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Tablet Mockup

22 Photorealistic Tablet Mockup Templates 2020

If you would like to push the responsiveness of your website or a new application, use a tablet mockup to create a life-like presentation. Avoid advertising a flat design when you can use a predefined template and make an immediate difference. Not just that, but even you, as a designer, you can attest that the overall appearance of the new project flawlessly adjusts to a tablet screen.

In the bundle below, we bring you a broad selection of different tablet mockup templates for you to take to your total advantage. Some are clean and some more creative and attention-triggering; however, all are a small breeze to use.

You will even find mockups that you can fully improve in-browser. With all such templates, you will never need to use Photoshop. Of course, there is still an array of PSD mockup alternatives for your convenience. Choose what suits you best and go from there.

With everything switching to mobile, you must be 100% sure that your project or application works outstandingly well on tablets. Today, you can quickly see how your creation appears on the handheld device without a sweat. Either you upload or just drag and drop your design, no matter the process, the outcome will always be phenomenal.

Illustrated Mockup Featuring an iPad and an iPhone 11

illustrated mockup featuring an ipad and an iphone 11
A cool and catchy tablet mockup featuring an illustrated iPad and iPhone. If you are searching for something a tad different, this could be it. Keep in mind, you have quite some customization features and functions available to tailor the presentation exactly to your liking. From a ton of coloring options to sliding in a different design to the iPad and iPhone. In addition to that, you can also level things up with additional texts and graphics. Get as creative as you want, as the mockup requires very little work to improve it according to your wants. By the way, even if you lack design skills, you will still create a top-notch outcome.

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Responsive Mockup Featuring Multiple iPhones and iPads

responsive mockup featuring multiple iphones and ipads
A full-blown mockup featuring three iPads and two iPhones. You have a lot going on here, yet still, the overall presentation is pretty clean and minimal. Whether it is a website, an online store or any other web application and design that you would like to display on a mobile device, here is a template that does the trick. With so many screens available, you can present five entirely different designs or even keep it all in unison. Moreover, you can play around with different background colors, special effects, texts and graphics, all by using Placeit and your favorite web browser.

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Gentleman Using Samsung Tablet While Drinking Coffee Mockup

gentleman using android tablet while drinking coffee mockup
For a more photorealistic tablet mockup, here is an older man using Samsung tablet while drinking coffee. If the application you would like to put some extra shine on has something to do with seniors, this is the best opportunity to present it to the audience in a life-like way. Nope, this day, you do not need to take actual photographs anymore, as mockups deliver almost identical outcomes. Head over to Placeit it, upload an image from your computer or use a direct URL technique and see the magic happen right in front of your eyes. If all fits (1280 x 800 px) as it should, you are done doing the work at this point. Still, you can enhance the mockup with additional text, but that’s optional.

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Mockup Template of Young Woman Using Lenovo Tablet

mockup template of young woman using lenovo tablet
First and foremost, you will find all sorts of different tablets in the mockups below. Indeed, we tried to diversify the collection, so you do not get only one model. That said, let’s start with this remarkable and photo-realistic mockup of a woman using her Lenovo tablet. With the effortless editing method, you can just hit the upload button, add your design and you are ready to go. Seriously, it is just as simple and as quick as it sounds. The working area of the device is 1200 x 1920 px, but you can even crop and reposition the image accordingly.

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Mockup Featuring Three iPad Pros

mockup featuring three ipad pros
Instead of one device, this time, the mockup sports three tablets for you to enrich with your creations easily. Two iPad Pros feature screens and one the backside. Of course, both screens are entirely customizable separately. You can either upload the image or use a direct URL.
Moreover, you can change the color of the background, too, and even add different effects to it. Excellent customization function, all in-browser, for a quick and professional end product that will impress everyone. If you fancy the minimalistic approach with a touch of creativity, you better not miss checking out this exclusive solution.

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Mockup of Two iPad Pros

mockup of two ipad pros
Another fancy, elegant and trendy tablet mockup that consists of two iPad Pros, one over the other. Again, you can upload two different screenshots or even use a direct image URL. See your work appear on the screens of these iPad Pros in a snap and study the design further. You can freely make any last corrections to the design or even repeat the quick process once again. Additionally, you can also tweak the background, both with colors and special details. In fact, you can even upload a custom image and make the appearance follow your regulations to a T.

