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20 Beneficial Eye-candy Sweet Shop And Restaurant Themes For 2019

Some say that we eat with our eyes. This expression holds true as even if we’re not hungry, we’re likely to say ‘I’ll eat it’ when we see a dish that’s ultimately appetizing. The potential of the sight of food to make us want it is the powerful thing to capitalize on when powering your restaurant website. To get the most out of it, you need an ultimately modern sweet shop/restaurant theme for 2017. And today we bring you a rich collection of templates to get the mouths of your clients water at first sight.

What to Look Up in a Restaurant Template

When hunting for a modern restaurant theme, there’s a couple of factors to take into account. First of all, make sure that the theme offered is responsive and looks appealingly on smaller screens. Next, we bet you want all this tempting imagery you see on the theme’s Live Demo to be a part of the pack. With our today’s blast of sweet shop and restaurant themes, you get hi-res imagery on board, which is just marvelous.

Moreover, you should be selective when it comes to choosing the right engine to run your website on. Engines are diverse and capitalize on different aspects of your online presence. Finally, you need a high-quality template from an established provider. In this post, we bring you the well-tested and optimized themes offered on the TemplateMonster marketplace. Feel free to check their full collection of premium restaurant WordPress themes to tap into a wider pool of high-quality restaurant themes.

Determine what CMS Better Fits Your Needs

In today’s post we present eye-candy restaurant WordPress themes that run on different website engines. No doubt, a bulk of themes runs on WordPress, the simple and most popular CMS of 2017. Next, come Joomla themes, which offer you more options out of the box and are natively multilingual. WooCommerce and Magento themes invite you to run an e-store on pages of your site. Finally, the MotoCMS 3 templates let you edit your template and add content in visual mode. With them, you’ll never have to work with coding. So, they’re optimal for complete beginners.

Now, you probably have an idea what kind of a restaurant theme best fits your need. Grab one of the newest restaurant themes below and head toward success with it!

Alcomix: Cocktail Bar Responsive WordPress Template

Cocktail Bar WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

As a pub owner you’re bound to fall in love with this niche fitted website design with a sense of luxury to it. The theme boasts of diverse visually-rich layouts, which you’re more than welcome to customize in PowerBuilder visual editor. This worry-free customizer allows you to work with elements, sections, rows, modules and layouts of your website. Among the content modules provided with the template, you’ll find the modules for creating accordions, bar counters, brand showcases, CTA buttons, testimonials, toggles, video sliders, etc. Among other plugins in the template pack, your visitors are bound to be impressed by the functionality of Booked Appointments plugins that invites them to reserve a table at your place online.

LaFood: Italian Cuisine WordPress Website

Italian Cuisine WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh and minimalist, this template combines mouthwatering imagery and refreshing mint color accents. What’s more, the abundance of negative space is what makes your content stand out and makes the theme really uncluttered. Thanks to the incorporation of Bootstrap 3 framework the layout of the theme stays mobile-centered and equally temps website visitors from home and on the go. Moreover, the theme’s setup wizard is simplified to its core and lets you run a template installation with sample data within 5 minutes or less. It’s worth mentioning that the theme is also e-commerce ready. You can run a store on the pages of your website with the help of Ecwid, one of the most comprehensive e-commerce plugins out there.

Plantables: Vegetarian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Site

Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

On a lookout for the best template for your vegetarian restaurant, you can’t miss on Plantables theme, one of the latest and most advanced themes for meat-free eateries. The template is responsive, cross-browser compatible and performance-optimized. Despite featuring hi-res imagery and rich media content, your website will load in less than 4 seconds, pleasing you with a low bounce rate. The theme brings you a number of ready-made forms, such as search, contact and booking form, as well as the newsletter subscription box. What’s more, the theme incorporates MailChimp for managing the lists of your subscribers and keeping in touch with them.

Delicia: Cafeteria & Restaurant WordPress Template

Cafeteria WP Theme

Details | Demo

Delicia is a clean and elegant theme for building an all-encompassing restaurant website with pleasing tones and delectable pictures. The entrancing menu it lets you create is impossible to resist giving it a go. What’s more, with this theme the guests of your website will be able to book a table at your place right away. Booked Appointments plugins lets users choose the table they like most and book it for the desired time slot. The theme comes equipped with a thick pack of pre-made pages. Using them, you get a chance to showcase your professional team in best light, feature testimonials of your satisfied visitors and power an exemplary gallery of your dishes and premises.

