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24 Simple Website Templates That Are Easy To Use And Customize [HTML & WordPress] 2018

24 Simple Website Templates That Are Easy To Use And Customize [HTML & WordPress] 2018

As technology becomes an ever more dominant part of modern culture, the vertiginous pace of Moore’s law continues to neurotically drive society into a frenzied state of perpetual innovation, adaptation and obsolescence which cycles rapidly and accelerates at a fearsome rate. Playing catch up with the world is becoming increasingly more challenging, not just for casual users but for professionals across all sorts of fields and industries. As developers have to spend greater amounts of time mastering new techniques and discoveries, the portion of time spent on product design and visual cohesion is obviously lessened in proportion. As such, often times you find the latest technological accomplishments to be difficult to operate, overly cluttered or inaccessible somehow.

Such design failures are often the result of simply cramming together a host of admittedly powerful features into a single package and expecting it to work as is. This crowded sort of design philosophy results in unappealing, complicated and confusing website designs. That is why modern website design philosophies have been deliberately and purposefully constructed to streamline and simplify the navigational experience and user interface as well as the customization capabilities and website design and building process. The following collection of simple HTML website templates incorporate the most powerful HTML5 technologies available combined with the most simple and accessible designs and layouts around.


Jevelin is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It is a premium responsive design popular and well rated within tons of clients. Why is that? Well, this is because Jevelin covers the full spectrum of projects for either a person or a company. Jevelin is ready for you, no matter what your profession or online you have going on. You will get it with multiple pre-built layouts and templates. You will get +10 portfolios and 6 blog pages. It uses an amazing Unyson framework and a Drag & Drop page builder. Customizations include footers, headers and astonishing social share functionality. Other features that make it special are SEO and WPML. People can easily find you via search engines and texts are entirely translatable. Contact Form 7 for emails and such is also available.

Jevelin is mobile friendly and fully responsive to all browsers and devices. It provides awesome integration for add-ons like Google maps locations and Slider Revolution. Jevelin is made to support business oriented sites with WooCommerce for shops. It offers lifetime updates and professional support for months! Don’t wait more! You will be covered with online documentation and video tutorials guiding you through. Try it with one-click demo install and get set up within minutes! Try Jevelin!

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elpis simple website template
When you are in need of something unique, something that will help you differentiate yourself, Elpis is the one. It is a simple website template with a unique concept that sparks interest in everyone for sure. If you are ready for something unconventional, boy, did you come to the right place. Elpis is best for bloggers and freelancers who would like to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, Elpis can also be great for inspiration and help you expand your imagination.

The design of Elpis is clean and elegant with a unique masonry portfolio grid. It is responsive and retina ready for web surfers of all gadgets to enjoy your page smoothly. Unlimited colors, smooth scrolling, CSS3 animations and versatility, Elpis is a solid welcome to our collection of the best simple website templates.

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staff simple website template
Staff is a multi-purpose and simple website template with businesses in mind. It is a great fit for all types of agencies, small businesses and even freelancers. It has ten home page variations and loads more inner pages and outstanding elements. The sample material that you get in the Staff kit sorts you out with a website in its entirety. You can use it all out of the box or invest a little extra time and customize it and fill it with your personal touch. Indeed, Staff is a customizable HTML template to fit your needs precisely.

Various header and footer styles, premium sliders, blog pages and portfolios, contact form, you see, Staff has it all. For customization purposes, Staff comes with over fifty shortcodes for your convenience.

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ideabox simple website template
Ideabox is a straightforward and simple website template for crowdfunding and fundraising. It is a complete solution to start a Kickstarter-like website and help others (and yourself) succeed with incredible projects. Ideabox has two neat index pages with astonishing features and great attention to detail. Right below the navigation is a full-width banner with the featured campaign followed by other popular projects that are soon to reach their goals. Or maybe they are already way pass their initial goal, offering extra perks.

The web design of Ideabox is pixel perfect, the code structured in a way optimized for search engines and sports the much needed fundraising option. Ideabox also has included WooCommerce ready pages and comes with a professional support. Start the fundraising platform, niche or general, with Ideabox template.

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sajuguju simple website template
Are you after a clean, neat and simple eCommerce template? Would you look at that, we just happen to have the ideal tool for you here. Sajuguju is the modern and sophisticated template for luxury stores but in general, you can use it to sell all kinds of items. One thing is for sure, whatever online shop you create with Sajuguju, it will be an impressive one. In the bundle, Sajuguju has sixteen HTML files of which four are first pages. Others are product, wishlist, register and login and blog pages. From home page to the completed order, Sajuguju has all sections carefully designed for you.

Sajuguju is based on Bootstrap Framework what makes it work butter smooth on any device screen. It is also SEO friendly, has an Ajax contact form and offers 24/7 support.

