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Sylph Review: A Flexible WordPress Blogging Theme That is Focused on Content

Sylph is a WordPress blogging theme that goes back to basics to help you build a stylish and modern blog.

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This is not just a multipurpose blogging theme, but it’s also one that comes with seven prebuilt versions, covering a range of blog types. If you’re a fashion, health, food, travel, mom, or business blogger then this theme has a prebuilt demo version just for you. However, even if your blog doesn’t fit into one of those broad categories, Sylph can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Sylph was built around the ethos of “forget clutter, we focus on the content and only that”. Therefore, if you are looking for a theme that will present your content in the best possible light, without detracting from the user experience in any way, then read on to find out if this is the right blogging theme for your project.

Sylph Landing Page

Find out more about the features and capabilities of Sylph

About the Sylph WordPress Blogging Theme

In order to succeed at creating the most useful WordPress blogging theme available today, the developers of Sylph carried out research on over 800 blogs. The data that was collected allowed them to establish what features and elements people are using on their site, where they are placed, and most importantly why.

This then gave them the ability to only include the most useful and wanted features in their new blogging theme. Rather than stuffing their product with countless features and all the latest bells and whistles that the majority of site owners will never use, they were able to deliver a more lightweight product.

The benefit of this is a fast loading website for site owners, as well as an easier theme to setup and administrate, due to reducing clutter on the backend.

While the feature list of Sylph might not rival that of some of the best-selling all-in-one multipurpose themes, for most users this is a good thing and the increased site speed should help your site rank higher in the search engines and deliver a higher goal conversion rate – no matter what the purpose of your website is.

By including more of what typical blog owners need, and less of what they don’t, Sylph is not only easier to manage but also more convenient to navigate from an end user perspective.

Sylph Design and Appearance

When shopping for a WordPress theme the design and appearance on offer is the first characteristic of the template that jumps out at you. While it’s not all about looks, a bad or slightly off design can ruin a template no matter how long the feature list is or how great it sounds on paper.

Sylph Design

As this is a blogging theme first and foremost, it’s very important that it gives your content plenty of room to breathe and doesn’t distract your visitors from what you have to say. Sylph doesn’t disappoint on this score and it’s fair to say this theme looks cleanly exquisite.

Sylph Demo Versions

Sylph is billed as a true multipath theme. This essentially means that it can be used in a number of different prebuilt configurations. While these are described as more than simply different demo versions of the theme, if you are familiar with the multiple demo concept then you will already know that this feature makes it easy to setup and deploy the theme to your website in a number of different ways.

At the time of writing this review, there were seven different demo versions to choose from which we will explore now:

Do it All Demo Version

Sylph Default Demo

If you’re an everyday blogger who still wants a stylish design for their blog, then the core demo version of Sylph is the perfect all-rounder theme you’ve been looking for.

With clean lines and plenty of whitespace in use to really help your content stand out on the page, this is a theme with a very simplistic look and feel that is backed up with a wealth of understated features.

When using this demo version you can easily add simple animated effects to your site that will help draw in your visitors. There’s also plenty of opportunities to display your best content on the homepage. This is thanks to the different homepage blocks on offer.

This demo version does a great job of highlighting what Sylph has to offer, but there are plenty of other options on offer when it comes to setting up your website.

Try the Default Do it All Blog Theme Demo

Fashion and Beauty Blogging Theme

Sylph Fashion Blogger Demo

If you are creating a fashion and beauty blog, or you’re writing about related topics, then this demo version could be just what you are looking for.

This path has a clean and elegant look that will help enhance your content in a stylish way. If your blog posts feature many strong images, then they will get plenty of room to breathe with this theme. There certainly is no clutter when it comes to presenting your content.

If you are looking for a beautiful and restrained layout and design for your fashion blog, then look no further.

Try the Fashion and Beauty Blogging Theme Demo

Gourmet Food Blog Theme

Sylph Start a Food Blog If you want to start a food blog with WordPress then this demo version of Sylph could be just what you need.

In the gourmet mode, Sylph makes it very easy to publish mouthwatering recipes in stylish surroundings. There are plenty of opportunities to display content from your social media feeds as well as many customization options.

If food is your thing, this demo version of Sylph makes it easy to cook up a tasty design for your blog.

Try the Gourmet Food Blog Theme Demo

Travel Blogger and World Nomad Theme

Sylph Travel Blogger Theme

Are you planning that once in a lifetime trip? Working your way around the world as a digital nomad? Or maybe you just want to keep your friends and family back home in the loop as you traverse the globe? Whatever type of travel or location independent blog you are planning on starting; this variation of the Sylph theme is well worth checking out.

Depending on how you configure this version of the theme, your travel blog homepage can display the latest travel photos from your Instagram account; list your current itinerary; and a whole lot more. Each blog post from your journey is presented in a clean and stylish way, leaving plenty of room for your visitors to take in your story.

Try the Travel Blogger Theme Demo

Mom Blogger WordPress Theme Mode

Sylph Mom Blogger

This blogging theme for moms has a cheerful and laid back design that will help you connect with your readers and immediately make them feel at home.

When choosing one of these demo versions, you still get access to all the customization settings, but out of the box, this mode is perfect for mom bloggers who want to give their website the right look and feel for their target audience.

