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22 Simple Website Templates That Are Easy To Use And Customize [HTML & WordPress] 2017

22 Simple Website Templates That Are Easy To Use And Customize [HTML & WordPress] 2017

As technology becomes an ever more dominant part of modern culture, the vertiginous pace of Moore’s law continues to neurotically drive society into a frenzied state of perpetual innovation, adaptation and obsolescence which cycles rapidly and accelerates at a fearsome rate. Playing catch up with the world is becoming increasingly more challenging, not just for casual users but for professionals across all sorts of fields and industries. As developers have to spend greater amounts of time mastering new techniques and discoveries, the portion of time spent on product design and visual cohesion is obviously lessened in proportion. As such, often times you find the latest technological accomplishments to be difficult to operate, overly cluttered or inaccessible somehow.

Such design failures are often the result of simply cramming together a host of admittedly powerful features into a single package and expecting it to work as is. This crowded sort of design philosophy results in unappealing, complicated and confusing website designs. That is why modern website design philosophies have been deliberately and purposefully constructed to streamline and simplify the navigational experience and user interface as well as the customization capabilities and website design and building process. The following collection of simple HTML website templates incorporate the most powerful HTML5 technologies available combined with the most simple and accessible designs and layouts around.


Stash is a super useful WordPress theme. It’s a relaxed and easy way to build your website, because it uses Visual Composer to just drag & drop as builder. With it, productivity increases by reducing development effort time (code-free). Stash is versatile and thinks of all scenarios for which it picked something of high quality. The best performance in all environments is to be expected with astonishing features. Stash doesn’t need to to ask “what kind of business do you want to launch?” It’s ready for it, from app showcase, consulting, or freelance. It has a specific layout (from 48 options) ready for any business idea. You also count with +260 page builder blocks and +85 page elements.

Stash is highly customizable, with unlimited colors and several dropdown MegaMenus. Play with Font Awesome icon pack Google Fonts. Plus, you will love its plugin compatibility. WooCommerce and WPML allow you trade worldwide (any place, any language). It’s mobile friendly with a 100% responsive layout (retina ready). Multi, single or combination page can be set with Slider Revolution integrated. You’ll get support and updates too! Have a taste of its power, right now! Stash is the way to move your business to another level. Try Stash now!

More info / Download Demo


Jevelin is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It is a premium responsive design popular and well rated within tons of clients. Why is that? Well, this is because Jevelin covers the full spectrum of projects for either a person or a company. Jevelin is ready for you, no matter what your profession or online you have going on. You will get it with multiple pre-built layouts and templates. You will get +10 portfolios and 6 blog pages. It uses an amazing Unyson framework and a Drag & Drop page builder. Customizations include footers, headers and astonishing social share functionality. Other features that make it special are SEO and WPML. People can easily find you via search engines and texts are entirely translatable. Contact Form 7 for emails and such is also available.

Jevelin is mobile friendly and fully responsive to all browsers and devices. It provides awesome integration for add-ons like Google maps locations and Slider Revolution. Jevelin is made to support business oriented sites with WooCommerce for shops. It offers lifetime updates and professional support for months! Don’t wait more! You will be covered with online documentation and video tutorials guiding you through. Try it with one-click demo install and get set up within minutes! Try Jevelin!

More info / Download Demo



Pages is an amazingly full-featured, comprehensive and expansive, intuitive and very easy to use, sophisticatedly constructed and technologically powerful, modern and professional looking, highly customizable and user friendly responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pages has been carefully designed using the most powerful web technologies currently available, built on a solid and reliable HTML5 framework powered by Bootstrap modular coding and dynamic CSS3 scripting for fast-loading, smooth pages and websites with a cohesive, integrated visual design.

Pages keeps things simple in the creation and customization departments, with an exclusively designed and spectacularly intuitive block-based page construction process that lets you easily and creatively combine over 70 different prepackaged block elements with all sorts of imaginative and impressive functionalities, at the tip of your fingers, without writing a single line of code. Pages has been designed in such a way as to be extraordinarily simple and easy to navigate, with intuitive and accessible customization options and an uncluttered, clean and pristine graphic composition that makes Pages a smart choice for webmasters looking for a clean, hassle-free website solution. Pages is extremely developer friendly and easily modifiable, with a thoroughly commented, extensively documented coding that is inherently responsive and cross compatible with all devices, browsers and platforms.

