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[Giveaway] We Are Giving Away All ThemeIsle Premium WordPress Themes [CLOSED]

Five lucky Colorlib readers have the one in a lifetime opportunity to win access to all of the premium ThemeIsle WordPress themes.

Each of the five winners receive full Treasure Chest packages that includes all 20 premium WordPress themes, as well as access to the VIP support and theme updates for one year. Which means that we are giving away 100 premium WordPress themes. Treasure Chest package allows to use themes on unlimited number of domains making this an outstanding prize for anyone with multiple WordPress websites, or those working as freelance web developers.

ThemeIsle is a brand new theme store that has proven to be very effective and have already managed to release over 20 premium and several free WordPress themes. They are working hard to offer the best customer support to all its clients. They are always there when you most need theme and you won’t get let down.

ThemeIsle offers wide range of different themes that are well suited for medical, law form, business, portfolio, personal, music and many other websites. Treasure Chest package will grant access to all of these themes and you will be able to choose any of those well-coded themes.

How to enter this giveaway?

If you like what you have read so far and want to get your hands on Treasure Chest theme package from ThemeIsle, then simply follow these steps highlighted on Rafflecopter widget below. Five lucky winners will be announced next week and will be contacted directly by ThemeIsle.

We wish you the best of luck!

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Can’t wait to get an access to all themes! I am freelance web designer and access to all themes would be the best thing ever!

    1. Good luck!!

  2. James Klobber says:

    This sounds like a real treasure to me!

  3. Milko Anzor says:

    I have never won any giveaway but hope that this is going to be the one that I will finally make it. Access to all themes is always a great options and getting it for free sounds even better 🙂

  4. Pilib Bamidele says:

    I think I don’t deserve to win more than other participants here but I hope for the best. I am web developer, so I will find a great use for all of these themes.

  5. Erwin Bozhidar says:

    Wow, 20 premium themes for free! That’s huge!

    Hope I will win!

  6. I am just starting out as a web developer, developing my second WordPress site and my first heavily customized one!

    I love it, and can’t wait to develop more sites – and these premium themes would really help me out with that!

  7. ThemeIsle themes looks awesome! a real treasure to me!

  8. synthetica says:

    That is great opportunity! Can’t wait the results.

  9. I should win because i never win contest and because i want to see how pro themes help to make sites better.

  10. Ray Mohamed says:

    My sister and I are in the process of expanding our blog and we could really do with a beautiful theme to welcome us onto the wordpress platform. If we won we would be utterly delighted and ever grateful!

  11. We are a starting firm, and would be good to have this templates for our webpage

  12. What a great Chance to get those beautiful Themes……

  13. I love ThemeIsle! I just built a fun little site for a friend using on of their free themes. It would be great to get access to everything to have to offer!

  14. Now wining a membership will hep me to do in depth reviews for most of the theme.

  15. Oioi! I have just started WordPressing (3 sites, yay!) and I’m looking for good themes for them and now I’ve found them here!

  16. I run a wedding business and it would amazing to have some options!

  17. I love WordPress. I cant wait to have access to all these themes!

  18. Need that!

  19. Israel Araujo says:

    I’m a rookie web developer that need this treasure to help me get going!

  20. Rafael Dina says:

    HARRRR Gimme that! And a bottle of rum. >;)

  21. …Because I deserve it …


  22. Noor H. Dee says:

    Gimme that! Gimme that!

  23. I’m so impressed by the quality of themes on this site. I’m looking forward to using some of the premium themes, even if I don’t win the contest. Everything here is so beautiful yet functional.

  24. Erin Ellis says:

    I should win because I am creating a new website for my business, and I would love a fresh theme for the blog…..PLUS my personal blog could use a makeover too 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  25. Nicole Jensen says:

    I do online marketing for Life Worth Living – a NFP helping stop suicides in a rural area.

    They really, really need a new website.

  26. Derek williams says:

    Great contest hope I win!

  27. Michael Wah says:

    Who doesn’t love premium themes from ThemeIsle 🙂 ? What a great giveaway offer from ThemeIsle.

  28. I have been building websites since more than 10 yrs. now. Found your themes really impressive, would love to have them.

  29. website design mumbai says:

    Amazing. Cant wait to get this. 🙂

  30. As a freelance front end developer these premium themes for free look like a bounty to me. Can’t wait to get them!

  31. I want to win the theme package because I love your themes so much. So flat and easy but so powerful. 🙂


  32. I was looking at your free e-commerce themes to set up some example sites for small local retail businesses, mom and pop type shops with outdated (or non-existent) websites. I’d like to present these businesses, that have limited budgets and resources, with new, affordable, easy to use sites that can help them save time and become more competitive in the current online world and keep their retail stores open. I’d be offering these sites at low cost, as a trade or other creative ways.

