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18 Social Media Templates To Boost SM Engagement 2017

18 Social Media Templates To Boost SM Engagement 2017

To create the most amazing and awe-inspiring posts, help yourself with social media templates. These will allow your workflow to be consistent and your final designs of the most excellent quality. At all times. Besides, there is only going to be some dragging and dropping involved in the process of making your social posts ready. Or saying it another way, you will produce new publishing material quick as a flash.

From templates that create ready-to-publish content to those which help you visualize and prepare the final posts, you will find them all in the collection below. No need to find what is hot out there, we only selected the hottest tools and packs of goodies for you to take to your advantage. For marketers, bloggers, online fashion store owners and all in between, there is something for every taste. Moreover, with a few quick tweaks, you can change the look and make it exclusive to your needs.

With our carefully picked social media templates, you can hammer out superb Instagram posts, Facebook covers, YouTube layouts and Twitter graphics. You will be impressed by the fact how easy it is putting things together. Yet, always reaching the same levels of success. Improve your social media accounts with fresh new posts and excite and influence all your existing and new followers. Get them engage which every post you publish and boost those likes and followers numbers to the extent. Ready, set, go!

Ultimate Social Media Template Pack

ultimate social media template pack
If you are an agency, a brand or a creative individual working with a ton of clients, this ultimate social media template pack will be of tremendous help. When a social media profile has a huge following base, it is better to prepare publishing material in advance. A post with an error will not do you good at all. To create visuals specifically tailored to each social platform, a template will do its magic. Have a better understanding how a post will look and showcase it to your client to see if it meets their requirements. Only then go to actually do the real thing. Visualize your social media posts before they go live. In the pack, you will find templates for Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Your overall social media visualization, sorted.

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Social Media Marketing Banners

social media marketing banners
Be ready and fully equipped with social media promotion of your products, apps and services. 18 PSD templates of the majority of sizes are ready to help you out hitting the online world with a bang. Every file is fully organized and layered for you to have more customization freedom. There are also banners for your AdWords and AdRoll marketing campaigns. Aside from all the files for posts and banners, the package also includes a help file for everyone who needs to look behind the scenes and see how things work. Let your social media marketing be like no one else’s. Stand out from the crowd and have a strong impact on everyone who stumbles across your profile or is already following you.

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Instagram Social Media Template Pack

instagram social media template pack
Depending on the industry you are in, Instagram might be your priority. You grew it to a certain number of followers and you came to the point where you must not do mistakes anymore. Everything needs to be perfect before it goes out for publishing. To avoid any faults, a package of Instagram social media templates comes handy. It will help you better picture posts, profile images, marketing campaigns and overall Instagram appearance. Shine in the finest light and have things of the highest quality with every post and other profile updates you make. The PSD files are easy to edit and ready for retina displays (200% and 100% resolutions). Plus, there is a PDF file that will guide you through the modification process.

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Blogger Social Media Template

blogger social media template
A blogger is not only a blogger anymore in the modern day we are living. To keep his or her online appearance as pro-level and meeting all the new-age standards, he or she needs to be rocking the social media, too. While keeping the blog updated with fresh articles on a regular basis, it is important to keep social media profiles fresh just as well. After all, with these platforms, you can bring your blog to an entirely different level. They help you give your fans a look into your life and, you, get on an even more personal level with them. We could say that social media is a necessary extension of every blog. That said, treat yourself right with a collection of three Instagram photo, one giveaway, five Insta stories and two Facebook covers templates.

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Human Social Media Pack

human social media pack
Do you feel like you are getting too monotonous with your social media profiles? Do you need a change and freshen up your profile to get the traction going once again? If so, upgrade your SM presence with Human Social Media Pack. 12 templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter which will astound your followers and get them involved. It comes perfect for all the fashion bloggers out there, store owners, news sites and creatives. You can adjust each item in a breeze with your designs via smart objects along with adding your preferred text. Square, vertical and horizontal layouts have background, images and text each on its own layer. Turn on your creative thinking and start crafting amazing visuals and boost your social media profiles.

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Linkedin Social Media Template Pack

linkedin social media template pack
To make your Linkedin profile appear even more professional, use templates which are tailored solely to the platform. If you do not want to ruin your reputation on the platform, you will definitely want to use these. Before you even make things go live and get others intrigued by your new updates, make sure they are optimized to a T. You can accomplish this with ease by using the Linkedin Social Media Template Pack. Mobile and desktop ready retina templates are simple to alter with well-organized layers. Included in the pack are also all the last year’s tools just in case you might be interested in comparing the looks. There are templates for business page, profile photo, cover image, summary post and all the rest.

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Twitter Social Media Template Pack

twitter social media template pack
As popular as Twitter is, you do not want to miss the opportunity and entirely skip being part of the community. But to have each post and update as refined as possible, a template is pretty much a must have. A special pack was designed for all the Twitter users to improve their profiles and make them first-class. Use these to understand better whether or not the image post needs any more adjustments or it is good to go. Meaning, see how the post will look like before you even post it. Only after testing a few things out, you are ready and set to entertain the Twitter crowd. Templates sport both 200% and 100% resolutions to fit just about every screen out there.

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YouTube Social Media Template Pack

youtube social media template pack
In this pack of social media templates, there is everything you need to maintain the perfect channel. All fitting desktop and mobile screens and are retina ready. Editing could not be simpler in Photoshop what makes seeing first results quick and efficient. Change images via smart objects and add custom texts and make it look exactly how you fancy. Great for both business and personal YouTube channels users who want to add one more step before actually adding content to the video sharing platform. This is the way to make your work look even better. Benefit from the set of YouTube templates and shake the industry you are in with something extraordinary.