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Enigma is a functionally expansive, extremely visually clean and clutter-free, polished and professional, attractive and appealing, modern and attractive, technologically sophisticated and marvelously interactive, simple and intuitive, easy to use and simple HTML5  website template. It is an extremely convenient and incredibly time-saving website template that has been wholly designed with a crisp and clear visual aesthetic philosophy that translates into a simplified and extremely intuitive toolkit capable of producing amazingly professional, modern and easy to use websites with no clutter or redundant visual elements and a pure, crystal clear layout conception that is open and easily modifiable without ever writing a single line of code, regardless of your skill level.

Enigma makes short work of website construction by including ten completely different, fully fleshed out Homepage demos, with plenty of different, powerful features enabled by elegant use of the HTML5 framework to its fullest capabilities. Local or remote (YouTube) hosted Video Backgrounds at available at the flick of a switch, with smooth and gorgeous menus guiding your users along as they explore your content and amazing Owl Sliders engage your visitors and keep them interested with minimal distraction. Enigma is endlessly powerful and magnificently versatile. Find out for yourself, today!

More info / Download Demo



Haswell is a wonderfully elegant and professional, technologically accomplished and ambitious, extremely polished and put together, functionally polished and utterly flexible, malleable and creative, easy to use and simple HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Haswell is a sophisticated and carefully crafted all-inclusive website building solution that has been designed with a simplified, powerful and intuitive user interface that is perfect for all kinds of personal, commercial or business applications.

With Haswell’s simple and elegant visual stylings, every website looks modern and fashionable within minutes, out of the box, thanks to Haswell’s tastefully constructed demo websites and refined and superbly developed page templates, totaling in at over 118 all in all, with a wealth of useful, convenient and unique shortcodes custom made for Haswell’s unique, simplified visual identity. Haswell is extremely reliable and secure, based on a tough and cutting edge HTML5 framework that has been modularly designed through Twitter’s Boostrap technology and visually presented in seamless dynamic CSS3 scripting technology for optimized smoothness and customization ease combined with minimal server loads and maximized speed. Haswell is also very developer friendly, with a thoroughly documented, extensively commented and human-legible code that can be amended and expanded as needed for all sorts of corporate or business uses.

More info / Download Demo



SPOONS is a bold and expressive, simple and minimalist, clean and aesthetically fashion conscious, very well structured and professionally graphically designed, sophisticated and technologically competent, modern and secure, intuitive and user friendly simple HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website. It is an ambitious and expansive website building toolkit, a fully decked out set of customized plugins, widgets, shortcodes, page templates and integrated, functional tools that can be thoroughly bent to your every will and desire, thanks to its easily customizable, very user friendly and extremely simplified visual design.

SPOONS is decidedly hip and inherently modern, with a polished, finished look and feel that permeates all of SPOONS’ layouts, which exceed 100. SPOONS includes plenty of fully fleshed out demo websites, in both single page and multipage presentation, which are readily deployable with a couple clicks, right out of the box, and which you can then customize with your desired elements, shortcodes, colors and other visual elements to make your SPOONS website your own, while keeping things simple and clean with a solidly unified sense of aesthetics. Guide your users by the hand as they navigate your content in a delightful, modern and relatable style. SPOONS is also inherently responsive out of the box, so every element will render beautifully across a wide range of devices, browsers and platforms.

More info / Download Demo



Candy is a deeply sophisticated, extremely tasteful, visually polished and functionally reliable, safe and secure, aesthetically accomplished, serious and professional, resourceful and imaginative, understated and highly customizable responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Candy is a completely delightful website experience, a powerful template equipped with the sophisticated and potent tools required to empower webmasters of any skill level to churn out professional looking websites with deep-running functionality within minutes, out of the box, with absolutely no coding required.

