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Template Details

Author: Colorlib

Released: Dec, 2017

Licence: CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits: Images from Unsplash


Colid is simple yet powerful and completely free one page website template for iOS, Android, Windows apps as well as SaaS (Software as a service). But its flexibility doesn’t stop there and you can use it for any online or regular  business landing page you can imagine.

This Post Has 19 Comments
  1. Hi, there is a bug on safari, the screen is not in the good place.

  2. Please fix the safari view! Thanks.

    Also can i pay to get your name removed below?

  3. Safari doesn’t fit whit the header content. Please fix it

  4. Is it allowed to correct your typo when using the template? Guess you mean reserved instead of resurved 😉
    ©Copyright 2018 ThemeCTG all right resurved. Designed by Quomodotheme

    1. Arne,

      Ok, will fix that. But you can feel free to change that on your website. As long as you keep a link back to our website, the rest can be changed.

  5. Can I use this template, without paying any cost?. Because I don’t have enough money to pay right now.

    1. i just wanna to change content and nothing else. And also I am gonna you to pay for this, when I got some earning.

      1. You can use it for free for private and commercial use. However, you must keep footer copyrights with a link back to our website in place. If you want to change/remove it you must purchase extended licence.

  6. Thanks aiger, I am gonna use this template with the original footer for now. But I am going to buy copyrights after few weeks. Thanks a lot!

  7. There are errors in the email form:
    – textarea has 2 name tags (first one needs to be removed): <textarea name="message" id="form-message" name="form-message"
    – submit button is incorrectly labeled as <button type="sibmit"

  8. can I add page & button which i made

  9. Piyus Srivastav says:

    hello Sir I am trying to change the picture in the header that slides but each time I put any picture the frame (iPhone) becomes tiny and also my picture is not displayed please help me

  10. The template is not fully-responsive. For the most devices the navigation is broken. You can check that when you go to ‘Preview’ -> F12 device view -> and then close the black header on the top ( with the dropdown of all template ) ? Do you have any suggestions how to fix the issue?

  11. Hi Aigars,

    I’m thinking about incorporating this template with an internal product and am also interested in buying the extended license. I tried paying using the link mentioned in comments but, I’m not able to pay for the same. Also, please specify on what I can expect post buying the extended license?


  12. How can I get this template? the single license doesn’t include this web image

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