    I saw your premium theme give away and I would love to be able to offer premium sites at prices or ways they can afford. The themes would also be a very welcome addition to my own sites and for other clients.

  33. I’m designing a website for my girlfriend Leanne’s Birthday in March (she doesn’t know). Using one of your Premium themes would blow anything else out of the water! It would score me huge boyfriend points too.


  34. mb chowdhury says:

    thanks for giving us free. who would want to get your theme! thanks!

  35. I’m a freelancer and love to design, I aspire to design web portfolio to people around me. I believe this would give me a wide choice of themes to choose for my friends. Looking forward to get my hands on it!

  36. Can’t wait to get an access to all themes! I am freelance web designer and access to all themes would be the best thing ever!

  37. Jesse P Francis says:

    I am looking for a suitable theme for the non-profit I work for, and all good ones I liked are premium – I wish I could give them the best at lowest expense! Its a choice between $45 – for a theme or spend it on a wheel chair for a needy in South India!

  38. David Smith says:

    I am hoping to win because I cannot afford any money to buy themes and I would love to have some nice premium themes to use on my blog.

  39. Davao Base says:

    Free themes for me! This promotion is very timely, because I’m looking for new themes right now. Thank you, Colorlib. 🙂

  40. After 25 years of working as CEO for SME’s, part of that time as self employed interim manager, my company went banckrupt in 2014. I lost my business, lost everything I owned, lost my house and the only thing I had left was my phone and my home PC. I decided that I would like to dedicate a great part of my life helping other people to recover from scratch.

    I make websites for people with a passion, I assist them to start communicating on sociale media, and help these people to get a positive flow in their lives again. Part of the small revenu is used by me to setup ecosystems, new forms of agriculture and show the world that it can be a better place if we would make it human oriented.

    I have almost no income and would like to offer my customers topwebsites. This opportunity for me is the possibility to offer them premium themes instead of free ones. Getting this price is not only helping me but helping a lot of passionat people that want to express their feelings on the Internet in one of my websites for spiritual people.

  41. I Love your design, every time i look for a new theme I always consider visit colorlib for reference

  42. Max White says:

    I got nothing on your level of WordPress coding colorlib! You lot are fantastic! <3

  43. Future winner ?

  44. I should win because I am broke and don’t have money to buy one.

  45. Need good themes for a good quality result 4 my clients!

  46. As a freelancer having qualitly wp themes like the one you offer would be fantastic!

  47. I love your design, I’ve tried and like free versions of your themes and I thing i would love premium one !

  48. great collection guys, zerif pro look awesome

  49. Thank you very much for the great giveaway.

  50. That is great opportunity! Can’t wait the results.

  51. Nice

  52. I am constantly looking for fresh wordpress themes for business and charity purposes and to be able to be able to use your themes would be awesome !

  53. jus giving it a try!

  54. Ionut Mihai says:

    I’m just going crazy when my websites are not looking good. I need this package :)!

  55. I need premium themes, after I’ve struggled with some free ones.

  56. awesome! its worth !

  57. Bang Nguyen says:

    That’s awesome giveaway for these awesome themes. Now I can use real premium themes for my new projects.

  58. Luiz ClickItatiba says:

    WOW! I need this! Great templates!

  59. Simply put, I need a new theme to freshen up my blog. Themes can be expensive and winning this will help me give me the motivation to write again.

  60. David Starzer says:

    Just joined a small church and have been volunteered for “website duties”. The site needs a serious facelift and these themes will be a huge help.

  61. Yeah! This is sound good..

  62. Sangram Rath says:

    I have a lot of websites that run on wordpress and having access to premium themes from colorlib will go a long way in boosting the appeal of them.

  63. I am a big fan of wordpress .. I believe everyone deserves a better website for their business.
    But as premium website is costly, I have no choice but to charge my clients more if they wanted a better looking site.
    Hope to offer all my future clients at a much affordable rate.

  64. That is great opportunity!

  65. Prithviraj Singh Hada says:

    Hi, I’m a graphic designer and web designer and currently I’m pursuing my graduation in Computer Science Engineering. As I’m studying the latest trends in the above mentioned fields, need for the sample templates arise. As paid templates are the best ones to learn and grow, I need these templates for my study and self projects.

    I also share my work over the web, so If I would learn something from these templates, I will make people aware to how to create better projects. So, please let me have this treasure chest.

  66. These are wonderful themes. I’d be really lucky to have any one of them.

  67. hasan badran n says:

    I need a new amazing design for my new product and im a student i dont have enough money to purchase themes

  68. Muhammad Imran says:

    Great Offer!

  69. I should win because I’m awesome. It will be an absolute honor for you to make sure that I win. Believe me, it’s the next best thing to world peace.