Candy websites are always coated in a delicious layer of aesthetical varnish that makes every Candy page feel both unique and visually integrated into a cohesive graphical identity, permeating your Candy websites through any iteration of customization possible. In other words, Candy might be too pretty to ever look anything but great. And with Candy’s powerful and amazing HTML5 framework, smoothly animated CSS3 effects and transitions and inherently responsive Bootstrap 3 modular code design, Candy is pretty close to that goal. Candy integrates these powerful web technologies into a solid and articulate package that is as versatile as it is potent. Candy will drive up your traffic, upscale your business and make the public at large sweet on your website.

More info / Download Demo



Wolverine is an incredibly easy to use and unpretentious, visually clean and aesthetically refined, elegant and very well designed, tech-savvy and highly polished, engaging and intimate, relatable and interactive, simple and easily navigable responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Wolverine is a carefully and masterfully constructed toolkit that empowers webmasters of any skill level to produce simple and clean, pristine and accessible websites in a matter of minutes across a huge range of possible fields, industries and applications.

That is because Wolverine’s simplified user interface is extremely easy to customize to suit any specific needs you may encounter, and Wolverine also includes a wealth of totally preconfigured, sophisticated HTML5 webpages ready for you to deploy in a ton of diverse ways. Wolverine has been constructed using the latest and greatest web technologies available, involving a potent and flexible HTML5 framework styled through gorgeous LESS CSS3 dynamic stylesheets, with Gulp and Bootstrap integration out of the box and the Node Template Engine. These advanced technologies, coupled with dozens of intuitive and easy to use headers, footers, blog and portfolio page templates and a ton of other convenient, time-saving resources that you will find automate your workflow in wonderful, unexpected ways. Try Wolverine today!

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is a simple and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is the perfect solution for webmasters from all walks of life. If you are looking for an intuitive platform for developing eloquent websites, this is it. LeadGen lets you choose from a wealth of demo websites polished for a variety of purposes. You can customize each of them with an awesome HTML5 page builder. Drag and drop hundreds of purposeful elements into any page at a moment’s notice. You won’t need to write a single line of coding with LeadGen. Every bit of your website can be fine-tuned to your liking through visual processes.

LeadGen is perfect for marketers too, optimized for conversions. You can make One Page websites with custom menu navigations with a couple clicks. Attractive video and image backgrounds can be deployed to spruce up any page. Beautiful custom headers and footers are easy to integrate with social media sharing. With LeadGen, you are free to create incredible layouts and engaging navigational experiences. Provide the content and LeadGen will take care of the rest. Built on Bootstrap, LeadGen is responsive and cross-compatible with browsers and devices. Give LeadGen a go, and see for yourself today!

More info / Download Demo



Brainwave is a wonderfully clever, amazingly flexible, surprisingly luminous and cleanly designed, accessible and engaging, developer friendly and extremely powerful, technologically versatile and simple HTML5 one page and multipage website template. It is an intelligently constructed and thoroughly well developed website template capable of outstanding, feature-rich and visually stunning results within minutes with minimal effort and absolutely no coding skills required, making Brainwave very user friendly for webmasters. Employing a host of diverse page templates and fully developed demo websites, Brainwave will have you churning out gorgeous and resourceful websites that look and feel professional and polished.

Brainwave has been built with the latest standards and protocols of web development technologies available. Founded on a solid and reliable HTML5 framework and presented through an attractive and impressive CSS3 styling that negotiates smooth-running and light-loading animations and transitions as well as a modular Bootstrap 3 design codebase that makes Brainwave both natively responsive and very developer friendly, with an extensively commented, thoroughly documented code that is ideal for augmenting and empowering your Brainwave website to suit your specific needs. Brainwave is a simple and all-inclusive website building solution. Upgrade your website with Brainwave, and watch your audience grow with your easily navigable Brainwave website.

More info / Download Demo



Marquez is an attractive and clean, fresh-faced and vibrant, luminous and technologically proficient, modern and professional, serious and businesslike, advanced and simple HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. It is a powerful and extremely versatile website template that has been decked out with the functional and flexible features that allow it to empower webmasters of any skill level to easily and effortlessly churn out gorgeous looking websites with no coding required whatsoever. In order to achieve this, Marquez combines a series of incredibly well designed page templates and demo websites with a ton of helpful, convenient shortcodes and widgets that add all sorts of functionality to your pages with minimal visual intrusion.