If you are writing sponsored content, there is plenty of space to showcase your sponsors, helping you make money from your blog and attract new partnerships.

Try the Mom Blogger Theme Demo

Health and Lifestyle Theme Demo

Sylph Lifestyle Blog Theme

Start your health and lifestyle blog off on the right track with this version of the Sylph theme. Whether you are writing about healthy diets, lifestyle advice, productivity tips, or anywhere along the health and wellbeing spectrum, this clean design should meet your needs.

Try the Health and Lifestyle Theme Demo

Sylph Business Blogger Mode

Sylph Business Blogger Theme

As well as catering for the more creative types of niches, Sylph doesn’t disappoint when it comes to business blogging. Whether you’re a marketer, professional speaker, a coach, or you’re just blogging about the latest news in your industry, this version of Sylph has been created just for you.

There’s some pretty neat business blogger features on offer here which you should definitely check out.

Try the Sylph Business Blogger Theme Demo

These paths or demo versions can all be loaded in just a few clicks via the WordPress Customizer tool.

Multiple Header Versions

With some popular WordPress themes, no matter much you tweak and customize them, your website or blog still ends up looking like every other site built with that theme.

This is usually because the controls and setting on offer rarely extend to the header section of the theme. While you might be able to change the fonts and colors used in your posts and pages, as well as the column widths and other settings, the main navigation header section of the site usually remains unchanged.

The developers of Sylph have recognized this and now with this WordPress theme, you get a great selection of custom header designs to choose from. Not only that, but you can easily tweak and customize this library of website headers.

The end result is that not only is it easier to make your site look different from the others using this theme, but perhaps more importantly, you will be able to ensure your header section matches the overall design and purpose of your site to deliver a better user experience.

With Sylph, you get eight header layouts and options to choose from, each of which can be deployed at the touch of a button – no matter what demo version you are using.

Extensive Homepage and Site Customization Options

Even with all the different demo versions of Sylph on offer, you still get plenty of opportunities to really customize this theme to make it your own. One particularly flexible area of your site when using this theme will be the homepage.

Sylph uses something called homepage blocks to make it as easy as possible to organize the content on the front page of your site. The homepage blocks on offer include an Instagram box to display your latest snaps, a featured posts box to display your most important blog content, a slider tool for animated content slideshows, and a ‘featured in’ box to really help you showcase work you’ve done elsewhere and highlight your portfolio items and accolades.

Sylph also makes full use of the WordPress Customizer tool. This means you get a live front-end preview as you make many changes to your website. Some of the changes that you can make in order to customize your website in detail include typography customization, header personalization, homepage settings, social media feed displays, color choices, call to action bars and buttons, navigation settings, and a whole lot more.

Sylph Customizer

The Sylph Customizer is available for testing so if you are curious to see what you can do with this theme, why not check it out now.

If you want to greet your new visitors in the right way, then being able to ensure your homepage is setup in the best possible way for your site and target audience is essential.

Take a Free Test Drive

If all of these features and capabilities haven’t sold you on this theme 100%, then you can take a free test drive to really see what Sylph is capable of. By taking a hands-on look under the hood, you should be able to get a better sense of what this theme has to offer, and more importantly if it’s the right tool for your project.

Other Notable Features of Sylph

When setting up your website, there are three layout options to choose from. This includes one and two column layouts, as well as a combination of sidebar and column layouts, not to mention an eye-catching masonry layout.

Sylph Layouts

There are also custom post titles on offer, which make it easy to give your blog entries a personalized or bespoke look and feel.

To help you make the most of this theme, there is also a full set of online documentation available.

Sylph Pricing Options

As you can tell from the impressive feature list and spec. this is a commercial WordPress theme. Sylph can be purchased from the Mojo Marketplace theme store and is available for a one-time fee of $39.

This is a competitive price in the world of WordPress themes and for an extra $10 you have the option of having the team install Sylph on your WordPress website. Some other theme providers charge upwards of $100 for this service so it’s a real bargain that will not only save you money but perhaps more importantly, time and effort.

Other optional extras include installation of the theme and setup of one demo version for $149. Choosing this package means you will get a WordPress website that matches one of the demo version of Sylph. After that, all that’s left to do is add your own content and your site is up and running. If you need a website online ASAP then this optional upgrade shouldn’t be overlooked.

The team will also backup your WordPress site on an ongoing basis for $49 and carry out essential search engine optimization on your website for a further $49. If you want to ensure your website has a fighting chance of ranking well in the search engines from the outset, you might want to consider the SEO upgrade.

Customer and User Reviews

So far so good for the Sylph theme, but don’t just take my word for it. You can check out some quotes from users of Sylph and most of what they have to say is very positive.

Sylph Review Conclusion

After taking Sylph for a test drive, it’s easy to see that this theme would be a great choice for anyone looking for a clean and stylish theme for their blog that isn’t bloated with unnecessary features.

With seven great demo versions to choose from, and plenty of useful customization options on offer, no matter what type of blog you are building, you can either pick one of the prebuilt modes or create your own look and feel with ease.

If you like the sound of this theme, you should definitely take it for a test drive to see what it’s really capable off – you’ve got nothing to lose by doing so and you could just find the perfect theme for your next project.

Try the Stylish Sylph Blogging Theme Today

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