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Mockup Featuring an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPad Pro

mockup featuring an iphone 11 pro and an ipad pro
This particular mockup offers you to create a full-blown demonstration of your application’s mobile-friendliness. You get both a standing iPad Pro and a floating iPhone 11 Pro. The former rocks a 1668 x 2388 px and the latter 1125 x 2436 px screen which you both can edit individually. Upload the screenshot or use a link, both options work fantastically well and provide instant results. To spice things up, use any color your fancy for the background and even append a text overlay. You can have the end product available in just a few clicks, ready to launch it into the world. Take it to your advantage now; no knowledge is necessary to use the mockup.

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Mockup of Two iPad Pros in Portrait Position

mockup of two ipad pro in portrait position
In this situation, you get two iPad Pros, overlapping each other, on a flat surface. Both screens and, of course, the background are customizable for you to enrich them according to your liking. Have in mind, if you already have the screenshots ready, you can improve the default appearance of the mockup in just a few clicks. Let the powerful Placeit make the magic happen right in front of your eyes, as the images appear in an instant. Although you might need to invest only seconds into the life-like presentation, the outcome will still be spectacular.

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Samsung Galaxy A Tab Mockup

samsung galaxy a tab mockup
If a Samsung Galaxy A Tab is what you would like to use for the presentation of your web project or Android app, this template will do you well. It is a creative, contemporary and easy to use tool that gets you going in just a click. You can enhance the screen of the device, as well as the background colors in a quick few clicks. Once you land on the Placeit platform – which I highly suggest you check it out – you will immediately notice the simplicity and user-friendliness. Anyone and everyone can play around with the different functions and style the look accordingly.

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Rendered Samsung Galaxy A Tab Mockup

rendered samsung galaxy a tab mockup
If you are on the hunt for more Samsung tablet mockup alternatives, we bring you another interest-sparking solution. You can get involved right away, by jumping over to the Placeit website. It will not take much time and effort to get the gist of the mockup and already have a finished presentation available. The appearance looks like the tablet would be leaning at an edge. Have in mind, you can change both background colors to any shades you fancy. Import the screenshot or any other creation you want with the upload function and call it a day. Easy task for amazing results.

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iPad Pro Mockup

pad pro mockup
Remarkably photo-realistic presentation of an iPad Pro all set and ready for you to put it to use. In the kit, you will find six different scenes, featuring tablets at different angles and whatnot. You can speedily improve the look of each template with the use of smart objects that allow you to drag and drop your designs. Of course, you can also change the background, turn reflections off and on and create close-ups. The high-quality of the mockup ensures top-notch demonstration that will knock everyone’s socks off. And now, this same tool can be yours, getting everyone that sees your presentation excited for the product.

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Photorealistic iPad Pro Mockup

photorealistic ipad pro mockup
In this following package of goodness, you get a collection of eleven striking PSD files of iPad Pros at different views and angles. If you are looking to create a strong first impression, use a tablet mockup that does the trick out of the box. While keeping things clean and simple, it is a guarantee that the end product will be professional and sophisticated. Along with adding your design via the smart object layer, the mockup template also sports an assortment of other features. You can adjust shadows and reflections, move objects and combine, as well as change the background, so it suits your style to a T.

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iPad Pro Responsive Screen Mockup

ipad pro responsive screen mockup
Eight fully layered, organized and customizable tablet mockup templates of an iPad Pro. Whether you would like to use a tablet horizontally or vertically to present your project, this mockup allows you to accomplish your objective with ease. Some templates feature one, some two and some three iPad Pros for you to style and adjust accordingly. Each sample also comes at a high resolution to ensure a crisp clear demonstration even in a close-up. Automatic reflection, adjustable shadows and light, editable background and tablet color, what else you need? There is also a help file included for any additional information you might be in need of.

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Neon Tablet Pro Mockup

neon tablet pro mockup
If you would like to differentiate yourself from the masses right off the get-go, you better use this neon tablet mockup. It comes with five curiosity-triggering PSD files that will instantly set you apart from the competition. If you would like to put an emphasis on your distinct style, this is the bundle of mockups for you. In short, you get five killer scenes that will make everyone want to check out what is hot. Moreover, you can change the object color, hide or show objects, change the logo design and, of course, slide in your screen design.