Fully customizable, Marquez visual elements are seamless and smooth and highly intuitive, so that users of any background whatsoever can find their way around your website without complications. Gorgeous dropdown menus are also available for to better establish a navigational hierarchy to your website, while impressive Parallax visual effects fascinate your audience and engage them into a deeply immersive experience. Marquez is completely full featured while remaining simple and uncomplicated, a grand achievement in a saturated worldwide web that will surely raise your website’s profile to new, undiscovered heights.

More info / Download Demo



Conrad is a technologically articulate, well designed and graphically impressive, visually stunning, polished and professional, modern and engaging, colorful and vibrant, functional and feature-rich, flexible and pliable responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template, a spectacularly composed and masterfully crafted template that has been outfitted with a dedicated set of custom made tools meant to empower webmasters of any skill level to produce the most impressive websites built on advanced HTML5 frameworks with a modular Bootstrap design and gorgeous, dynamic and smoothly animated CSS3 scripted stylesheets for utmost visual grace and utterly lightning fast loading speeds, making Conrad easy on server loads.

Conrad is extremely nimble and very open to expressive, bold creative needs, with ample and accommodating customization options that enable you to make use of sophisticated, preconfigured page templates, custom built, deeply functional visual elements and even fully decked out one page and multipage demo websites full of all the pages and features you need to hit the ground running with your creative website. Conrad is uniquely well built for portfolio websites, as its polished showcases are perfect for showing off your precious works to the world in a simple style that is easily navigable and doesn’t get in the way of your content. Try Conrad today!

More info / Download Demo



Exa is an exceedingly creative and open-minded, visually accessible and secure and reliable, full featured and technologically competent, professionally graphically designed and extremely simple and easy to use responsive HTML5 creative portfolio website template, a spectacularly expressive and very professional website template that has been developed with the deliberate intention of producing the ultimate, most modern and fresh portfolio website building toolkit.

Exa is an uncluttered and unpretentious theme that has been visually styled in gorgeous dynamic CSS3 scripts to be a simple and navigable frontend that enables webmasters to quickly and effectively deploy sophisticated widgets and polished jQuery plugins with extensive customization capabilities with the flick of a switch. Exa comes packed with a ton of time-saving portfolio page templates that have been designed to showcase your works in the most favorable light possible, with a colorful and relatable tone that is ideal for bringing audiences closer to your products or services and making them feel at ease without eroding the professionalism of your website. Exa is built on a solid HTML5 foundation and is further empowered by a modular Bootstrap codebase that is both inherently responsive across devices and browsers as well as developer friendly and easily modifiable. Try Exa today!

More info / Download Demo



Definity is a colorful and vibrant, tech-savvy and highly reliable, wonderfully interactive and fascinatingly resourceful, deeply thought-out and profoundly well designed, imaginative and flexible, functional and powerful responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Definity is an extraordinarily well developed and fully fleshed out website template, jam-packed with useful and convenient shortcodes, page templates and complete demo websites that allow you to hit the ground running as you set up your one or multipage website.

Definity is built on the strong and reliable HTML5 framework, which powers its versatile and functional features and is the lifeblood of Definity websites, and is styled by gorgeous SASS CSS3 scripts that are easy on the eyes and easier on the server loads. Definity is also integrated with the MailChimp subscription newsletter feature out of the box, for utmost convenience and easy customer or visitor conversion, and integrates Bootstrap 3 modular design, making its codebase very legible, flexible and developer friendly. Definity one page websites are smooth and beautiful, with sophisticated, elegant Parallax visual effects enticing your users at every turn and simplifying your visual presentation without detracting from your overall polished look and feel. Definity is decidedly the full value package!

More info / Download Demo



Brehoh is an exceedingly clever, incredibly simple, thoroughly well designed and purposefully crafted, serious and professional, functional and flexible, clean and well-structured, safe and reliable, intuitive and easy to use responsive HTML5 one page portfolio website template. It is a potent and specialized website template that has been masterfully constructed with the express purpose of putting together the most complete, stylized and attractive portfolio website template around. Brehoh makes handsome and effective use of the latest and great web development technologies available, ranging from a sophisticated HTML5 foundation, cutting edge CSS3 dynamic scripting and developer friendly Bootstrap 3 responsive modular coding.