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arlin simple website template
In our collection of simple website templates, you will find quite an assortment of flexible products. Arlin is for everyone building a wedding website. We are speaking about an important part of couple’s life so the web presence must be a mindblowing one. That is exactly what you will achieve with Arlin template. As far as the technical part of the tool goes, Arlin was set live using HTML5, jQuery, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework.

Three main versions, one-page, boxed and video background, and five blog pages is what you get with Arlin. There is also a countdown timer and a working RSVP form, portfolio section and Google Maps. On your website crafting journey, you can always take a peek at the documentation for any additional support and assistance you may need.

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mimosa simple website template
Mimosa is a responsive and simple website template for eCommerce platforms, mainly in the fashion business. But you know the gist of it, editing and customizing such a powerful tool is a breeze. Meaning, you can tailor it to other niche needs just as well. Besides, Mimosa also has extra pages and a fully sorted out blog which you can use it alone as well.

From six homes and all the needed eCommerce inner pages to great features and SEO friendliness, Mimosa is one solid tool. It is based on Bootstrap Framework, compatible with the modern browsers and rocks a stunning web design. After checking out the sample data, you will understand how much you can do with Mimosa.

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cleanup simple website template
It does not always have to be blogs and online shops to match the collection of the best simple website templates. A cleaning service exclusive HTML template, Cleanup, can be one of those, too. Of course, the design is clean and neat, performing greatly across all devices and web browsers. If you are starting a fresh business or updating the web presence of the current one, Cleanup is a great solution for your website.

While there is more than enough predesigned content at your disposal, Cleanup still allows to tweak it to fit your needs perfectly. There are a total of over thirty pages of which two are different home variations. Cleanup makes sure your cleaning business or even something entirely different makes a great impression online.

More info / Download Demo


consultant simple website template
Let’s continue our journey through top-notch simple website templates with Consultant. Hence the name, you can use the template pretty much for any type of business, like consultancy, adviser, finance, investment and insurance. Blend it with yout creativity and the list all of a sudden grows even bigger.

Consultant is an entirely responsive website template for your websites to adapt to any screen size flawlessly. It is retina ready, as well, so every element and every image appears pixel sharp for an enhanced experience. Consultant has all the elements for a fully functional website ready and set for you to put them to use. You can create a website quickly with the out of the box material, but adding your personal touch to it would be even better.

More info / Download Demo


blink simple website template
With Blink, you can make nearly any type of a website for as long as it is a one-page layout you are after. 28 demos cover a broad specter of niches, you just need to pick what you fancy most and start from there. Blink is a simple website template with powerful features and outstanding parallax effects. Home pages have loads of different styles, like bubbles, trail animation, video, particles, dark and light designs, something for every taste.

Every Blink demo you go with, it comes with an assortment of goodies for you to gleam online. Nifty look for distraction-free browsing and reading, hover effect and a handy portfolio. Moreover, pricing tables, newsletter subscription, as well as a functional contact form and Google Maps, kick it off with Blink

More info / Download Demo


appsi simple website template
APPSI is a tasty and simple website template for building app landing pages. Push your latest product to the outer world, gain recognition and enjoy the downloads number go uphill. Each of the eight demos APPSI has in the kit is optimized for speed and functionality. Speaking of optimization, we also need to add that APPSI is search engine friendly for your pages to rank higher in Google, Bing and others.

Every section of APPSI template is well commented what makes it user-friendly and highly practical. That said, newbies and advanced coders will find APPSI template a great tool to work with. The modern look will convince everyone and call-to-action buttons help you with the downloads. But it is the overall presentation of your mobile app what helps you grow your business to the Moon and then Mars.

More info / Download Demo


mini simple website template
Mini is a minimal and straightforward website template for crafting the most stunning portfolio pages. You will find it be the best fit for bloggers, photographers, designers and anyone running a successful freelancing business. Or even if you are just starting out and need a boost, Mini will do you well, too. What’s more, Mini can easily adapt to creative agencies and small business for the most refined web presence out there.

Built using the most advanced technologies like Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Mini guarantees flexibility and extensibility. Due to the in detail commented code, it will be an easy task editing and improving Mini to meet your demands. However, part of the Mini bundle is also thorough documentation and professional support for any extra guidance you may need.

More info / Download Demo


baleno simple website template
With a professional template like Baleno, you can do great things and achieve fantastic results. Beautiful and simple website template with eight home variations and blog. It is a one-page simple website template with everything you ever wanted your page to feature. But first, you should know that you can apply Baleno to a broad range of businesses and online projects. Use it for corporate, app landing, agency, consultancy and any other website.

