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Social Media Tools For Startups
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Top 20 Best Social Media Tools for Startups 2021

Admittedly starting a blog isn’t the most straightforward process anymore, of course, setting up a new WordPress blog is easy. You select a theme, you choose a number of plugins and you’re absolutely ready to go. Eventually, you begin to realize that in order to attract visitors, you have to invest in different areas of promotion. It’s only when you make that decision of becoming a professional blogger that you realize this is an exciting (and sometimes crazy!) world of blogging, marketing, and promotion. Blogs these days work really well because they provide all the essentials of any type of business.

You could spend months writing the best content on the web, but if you’re doing nothing to put that content, then your efforts will be worth nothing. It is imperative to learn how to use social media, and how to utilize social media so that your content and your vision continue to grow for years to come. Setting up social media accounts has gotten really easy over the years, but you still need to go through the stages of learning how marketing works, and what are the best ways to make the most of your social media experience so that your blog can really grow.

Below you will find our recommendation of the 25 best social media tools aimed at businesses, bloggers, writers, and anyone else who wants to tap into the potential of social media sharing to attract new exposure. These tools provide a range of functionality, and will make the process of sharing and being in touch with your audience much easier, from tools that help you to create visuals, to content curation and full-on social management platforms, these are the tools that will prepare your brand for becoming an influential social media channel.

Meet Edgar

meet edgar social media tool

If you have ever used social networks like Twitter or Facebook for business purposes, then you will undoubtedly know the painful process of having to write and schedule content each day, without having a real possibility to create a categorized calendar of content to publish on daily basis, and even if you do use the in-built scheduling tools, soon enough you have to refill the queue and the process starts all over again. Not only is this approach unproductive, it’s also taking up a lot of your time, and on those days when you forget to schedule content you’re losing out on vital visitors from social media.

This error was recognized by the people behind Meet Edgar — a powerful social media scheduling tools that lets you load up any amount of content within its platform, categorize the content based on its type and then gives you tools to schedule each category folder on its own time, and the best part of it all is that when Edgar runs out of things to tweet or share, it simply goes back to the content that you’ve already uploaded and continues to share it over time. This way, your social media accounts are always staying up to date and relevant, and people can enjoy reading and sharing things from you. Right now the platform works with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms (with unlimited content for each), and surely in the future other options will be made possible.



feedly social media tool

What is social media all about? The answer is simple, content! Whether it’s to discover content, to share it, or to simply engage other content creators, the social media sphere has become a quick solution for finding and researching content based on your own needs, but sometimes there’s only that much content that you have at your disposal, so some days you may end up without having any content to share at all.

Feedly became a trending RSS feed management tool once Google Reader began to fade away, and since then Feedly’s population has grown to millions of active users. So the question is how can Feedly be applied to your social media business efforts? The answer is once again rather simple, by having access to categorized feeds you can quickly go through the most popular articles and news on any of the feeds that you’re subscribed to, giving yourself the benefit of having easy to access and share content with your readers. Content sharing on social media shouldn’t just be about sharing your content alone, and promoting interesting articles and insights from around the web can earn just as many followers, if not more.


Sysomos Heartbeat

sysomos social media tool

When you open your Twitter pages or Instagram, or whichever network you prefer to use the most, the initial impression is usually seeing the content that you’re seeing, but with only a little bit of thought put into the process, one can begin to fathom the vast and complex amount of data that social networks have passing through their databases each day, even each minute when it comes down to it, and all this data can be used for the purpose of finding better ways to optimize your brand message, to improve the kind of content that you’re sharing.

It’s imperative to understand that you have competitors, and that there are content opportunities out there that you might be missing out on, not to mention having the ability to monitor your own brand across a medium of social networks. The Sysomos Heartbeat platform was created to help brands and businesses better understand what people are talking about on social media, and their tools puts you in the front row of seeing information as it happens. Heartbeat can scan the most popular social networks for latest information, vital news, and trending topics so that you’re always up to speed with what’s happening in the industry in this exact moment.



buffer social media tool

You may have heard of the name Buffer before, and for good reasons. It’s rather common to see websites use the Buffer social sharing widget nowadays, which links up directly with the BufferApp platform to schedule content that’s most important to you. With Buffer the management of your social media profiles becomes an absolute breeze. You can load up as many as 2000 posts (with the highest priced options) and put an end to regular content scheduling that doesn’t provide any tangible results.

