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Top 5 Responsive WordPress Google Reviews Plugins

Top 5 Responsive WordPress Google Reviews Plugins

With the following WordPress Google Review Plugins, you can show these comments on your site, enticing more visitors to go on the call-to-action section. Good reviews make your website credible and trustworthy. So, make sure not to forget to include them on your page. In google, you will find people tell their feedbacks about a particular product.

Finally, we have reviewed five different WordPress Google Reviews plugin to help with your search. In this article, you don’t need to consume all of your time searching for the best choice for your website. So, we curated and tested each one of them to ensure that all are working items.

We are reassuring you that the following are responsive and bug-free that works well with the latest WordPress version. Moreover, you can always ask for help with the provision of excellent customer service.

Read on and see which of the plugins best fits your ultimate purpose.

Google Reviews Widget

Google Reviews Plugin after setting up the API

First of all, this plugin is entirely free. You can download it directly from your WordPress dashboard, install, and activate it. You might be wondering about the features included in Google Reviews Widget. Truth be told, it has more of what you can imagine. Having your reviews on your website increases your SEO score. As a return, you’ll gain more potential clients on your platform.

That’s why you can manage the WordPress Google Reviews plugin freely based on your preference. Let’s say, for example, if you want to show a lengthy review from Google, you might want to trim it and include the “see more” link after to maintain the page’s consistency.

WordPress Google Reviews Widget and Its Easy-to-Use Settings Page

Furthermore, previewing Google’s reviews to your website increases the confidence of your readers and avail your products or services eventually. With this plugin, it is possible to display five reviews for every location.

At the dashboard settings page, you can effortlessly search places of your business branches and the reviews will appear instantly. Moreover, you can keep all the reports in the WordPress database. As a result, the page auto-refreshes the feedbacks when you reach the bottom of the page.

If you want, you can check out other plugins made by the same developers. These are the Facebook and Yelp Reviews Widget. In addition, you may upgrade Google Reviews Widget into a premium version to unlock additional features not available to the free download.

The Business Version Features

With the premium version, you can display all reviews using Google My Business API. Also, it is possible to merge feedbacks coming not only from G+ but also from Facebook and Yelp. Another thing you will love about the premium plugin is its Google Rich Snippets and the Powerful Collection Builder.

The Google Reviews Widget business version allows your visitors to ‘Write a Review’ directly to your website instead of getting reviews directly from Google. Similarly, you’ll experience the priority support from the developers if you need their help on technical issues.

As a summary, here are the features under the free version:

  • It supports various page builders – Divi, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, Page Origin, Elementor, and Gutenberg.
  • Save the reviews on your WordPress database.
  • Merge real reviews from G+ to your website.
  • SEO-friendly
  • Display maximum of 5 reviews for every location
  • Instant appearance of reviews for each searched place
More info / Download

WP Google Review Slider

WP Google Review Slider After Setting Up the Google Place API

Increase your SEO ranking by displaying your Google reviews to your website. Having them on your page invites more people to visit your site, and you have the option of putting this WordPress Google Reviews plugin directly on your slider or responsive grid located in the widget areas. The maximum reviews you can get from each location are five. However, it has a feature others don’t have. It automatically loads new reviews from Google and shows some suggestion lists every day.

Of course, not all reviews might be useful. You can choose a few of them and only pick those with 5-star ratings. Also, you can either sort them by date or post them randomly. You can select different templates to display on your widget areas, pages, and posts.

WordPress Google Reviews Plugin Slider Background Appearance

At the display options settings, you can manage your background and text colors, border-radius, and show/hide rate, show/hide star rating. If you are not into a slider, just use a responsive grid or list in displaying your Google reviews. This plugin integrates with the Google Place API to receive the 5 most helpful reviews to your business.

The thing is, when new helpful reviews appear from Google, it will automatically go to your WordPress database. Most importantly, if you want to add the reviews from Google manually, you can upgrade this plugin into the Pro or Premium version.

What are the features included in Premium?

  • Edit the correct snippet or summary of the Google reviews.
  • Manage the date display options.
  • Hide reviews if they are too long or too short.
  • Organize your reviews according to its type (TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, and Facebook), or you can mix them all together.
  • Download reviews to your computer in CSV format.
  • Include in your Google Places page the Google icons and links.
  • It allows you to hide low-star ratings.
  • It comes with various advanced slider control. These functionalities are slide animation direction, autoplay, slider height adjustment for each slide, then hiding of arrows, and dots navigation.
  • Choose the reviews manually.
  • You can display a slide-out of reviews when clicked out of floating Summary badges and review badges.
  • Decide the number of Google Place Reviews in each row or multiple rows.

If you need some help with setting up this plugin, just go to the Help section and the developer’s team would be happy to help you.

More info / Download

Reviews and Rating – Google Business

Reviews and Rating - Google Business Preview after setting up the Google Place API

Here’s another working plugin to display your reviews on your website. It shows both of the reviews and ratings by people in Google who tried your services. After activating and setting it up on the setting page, all of the feedbacks connected with your company or business will appear and collect all the related data in the list or grid format.

