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[Giveaway] We Are Giving Away 5 Premium WordPress Themes From TemplateMonster [CLOSED]

Waiting for a new free WordPress template release that can perfectly fit your future business? Or just can’t find anything you would like to?

Today you will have a great opportunity to win something you were looking for a long time!

I am sure you all are familiar with and its products, and they are glad to give away their 5 best templates for FREE to the most active readers.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Go to specific category WordPress templates on and select the one you really love.
Don’t get lost, there are more than 2 000 WordPress themes up there, and you may choose just any you want!

2. Remember the number of the template you chose and put it as a comment to this article.

3. And tell us what do you need it for! 🙂

And the last one! Don’t forget to put your real email! That’s how you will get your gifts.

So be creative, don’t miss your chance and share it with everyone!

Giveaway closes on November 6, 2014 at 6PM CET. Winners will announced on November 7.  

[Update] Giveaway is now closed and names of the winners are announced below.

We wish you good luck!


  • Martijn van der Kooij
  • Wolfspek
  • Carolette Wright
  • Shell
  • Marko Vodenik

Winners will be contacted directly by TemplateMonster via email and you will receive coupon code to get any WordPress theme for FREE.

Congratulations to all winners!


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

This Post Has 54 Comments

  1. Cathal Hanratty says:

    511770. class room template. Looking for the best templates out there to work with Learndash or lms Plugins.


  2. Chris Bourne says:

    48891 for a new business website

  3. How AWESOME!! I really liked #51396 and it will be for my personal blog… it needs some sprucing 🙂 Thank You!!

  4. Very impressive. Thank you.

    1. Shell,

      Please specify which theme you want to receive.

      1. Hello
        I am in search for a theme for my business website. Actually I am a keen researcher. I have read some articles which say custom themes proves good for professional websites. Also I have come to know about Sparkling, Dazzling and some other awesome themes. They offer ease to novice to make designs to people like me who do not know a bit about web developing or designing. Though I liked #506003, I am in fix whether to avail your giveaway offer or to make my own way through one of aforesaid software.

  5. Godwin Mukoro says:

    45009 for a non for profit organisation involve in dispute settlement

  6. Hello

    I need WordPress #51908 for my game application business, thanks a lot in advance!

  7. Hello,

    If possible I need this one Website Template #51194 while ignoring the one above for my game application business finally.


  8. Great themes #49543, #46434 #46710 #48036 & #48571.

  9. Jonas Oelke says:

    Hey There! I need #50690, maybe for my or for a friend Photography blog 😉

  10. I like #50690 for a nonoprofit organization, I am volunteering for their website.

  11. 49164,49357,51051. Looking for the best templates out there to work with. for eCommerce store

  12. Rushdeen Rose says:

    Hi, I like #47979. I will be using it for an online clothing store.

  13. Hi, working for non-profit mountaineering organization and would like to promote our beautiful mountains in Slovenia to the people who want to hike into new and interesting places. Love your theme #51249. Thanks, Marko

  14. I love #51349 and would like to build a site for my agency.

  15. Carolette Wright says:

    I like #51963, I have been volunteering with 7 nonprofits this month. I will be using the website to start my virtual assistant business servicing non-profits and entprepreneurs before my husband leaves for active duty on 11/17/2014. My goal is to have a profitable business running before he returns April 2015.

  16. eza santosa says:

    We need#50690 for a nonoprofit organization, I am volunteer in #SaveStreetChild Bandung in Indonesia, so please help us because we don’t have enough money to buy it..

  17. Gonna pick #44910

    Will be using the theme for a job board agency

  18. Monica Andres says:

    I’m gonna pick #50761
    Will be using this theme for my own Real Estate business in South East Spain

  19. shyam mohan says:

    Awsome ! need #51349 for my travel website. Thanks in advance

  20. jason hart says:

    nice idea… i’ve been looking at #46544 for a friend’s business who’s been bugging me for ages to do a wordpress site!

  21. Hi Admin, I just pick up #41578 for software review blog, if you can arrange, or please if tell me other wp theme for software reviews and downloads.

    Thanks in Advance…..

  22. I’ve been looking for a WordPress Theme for a landscaping company. I’d like WordPress #38457 if I’m fortunate enough to win. I own Exeter but it’s not what I want to use for this particular site.