Through connecting social media accounts, you can have your posts scheduled and posted on time across a range of social networks, the likes of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. Concise statistics give you an idea of your best content, so that in the future you can continue to follow-up with content that reflects the same engagement rates. We will also talk about another great tool from Buffer below, please continue reading to learn more about the best business tools for social media.



buzzsumo social media tool

You may ask marketers how they saw BuzzSumo when it first came out, and they might tell you that they had no hope for the project. While the idea seemed nice in BETA releases, the functionality wasn’t perfect, and the free plan for everyone meant that the system would often get overloaded. But, BuzzSumo was quick to learn from its mistakes, and has now become a pivotal tool for influencer research, and general content performance research on social media. If you have been troubling yourself over the kind of content titles to choose for most engagements, or you’re baffled about not knowing which are the most trending topics right now, then a simple query through the BuzzSumo platform can return an ocean of results that will leave you inspired for months to come.

On top of all that, another highly appealing feature is the ability to research and know who the real influencers are in any given topic. Knowing this information can give you leverage of pitching stories and ideas to people that have built engaging and highly converting communities. The filters help you weed through content either from the last day, or the last year if that’s what you’re looking for. You can filter through content types, languages, countries, and even specific domains. The algorithm outputs a list of results for your query (keyword or domain) and gives you a rundown of that queries most popular content.

It doesn’t get any easier than that to find content that people are obviously interested in, and knowing this information allows you to better create content for your own community that would be in alignment with the latest trending topics and ideas.



lumen5 social media tool
If you have not yet heard of Lumen5 before, I tell you one thing: you will going to love it. One of the simplest ways of creating impactful and professional videos for social media promotion. Heck, you are welcome to use your outstanding creations on your blogs and websites, too. The options are very many, suiting your needs and regulations to a T. With a massive collection of both videos and images, Lumen5 offers everyone to create the exact video that he or she fancies. Of course, you are free to upload your own content, too, so you truly have the freedom to create the outcome that suits your wants precisely.

What’s cool about Lumen5 is that you can start entirely free of charge. Sure, there are specific limitations, still, you will have a ton of fun with it. On the other hand, there are also different premium packages at your disposal, unlocking tons more features and functions. Since video content works so amazingly well on social media, avoid the hassle and utilize Lumen5 now.


Google Trends

google trends social media tool
Google Trends might not work in correlation with social media exclusively, however, if you are searching for what is hot, this is one of the best tools to consider. Of course, Google Trends is entirely free of charge, yet it comes with quite some rewarding features to get a better idea of what people are interested in.

You can search by location or just pick the entire world. Moreover, you can also choose the timeframe, desired category, as well as web search. Moreover, if you would like to compare competition or two related keywords, you can do that, too. Also, Google Trends will showcase other keywords, which are in association with yours. To sum up, you can spend quite a considerable amount of time, searching and investigating Google Trends before you make the final decision.



canva social media tool
Instead of hiring a designer to make creatives for your social media promotion, do it yourself using Canva. This remarkable tool is a little breeze to use, whether you know how to design or not. In other words, the experience is not necessary to work with Canva. For your information, the platform itself has a quick education process that guides you through how to use Canva successfully. I highly advise you to go through the process, as it will simplify your life even further.

Moreover, Canva covers all and everything with heaps of predefined templates that cater to any niche and industry. Not just that, but you have the complete creative freedom to design your works from scratch. While you can use Canva free forever, there is also an optional pro plan that unlocks even more great features and functions. For every new Canva user, the free bundle will be more than enough to get the ball rolling.



unsplash social media tool
Unsplash started as a simple project, which end up becoming one of the largest resources of free visual content in the world. What’s surprisingly amazing about Unsplash is the fact of how professional all the images and pictures are – and they just happen to be available for everyone without spending a single penny. How cool does that sound? Sure, you might be interested in learning more about the Unsplash license first before using the content, so you do not run into any inconvenience.