Baleno template is powered by the superior Bootstrap Framework, compatible with search engines and browsers and easily adjustable. Beautiful parallax effect, attention grabbing portfolio, video support and contact form increase your potential and fascinate visitors. Make sure you appear online in the best possible way and that is something you can effortlessly attain with Baleno.

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sigma simple website template
To advertise your application and really see the success you want for yourself, establishing a website is a must. It is one of the first steps to marketing and the ROI can be insane. Sigma is one creative and simple website template that gives you a complete solution to turn it into a functional website. Whether it is a mobile, desktop or web application you work on, Sigma template comes ideal for all three.

Four different concepts and six and counting additional inner pages make Sigma a convenient website skin. You can change colors, images and texts and take the included vector mockups to your advantage. Sigma is a complete solution to expose your product or service online and scale it to the level of tremendous.

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unibody simple website template
Unibody is a universal, yet simple, website template with one- and multi-page layouts. Loads of different styles and over eighty predefined pages provide endless possibilities for your website. Out fo the box, you can craft agency, photography, construction, architecture, eCommerce and coming soon pages. There is a demo for that!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced website builder, Unibody’s commented code will come very helpful. You can perform additional tweaks and individualize the sample content to fit your needs. Unibody also has a MailChimp compatible newsletter subscription form, CSS animations and integrated Google Maps. Every user is also treated to free support and lifetime updates. You will, unquestionably, find Unibody an excellent fit for the launch of your forthcoming project.

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paper simple website template
A simple website template does not necessarily mean it lacks features and whatnot. In the case of Paper, it is a multi-purpose template which you can use for sites of many types and styles. But the same applies for all other templates we have in store for you. For events, app landers, online shops, portfolios and personal pages, to name a few, Paper is more than perfect. Bear in mind, there are 26 different homes and over eighty different layouts and more than thirty practical elements in the Paper box. This gives you a better idea how outstanding Paper is. By the way, Paper also has an admin dashboard with superb capabilities.

Other amazing features of Paper are Browserify, Gulp, image compression and mega menu. Designing and developing the website you need for your project will be quick and effortless with Paper.

More info / Download Demo


hostify simple website template
If you are a hosting company, a simple website template is a great choice for your business. While it is easier to scan through, at the same time it also puts focus on your services. Visitors can quickly learn more about your web hosting plans and decide whether or not you are the best fit for their needs.

Beautiful pricing tables provide more information for the specific package and increase conversion rate. Moreover, fresh graphics and icons make the web design friendly to the eye, cool and fun. Hostify also has login and register pages as well as a WHMCS template. Responsive and retina ready layout of Hostify will instantly adapt to any screen for an uninterrupted choosing-the-right-web-host experience. Make it enjoyable and excellent from the first interaction with your business to the thank-you-for-your-order page.

More info / Download Demo


white simple website template
Are eleven home versions enough for you? Well, you better check out the live preview of each of the demo White comes with and see it for yourself. Besides, you can expect new ones to drop with upcoming updates, so there is going to be even more options for you. Maybe you would like to refresh your page’s design sometime in the future or you are working with different clients as a freelancer. The more the predesigned content, the better, right?

Goodness upon goodness hits you when you unbox the White package. It is a modernistic and simple website template with cutting-edge design and killer features. Creative individuals and agencies, the portfolio sites you are about to style with White are short moments away from you.

More info / Download Demo


appro simple website template
Appro is a simple website template for mobile, desktop and web applications. Create enticing landing pages for your products and spark interest in everyone who visits it. Appro is an HTML5 and CSS3 template powered by Bootstrap Framework for vouched flexibility and ease of use. Contemporary design, smooth transitions, on scroll content loading and screenshot slider is not even a quarter of the entire features Appro sports. There is a lot available, from the common things to stuff that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

To continue the hype with Appro’s breathtaking features, let’s further look into them. Pricing tables, testimonials, call-to-action buttons, Google Maps, contact form, what else do you need? Several index pages, blog layouts, newsletter subscription and social media icons, Appro does not let you down.

More info / Download Demo


Stash is a super useful WordPress theme. It’s a relaxed and easy way to build your website, because it uses Visual Composer to just drag & drop as builder. With it, productivity increases by reducing development effort time (code-free). Stash is versatile and thinks of all scenarios for which it picked something of high quality. The best performance in all environments is to be expected with astonishing features. Stash doesn’t need to to ask “what kind of business do you want to launch?” It’s ready for it, from app showcase, consulting, or freelance. It has a specific layout (from 48 options) ready for any business idea. You also count with +260 page builder blocks and +85 page elements.

