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Sports Wordpress Themes

20+ Sport WordPress Bestsellers

If you value your time and don’t want to spend hours searching for a decent premium WordPress theme for your sport blog, club, gym, whatever, we’ve got a quick solution for you. Right here you will find 25 sport WordPress bestsellers. We are sure that at least one of them will meet your requirements.

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We guess we’ve supplied you with enough informational links on WordPress themes and ways of working with them. We offer just pass to our sport WordPress bestsellers and explore their features one by one.

WordPress Theme for Bikers

The theme can be used for bikers club, forum, or news portal. The texts on the web page are very concise, however this does not affect its informational content. The author decided to make a strong emphasis on visual component. A great solution, as visuals always attract people much more than any words. Slider shows dynamic shots taken during bike races. Banners with screaming headings make bikers WordPress theme navigation simple and engaging. Articles about latest motorcycling events are arranged above the footer. Videos from the competitions are also there. Circular social media icons are placed on top and at the bottom of the page, which means that they are easy to access.

Bikers WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bicycle Club Responsive WordPress Theme

WildRide is a 100% GPL WordPress theme developed for innovative ideas and startups. As the theme is made for bloggers, it is optimized for quick and easy content publishing and readability. The theme is really easy to install, run and update. Most of the theme settings can be modified on the fly with WordPress Customizer. Make changes and view the results in real time. The theme comes with Mailchimp newsletter feature, premium custom slider, carousel and taxonomy tiles widgets. Share your innovative ideas, get extra publicity for your startups, raise funds and keep your readers up to date with WildRide WordPress theme!

WildRide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Extreme Cycling Responsive WordPress Theme

A greenish theme for cycling club, blog or forum. From the first moments slider with image based navigation and nice transition effects draws visitors attention. The theme is built on Cherry Framework and offers the power of Bootstrap, which makes it super-easy to install, customize and maintain. It is Search Engine Friendly and WPML ready. You can embed audios and videos to make your web page more informative and interesting to browse. The theme comes with Advanced Options, Sliced PSD, Back To Top Button, Calendar, Custom Page Templates, Favicon, Google Map, Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Tabs, Tooltips, the list goes on.

Cycling Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Yachting WordPress Theme

Sailing can hardly be called a job. Its sooner a life choice for those who are crazy about excitement and thrill. This theme was developed to keep mariners always informed about the latest news and events in the field, keep them updated on hot yacht sales and destinations that are worth to visit. Entering such website, users will feel the ocean breeze due to the cleverly picked visuals, whereas the wooden texture in the background will take them to the yacht deck in their dreams. The multi-level menu, content blocks organized in a grid, informative and usable footer make site navigation smoother and more intuitive. Building trust has never been easier. There is a special area set aside for sharing user testimonials and introducing the audience to your business team. Make use of this theme to develop a yacht club website that will appeal to various boating interests and age groups.

Boating WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Extreme Gliding WordPress Theme

The author of this extreme sports WP theme makes use of circular elements and buttons with rounded edges that look very natural in the overall environments. A full-screen header image creates a large focal point to capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to dig deeper into your site. One of the strongest points of the theme is a block of events based on a timeline, which will let you show a chronological sequence of upcoming events the understandable manner. A polygon backdrop of this block serves as a complementary instrument to impart more dynamism to the layout. Powered by Cherry Framework, the theme is loading fast and is easy to configure the way your site would provide the best possible user experience.

Extreme Sports WP Theme

Details | Demo

Daily Sports News WordPress Theme

DailySports is a comprehensive blogging WordPress theme, which is most suitable for sports– and entertainment-related websites due to its dark color palette. The content blocks are marked with bright horizontal lines of different colors, making it easier for the readers to navigate through the theme’s complicated magazine-like layout. User-friendly dropdown menu is followed by a large image-based slider and two content blocks – for top and featured news, respectively. The sidebar is totally oriented on promotion, comprising a Twitter box and a newsletter form. Each blog post preview is supplied with a set of social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. DailySports is fully responsive, the theme is built the way to improve your website’s positions in SERP.

Sports News WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Relaxing Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. This theme in greenish colors is ideal for a yoga studio or blog. Indian ornamental element decorating the company logo is highly relevant for the topic. Big quality slider images show people practicing yoga indoors and outdoors. Bellow goes the information about the club. It is arranged in three columns. Each post ends with a call to action button. Testimonials section immensely increases site credibility. They come with thumbnails as well. New lessons are presented in the accordion. News section draws users’ attention with the help of big numbers. Main templates’ features are: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready. Not bad, isn’t it?

