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Top 10 Newsletters for Startup & Business Owners 2021

Keeping up with the latest and most interesting content on the web has somewhat become a troublesome experience. Content is being unloaded on consumers in such vast amounts that it’s hard to understand what’s breaking, what’s insightful, and what’s just an expansion of something that someone else said. Content consumption without proper curation is going to make it difficult to weed through good pieces, good stories, good and insightful data-driven articles and research papers that actually provide the reader with tangible value.

The solution to this content problem nowadays is curated newsletters, a way of keeping in touch with everything that’s happening within our field of choice without having to have 50 different browser tabs open. Newsletters are usually crowdsourced, or maintained by a dedicated individual, and provide a much more enjoyable reading experience of the latest and greatest.

The following newsletters in this roundup are all about startup and business topics, including some technology-oriented content, that will help you stay up to date with the best content in these particular fields. Each and every one of these newsletters have more than 1,000+ subscribers. That means they are in demand and deliver on their promise to curate great content no matter what.

Launch Ticker

launch ticker business newsletter

Launch Ticker is the perfect technology news consumption newsletter solution to those who feel like they’re wasting a lot of their time reading tech news, without really getting anywhere. The team at Launch Ticker curates two emails each day that discuss the most important news of the day before, as well as the day that the second email gets sent out on. Get a quick and concise summery of the leading headlines, understand what’s happening without having to skim through endless paragraphs of opinions and assumptions. It’s a paid service, but cheap enough that anyone can become a subscriber.


mattemark startup business newsletter

The Mattermark newsletter is one daily custom-curated newsletter email that covers the latest happening in fields like investing, startups, entrepreneurship, online business and more. Instead of weeding out the latest user-generated content sites, signup to the Mattermark newsletter and get the best scoop in your email inbox once a day.

iOS Dev Weekly

ios dev weekly business newsletter

Mobile app development is big within the startup and online business communities. That is why iOS Dev Weekly is the perfect newsletter to include in this list. As the name suggests, this newsletter covers a weekly number of the latest developments in the iOS ecosphere. Whether it’s new tools, new ways of doing things, new libraries or new unfoldings in the operating system itself, iOS Dev Weekly will cover it all and let you know the best scoop about making the most of your developer experience.

The UX Newsletter

the ux newsletter startup business newsletter

This newsletter from MailChimp has recently undergone a revamp and is looking to kickstart its regular operation hours soon again, but until then there are more than 40 issues from the past year to explore and indulge in, all of which will help startup owners to better understand their design choices, and how to improve them without compromising quality or resources. Everything from User Experience to User Interface, to Usability and Personalization, all of which are essential things to know when building a high quality product.

Hacker Newsletter

hacker newsletter startup business newsletter

Hacker News receives thousands of new submissions each day. Going through them all and trying to make sense of them is an impossible task. Even with the help of the Hacker News web platform itself, even the top links and best links from time to time tend to be nothing but a rush of character and personality between the community itself. The Hacker Newsletter does a weekly newsletter that’s curated to reflect back the biggest and best stories within the industry. You can expect dozens of links in each newsletter; with more than 250+ issues already sent out, this newsletter is a veteran when it comes to providing its readers with a great experience.


charged startup business newsletter

Love technology? Or a bit of personality in your newsletters? Charged is home to more than 7,000+ subscribers who regularly receive a pleasant newsletter that covers the biggest stories in technology; articles, blog posts, long-form posts, and it even covers the leading startups that have come out in the sun since the last newsletter. Each story comes with a nice and concise description and bit of an opinion. It certainly is a newsletter that any startup or tech enthusiast will find pleasant and reliable.


foundr startup business newsletter
Foundr is more than just a newsletter that any startup and business owner can subscribe to. It’s also not only a magazine, rather a complete pack of material that helps people start new businesses, do marketing the right way, learn how to write copy, well, anything that comes to mind that relates to business in general.

Moreover, Foundr is run by a young team of avid learners in the field, looking to bring to their fans and members entrepreneurship and startup news with a twist. Along with the monthly physical magazine, Foundr delivers top-notch podcasts, articles and even free training. If you just happen to be new to the platform, you better do yourself a favor and investigate it immediately.


zapier startup business newsletter
While Zapier is originally a software that simplifies the way you work with tons of tools that boost your workflow, it is also worth subscribing to its newsletter. They might not be publishing new pieces of content every day, but when they do, it is worth a read. With all sorts of productivity tips, advice and tons of other practical information, you can gain new knowledge that will be highly beneficial to your business.

You should always be learning, especially in the business and entrepreneurship world, as it is constantly evolving, requiring your attention, so you do not get left behind. And any type of information on taking your productivity to the next level is highly rewarding – always.


entrepreneur startup business newsletter
It is almost no need to write about the Entrepreneur. This website behemoth has it all and everything at your fingertips. Whether you are just starting out or an established business, whatever the case, you will find the right information on Entrepreneur’s website. Not just that, but they will deliver it straight to your mailboxes, depending on what interests you the most. On the other hand, you can visit the page at any time you fancy, search for the topic you are interested in and go from there.

You can easily spend hours reading through different articles, so watch out and step back, so you do not spend too much time reading and too little on building your business. But gaining new knowledge and industry news is also important, and that’s when Entrepreneur comes into play, covering the necessary and then some.


trello startup business newsletter
Once you land on Trello, you might not find where to subscribe to their newsletter. It’s easy, you just sign-up for free and go from there. While you can test their software out, this also subscribes you to their must-read newsletter. Similarly to Zapier, Trello brings to the table tons of amazing and practical content about productivity, working remotely, collaborating with teams and more. You can get a better understanding of what to expect in your inbox by heading over the Trello’s blog section. Of course, if you happen to be using Trello already, through articles, you will learn all the ins and outs of the tool, enjoying all the hidden perks you should not miss.

Paul Jarvis

paul jarvis startup newsletter

Paul Jarvis, if no more than a creative artist, has been an inspiration to many as to how it’s possible to achieve your dreams through sheer persistence. He started out with a small number of articles and subscribers. Now, he has managed to grow his dream to almost 20,000+ unique subscribers. They will happily tell you all about Paul’s creative abilities and his vision for his work.

If you need advice on freelancing, business, design, inspiration and life, then Paul’s newsletter is the one for you. He will send you content that he plans to publish on leading media websites before he actually publishes them. This gives you a chance to connect with him on a more personal level.

Growth Hackers

growth hackers startup business newsletter

Growth hacking is a huge thing in these times. Innovative and creative ways to market yourself have become a way of exercising your own abilities to promote yourself and your product. The Growth Hackers community has grown to several tens of thousands of subscribers; you’re more than welcome to join the newsletter that discusses the most popular and most active submitted links during the week. Growth Hackers itself is a user-generated content website that lets the community members submit content. That way, others can vote on it, and leave comments on it if they desire. Instead of browsing through the endless list of links, signup for the newsletter; you can get a weekly email digest with the top stuff in growth hacking.


swissmiss startup business newsletter

Design is an important part of the success of a startup and/or product. That is why Swissmiss is the one newsletter you don’t want to miss. Get a weekly newsletter that discusses creative and intelligent design matters in a way that you can apply them to your own ideas straight away.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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