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13 Social Media Banners To Improve Your Web Presence 2021

Having a solid collection of social media banners is very helpful regarding your online presence. Make sure it is of the highest standards, yet at the same time, the process of achieving those levels does not require you much work. The layout is ready, you only need to add the details, maybe an image or your company logo, and you are ready to attract and impress your followers.

You do not need to have much knowledge, but the basics would speed things up even more. Moreover, if you need some assistance along the way, always feel free to contact a designer, and they will be happy to help you out.

From Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and Pinterest and then some, you will find social media banners of all shapes and sizes. Bring the promotion of your event, app, online store, or simply your social media profile to an entirely different level. Scale things up and boost your appearance above and beyond.

With predefined banners for your social media, you stay consistent at all times. You will enhance your workflow and start hammering out fresh promotional material promptly. Although you will not need to put in much effort, the results will always be first-class.

Are you ready to explore our carefully picked collection of the best social media banners? Look no further and act now.

Animated Instagram Copper Stories

animated instagram copper stories
There is only so much that a static image can do for you. Make them special and unique with this exclusive pack of 20 templates. With these, you will quickly put together ads, action calls, and all the rest that comes along. Nope, you do not have to do any of the technical animation processes stuff. Change the text, the color, and the image, and that is it. A video tutorial is included so you will not come across any issues at all. Follow the guide and get the gist of it. All the graphics, texts, images and other whatnots that you see on preview are included in the pack. It will not be long before your followers see your first Instagram stories that you crafted just moments ago.

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Instagram Banners Bundle

instagram banners bundle
In a collection of 150 ready-to-use Instagram banners, you have your presence on the photo-sharing social media platform sorted. Whether you are launching a new product, promoting your services, announcing new line drop or special offers, there is a banner for you. Anyone can benefit from this social media banners bundle from restaurants and hotels, photographers and designers, and small and medium-sized businesses. The PSD files are easy to modify what makes it a breeze tailoring them to your needs. Images can be replaced via smart objects for you to pick and add whichever you want. All of you who promote just about anything on social media can take this solid Instagram banners bundle to your advantage.

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120 Social Media Banners

120 social media banners
Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, there are 40 designs available, of which each comes in three sizes. A modern approach to social media is inevitable with these banner templates. Have your web presence constant across all three platforms without distancing yourself much from your initial branding. Photos and fonts are also included and layers organized in groups. Photographers, online stores, travel agencies and bloggers, you will all have a ton of fun using these to entertain your following base.

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Music Flyer & Social Media Banner

music flyer social media banner
Are you an event organizer who needs social promotion along with a beautiful flyer sorted? If that is you, and your next music show is just around the corner, here is a flyer and a set of social media banners for you. Facebook cover, square and 16:9 banners are included, which you can immediately adjust and improve with your information and image. The PSD flyer is printable and all files layered for easy customization. You can also use the banner for your band, solo artist, and other events by performing different modifications. It is a very practical and functional tool to cover a whole range of happenings.

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10 Premium Youtube Banners

10 premium youtube banners
You are presented with 10 one-of-a-kind premium YouTube banners, each representing an entirely different story. If you are a serious vlogger or like to freshen things up regularly, this is an excellent option for you. All ten have a distinct feel to it and come in a full-screen high-definition version, too. To change the images, use the dragging and dropping function, thanks to the bright object, and see which banners are ideal for your YT channel. It is all very simple to edit, the text can be replaced with a different one, or you can leave it all. These social media banners already look superb. They will surely help you stand out from the crowd. Your uniqueness is your magic.

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50 Duotone Instagram Banners

duotone instagram banners
Create professional promotional banners for Instagram without the need to build them from scratch. With this collection of fifty original and impactful duotone templates, you will surely find the best designs that resonate with you. Little work is necessary after you import the banner to Photoshop to customize it to your liking. As you see from the title above, fifty different variations are available to take to your total advantage. Fashion, special sales and offers, new product drops, business promotions, you name it, you can use and reuse any of the fifty templates to your heart’s content – the procedure of editing is a little breeze anyway.

