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The Most Trending WordPress Themes Of The Future

The Most Trending WordPress Themes of the Future

As a successful business owner, you want to get as much as possible. Great, for you! But are you keeping pace with the growing innovations in the technological landscape? What about your website? The following list of the most trending WordPress themes of the future can help make the future of your brand exciting, to say at least. No matter your niche, providing a valuable customer experience is the key. If your website doesn’t serve you, it’s time for a redesign. Your customers expect that you’ll meet them where they are. So, don’t disappoint them.

Today, you’ll have access to a wealth of premium WordPress themes without a doubt. Most of them are built to ensure a seamless site-building experience. No matter how skilled you are, forget about those tricky coding issues. Today, everything you might need to build a modern online presence is right at your fingertips. The best way to start is to think of your website as your ID card in the world of business. From that point, it’ll be easier for you to find the right solution amongst the sea of available ones.

To make your hunt even more comfortable, we made the list of the most trending WordPress themes that deserve your attention. Coded in line with the best web design practices, each of them lets your website stay on the heap even in the future. No matter what innovations and technologies are here to stay, encourage your users to engage with your products or services. So, let’s make the first step for marketing success. 

The List of the Most Trending WordPress Themes To Market Your Business Online

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Drone Media-min

A great place to start is to give Drone Media a shot. New, fresh and stylish, Drone Media makes the list of the most trending WordPress themes of the future. The use of drones is going to be increased without a doubt. So, you need to take advantage of that. It’s a great choice for those in the aerial photography and videography niche. Of course, it’s fully responsive and responds to all modern mobile devices in a jiffy. Also, it’s a perfect match for those who’d like to get creative. With its handy Customizer, changing, adding or deleting design elements would be as simple as that. On top of that, who said you can’t sell things online? Drone Media is a WooCommerce ready option, so get your hands wet into eCommerce from day one. Finally, it’s compatible with the Booked Appointments plugin, so manage your appointments like a pro.

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Smart Casa | Home Automation & Technologies WordPress Theme

Smart Casa-min

When it comes to online business, having an effective website is crucial. It’ll be even more crucial in the future. Smart home technologies are evolving day by day and bring more opportunities for both customers and business owners. So, if you’re a part of this niche, give Smar Casa a try. Modern & responsive, it stands out from the other most trending WordPress themes on the list. It fits home automation services businesses, artificial intelligence companies and those who deal with home automation apps. The beauty of Smart Casa is its flexibility. As such, you can use it for an interior design, architecture firm or furniture manufacturing. All in all, a set of pre-designed pages for all occasions would be a huge help for that. Nothing to say about custom shortcodes that save your time & effort right from the start. Let’s grow your business.

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DroneX | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

DroneX Aerial-min

Nothing can ever replace the website. No matter your niche, it’s a valuable piece of online ‘real estate’ for your business. If you’re a part of a creative niche, having a spot that promotes you & your brand is key. DroneX is a fresh & stylish specimen of the most trending WordPress themes you need to try right away. It’s a perfect match for aerial photography and videography web projects that aim to market their business online. You can also use DroneX for a corporate business or private organization, event agency or camera operator services. No matter what web project you’ll end up with, DroneX might come quite handy. Responsive from the ground up, it ensures your website will look awesome on all modern mobile devices. And the best thing is that DroneX is built with Elementor. Want more goodies? It’s time to give it a try.

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Revirta | Personal Virtual Assistant & Secretary WordPress Theme


Your website is the place where you can market and sell your products. It’s your personal spot to build relationships, generate leads, test ideas, and more. Are you ready to put your message out into the world? Do it right with Revirta and let potential customers find you. Modern & clean, it’s a great choice for a virtual personal assistant, advisor, or manager. Simply put, you have a set of necessary skills, now it’s time to promote what you can. First, Revirta comes with 6 beautiful pre-designed homepage layouts, so choose the one that lights your fire. Also, forget not that a set of premade pages would be especially helpful when promoting who you are and what you do. As a cherry on top, Revirta comes with CV Card functionality and ThemeREX Addons plugin. So, if you still struggle where to get started, Revirta is the solution.