Brehoh HTML template is easy to use, graphically polished and very interactive visual elements to engage your audience, such as gorgeous Sliders, YouTube and Video Background and many more features that make it easy and breezy to create amazing websites with little effort and no coding experience whatsoever. Brehoh also includes a wealth of amazing, Retina-ready FontAwesome icons for your convenience, and includes the Working Contact Form for speedy and hassle-free customer or visitor conversion. Brehoh really shines in terms of portfolio layout capacities, with gorgeous AJAX based portfolio pages readymade with Isotope filtering features. Upgrade your professional portfolio today, with Brehoh!

More info / Download Demo



Volar is a gorgeous and deeply functional, polished and professional, technologically sophisticated and extremely modern, aesthetically minimalist and highly navigable, easy to use and very intuitive, flexible and pliable, resourceful and creative responsive HTML5 one page minimal Parallax website template. Volar has been carefully designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, so that every nook and cranny of your Volar one page website is the result of a thoughtful, deliberate design process that makes Volar websites incredibly visually cohesive and integrated, keeping your visitors interested throughout their stay.

Volar achieves these marvelous things by making effective usage of the strong HTML5 framework expanded with Boostrap modular coding and visually augmented through elegant CSS3 styling and polished Parallax visual effects, which provide for smooth-scrolling, impressive graphical feats throughout your Volar one page website. Plenty of functional and powerful shortcodes and plugins are included in Volar out of the box, easing your workload considerably and letting you hit the ground running as you set up your simple HTML5 website. Volar is inherently responsive out of the box, meaning every Volar website is inherently cross-compatible with all devices, browsers, platforms and screen sizes capable of accessing the internet. Take off, with Volar!

More info / Download Demo



Falco is an incredibly flexible, endlessly pliable and impressively nimble, functionally expansive, feature-rich and technologically accomplished, visually clean and simple, graphically well-structured and Retina-ready responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. It is a truly pliable and malleable website template, that has been purposefully crafted to be the ultimate shapeshifter, a template with the raw power and adaptability to easily and effectively lend itself to endless applications and website archetypes, owing to its clean and pristine design and layout, as well as its simplified, intuitive and easy to use interface that will ease and automate your workflow unimaginably, so you can sit back and relax as far as website construction goes, and focus on what truly matters—your precious, precious content!

Falco is suitable for deployment among any number of diverse websites, and webmasters of any background and skill level will find in Falco a solid and reliable toolkit to enable them to generate truly professional and impressive websites with advanced features and plugins in no time at all and without coding a single line. Falco includes over 60 custom made HTML pages for all imaginable uses, with 4 complete Home page demos and 3 readymade skins included for utmost convenience. Soar high with Falco!

More info / Download Demo



Oshine is an amazingly vast, incredibly expansive, highly ambitious and functionally flexible, clean and modern, fresh-faced and vibrant, colorful and comprehensive, easily customizable and very user friendly, intuitive and responsive HTML5 creative multi-layout, multipurpose website template. Oshine is a truly massive website template, packed to the brim with functional features, shortcodes, page templates and plugins to offer a wealth of varied choices for webmasters from all walks of life to easily and effortlessly put together impressive and visually refined and polished HTML5 websites within minutes, out of the box, with absolutely no coding required.

Oshine includes a whopping 18 fully fleshed out demos with inner pages, ready for you to add your content, pick your colors and be up and running, or alternatively, you may use any of Oshine’s incredible, custom built 150 HTML5 pages, all of which share a similarly simplified, uncluttered and highly focused design philosophy that looks and feels modern and which users find easily navigable, optimizing your audiences’ exposure to your content and increasing your pageviews. Oshine tops off this amazing combination with a powerful HTML5 framework that integrates CSS3 and Bootstrap elements for a visually seamless experience. Oshine is a pleasure for users and webmasters alike!

More info / Download Demo



Cake is a delightfully designed, completely gorgeous, impressively resourceful and feature-rich, pliable and flexible, nimble and reliable, modern and technologically competent, visually stimulating and colorful, luminous and vibrant responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Cake is an incredibly easy to customize complete website building and maintenance solution, designed with the strength to handle websites ranging from personal to business and corporate with an equally effortless ease.