MasterChef: Food And Beverage Recipes WordPress Blog Design

Food And Beverages WP Theme

Details | Demo

If you’re searching for a top-notch design for your cooking blog, MasterChef theme is right what you need. It lets you build quality leads with rich social integration options and an appealing newsletter subscription form. The theme uses premium typewritten typography to craft the unique style of your blog. However, if you feel that this is not the one you need, you’re more than welcome to employ any of 500+ Google Fonts. The theme opens with a full-width slider, followed by a neat grid of recipe categories that are irresistible to check out.

Vincenzo – Feature-Rich Pizza Restaurant Resposnive WordPress Theme

Vincenzo - Feature-Rich Pizza Restaurant

Details | Demo

Vincenzo food and restaurant theme is so ultimately Italian that it makes the brilliant inventions of this cuisine impossible to resist. It comes with Live Customizer that lets you tweak page layouts, breadcrumbs, social links, color schemes and typography on the go. With it, you don’t have to reload the page to preview changes. This editor is based on Ajax and lets you preview changes live and decide whether you like them or no on the go. Moreover, the template brings you 25+ incredible widgets that are comprehensive in setup and management.

Griddling: Steakhouse & Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Template

Meat & Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rich shades and Retina-ready imagery of meat masterpieces uncover the exceptionality of your place online. The template’s first-rate design establishes you as a leading-edge meat restaurant in the area. Griddling template is optimized to maximize the number of people that visit your place. The ‘Book Online’ button resides on the very top next to the top navigation and invites to make a reservation at your place right away. The contact details are also highlighted there, so your first-time guests don’t have to go search for them elsewhere.

Greenville: Organic Veggies and Fruits WooCommerce Website

Greenville - Organic Food Restaurant WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Greenville template looks ultimately fresh and natural, matching your crisp and organic products. This theme is tailored to run an e-commerce store to sell the most wholesome products on the local market. With easy and intuitive WooCommerce plugin, you can set up all you need for successfully selling your products. This plugin brings you the needed cart, currency, tax and shipping options. What’s more, it lets you set up product relations, grouping similar products and powering Related and Similar product blocks on single product pages. In addition to this, the theme brings you rich product sorting options, allowing your site guests quicker find the needed product, sorting items the way they need.

YangXin: Magento 2 Template for a Chinese Restaurant

YangXin - Chinese Restaurant Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

This Chinese restaurant Magento 2 theme is effective in promoting your eatery and offering online food ordering services. The theme’s design is flat and minimalist. On the other hand, the functionality of the theme is breathtakingly rich. This bodacious theme is equipped with plugins that are totally worth more than $1000. Among them, you’ll find MegaMenu, Ajax Wishlist & Compare, Film Slider, Smart Product Labels, Special Price Countdown and other plugins that are invaluable for an e-commerce website. The theme lets you create products of different types, so your dishes may come as variable and configurable products, as well as the simple ones.

Pugarie: Grill & BBQ Restaurant Moto CMS 3 Theme

BBQ Restaurant Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Lavish imagery, polished layouts and rich UI are all embraced by this state-of-the-art MotoCMS 3 template. Created for non-techies, this theme can be edited on the run in MotoCMS builder, a visual editor of a new generation. Drag-n-drop elements to add them to your pages, click them to modify backgrounds and fonts. You’ll never have to face coding when editing this top-level theme. To edit the appearance of theme widgets, make use of the pre-built Presets Builder. Having created a preset, you can re-use it later on, saving your time by avoiding repetitive actions. All in all, Pugarie is a wonderful restaurant template for beginners that turns your website into an irresistible treat.

Big Burger: Fast Food Restaurant Moto CMS 3 Template

Fast Food Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

This fast food restaurant template embraces the simplistic approach and emphasizes that you stick to classics of serving best fast food. Customizing this theme would be a piece of cake even for those, who had no prior exposure to setting up and managing websites. With the handy MotoCMS 3 drag-n-drop editor, you can intuitively implement changes and see the outcome without reloading. What’s more, in the editor you can switch among different viewports on the go, ensuring the best possible appearance of your website on different screens. Being simple in customization, Big Burger theme is also optimized for flashing performance that your visitors are bound to appreciate.