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Google+ Social Media Template Pack

google social media template pack
When starting out and no one knows about you, these templates might not be useful just yet. However, on the other hand, when you become popular, an online celebrity if you will, you need to execute Google+ differently. It is not advisable to just publish whatever comes to your mind. If you want to stay professional and keep on growing your G+ account, approach it like an expert would. Although it may take you one extra move, you will always be confident that each post is perfect. No mistakes, no errors, no faults. With templates of the exact Google+ sizes, you can play around with different image placements and see what would fit best. Only then, go on and publish it to your profile.

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10 Modern Fashion Instagram Stories Template

modern fashion instagram stories template
Instagram stories are as popular as ever. If you are on the photo sharing social media platform, you better be using the feature. You might witness something quite unexpected. There will be more of your followers watching your stories than reacting to your posts. It is a quite common practice so do not be amazed. With this in mind, no matter what goals you might have with Instagram, stories are an inevitable step towards success. Ten carefully crafted modern fashion Instagram stories templates are at your service to put them to use. These can be great for promotional purposes and additional entertainment. But do not use just professional shots and marketing material for your Insta stories. Mix them with random whatnots and your daily life shots. Stories are a great way to show followers that actual folks are behind the account/brand.

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Instagram Quote Templates

instagram quote templates
Whoever is not implementing them yet into their social media posts and even campaigns, you are missing so much. I am talking about quotes. These work extremely well almost all of the time. And whenever you find yourself not knowing what to publish, pick a quote or come up with your own, add it on a nice background and you are ready. Needless to say, motivational quotes work best, but others receive great engagement, too. Let it be fun ones, serious ones, inspirational ones, you name it, a quote is always a good way to entertain your fans with.
In the massive Instagram quote templates package, you get 66 templates, 25 shapes and 40 text fonts. Blend it with your preferred images, and you have a life-long supply of publishing material.

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Instagram Photographer Mask

instagram photographer mask
By having a unique approach to Instagram posts, there is a greater chance for you to stand out from the crowd. Go against the grain, surprise followers and amaze them with your fantastic creations. If the images, you plan to post, are already following the highest standards, with a distinct mask shape you can make them look even more special. These are ridiculously easy to use. All you have to do is to add your image with the drag and drop method, and that is kind of it. I know, it sounds too simple to be true. But that is not all that you get with the mask package. Along come ten minimal logos which you can blend with your masks customized photographies. Your Instagram posts will never be the same again.

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Facebook Cover Ultimate Megapack

facebook cover ultimate megapack
From personal accounts to pages, we bring you an ultimate package of 100 templates in total for your Facebook covers. With the massive amount of items, there is something available for every taste and every business. Predefined templates for universities, SEO companies, web design firms, hotels and restaurants to name a few. Each template is entirely customizable and vector shape which allows you to implement your branding into it easily. Whether you are a serial businessman with many facebook pages or a freelancer working with new clients all the time, have these to maximize your workflow and even inspire you to create your own creations.

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Altezza Social Media Pack

altezza social media pack
Altezza Social Media Pack is a multipurpose collection of social media templates that will make your lives a whole lot easier. Not only that, once you put the tools to use, they will boost your creativity and really take your social media marketing to another level. From marketing agencies, architecture companies and all other modern businesses will find these very useful and practical. 26 square, 26 vertical and 26 horizontal post templates with Google Fonts available for you to have some fun with them. Great for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but your blog will benefit from them as well. In the set of goodies, you also get 4 PSD mobile screens for you to test the Instagram boundaries.

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20 Instagram Promo Templates

instagram promo templates
Promoting special offers, discounts and sales has never been easier with 20 Instagram Promo Templates. You can comfortably use them for any business since they are very easy to edit. While the images you see used for preview come included (links to resources) in the download, you can, at any time, replace them with your own. Smart objects are used for photo replacement which will make your experience modifying particular template a pleasant one. The PDF help file provides instructions for smart objects and comes with links to the fonts that templates use. Twenty creative and modern templates which businesses, small and large, will find very convenient.

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Mood Board templates

mood board templates
Do you feel creating your very own mood boards? A collage of images and texts to showcase a collection and spur others. With four available sizes, you can quickly have them ready for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Change things up a bit regarding your social media presence and post mood boards instead of single images every once in a while. Or stick with them exclusively, whatever you find works best for your supporters. Fifteen different templates which are surprisingly easy to edit for everyone to be able to use them. Still, the pure basics of Photoshop will do you only good. Everyone who is in the world of design and any other creatives will have these as a perfect addition.

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Rigel Social Media Pack

rigel social media pack
The extensibility of Rigel Social Media Pack allows you to use the templates for a rage of purposes. Originally optimized with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in mind, but you can use them for other social media platforms and blogs, too. It is all due to their square, vertical and horizontal layouts, forty each. Sizes are 1200×1200, 1200×1500 and 1200×627. As far as colors go, 5 are premade for you to start using them right off the bat. Bear in mind, templates are 100% editable so make changes regarding colors, texts, images and elements at your will. Rearrange templates and individualize them smoothly without breaking a sweat. For additional support, you get a simple tutorial which will guide you through the process of editing.

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10 Nightlife Snapchat Geofilters Templates

nightlife snapchat geofilters templates
Nope, we did not forget about Snapchat. And nope, we even did not forget about shows and nightclub parties. Said that, here are ten uniquely designed Snapchat templates to promote such events and spread the word out in a superb way. If you felt unprepared up until this point, from now on, you are always ready and set to push the news and get people interested. Create tempting party invitations with ease. For clubs and pubs, everyone who is active on Snapchat, you can bring into being eye-catching and attention-grabbing promos for your events. Let it be a New Year’s Eve party, girl’s night out, rock concert, Frisky Friday or whatever else, with the right design, you can have a ton of people rushing over to your place.

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