Cake is so decidedly one-size-fits-all because its design is so utterly simple and clutter-free, making it a perfect fit for all sorts of business ventures, from chefs and bloggers to graphic designers or freelance professionals, Cake can handle them all, through its seven different Home demo pages five different readymade skins, with an overwhelming 70 preconfigured HTML5 pages included for your convenience and ease of design. You can quickly customize any of these demos and templates to truly make your Cake website unique and your own. Built on efficient and powerful HTML5 technologies, designed to Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 modular protocols and incorporating dynamic scripted CSS3 stylesheets, Cake is a top of the line template that can handle anything you can throw in the mix without ever failing to bake something sweet for your audience to see. Keep it simple, with Cake!

More info / Download Demo



NAMO is stylish and aesthetically accomplished, visually polished and refined, efficiently coded and decidedly clever, deeply resourceful while completely clutter-free and minimalist, simple and intuitive, accessible and tech-savvy responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. It is a very attractive and engaging website template that is both user friendly as well as developer friendly, and has been built to make short work of the website design, building and maintenance process to allow webmasters to spend less time working on their website and more time filling it out with the real substance—your content.

NAMO has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, producing an ample, spacious design that permeates every NAMO layout. NAMO incorporates four full featured demo websites out of the box, and an incredible 80 professionally graphically designed HTML5 page templates, each custom built specifically for NAMO and optimized for search engine indexation, total responsiveness across all devices and browsers and a modular, legible, developer friendly Bootstrap codebase. NAMO includes gorgeous CSS3 effects and animations that will captivate your audience and keep them interested and engaged with your website.  NAMO’s spectacularly clean, simple and modern design truly widens the possibilities of where your website can go. Try NAMO today!

More info / Download Demo



Milo is an aesthetically conscious, fashionable and fresh-faced, youthful and cleanly designed, luminous and dynamic, interactive and minimalist, refined and resourceful, technologically sophisticated and deeply intuitive responsive HTML5 clean and modern multipurpose website template. Milo is an elegant and highly appealing website template that offers an extremely simplified website building experience that webmasters of any skill level can proficiently operate, without detracting from the overall potency of Milo websites overall, as a great variety of predesigned, extremely customizable elements are included in Milo for your convenience.

From sophisticated jQuery plugins like the Revolution Slider to gorgeous Contact Forms and Isotope filtering functionality as well as expansive MegaMenus and Sticky Menus, tons of different blog styles, portfolio styles and more, Milo packs everything you need to set up a website in smooth, modern style. Beautiful Parallax backgrounds, Video Backgrounds, polished elements like Pricing Plans, Progress Bars, Pie Charts, widgets and shortcodes are at your fingertips, with no coding required in order to deploy all these amazing elements anywhere on your Milo website and customize them to no end. Milo websites will always look exactly the way you wish them to, while retaining a visually impressive design that permeates every page. Try Milo today!

More info / Download Demo



CONCEPT is a clean and pristine, well-structured and superbly designed, aesthetically polished and thoroughly thought out, technologically impressive and conceptually designed, functional and flexible, nimble and fast-loading responsive HTML5 minimal portfolio website template. CONCEPT has been created to be a clean and uncomplicated, unique and outstanding website template, specializing in the creation and maintenance of amazing, cutting edge, innovative and powerful portfolio websites. CONCEPT is a different approach to website template design, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility that greatly eases the process of setting up your own website, regardless of your skill level.

CONCEPT is still a completely full featured website template, built on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, with an impressive, modular Bootstrap 3 codebase, Parallax visual effects, expansive jQuery effects and scripts, and the incredible Ionics Fonts Icons package, out of the box. Tons of portfolio layout styles are available, as well as the Working Contact Form and much more, all packed into easy to use and deploy elements that are easy and effortlessly deployed anywhere on your CONCEPT website. CONCEPT is also inherently responsive, owing to its Bootstrap design, making it uniquely mobile friendly and responsive across a host of different devices, platforms and screen sizes. Try a new CONCEPT today!

More info / Download Demo

For easier content management you might want to consider using WordPress. Above listed HTML templates are not compatible with WordPress by default but there are plenty of great WordPress themes available and some of them you can find here.


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