While you can use the search bar to find precisely what you are looking for, you can also browse around by suggested topics. You can spend hours just viewing the beautiful imagery that Unsplash has in store for you. Not only that, but if you are a photographer or creative individual, feel free to submit your photo, too.


easelly social media tool

It’s an established knowing that people are appealing to visual content, and the engagement can drive up in the 100%+ range if used properly. Needless to say that people are also much more keen to learn from visuals than they are from blog posts, and social media is the absolute perfect place to share visual imagery that can yield a great deal of social shares, given than the designed visual is designed well. Easelly has refined a pitch perfect platform for creating and sharing infographics that bring in views. Millions of infographics have been created using Easelly since its inception, and thanks to the humongous growth the platform now supports thousands of ways that an infographic can be built, giving you the tools and access to visual elements that can really help to tailor a message of what you’re trying to share.



ifttt social media tool

If This Then That (IFTTT) puts you in control of how you want your digital enterprise to appear online, and what kind of actions you want to perform upon a request or an interaction elsewhere on the web. Compatible with hundreds of services, IFTTT enables its users to create custom queries and algorithms to perform actions whenever a single action has been completed elsewhere. Let’s take Facebook for example, you could use IFTTT to connect your Facebook account with your Twitter account, so any time that you share something new on Facebook, it would automatically be shared on Twitter as well, how’s that for saving yourself some time?

And the great thing is that there are thousands of such recipes that could exponentially increase your productive workflow when it comes to topics like business on social media, and general social media optimization. Countless brands use IFTTT to avoid having to spend too much time sharing one story on tens of networks, when a single recipe could do it all for you automatically. It can be connected with your favorite tools like Android, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinboard and hundreds of others. Learn how to use the potential of web technology to its fullest potential and you’ll see drastic improvements in your productivity, and ultimately conversions in the long run.


Pablo by Buffer

pablo by buffer social media tool

We did say we would cover another tool from Buffer, so here it is. The developers call this one Pablo. It’s a creative image creation tool that can help you prepare beautiful and inspirational quotes for your social media networks. Because quotes are such an easy way of sharing information, using Pablo you can create quotes that really stand out from your competition, and all it takes is only a few clicks to get started.

Pablo integrates commonly known free stock image resources, so whilst you can upload your own background image you can also choose from existing sources and avoid the whole searching for an image process altogether. You can also choose from a selection of pre-built templates, to really get going with the process of creating social media friendly images on the go. What sets Pablo apart from other similar tools is the ability to overlay your quotes/images with a brand logo, giving you that much needed element of exposure. Effects offer ways to tailor each of the final versions of the image to your own specific requirements so no image ever feels the same.



pocket social media tool

The web is a vast pool of information, without a doubt the information overload is becoming a real thing, and while bookmarks can help to save the most important links, it’s not a truly viable option for saving content that you want to refer back to in the long run. For that reason, we recommend using Pocket — a socially friendly tool of saving links around the web that you found to be helpful, insightful, or plain entertaining.

When you do this process of saving links from across the web, you’re building a library of information and resources that could be used to share information on social media. With the combination of the tools you’ve seen so far already, you could end up having a solid library of articles and posts that you could at anytime use to fetch quotes, paragraphs, and information from — all for the sake of improving your social media pages through resourceful information.


WiseStamp Email Signatures

wisestamp email signatures social media tool

Have you asked yourself whether you’re using all possible channels to expose your social media profiles? Email is the most widely used method of communication, and if you’re in business then you’re surely spending plenty of time on email to have considered using an email signature, but WiseStamp takes it to the next level by helping you create an email signature that doesn’t just promote your name and your standings with your company, but also includes your social media information so that anyone who reads an email from you can see that you’re actively using social media as well.

Even if during the course of a single month you get a few new followers, that goes a long way to help yourself be exposed to a new audience reach, because you never really know where the next opportunity is going to come from. In those cases, email signatures with attached social media links can be incredible help to boost your credibility, and of course long-term exposure. You can select from a range of provided templates that have email signatures pre-built for authors, designers, students, bloggers, teachers, artists, marketers, any countless other areas of work that people commonly work in. Having a sexy signature will further help others recognize what you’re all about.



everypost social media tool

Everypost began as a simple content scheduling tool. Later on, it expanded to include content curation, social media analytics, content customization, and content collaboration. Finally, it has the ability to schedule and publish posts from the Everypost dashboard. For businesses, this is becoming the new standard to aggregate, curate, and publish content. You can do this without having to go to each individual social network. Tailored for all team sizes, Everypost will give you the tools you need to become an expert social media publisher. You can do this at half the cost of what a premium software suite might charge you. We understand the importance of affordable pricing, especially for new bloggers, but we all have to start somewhere, and from time to time we are faced with the challenge of having to invest a little bit, in order to gain back in a more refined way.


