vinyl record mockup template
To enrich your portfolio, your website, your blog, your social media or amaze your clients, take this cool, clean and modern vinyl record mockup to your total advantage. It is an easy to use tool that anyone easily gets the most out of it. Have in mind, due to the amazing organization and layered structure, you do not need to be an expert to edit and adjust the mockup. With the design for both the case and the record ready to go, anyone and everyone can include it to the mockup in just a click. You can also add or remove the background and truly craft the presentation that is to your likings.

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Vinyl Album Record Mockup

vinyl album record mockup
To give the presentation of a vinyl record a realistic and vintage feel, this is the mockup that you should not miss checking out. The mockup is a small breeze to use in any software you fancy. Just attach your design and see the realistic version of it appear in front of your eyes right away. You can then use the outcome anywhere on the web, you fancy. And if you work with a client, feel free to send them the demonstration of the design and see whether or not it matches their taste. If you are in need of something different, this could be it!

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Vinyl Record Mockup 2

vinyl record mockup 2
A whole bunch of impressive and remarkable vinyl record mockups with a super photo-realistic finish to them. With one set of goodies, you can create a presentation that will bend everyone’s mind. There are a total of twelve different PSD files ready to use out of the box. Also, you can choose between 12 x 12 and 4 x 4 inch covers, which you can edit via the smart objects. The record, the case and the turntable, it is all there, at your fingertips. You can also refine and improve all the different elements of each mockup, so it follows the necessary regulations precisely.

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Vinyl Record Mockups Pack

vinyl record mockups pack
Simplicity and creativity are the two main characteristics of this next vinyl record mockup set. For your information, the package of mockups treats you to eleven PSD files, all changeable and adjustable according to your liking. Have in mind, the high-resolution (6000 x 4000 px) makes sure the outcome is crystal clear even in a close-up. To start the editing process, double click the smart object layer and slide in your design. In some instances, this is all the work that needs to be done. Still, you can improve and enhance the appearance further, so it presents the vinyl in the best possible light.

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A collection of best free vinyl record mockup templates

Free Vinyl Record Mockup

free download vinyl record mockup
We already provided a broad range of different premium vinyl record mockup templates that you can use for outstanding presentations. However, to continue the hype, we have several more free alternatives here in store for you.
Although a free tool, the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. The mockup features both the case and the record, both modifiable and alterable with your designs. On top of that, you can also fine-tune and improve the background to form a killer demonstration of the new vinyl record. Download the mockup, import it to Photoshop and utilize the handy smart object layer.

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Free Vinyl Record Mockup in PSD

free vinyl record mockup in psd
Although you do not need to spend a dime when using this vinyl record mockup, the end product will still be of the highest degree. A simple and modern bundle of the vinyl record and case for your convenience. Of course, you can attach your design to both items, as well as change the background to any color or pattern, heck, even an image, you fancy. The design of the vinyl label is 3.5 x 3.5 inches and the case 12.3 x 12.3 inches in dimension. Instead of rocking a flat design, spice things up with a mockup and inspire everyone with something refreshing.

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Modern Vinyl Record Mockup

modern vinyl record mockup psd
You do not need to be a professional designer to use a vinyl record mockup successfully. In fact, you can be an utter beginner, yet the final product will still be first-class. On top of that, with a free template, you have nothing to lose but all to gain. That said, rush over to the download page, get the free modern mockup of a vinyl record and enrich it with your designs. Of course, you will gain access to both the case and the record, fully ready to sport any branding, designs and artworks. The method of improving the appearance is swift and straightforward, so everyone gets the most out of it.

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Free Vinyl Plus Headphones Mockup

free vinyl plus headphones mockup
If you would like to level things up and create an engaging and attention-grabbing presentation, this is the free vinyl record mockup you should consider. It features a pair of headphones and the vinyl on a bright, yellow surface. Thanks to the layered structure and smart objects, you can now style and edit the default look to your likings in just a few clicks. Instead of undergoing a tedious process of building a life-like demonstration from scratch, you can now make it happen with the use of a predefined mockup. Lastly, you can use the mockup free of charge both for personal and commercial projects.

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Vinyl Record Plus Case Mockup

vinyl record plus case mockup
When coming up with the design for a vinyl record, all you need is a mockup to bring it to realization. This gives you a better understanding of how the physical product will look without making an actual test run. Save yourself time, energy and keep away from any possible inconvenience by employing a free vinyl record mockup. This particular set comes both with the case and the record. Needless to say, you can style both items with your remarkable designs and artworks and see them appear on the mockup immediately. Use the outcome on the web and market new music releases like a pro.

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Vinyl Record Cover Free Mockup

vinyl record cover free mockup
Quickly and effortlessly, you can now come up with a life-like demonstration of fresh vinyl. Nope, you do not even need to have an actual product and take a professional shot of it. With a free vinyl record mockup, you can create a realistic presentation that will turn heads. This template comes with a fully editable case and background, making sure the outcome follows your or your client’s regulations precisely. It comes as a layered PSD file with smart objects, offering you to lift up the appearance to level eleven speedily. You can add texts and designs, change the color scheme and have the finished product all set and ready to go swiftly.

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