  70. I love WordPress! I think that I can create good stuff with WP! I am a student of CS about to finish and I think creating good and cool websites is my future career!

  71. It’ll be really good to have these themes……
    Great job.

  72. Alexandre says:

    It would be nice to get some free themes 🙂

  73. I like this

  74. Having access to these themes would be fantastic as we offer new businesses very reasonable rates to get their websites up and running. Having access to Premium themes would be so beneficial for people looking to keep their initial IT outlay at a minimum whilst they get started. Fingers Crossed 🙂

  75. Thx for this great opportunity, I would like to give my website a new theme. That is why am I applying for tihs.

  76. This would be osum for my upcoming clients this entire year.

  77. Thank U very much in advance ( from the bottom of my heart ). We need one nice looking website for our fashion production business ( we produce woman clothes since 1989, in Croatia ). Our old website is down and therefore we need new one . Thank U gal’s & guy’s. Nice greetings from Croatia.

  78. just wanna said “Can’t wait to get them!” 🙂

  79. These great quality themes are worth to pay and must have for any freelancer; Thanks for this opportunity to get it for free.

  80. This is an awesome giveaway, not everyone has access to these beautiful themes, as a web designer, I would love to do much much more work!!

  81. online marketology says:

    I am now preparing to launch a new wordpress website , I wish I can get these themes

  82. im a cheap developer. need to have that for starting my career on web development. thanks

  83. I have some domains where are run advertisment sites. I am looking for new theme for these sites and I think
    Colorlib themes are good choices for it! Good Works Colorlib Team !

  84. Karolina Vyskocilova says:

    I should win because I haven’t ever won anything in my life and I’m WP developer at the beginning of my career, so I can use it for long time from now and return clients to colorlib and their great tips and advice.

  85. Hassan Ismail says:

    this would be a real treasure for me as freelance web developer and designer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. I want to gain these themes for my website and it would be very efficient

  87. Harun R Rayhan says:

    I should win because I haven’t ever won anything in my life and I’m WP developer at the beginning of my career, so I can use it for long time from now and return clients to colorlib and their great tips and advice.

  88. Winning this would be super as I’m just about to start several sites and your themes look so good and to get them for free would be a blessing

  89. I would love to take my website and online-shop to the next level and cross my fingers for the next three days (how will I get all my work done!?!?!??)! But I am sure that one your generous giveaway is the right tool for me!

  90. i need to complete my ecommerce web site to afford phd in nyc. I need a lot of money for that

  91. Youcef Ayoub says:

    thats awesome

  92. I’m in the process of starting up a small business as well as a couple sites for clients and I just love your themes!

  93. Aaron Tily says:

    I would love to win because last year and the start of this year has been really bad for me and I would love the chance to get a few themes because I would be really happy and really appreciate it.

  94. Gouri Shankar says:

    I would like to win this giveaway as my site needs new look. And I love themeisle themes.

  95. Asterios Kokkinis says:

    That would help me experiment even more and get to know everything about Web design

  96. Kishor Kr says:

    Wow! It is an great opportunity to grab some lovely themes for free. I hope I win.

  97. I fall in love with your design, I wish I can own it.

  98. Aditya Shankar says:

    amazing chance! hoping for the favorable result.

  99. That sound like a good deal!

  100. noor azlin says:

    This will be the best treasure hunt ever!
    Please let me dive into the prize,let me swim in the ocean of themes… I can imagine my self surrounded by sea of themes with limitless tank of creativity…
    Please let me be the winner!

  101. your themes are very rich, most used and user friendly. I would not like to miss a chance to get hold any of your themes. I have few websites coming up and what could be more best than launching them with your themes. I see that you take special care of your themes they are faster, seo optimized, best coded. I can get my website more visibility.


  103. Gabriel Ojeda says:

    I want to win to help my friends to create their own blog. For me, making blogs priceless, so I just do for learn and fun

  104. As a Web designer, If I get this offer It will be very much useful for me.Eagerly waiting to get.Best wishes to other participants too….

  105. Shawn Avery says:

    Would love to win this so I can work on designing websites with the students in my technology class.

  106. Luanda Pereira says:

    I’d love to win these because I’m starting a new project focused on helping ONG’s and I’d love to count with this support.

  107. Hope I can win these themes.

  108. Marcelo Del Rio says:

    I am a fan of WordPress and have always hired help, but now, as I research, I want to do stuff by myself and am sure I can with the great products and assistance you offer.

  109. I love wprdpress and i would like to get some new free themes 😀

  110. I’ve just started with word press, andI want to know what it can do 🙂
    best regards from PL 🙂

  111. this would be a treasure to a freelancer 😀

  112. Dan Tomescu says:

    I’m new to development and i would really have something to learn from these Treasure Chest package and the vip support.

