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Sura Theme Review: Spotify Like WordPress Music Streaming Theme

If you want to make a website to promote your music, or the tracks from other artists and make them available for streaming, then the WordPress Music Streaming theme from TeoThemes could be just what you are looking for.

This theme has an attractive design that will really catch the attention of your audience, while also making it very easy for them to listen to your uploaded audio content. By using WordPress and this theme together, your website will allow your listeners to save their preferred music to their favourites, and also, depending on how you configure your website, buy the music directly from your website. This is the closest Spotify like WordPress theme that offers the same music streaming experience and features.

This theme combines lots of great features with an attractive design. However, with many other themes competing in this space, read on to find out if this is the best choice for your project, in our Music WordPress theme review.

Sura music streaming WordPress theme

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Features of the Music WordPress Theme

As well as the high quality and professional design and appearance of Sura music streaming theme from TeoThemes, you will get access to a selection of very useful features, should you decide to build your website with this theme.

At the heart of this theme is the music player. This player is always on display as your visitors navigate their way around the different pages of your website.

Music Theme Review AJAX Player

This allows your visitors to not only listen to the music featured on your website, but also instantly add a track to the optional shopping cart while it plays.

As the website has been built using AJAX, the use of this technology means that as your visitors navigate the different pages of your website, the actual pages don’t reload or refresh. The benefit of this is that the music player never misses a beat, as your visitors check out your content. If you want to showcase your music in style, without any interruptions, this feature will really appeal to you.

Music Theme Review Cart Heart Icon

Thanks to the use of AJAX, adding items to your cart, or marking a track as a favourite, also takes place instantly, without any page loads required. This helps to create a really smooth and seamless user experience on your website.

With this theme, you get full integration with the free WooCommerce plugin. This gives you the option of adding a shopping cart to your website. While in theory, this ecommerce plugin will work with any theme, by choosing one that has been built to be fully compatible with this powerful plugin, you can ensure that all of the pages of your store match the rest of your website, in terms of design. This includes the product pages, customer registration pages, and the checkout section, to name just a few.

Music Theme Review Shopping Cart

Whether you want to sell physical or digital products from your music website now, or in the future, knowing that this theme has been created to integrate with the leading WooCommerce plugin will give you plenty of options for selling items online from your website. This free shopping cart plugin also includes the ability to collect payments via PayPal, right out of the box.

However, even if you never plan to add any items for sale to your website, the Sura theme has plenty of other great features that help make it as easy as possible to create the website your project deserves.

Music Theme Review Albums

Whether you are using your website to promote your own music, or content from a range of artists, the Sura theme makes it easy to organize your tracks on the back end. The theme also makes it straightforward to present that content to your visitors on the front end, in an easy to navigate format.

Music Theme Review Songs

Through the front end of your website, your visitors can browse the music by album, or by simply viewing all of the individual songs, before diving into the individual song pages to find out more about that track.

Music Theme Review Song Page

This music WordPress theme also includes a useful discover feature. This part of your website allows visitors to browse the music on your site. However, rather than just sorting the tracks by artist, album, or title, they can now filter them by genre, and even the instruments they feature. Depending on how you’ve tagged and categorized your content, your visitors can then filter your music using those same attributes.

Music Theme Review Song Page

When it comes to creating your content on the back end, the Sura music streaming theme includes a number of useful page templates. These are all beautifully designed, as you can see from the theme demo.

Music Theme Review Album Template

Not only that though, but the templates can be easily applied to each new page, simply by selecting them from the appropriate drop down list.

Music Theme Review Select Page Template

As the theme includes, and integrates with the popular Aqua Page Builder tool, you get a powerful interface for editing the existing page designs, as well as also creating your own. By including a page builder tool, the developers of Sura have given you an intuitive way to break free of the constraints of the default WordPress page editor, and start creating your own personalized page designs.

Music Theme Review Page Builder

By using this page builder tool, you are then free to create some truly original landing and inner pages for your website, all through a drag and drop interface. Alternatively, you can just use the attractive and well-crafted templates that come with the theme as they are, and leave the design work to the professionals.

It’s worth pointing out that the Sura theme does omit some of the features you might find on a commercial music website. This includes playlists, stations, and the social networking features found elsewhere. However, this is done to make your website run as fast as possible, rather than bogging it down with nice, but non-essential features.

Rather than spending thousands on a developing a custom built, fully-featured music website, you can instead, by using WordPress and this theme, create a great looking website that allows you to publish your music online and in style, at a fraction of the cost.


The Sura music streaming theme is available from ThemeForest, where it can be purchased for $58. This allows you to use the theme on one WordPress website.

While this is the going rate for a theme on the largest WordPress online theme marketplace, it’s a great price considering the attractive and professional design inspired by Spotify and appearance of this theme, not to mention all the great features it includes.

The highlight of the Sura theme for me, is the way the audio player continues to work as you navigate your way around the website. Rather than reloading the player each time you change pages, the use of AJAX means this never happens and your visitors can continue to preview your music, uninterrupted.

The Sura theme is the best Spotify like music WordPress theme out there and its the right choice if you are looking to get the best music streaming experience using WordPress.

Whether you want to sell music online, or simply showcase your work, and the work of others, the Sura theme allows you to do that and more in high quality surroundings. With more features expected to be added to the theme in the future, if there is the demand, Sura looks like one product that will only get better over time.

Find out more about the Sura music streaming theme now

More info / Download Demo

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    I have some question regarding this theme Please help me………….
    1). How many song can be added in this theme…..
    2). Can i add direct download link or button in front of song in this theme…
    3). can I arrange Music category wise in this theme………

  2. Hello. With this theme, can i let registered users signup for an account and upload their songs and wait for admin approval before it goes live? ?.
    P.S: it’ll be helpful if i receive reply via attached email. Thanks.

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