  23. #51597 I like this because i will use it as a template different 4 online stores, namely craft products.

  24. Kaitlyn Ivy says:

    #49476 I’m rebuilding my portfolio and need a new theme!

  25. 43602 (Cherry Photo Studio) – I’m starting a photography-based website that matches up public donations with non-profit animal rescue centres and welfares to assist and raise funds for them.

  26. Hello,

    I like number #46267. I just started a music blog in Belgium. I love music and I love sharing it and bringing ‘new’ music to people who love the same music as me. But I SUCK at webhosting and everything that comes with it 😉 I’m new to this, I’m learning. I spent a lot of money and time for webhosting and stickers and brainstorming and … and my wordpress still looks so unprofessional. This would bring it to another level.

  27. Awesome and very beautiful travel theme. need #51349 for my travel website. Thanks in advance

  28. George Paraskeva says:

    I really liked template #42068 and #40254 – I need to make a website for a friend who is a lawyer…

  29. #49007 is a very good theme. I need it for my IT-Training website.

  30. Lôi Hạ says:

    Hi Admin, I just pick up #48824 for seafood product blog in Việt Nam Beach, if you can arrange, or please if tell me other wp theme for sea prodect. Thank you so much!

  31. Hello I like WordPress Theme #45827 for a personal portfolio site

  32. You are all awesome. There are so many to choose from. I think I am privy to #43224. I would be using this to create a personal/professional portfolio for my photography studio that I am currently working towards opening. Thank you

  33. DB Gurung says:

    51254 I am a web designer new to woocommerce. But I really like it. I want to install and study these themes offered by so I can later sell wordpress woothemes to my clients.

  34. Melinda Wilson says:

    #43186 I am wanting to update my martial arts website! Thank you!

  35. #41574 – nice job guys you make my day , really interesting stuff from all time at templatemonter. Best regards

  36. #49012 for friend who is a home contractor

  37. I like the Theme #45176 for personal photo portfolio. Thank you

  38. #49543,

    Getting Clothes Online template. This is a great theme. I liked it very much.

    I will use this template to my existing e-commerce shop.


  39. Want to start my business with template #49403. Thank you!

  40. Rahul Kabra says:

    Great theme collection. I would love to have theme no #48604 for my new blog.

  41. Zara.D Spencer says:

    Interested in WordPress #43077 for creating fashion blog.

  42. Eagerly waiting to win WordPress #39486 for sharing latest fashion trends

  43. Carmen-Lee Francke says:

    I would love #28446 is to assist small entrepreneurs and businesses in cape town advertise their business for free.

  44. I need #45883 I need it to make a wedding gallery for myself. thanks

  45. AK Sharma says:

    My dream is to build a life coaching platform where I can help people achieve breakthroughs and achieve their deepest dreams. My passion must reflect through a well-designed, elegant and professional theme that inspires trust and confidence in visitors. For this, I absolutely adore the theme #51819 which perfectly complements my dream. I so want this theme.

  46. Hi.
    I’m starting a website for creative contents sharing in my country. I would love to have this theme #48835 on the website. Thanks! 😀

  47. Mart-Indrek Sueld says:

    my dream is to start a software company and that means building a website for services. I love #46787 and it is perfect, but it’s expensive and can’t afford it at the moment.
    Would be great if i’d have a decent website and start finding clients. (Would end up buying more themes from Templatemonster to my clients)

  48. Raeli Bronstein says:

    WordPress #39246. Looking to put together a fantastic luxury and boutique travel website.

  49. Martijn van der Kooij says:

    the Pico template looks very good for a update of my current website. Which is a old Joomla 1.5 site.

    Some important things for me are language support, testimonials and support of the latest WP versions.
    My current website is hard to translate (I have to enter the translations myself) so the support of WPML is great.
    Funny thing is that my website is Picto-Selector 🙂

    Picto-Selector is a freeware, donations and volunteer driven tool for people working with autistic children.

  50. 44910..I would like receive this theme. If i ever selected for GiveAway!

    I will use this for my newly created consulting website.

    Keep it up for maintaining such a clean website with lots of free stuff.

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