Specular: Restaurant & Pizzeria Responsive WordPress Website

Specular: Restaurant & Pizzeria

Details | Demo

Spectacular is one of the best choices for powering a modern restaurant website. It skillfully employs the cutting-edge Parallax effect, making browsing your website a visual treat. What’s more, the theme incorporates a Stick-up menu that remains visible as users scroll down the page. In terms of layout diversity, you can switch between wide and boxed layouts, choosing the one that best fits your needs. In addition to this, you’ll find 10 ready-made header layouts for displaying the information in website header right the way you need. You can also tweak button, dropdown and footer styling in a couple of clicks to create the website of your dreams in a matter of hours.

European Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Site

European Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

If you want to create a website that’s a true embodiment of the pith of European values, this theme is the best choice you can ever make. The full-width slider on top serves for showcasing your today’s specials and chef’s plates. The rest of the page sticks to the perfect balance of negative space and hi-quality content, embracing best picks from the Google Fonts collection and hi-res Retina-ready imagery. Needless to say, the source code of the theme is optimized for speedy website performance and higher position in search engine search results. Relying on Bootstrap 3 framework, the theme delivers you the responsiveness with no flaws and makes your website a pleasure to browse on the go.

Higalgo: Mexican Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Design

Mexican Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Powering a Mexican restaurant website has never been simpler than with this lightweight MotoCMS 3 theme. Customizing the template within the panel of MotoCMS drag-n-drop builder is an experience that requires your intuition rather than learning. Being that simple, the template is still extensively documented and comes with resourceful round-the-clock support. The theme also offers you rich social integration options to take care of building quality leads and enlarging the number of your loyal customers. You’re also welcome to take advantage of a number of custom-tailored widgets that come with the theme and offer you additional types of content presentation.

Confucius: Chinese Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme

Chinese Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Eastern to its core, this theme employs the color palette and imagery that are traditional to Chinese culture. By this, it shows that adhering to values and methods of this ancient cooking tradition is your foremost priority. Being a restaurant owner, you don’t have to learn web design to adjust this restaurant theme to your needs. You’ll grasp untaught how to edit Confucius theme with drag-n-drop and change backgrounds and styling in one click. What’s more, easy to follow documentation guides are also at your disposal.

ModernEurope: European Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template

European Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

If you’re a fan of Joomla themes, this European restaurant template is the one to make you happy. It brings users of your website a rich UI, turning exploration of your site a real piece of cake. Among the easy-to-customize UI elements, you’ll find appealing tabs, sleek accordions and toggles, animated progress bars and amusing counters. You’re also bound to be impressed by the number of additional pages the theme comes equipped with. What’s more, with ModernEurope theme you get social login functionality that allows logging into your website in one click with accounts in social networks.

Responsive Joomla Site for Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Finding a high-quality theme for an Indian restaurant is the task that’s not that simple to accomplish. However, this template is the one that would make you 100% satisfied. It has the unconventional layout with the header shifted to the left and brings you breathtaking hi-res backgrounds. Among the tools the theme delivers, you’ll find Color Switcher, the tool that lets you change the color scheme of your website in one click. What’s more, your site visitors are bound to be impressed by the visual effects the theme uses: Parallax and LazyLoad.

Reconetta: Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Website

Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

One of the most stylish Joomla themes for restaurants, Reconetta is a theme in a class all by itself. It combines superior visuals with tip-top functionality that is an ultimate UI booster. Its clean layouts and breathing imagery foster a one-of-a-kind website browsing experience that’s bound to be remembered by your visitors. What’s more, you can translate the theme to different languages hassle-free. For this, you don’t have to purchase any additional plugins; Joomla CMS is natively multilingual and comes with all the needed translation tools on board.

Betasso: Barbecue Restaurant Resposnive WordPress Design

Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Betasso is an all-encompassing WordPress theme for restaurants with the potential to take your business up a notch. It embraces flamboyant imagery and smartly shades it off with negative space. Thanks to the incorporation of different content presentation types, the theme lets you appealingly display your awards and recognition on independent review websites. Designed by industry leaders, the template also has a sound base of well-tested coding that’s optimized for search engines and performance. So, Betasso is the theme to reach the first page of search engine search results with the minimum amount of effort and time spent.

If you craft a website with any of these templates, you are sure to multiply the pool of your loyal guests manifold. Choose the theme that best meets your needs and preferences and head toward success with it!

If you want to learn more about the renowned provider of these 20 restaurant and sweet shop themes, feel free to download their free eBook about Digital Marketplace.

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