  113. Excelentes temas para WordPress, les felicito y espero sigan publicando temas libres!

  114. I think it would amazing to get a chance to try out all those themes!

  115. Phil Meyer says:

    There’s only one reason I should win. That’s because I’m the most handsome, most talented, most lovable, most… ah – darn, my coffee’s cold… X-D

  116. I’m always asked by my friends to recommend them beautiful themes that I like and tested. So it will be great to testdrive the ThemeIsle themes and recommend them to my friends.

  117. Esto es realmente genial y una gran ayuda Estoy por iniciar un sitio y sería magnífico ser privilegiada en el sorteo

  118. I like Travelify theme and am going to try it on my website. I like this GIVEAWAY idea and just want to know how lucky I will be.

  119. Wow! who wouldn’t want to win 20 professionally designed themes . . sounds awesome 🙂

  120. Stephen W says:

    I love great design

  121. rohan ramgude says:

    thansk for this amazing giveaway,cheers to the team,i really need a music theme and cant afford it…so i hope I win 🙂

  122. Andrea Corsi says:

    I’d like to renew my personal site with a fresh, stunning new theme. 🙂

  123. I’d like to win to see what premium themes are available for me to test out.

  124. I want it because I like beautiful themes 🙂

  125. PavilionVI says:

    Good luck everyone!

  126. I’m in charge of hosting the website of an European Youth Political Organisation – which is not attached to political parties, but rather strives for a European Union of solidarity, economic wellfare and freedom. We really want to renovate our webpage to attract more people, especially young ones, to take part in our organisationas well as in European politics. Therefore, a little help is always welcome 🙂

  127. Love your themes, they work so flawlessly!

  128. Gabriela Sanchez says:

    Wow! 20 premium themes for free!
    Hope I will win!

  129. shivamvahia says:

    Cant wait! 🙂

  130. Let’s plant more trees. Life always begins again!

  131. Why should I win?
    Because I’m a starting web developer and what web developer couldn’t use a bunch of premium themes?!

  132. Nilotpal Das says:

    i just want these themes for free because i cannot afford to buy them..

  133. hey all

  134. Adela Smadea says:

    I have just created my blog because I want people in my country to enjoy art like never before. As an artist myself, I can see the importance of art in our lives every day and my main desire is to share it, create it and enjoy it with everyone! I live in Romania and here it seems that most citizens forgot to see the beauty of life and art. Regardless if it’s a book or movie, a painting or graffiti, we HAVE TO treasure art forms on a daily basis.
    These premium themes are art as well. Having them applied on my blog would be just another masterpiece shared with the world, which is why I’d be the best candidate for winning!

  135. I am truly excited about the possibility of winning these themes. Our organization could use them for our subsidiaries!

  136. Monica Mitchell says:

    OMG I cannot believe that! I just started my first website. I will ALWAYS be grateful for this treasure !!!!

  137. I try to make a blog about the books. I’m in Iran & I can’t transfer money due to US sanctions against money transfer. I want but I can’t buy. So, It will be a huge gift for me.

  138. Carlos Souss says:

    If i don’t win my heart will seize.

  139. Neil Hearst says:

    I’m a complete noob, and i need a website. Gimme gimme gimme !

  140. Winning this will help me my design career a lot. 20 professionally designed themes? Wow! I will dance all the way :p

  141. Woow unbelievable Giveaway! i’m a freelancer from india, I like to make WordPress stronger footprint in my region. If i’m lucky then this themes will really helpful to fulfill my dreams. Thanks Colorlib! Team

  142. This is a golden opportunity that comes suddenly . When I was just starting a small business . I believe God listened to my prayers. I ‘ve been waiting a long time wanted to have a theme Zerif Pro for my business . Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones.

  143. To be honest with you I am not sure if I will be one of that happy and lucky people. Moreover I don’t believe for such generosity and possibility to win… But I will be happy for everyone who will win and believe they deserve it!
    Good luck guys!

  144. i need a brilliant theme for my personal blog.
    for now it’s in my mind only.
    with your theme it’ll become reality.
    virtual reality. (-;

  145. bestaport says:


  146. Awesome site, awesome templates! Well done guys!

  147. I created my website not too long ago but the free themes i”ve been working aren’t satifying. I really hope to win so i can try out the professional themes. I’m sure at least one of them would give my website a new look and feel 😀

  148. I’ve just started blogging and I’m now hunting for themes that will suit my need.
    I have a few blogs that is my “rolemodel-blogs” and they are my inspiration. As I’ve just lost my job due to bad economy in my company I’m gonna start this new period in my life with blogging and therefore it would be perfect to have access to you easy to use themes. At least it’s worth a shot to try.
    Thank you for your free themes!

  149. im late, good luck to all.

  150. What a great gift!
    Hoping that my luck smiles this time!

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