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Tablet & Business Card Mockup

tablet business card mockup
For a professional presentation of a website, software or application, this is the tablet mockup to go with. The quality of the template makes sure the outcome displays your creative work without a hitch. As you already noticed, this particular mockup set also includes a business card that you can use for both front and back design presentation. The file is also layered and commented, making sure you instantly get the most out of it. Not just that, the template is a small breeze to use regardless of your skill level. Lastly, change the background, alter shadows and lights and have it all done in minutes time.

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iPad Pro 11-inch Mock-Ups

ipad pro 11 inch mock ups
Get a set of three modern and creative tablet mockup templates, all editable with your designs and creative ideas. The tool suits for websites, applications, UI/UX, you name it, whatever you would like to push with a tablet, make a life-like presentation now. Along with three different views and device positionings (vertical and horizontal), you also get two different backgrounds included in the bundle. Still, if you would like to add your own background, you can freely do that, too. Instead of doing the hard work from scratch, make the demonstration like a pro in little to no time.

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All New iPad Pro Mockups

all new ipad pro mockups
This premium tablet mockup takes things to an entirely new degree with a set of twenty different PSD files. Indeed, all this means is that you get a whopping collection of twenty different views, scenes and positions of the iPad Pro. Crafting a full-blown presentation of your application or responsive website or online store happens in a breeze now. All you need to do is to import the files to Adobe Photoshop, search for smart objects and slide in designs and screenshots. Of course, you can change the background, too, and make the photo-realistic presentation that follows your branding regulations to the very last detail.

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The best free tablet mockup templates

iPad Pro (12.9 Inches) PSD Mockup

ipad pro 12 9 inches psd mockup
Due to the high popularity of tablets, you are probably very interested in using it to display your app or project, too. Instead of paying a fee, we also have a few free alternatives for you to indulge in. This particular tablet mockup features an iPad Pro with a keyboard case and Pencil. The life-like surrounding ensures a top-notch outcome that will help you push your work over and beyond. With the use of smart objects, you can slide in a horizontal screenshot comfortably and already have the possible demonstration ready to roll.

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Top View iPad Pro Mockup Set

top view ipad pro mockup set
A beautiful and minimalistic top view mockup of an iPad Pro that you can use both for personal and commercial projects. You can play around with different positionings, presenting a screenshot vertically or horizontally. There is also an option to use the front view of the iPad that overlaps the backside. The dimension of the template is 5000 x 3750 px, making sure the final presentation is as high-quality as it can possibly be. Even if zooming in, the details will appear smoothly as butter. As for inserting your designs, you do it just like with any other PSD, by using the smart object layer.

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Top View iPad Pro Mockup Set Vol.2

top view ipad pro mockup set vol 2
An additional and very impactful tablet mockup featuring four iPad Pros, two front- and two back-views. For everyone who digs simplicity and cleanness, you better get your hands on this tool this very moment. It is an absolute guarantee that the demonstration of your website, UI/UX, blog, online store, application, whatever, will be first-class. Barely any work is necessary to improve the sample and make it follow your regulations and wants. As a matter of fact, just drag and drop your design, image or screenshot via the smart objects and the work on your end is done. How simple and quick does that sound?

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Isometric iPad Pro Mockup

isometric ipad pro mockup
An isometric tablet mockup of the sophisticated and powerful iPad Pro. You can use the template to present anything from iOS apps and websites to different designs, heck, even branding. Thanks to the versatility and high adaptability of the mockup, you can use different device colors, as well as different backgrounds, so the final presentation fits your meticulous taste like a charm. The 5000 x 3750 px dimension also makes sure that any presentation you come up with ends up being as professional and pro-looking as possible. Without giving it a second thought, download the mockup now and put it to use right away.

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Isometric iPad Pro Mockup Vol.2

isometric ipad pro mockup vol 2
You know already that you will instantly make some noise with this free table mockup of an iPad Pro. It is a scene that the one and only, Anthony Boyd, put together in Cinema 4D. I bet you already are very well familiar with any of his creations since each and every single one is mind-banding. The dimension of 5000 x 3750 px ensures that the final creation is also high-quality, displaying all the parts in great detail. Keep in mind, you can utilize the template both for personal and commercial use. As for the latter, make sure you tag and link your creation.

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