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Ozisti | A Multi-Concept WooCommerce WordPress Theme Augmented Reality Store Ready

Make your website work for you. A website jam-packed with augmented reality functionality will be extremely helpful. No matter what eCommerce niche you are in, AR integration will work great for all of those. As such, you can sell just about anything and create AR experiences that engage and bring in even more leads. Trendy and fresh, Ozisti is GDPR & Gutenberg ready solution, so keep peace in mind your website is up to date. Also, it comes with the online currency switcher, Wish list & Compare list, interactive search and categories management. So, it’s your chance to spoil your users by convenience right from the start. Want to go global? No problem, Ozisti supports WPML plugin, so let your visitors enjoy your products or services worldwide. Isn’t it great? Make your site appear amongst the top pages of the search engine. Let’s do that.

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Albertino | Science Laboratory Research & Technology WordPress Theme


Want to make a big splash online? Why not do that with your website? Albertino could be the one-stop solution for you. Build not an online image but a spot that showcases the benefits of your prospect. Crafted with care, Albertino fits any science project, healthcare company or innovation center. You can also use it for a laboratory, research agency, science bureau or a corporate technology business firm. All in all, it’s up to you to decide how far to go with Albertino. One thing is certain, your possibilities are almost endless. So, what would you get with Albertino? Well, at first make the best use of a set of premade modules & dozens of custom shortcodes. That’s a great way to save time, so take action. Also, it comes with powerful donations functionality to help you raise funds. There are even more goodies for you to enjoy.

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HotLock | Locksmith & Security Systems WordPress Theme

It goes without saying that the design of a website is important. Even better, it should easy to use and navigate. It needs to effectively work for you and promote your products. If you’re looking for a solution ready to do that work for you, consider using HotLock. Fresh & modern, it’s a great solution for a security/guard firm, corporate business organization or an online store selling locks & security systems. In fact, it will suit for any other type of business that needs to showcase its products in a more appealing way. That’s why a set of pre-made pages would be a huge help for that purpose. As such, you can showcase your services like a pro. Forget not to place customer’s testimonials and indeed sell things online. And the best thing? Your site will respond to all modern mobile devices making browsing a special treat for your users.

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Ludos Paradise | Video Gaming Blog & Clan Esports WordPress Theme

Ludos Paradise-min

Innovations have forced brands to use new ways to reach out and engage with their customers. And the gaming industry is no exception. If you want your gaming brand to stay on the heap even in the future, consider using Ludos Paradise. This ultimate WP template is built specifically for gaming sites of all kinds. As such, you can use it for gaming news, shooting, strategy, sports or even educations web projects. First, it comes with an outstanding gaming design to make your brand more memorable. Need to create game live streams? No problem. Also, create advanced gaming forums & discussions thanks to the bbPress & BuddyPress compatibility. What about tournaments, charts or matches? Feel the freedom to create as many as you need. And on top of that, it lets you sell things online. Whether it’s gaming equipment or media files, do it on a go.

More info / Download Demo

WotaHub | Coworking Space WordPress Theme

Take a look at the advantages WotaHub can offer you here. First, it’s one of the most trending WordPress themes on this list. Second, coded in line with the best web design standards, it opens a flood of opportunities for you. Clean & modern, it’s a great solution for open space office rental, workshops, conference rooms or creative spaces. So, if you are an owner of a coworking space, look no further. WotaHub could be the number one option on your list. To begin with, it features the Events Calendar functionality to help you manage your events like a pro. Also, it offers a variety of pre-made pages to tell a story behind your brand. Indeed, a set of custom shortcodes would be a huge help when designing your website quicker. All in all, a set of premium plugins let you enhance the functionality of your site up to the level.

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Vixus | Startup & Mobile App WordPress Landing Page Theme


A website is your profile. It’s a spot your potential clients can get to you know your business, your products and how you can help them. Attract their attention with a website built with Vixus. Modern & powerful, it can help make your users fall in love with your product. Want to turn your visitors into your long-term loyal clients? That’s where Vixus can help. Designed specifically for mobile or web applications, it can help kick things up a notch. No matter what field your startup os working in, Vixus has something for everybody. The best thing is that Vixus is built with Elementor. The result? You’ll get an easy content editing ability even with a skill gap. Second, this specimen of the most trendy WordPress themes comes with a set of easy-to-manage page layouts. Finally, it’s responsive, optimized for SEO and comes with extra widget areas.