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Beach Volleyball WordPress Theme

You can boost your beach volleyball site based on this theme with spectacular imagery, retina-ready photos, full-width sliders, and cool galleries. Such a clean and modern layout with an emphasis on visuals, audio and video integration will easily drive people in and offer them a pleasant browsing experience. Intuitive navigation and easy-to-browse, responsive and cross-browser compatible layout will facilitate users’ work with the site based on this theme. You’ll easily perform any modifications with this template based on Cherry framework. Try this volleyball WordPress theme built with the best SEO practices in mind and set up a well-performing website with an appealing design.

Volleyball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hunting WordPress Theme

This hunting WordPress template designed in natural brownish tones is loaded with many features that ensure really splendid functionality. It doesn’t matter what device is used for browsing the site, it will perform great on any screen, no matter if it is a regular desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Main menu of the theme has lowered position. Menu is sticky. The theme offers a clean minimalist layout with full-screen sliders at the top of the page and at the content area. Polygons on the ‘Latest event’ background section make theme’s layout even more current. Thanks to flexible customization options, this template can be adapted to any other kind of business just in minutes.

Hunting WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

This responsive fitness blog WordPress theme was developed to run flawlessly across a variety of devices and web browsers. A two-column layout structure allows you to organize the latest blog updates and navigation elements in a harmonious manner, without readability loss. The theme features a clean design, so nothing distracts your readers’ attention. That’s what we call the smart use of white space. Content hierarchy is achieved by means of large, bold headings. The theme comes with full social integration, so the users will be able to share the publications they consider worthy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. With the purpose to facilitate navigation, main navigation bar was made fixed-to-the-top. Fully customizable, the template can become a solid foundation for your blog.

Fitnesys - Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bodybuilding Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is best for bodybuilding and gym templates. Its main menu is sticky, so it stays before the users’ eyes all the time. Large header photo shows a man with athletic body. Latest photos are showcased in slider. Some bodybuilding facts are presented with the help of simple icons and numbers. It’s a great way of content presentation. Coaches’ profiles come with links to their social profiles. The invitation to the event is separated by borders and supplied with a huge orange call-to-action button with rounded corners. Happy clients’ testimonials and famous company partners’ logos are also featured on the home page. Social media icons are big, noticeable and animated which adds an element of game play into the serious layout.

Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hockey Sport WordPress Theme

Create a professional sports blog with the help of this hockey WordPress theme. The ice, the rink the players’ photos look so real that you nearly fill the chill. The theme offers a diagonal design with clean and minimalist layout that makes the site look both official and creative. The template is powered by Cherry Framework 4 that ensures worry-free customization and smooth performance on any popular gadget screen. Even a beginner will be able to adapt it to any business project quickly and easily. MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider are included into template’s package. You can choose between the following gallery scripts: Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider.

Hockey WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wave Riding Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme was developed for surfing clubs, blogs, schools, etc. You nearly feel the warmth of the sun and the salty wind on your skin. Parallax effect adds a touch of realism to the website. Lazy Load animation won’t make your visitors wait until your website is loading. Round banners and bright colors create a carefree atmosphere on site. The theme allows Audio Player and Video Integration. The theme is WPML ready, so your website will have almost unlimited audience. The theme is coded with CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, and LESS. It is search engine friendly, so you shouldn’t worry that surfers won’t find your website on the net.

Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Boxing Sport Responsive WordPress Theme

A dark brutal theme for a boxing website. It is made in grey colors. Theme’s header is sticky, so all necessary navigation links will constantly be before the visitors’ eyes. Slider displays men in boxing gloves. Three promo banners with simple icons on them are beautifully animated. Testimonials are on the left hand and the articles about the honored athletes on the right hand are at the bottom of the page. The theme is animated with HTML plus JS, Parallax, and Lazy Load effect. It is coded with CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, and LESS. The theme built on Cherry Framework is supplied with On-line chat.

Boxing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cheerleading Team WordPress Theme

Here is a mobile-friendly cheerleading WordPress theme developed with an omni-potent Cherry Framework for easier installation and customization. Its lightweight design is a prerequisite for proper website performance in different browsers and on different devices. A social login option won’t only simplify visitors’ authorization, but will also let you collect more data about them from their social accounts. To make your content more interesting to explore, it is visually supported by high-resolution imagery, stylish polygon backgrounds, counters, and red color accents. One of the theme’s schticks is an elegant scale of events, under which there is a Google map indicating the location of your organization.

Cheerleading WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Mind Games Responsive WordPress Theme

We are sure that chess players from all over the world will highly appreciate this design. It’s amazing! Apart from visual appeal, the theme is rather feature-rich. Main menu of the theme has fixed position on the page. It is separated from the rest of the layout by stitches. Company logo is placed right below the main menu. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts are available by default. You can choose between them. HTML plus JS, Parallax, and Lazy Load animated effects revive the layout. You can integrate audio and video players into your web pages to make them even more engaging for the users.