Stash is highly customizable, with unlimited colors and several dropdown MegaMenus. Play with Font Awesome icon pack Google Fonts. Plus, you will love its plugin compatibility. WooCommerce and WPML allow you trade worldwide (any place, any language). It’s mobile friendly with a 100% responsive layout (retina ready). Multi, single or combination page can be set with Slider Revolution integrated. You’ll get support and updates too! Have a taste of its power, right now! Stash is the way to move your business to another level. Try Stash now!

More info / Download Demo




Pages is an amazingly full-featured, comprehensive and expansive, intuitive and very easy to use, sophisticatedly constructed and technologically powerful, modern and professional looking, highly customizable and user friendly responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. The tool has been carefully designed using the most powerful web technologies currently available, built on a solid and reliable HTML5 framework powered by Bootstrap modular coding and dynamic CSS3 scripting for fast-loading, smooth pages and websites with a cohesive, integrated visual design.

Pages keeps things simple in the creation and customization departments, with an exclusively designed and spectacularly intuitive block-based page construction process that lets you easily and creatively combine over 70 different prepackaged block elements with all sorts of imaginative and impressive functionalities, at the tip of your fingers, without writing a single line of code. The template has been designed in such a way as to be extraordinarily simple and easy to navigate, with intuitive and accessible customization options and an uncluttered, clean and pristine graphic composition that makes Pages a smart choice for webmasters looking for a clean, hassle-free website solution. Pages is extremely developer friendly and easily modifiable, with a thoroughly commented, extensively documented coding that is inherently responsive and cross compatible with all devices, browsers and platforms.

More info / Download Demo



Enigma is a functionally expansive, extremely visually clean and clutter-free, easy to use and simple HTML5  website template. It is a convenient and incredibly time-saving website template that has been wholly designed with a crisp and clear visual aesthetic philosophy that translates into a simplified and extremely intuitive toolkit capable of producing amazingly professional and modern websites. No clutter or redundant visual elements and a pure, crystal clear layout conception is easily modifiable without ever writing a single line of code, regardless of your skill level.

Enigma makes short work of website construction by including ten completely different, fully fleshed out Homepage demos. Each sports plenty of different, powerful features enabled by elegant use of the HTML5 framework to its fullest capabilities. Local or remote (YouTube) hosted Video Backgrounds are available at the flick of a switch. Smooth and gorgeous menus guide your users along as they explore your content. Amazing Owl Sliders engage your visitors and keep them interested with minimal distraction. Enigma is endlessly powerful and magnificently versatile. Find out for yourself, today!

More info / Download Demo



Haswell is a wonderfully elegant and professional, technologically accomplished and ambitious website building tool. It is an extremely polished, functional and utterly flexible, malleable and creative, easy to use and simple HTML5 one- and multi-page website template. It is a sophisticated and carefully crafted all-inclusive page solution, designed with a simplified, powerful and intuitive user interface. Haswell is perfect for all kinds of personal, commercial or business applications.

With Haswell’s simple and elegant visual stylings, every website looks modern and fashionable within minutes. Thanks to Haswell’s tastefully constructed demo websites and refined and superbly developed page templates, totaling in at over 118 all in all, with a wealth of useful, convenient and unique shortcodes custom made for Haswell’s unique, simplified visual identity. Haswell is extremely reliable and secure, based on a tough and cutting edge HTML5 framework that has been modularly designed through Twitter’s Bootstrap technology. It is visually presented in seamless dynamic CSS3 scripting technology for optimized smoothness and customization ease combined with minimal server loads and maximized speed. Haswell is also very developer friendly, with a thoroughly documented, extensively commented and human-legible code. It can be amended and expanded as needed for all sorts of corporate or business uses.

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is a simple and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. The template is the perfect solution for webmasters from all walks of life. If you are looking for an intuitive platform for developing eloquent websites, this is it. LeadGen lets you choose from a wealth of demo websites polished for a variety of purposes. You can customize each of them with an awesome HTML5 page builder. Drag and drop hundreds of purposeful elements into any page at a moment’s notice. You won’t need to write a single line of coding with LeadGen. Every bit of your website can be fine-tuned to your liking through visual processes.

LeadGen is perfect for marketers too, optimized for conversions. You can make One Page websites with custom menu navigations with a couple clicks. Attractive video and image backgrounds can be deployed to spruce up any page. Beautiful custom headers and footers are easy to integrate with social media sharing. With LeadGen, you are free to create incredible layouts and engaging navigational experiences. Provide the content and LeadGen will take care of the rest. Built on Bootstrap, LeadGen is responsive and cross-compatible with browsers and devices. Give LeadGen a go, and see for yourself today!

More info / Download Demo

For easier content management you might want to consider using WordPress. Above listed HTML templates are not compatible with WordPress by default but there are plenty of great WordPress themes available and some of them you can find here.


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