It comes with 20 various designs you can choose from to enhance the appearance of your page. Manage your style and disable this setting anytime. As soon as you download this plugin, you’ll get access to Dashboard Settings Page, and do anything you want with it. 

More than the instant collection of data, it will tell you the exact number of reviews and ratings coming from your customers. Of course, you have the option to hide unnecessary or negative reviews and only show the positive ones. You will also receive the shortcode link of the latest reviews and ratings coming from Google. Besides, there’s also a link to share with your clients if they want to leave comments on your business.

Go with Premium Version for Full Feature Access

Instead of the generic G+ icon, you can customize your own logo. See, you’ll get full access to its features even without going for the premium plugin. Further, this plugin doesn’t come with the Pro version since almost all of the essential functionalities are here. Which means you can even request add-ons to get its full experience.

With its Demo mode section, you’ll see how the reviews look like before saving the changes you’ve made. With that, you can see some improvements you need to focus on and change it immediately at the setting page. Hence, doing this doesn’t require Google API credentials. It instantly collects new data from Google over time. It’s for you to see the latest feedback from your clients directly on your dashboard.

The requirement needed to set up this plugin is your free Google API Key and Place ID. Also, it is best to settle your Google My Business page first before setting up this plugin. Moreover, it is essential to have your Google Billing Account to get the free API Request Allocation.

Overview of Features

  • It has 20 designs or themes.
  • Displays all the reviews in a Grid or List layout
  • Give you the list of the complete number of reviews and star ratings.
  • Hide unnecessary or negative reviews
  • Receive the shortcode link to the reviews and ratings in Google.
  • Send the shortcode link to Google to your customers to give feedback.
  • Customize your logo in the review section.
  • It has a demo page to preview the changes.
  • Instant collection of data.

This plugin’s features and functionalities would be helpful to your website’s improvement. It is unique and straightforward that is just right for your purpose.

More info / Download

Reviews from Google

Reviews From Google Instructions of Setting Up Review Page

Your customer’s reviews on your online business are living proof that you are striving. It also serves as the credibility of your service, showing that you are providing legit transactions to your clients. As a return, showing positive feedbacks boost your SEO rating and your sales as well. With this WordPress Google Reviews plugin, you can ask your clients to share their feedback on Google.

It collects the data of reviews from customers, and it’s up to you which of the comments you are willing to display on your website.

It loads the Google reviews instantly and efficiently. Merging those reviews on your website brings a more significant impact on your clients. You see, this plugin is lightweight and straightforward. If you just need a simple functionality that would work best on your page, this is the one for you.

What are the Reviews from Google’s features?

  • Use your widget to display your reviews in the sidebar section of your website.
  • Instantly load the latest reviews from Google.
  • All of the Google reviews have links, wherein your visitors can click on them and redirect them to their primary location.
  • Display a maximum of 5 reviews to your page.

This plugin also comes with Premium Version, where you can get access to its full features.

Premium Version Added Features and Functionalities:

  • Filter reviews
  • Hide or show the user’s image on each review
  • Customize the review page’s design.

Contact their customer’s support if you need some assistance with your downloaded plugin.

More info / Download

Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews Setup Instructions

This plugin is ideal for you, especially if you run businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, franchisees, real estate, and more. It automatically displays the reviews on Google to your website. The positive reviews bring impact to your future clients and prospective customers. It adds credibility and trustworthiness of your company.

These feedbacks increase the conversion leads to generate sales. So, make sure not to forget this on your business website. Using this plugin it allows you to display 3 reviews in every location. What’s more, it has detailed business information, showing each name, website, and Google page.

At the widget’s interface, you can look up businesses at the Google Places Autocomplete section. You can also choose from the review page’s layout. It comes with a light and dark version. Customize it anytime you want.

What Can You Expect to This WordPress Google Reviews Plugin’s Premium Version?

Hence, if you want to see the full of this plugin, you can upgrade with the Pro or Business version of this website. It automatically loads new reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook. What’s more, you can preview your review page before saving some changes. Another one is the dominant user interface that is allowing you to sort reviews directly to your dashboard settings page.

With the premium version, you can filter negative reviews by setting the rating into only 5-star. It is also possible to add custom reviews.

More info / Download

So, which one of these WordPress Google Reviews is the best?

If you are talking about the reviews, the best one is the Google Reviews Widget. However, other plugins also have their perks. Some of them are simple but lightweight. With these working WordPress add-ons, you can have better credibility, earning the trust of your potential customers.

Having a WordPress Google Review plugin makes your website look more trustworthy. It entices potential leads and generates sales in no time. After downloading and activation one of them, you will see the positive changes it will give your business.

The choice is up to you. We have curated and review the five categories above, showing you each feature and functionality to help you save time and effort by doing it yourself. Pick the one that would work best for your purpose. In the end, more people will come to you and send positive feedbacks for your business needs.


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