Chess Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Surfing WordPress Theme

Powered by Cherry Framework and having the power of Bootstrap, this extreme sports WordPress theme boasts a spectacular design with clean code and excellent support. Transition effects and scrolling dynamics, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 add interactivity to web pages making them visually alluring. Responsive design provides optimal multidevice experience, whereas WPML readiness allows reaching the multinational audience. The theme has a graphically appealing user interface enhanced with handy navigational elements such as a back to top button and a dropdown menu. Audio, video and social media options are also embedded into the template’s functionality. Fully customizable, its design can be adapted to your own needs.

Extreme Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tennis Court Responsive WordPress Theme

Let’s dwell on the main features of this positive tennis theme. It has a very interesting texture in the background. Slider looks bright and attractive over the black background. Main menu sticks to the top as you scroll. Nice animated effects applied to company services eliminate tedium on the page. The rest of the content is arranged in three columns. It is easy to scan, read and comprehend it. Integrate audios and videos into your pages to make them even more captivating. Choose from Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts. Which one would you prefer? Use all power and simplicity of Cherry Framework and Bootstrap to make your website one of a kind.

Tennis Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sailing WordPress Theme

Many of us like yachts, and there’s good reason for that. While for some buying a luxury yacht is a way to show off their wealth, for others this is a great means to leave for a vacation and see the world. Running or owing a yacht requires special skills and knowledge, and you can share such knowledge with your audience by means of this theme. The home page captures attention with quality, bright visuals organized in a two column grid. Moving mouse over an image, users will be introduced to additional information about your services. Making every element clickable, you will provide the audience with a more pleasant browsing experience. If you are looking for a great and effective solution for introducing users to your business and engaging more people in, this template is the way to go.

Yacht Vacation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Baseball Team Responsive WordPress Theme

Baseball is an extremely popular sport. Those who don’t play baseball are the sport fans, so we are sure that your website will have lots of visitors. It is designed in greenish colors like a baseball field. Slider displays the most thrilling moments from the baseball games. Main menu is drop down, but the users can navigate through your site using banners or additional navigation links. You can install the theme just in 2 steps even if you are not a professional developer. It offers multiple color options, so you will be able to play with them during customization. You get custom widgets, built-in theme customizer, advanced backup, lifetime free updates and much more in template’s package.

Baseball Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Extreme Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Would you like to have a blue-green surfing site? Those are the colors of the ocean. This theme perfectly conveys the spirit of this extreme sport. Just look at its background image and image-based slider. Main menu of the theme is sticky. There are many additional navigation links at the footer visitors can use to explore your website. Built-in customizer lets you tweak your theme on the fly and see the changes in read time without the need to reload the page. By the way, no changes will be saved until your confirmation. We guess the advanced backup option will also come in handy to theme owners.

Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Extreme Sports WordPress Theme

The whole adrenaline packed action of extreme sports flows into the given design. Whether it’s climbing the mountain top, driving on a motorway, skiing down the hill or flying through the air – here extreme sports fans will find anything to their liking. Thanks to the single page layout, every visitor will feel the curiosity of scrolling down the page to see what comes next. The fixed menu and back to top button make browsing though the site smoother. Bright backgrounds accompanied with catching visuals and galleries are employed to capture the spirit of sports in question. Make every risk taker feel the excitement of browsing through your site with the help of this theme.

Active Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gym Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme for gyms and sport blogs is available in PSD and PHP sources. It is widgetized. Red accents scattered here and there over the layout uphold the general site idea. Red color is associated with action. And people who work out live in constant action. Please note the amazing transition effects the slider is supplied with. By the way, it has image based navigation. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider galley scripts are included into the theme’s package. It is built on Cherry Framework and offers all functional of Bootstrap. The theme has a clean code. It is easy to install and customize. In a word, it is a good investment.

Bodybuilding Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Yoga Harmony Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga is very popular nowadays. It helps you stay in good shape and keep the balance of your mind, body and soul. The theme is made in natural beige colors. Slider shows people practicing different yoga asanas. Banners have zooming effect. Most of the text is placed at the bottom of the page. The theme is animated with HTML plus JS. It can boast the following features: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready. The theme comes in English by default. All installation and set up instructions are attached, look for them at the Documentation folder. We are sure you will be able to create a wonderful yoga site on the basis of this simple theme.

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Play Basketball WordPress Theme

This basketball WordPress theme is supplied with multiple features to help you promote your sports club or any other establishment. For example, a tiled gallery allows compact yet stylish demonstration of image content. Next, animated counters will let you display percentage rations of different aspects in a dynamic, engaging manner. Thanks to the integration of social icons, visitors can subscribe to your accounts on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, while like and share buttons make it easy to appraise and spread your content. Google map, an interactive tool informing of your location, is also embedded into this theme. As for its look, polygon backgrounds, transparent menu bar and full-width pictures can provide a visually rich cover for your online portal.

Basketball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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