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Top 10 Tools For Creating Infographics Online For Beginners 2015

Top 10 Tools for Creating Infographics Online For Beginners 2015

Infographics that would find a lot of exposure on content blogs and content sites came about a little over three years ago, and while the first few attempts to popularize the concept failed, these days infographics are some of the most common types of content that is used to expose information, lists, advice, tips, experience reports, and other similar content categories that people would be interested in. Todays infographics are used to convey simple messages, to present data and other types of information that’s easy to consume and digest, to analyze large scale data within a simple and easy to understand format, infographics have truly changed the way we consume content.

It’s worth mentioning that infographics have gradually lost their once in high regard potential, because just a year ago it was possible to attract thousands of social shares for unique infographics, whereas today you have to truly stand out with your data you are presenting, as well as the actual design content of the infographic itself. Quality has always been an issue with online content, so in order to maintain exposure, we must maintain high quality standards that will naturally attract the attention of social media users, and in turn websites that would share our infographic with their readers.

With that in mind, it’s only natural that we should seek tools and ways to create infographics that stand out from the rest of the crowd, without a second thought. For that reason, we have gathered a list of the ten most popular tools for creating infographics, all of which use the latest technology in JavaScript to provide an experience that resembles that of enterprise software. We are also eager to hear about the kind of infographic tools that our readers use, so please drop us a comment if you feel that we have left out your favorite tool from this list. Visualize your resume in one click.

Have you thought about presenting your resume in the form of an infographic? At least 500,000+ other people have already. offers its users a specifically created infographics platform that lets you build a resume that reads as an infographic, rather than a document file. You can easily signup using LinkedIn which will then pull a lot of your work experience data automatically, or you can signup using the default email method. You can create your experience timelines and document the kind of work you have done, you can list the kind f skills you have and how proficient you are at each, you can also create treemaps and pictograms, and save your final work in the format of PDF or PNG.


Create Easy Infographics Reports Presentations Piktochart

In order to succeed as an infographics tool, you first need to understand what makes a good infographic, and Piktochart is one of those companies that has thoroughly researched the inforgraphics market to create the kind of platform that lets you build outstanding state of the art infographics, just like the ones that professional web and graphics designers would create. Drag-and-drop, point-and-click. No more frustrations over complicated design softwares, and no more expensive rates on hiring designers. The Piktochart’s editor gives you more room to think about designing and presenting your information.


Free Online Infographic Maker by Canva

Canva have really stepped up their game in this last year, releasing a number of truly advanced web tools that have become home to thousands of customers already. One of their most recent creations has been the Infographics Maker that allows you to create customizable and flexible infographics that will compliment your content on a completely new level. You get full control over how your infographics look, and there are no limits on how big or small you can make your infographics to be, everything is adjustable to your own specifications.


Create online charts infographics

Infogram has helped hundreds of thousands of content creators to create nearly 4,000,000 unique infographics and charts, a number that is going to be very difficult to compete with. Infogram while a free infographics tool, does offer a subscription model that offers more flexibility over the ways you can manage your infographics, the removal of copyright protection, as well as a huge increase in the number of resources you get to manage your infographics with. Leading bloggers and media sites rely on Infogram to create and produce the kind of infographics that will naturally attract readers, and ultimately media exposure.

We have used Infogram a lot and one simple example you can find embedded on this article.


Free Infographic Maker Venngage

In their own words, Venngage is one of the most advanced infographics tools on the market right now, especially aimed at both beginner level and expert level content creators. In my view, Venngage is certainly a very easy to use platform, offering a wide choice of templates and themes that will compliment any kind of blog or journal, the drag and drop interface makes it easy to create infographics on the fly, whilst the ability to customize each element according to your own requirements gives true freedom over the way your infographics are going to look. The tool comes with hundreds of different charts, icons, pictograms and widgets so that you can easily create professional looking infographics.


-1 Automated Infographic Maker Generator

Automated content creation is something that’s always been looked down upon with a skeptics eye. How good can the content be when it is being created on automated basis? Infographly is trying to solve the riddle by offer an automated infographics platform that lets you use the platform to input keywords and create content based on the available content, from the web, within the platform itself. You can then use the in-built content editor to adjust content, its format and style, and the way it is presented on the infographic itself, in turn giving you all the necessary freedom to make sure that the infographic looks the way you want it to look. A library of readily available designs means that you will be saving yourself a lot of time when it comes to crafting the most beautiful infographics possible.

Easelly create and share visual ideas online is a website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online. Using the site is as easy as dragging and dropping design elements, and users can either choose a template from our extensive library, or they can upload their own background image and start from scratch. Over 900,00 users have already registered with, and thousands of infographics are produced using the site every month. We have to take into account that the biggest learning experiences come from continuous integration of new features and customer feedback, and this is definitely an area that Easelly has managed to work with very well, providing some of the best infographic creation features out of all the platforms we can find today.



Infoactive has been acquired by Tableau, which means that all operations will be moving over there, though we highly recommend to watch the space for Infoactive as the future seems promising, Tableau has got extensive experience with working with journalists and bloggers all around the world, and their public data platform is known for its dynamic and interactive features, so we can’t wait to see what the team behind Tableau is going to do with Infoactive, and how that is going to affect the infographics market in the long run.


Gallery Create Infographics

Visually is without question the most recognized name in infographics, offering an extensive directory of infographics thats populated with tons of new content every single day. You can find infographics about anything and everything in the Visually public database, but you can also use the Create Infographic tools to create your own little infographics, whether about the latest Google Analytics reports, your favorite tweets, or venn diagrams, Visually is trying extensively to extend its gallery of available infographic templates to cater to larger audiences, but those with an extra budget in their hands can enjoy the benefits of tapping into the pool of professional and experienced designers that will craft an outstanding infographic for you at a reasonable price.


Create Interactive Online Presentations infographics animations banners in HTML5 Visme by Easy WebContent

Visme is a new player in the whole infographics market, but has spent a lot of its marketing budget to make sure that it is seen by the leading designers and developers alike, and we should admire such efforts to promote something that is being believed in, something that actually adds value to the users life. Visme lets you create infographics, reports, product demos, presentations, web banners, resumes and much more, and the best part is that each of these features and tools compliment each other, allowing you to use the features and elements from each tool to create the kind of infographics that no one will have seen elsewhere.

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