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A.Williams | A Personal Assistant & Administrative Services WordPress Theme

Today having an amazing set of skills alone won’t cut. These days you need to promote it as effectively as possible. You need a website to serve as a flag, waving clients over. No need to put your dreams on the ice when A.Williams can help. Responsive & colorful, it fits all kinds of personal assistant & administrative websites. Whether you need to represent who you are, promote your aids agency or show off your skills, do it right. Easy to edit and manage, A.Williams comes with the WPBakery page builder on board. As such, it lets you create new unique page layouts like a pro within minutes. To help you manage your meetings, the Booked Appointments plugin comes included in the package. Also, it’s compatible with the Instagram Feed, so it’s a great way to keep your users tuned. So, let’s create a strong visual presence for your services.

More info / Download Demo

Weedles | Virtual Reality Landing Page & Store WordPress Theme

Marketing your business online can be very beneficial for you. This is especially true if you aim to generate sales and find potential customers. Give Weedles a shot. Modern & vibrant, this WP template is designed specifically for a virtual reality landing page store. Simply put, it lets you build a promotional page for your VR products store, VR blog or online magazine. Indeed, it comes with a contemporary design that looks awesome on all modern mobile devices. Also, a set of pre-designed pages lets you save time when keeping your site in tip-top shape. Need to add even more new page layouts? No worries, the WPBakery page builder will come to the rescue. Add attention to your best-selling products by placing them right on your homepage sliders. Spoil your users by convenience & let the purchase your products without much thinking. Now go ahead and do a bit of exploring.

More info / Download Demo

Crework | Coworking and Creative Space WordPress Theme

Making your website visible on top of search results can make your business grow really fast. Competition amongst coworking brands has become really high. As a result, gaining traffic towards your website could be a real challenge. That’s where Crework can help. Powerful & modern, it stands out from the other most trending WordPress themes on this list. It comes with a contemporary design that fits coworking, open space, creative space agency or a workshops company. Anyway, flexible and easy to use, Crework can be customized as per your needs in no time. Just carve out your niche and see how far you can go with Crework. First, it comes with 3 beautiful pre-designed homepage layouts, so the choice is yours. Also, save time with a set of premade pages, which could be a huge help for you. The better you learn the goodies that come jam-packed, the better for you.

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CloudMe | Cloud Storage & File-Sharing Services WordPress Theme


Planning to set up a small business? Or are you on the hunt to finding a way to grow your business? No big difference, you’ve come to the right place. CloudMe could be one of the best options that come to mind. Powerful & stylish, it earns its place on this list of the most trending WordPress themes of the future. Why? Well, that’s rather obvious. It’s a great choice for any kind of technology website, cloud storage or file-sharing services. So, you can use it to represent your web hosting company or software business. All in all, you get a wide variety of options for attracting clients, displaying your services and introducing your team members. Forget not to include your subscription plans and pricing to spoil your users by convenience. Indeed, CloudMe comes with a responsive layout, WooCommerce integration, and multi-language support. And that’s only the beginning.

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Coworking | Open Office & Creative Space WordPress Theme

The Internet has connected everyone globally. Your open office can reach people far and wide with just a few clicks. Coworking is the other great specimen of the most trending WordPress themes designed for creative space businesses. Stylish & modern, it fits also a handcraft studio, creative space or other corporate business. Do you have a small agency or bureau that offers regular workshops or business meetings? Great, then Coworking fits the bill. As you see, the choice is great. It goes without saying that you get an option that responds to all modern mobile devices. Also, it includes a video tour, product modules, amenities blocks & pricing. Build hype around your site by adding awesome forums & discussions. For those who’d like to make big in sales, WooCommerce integration would be a huge help. So, ready to give it a go? Why not do it right away?

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Closing Thoughts on the Most Trending WordPress Themes of the Future

The bottom line is that if you want your brand to be successful now and in the foreseeable future, invest smartly. The future is undoubtedly going to be full of exciting changes and innovations, so stay on top of the heap. No matter your niche, the list of the most trending WordPress themes offers a lot. But first, make sure you understand the nitty-gritty of each of the options included in the list. This would help your brand to reach out to more and more audiences. And thus drive in more traffic.

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