Click to Tweet

click to tweet social media tool

Getting your content exposed on Twitter is crucial for a good report of social metrics. When you understand which content that users want to see, you can create a new strategy based on those metrics. But when you have hardly any shares for your content, then what metrics are there to measure? Click to Tweet widgets have grown in popularity. Thanks to their ability to highlight a part (snippet) of your content. Now, users could send these snippets to their Twitter pages with a single click. By quoting important parts using Click to Tweet, you could encourage your readers to be engaged on social media. This would ultimately help your social media exposure to grow and flourish. Great deal of these plugins exist for WordPress blogs specifically. This platform in particular works across blogs and homegrown websites alike.



stencil social media tool

Stencil is a premium version of any of the above tools that we mentioned for creating beautiful and shareable images. The interface provides Stencil users with a selection of background images, icons, templates, and custom watermark options. This way, each of your social images comes out unique, perfectly reflecting the stance that your brand has taken. The free test drive plan gives you a taste of what this tool is capable of. Stencil will eventually develop itself as the flagship tool for creating engaging and unique images for social media purposes. We’re already sure with this given its huge selection of assets.

With some twisting and tinkering around, you could easily convert the tool to work as an editing tool. You can use it for things that include sharing recipes, fitness routines, and much more. Images provide for your social brand more favorites, retweets, and clicks. Those percentages are in the high numbers of 80%+ improvements each time. Leading brands and digital businesses across the web are using Stencil to tailor to their audience’s modern standards.



mention social media tool

Mention is a global dashboard of monitoring any kind of mentions about your brand, or your competitors across the web. It also includes mentions from social media. It’s a powerhouse for social media monitoring, and it’s not surprising that media magazines are talking about Mention.  Their customer list includes a number of Fortune 500 companies. Whatever people are saying about your brand, the Mention algorithm can weed through billions of pages and results. Then, it gives you the most essential information output for that particular query or scenario.

It’s the one social tool that will revolutionize your perception on social media monitoring. It can do a lot for your business in such a short amount of time. Mention’s influencer scores show you the most important people talking about any of your keywords. Find subject matter experts, future brand ambassadors, and grow your community by connecting with VIPs. When you find people that shares your interest, it’s time to begin the process of fostering relationships with them. This will put you in the position of eventually becoming an influencer yourself. This angle has been the focus of many content curation sites and they take it seriously. They only show content from those social media accounts that have a reputable track-record.



visage social media tool

Visage is an all-in-one visual content solution that can create infographics, ebooks, social graphics, blog, and post images. It can also use it to create presentations, surveys, and display analytical data. It’s a powerful solution for blogs, businesses and general platforms that plan to use visual content majority of the time. It’s an easily the best converting medium for sharing content, images that is.



tagboard social media tool

Get real-time results of what people are sharing for any particular hashtag or search query. Don’t get lost in the sea of information when using social network’s default search function. Tagboard uses API calls as provided by those social networks. Instead, it outputs any search information in an easy to navigate board of social information. Curating social media content will become a breeze. You can easily accustom yourself to the excellent user experience that Tagboard delivers across all of its platform pages.


Which tools are the best for social media?

The best tool is the one that you can use easily, whilst realizing the benefits that it is bringing you. It’s hard to imagine you needing to have ALL of these tools. But certainly, experimenting with most is essential to understanding what is going to help you in your endeavor. This can take your social media marketing strategy to the next level. If anything, we do recommend to pick at least one good visual content tool. We recommend you a decent curation tool so you can understand trending topics. Of course, you also need a monitoring platform to help you stay in touch with your brand. This will help keep you updated even when they mention your brand across the vast valleys of the web.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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