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Facebook Sale Banners

facebook sale banners
With the overcrowded Facebook full of advertisements and other attention-triggering content, you need to be creative to stand out from the masses. Thanks to this collection of six Facebook sale banners, you can surely make a strong and lasting first impression on everyone. Make people stop scrolling once they see your banner and the special sale you have going on. This works well for Facebook’s algorithm, too. Even if you are launching a paid marketing campaign, you can test all six designs against each other, see which performs the best and optimize from there. Get creative and always be testing to see the success you want to achieve with your business.

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Podcast Talks Show Cover

podcast talks show cover social media banners
For Instagram, in particular, this set of nine designs for a podcast or another talk show will come very handy. You receive nine PSD files of 1080 x 1080 px, easily adaptable for you to tailor each to your business exclusively. The elements come in separate layers for ease of use. You will want to brand and personalize the default settings and call it a day in many instances. Keep in mind, you can go against the grain and use these templates outside Instagram, too. No need to limit yourself in any way, take things the extra mile spread the word for your podcast with style.

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Stylish Social Media Pack

stylish social media banner pack
Maybe style is all that you are after. Whoever feels like that, this Stylish Social Media Pack will do you a ton of good. 25 original PSD templates are ready to turn your social media appearance into something special and uncommon. Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest; there are banners for each platform available for you to put to use. Change images, logo, texts, prices, and buttons, it can all be modified with your branding. Free fonts and all the images used are included in the bundle. You do not even need to worry about which photo to choose. Those that come with the package might already do the trick. Fashionistas, bloggers, retail owners, new sites and magazines and pretty much anyone else can enjoy the stylish social media banners pack.

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Youtube Channel Banners

youtube channel banners
Need more options for your successful YouTube channel? Your scrolling should stop here because you came to the right place. 8 different PSD designs to spice things up on your channel. Grab their attention right away when they land on your channel with an outstanding banner that provides the right amount of information. No need to implement too much stuff in the banner otherwise it might become a distraction. After all, it is your fantastic content that gives each visitor all the info they need. But if they want to learn more about you, they can also follow your other social accounts to which you can sport links from YouTube. Add your image to the desired banner via smart objects, pick a font variation you dig most, add details and that’s it.

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Wildwood Twitter Templates Pack

wildwood twitter templates pack
Twitter specific templates for cover photos and posts with a natural vibe to them. Best for hikers, bloggers, adventurers and even marketers within the niche. Anyone who likes nature and has something to do with social media can use these. Perfect for branding purposes. In total, you get 15 templates, 6 for covers and 9 for posts. Along with that, Full-HD images also come with the kit for you to not worry about finding ones that would work best with style. At least not from the get-go.
On the other hand, if you have your collection of photos to use, replace these whether you are using Illustrator or Photoshop. Compatible with both! It is all editable, so make it meet your requirements all on your own only by understanding the fundamentals. Instructions are included for everyone who needs assistance.

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Animated Milestone Instagram Posts

animated milestone instagram posts
Do you want to introduce animations to your Instagram profile and feed followers’ photo-high with something new? It might be that you are still using static images only. Are you down for a challenge and test your audience’s engagement by posting an animated version of your posts? And no, you will not have to deal with the creation of animations. That’s why banner templates are for. Most of the technical work is finished, you only need to add images, change colors and text and your pictures will not be static any longer. Might sound too easy to be true but that is the brutal truth. Here is a Milestone Collection that comes equipped with 20 templates to turn static images into animations. And a video tutorial will help you along the way.

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Youtube Channel Art

youtube channel art
Youtube channel covers get a complete redesign using these banners, carefully crafted for you to benefit from. 100% layered and trouble-free editing, so there will be no struggle getting the final piece together as quickly as possible. On the one hand, these covers are simple but very noteworthy and straightforward at the same time. You will make an impression on your fans and anyone else who stumbles across your channel. Simplicity is more or less key to success. Make the cover show who you are and what you are all about. Be specific and strategic, and those seeing the image might not even need to read the actual description. Don’t they say that an image is worth a thousand words?

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