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11 Community Resources For Angular 2 Developers To Improve Your Skills 2016

11 Community Resources for Angular 2 Developers To Improve Your Skills 2016

Angular 2 when first announced was a bit of a kick in the guts for many of the original Angular.js developers. What could possibly be wrong with version number one, when it seems to be performing so well, yet there are still parts of it that could be optimized and adjusted, and does anyone really want to look forward to having to transport their site from v1 to v2?

Angular 2 framework is simpler than Angular 1 and has far fewer concepts, making it easier to understand. But being simple does not mean that it is less powerful – just the opposite. — Telerik

Those were the types of questions that community was eager to know answers for, but as time progressed and examples of the new Angular 2 version have come out — community has settled down, at least a little, and accepted the fact that this new version might actually be a great idea after all, and why not — it’s being built by the same people/developers who built version number one, it’s bound to hold on to its soul and spirit!

Angular 2

The latest news are that the new Angular 2 version is arriving soon (93% of community are still rooted in Angular 1), not as a fully production ready platform, but a beta is approaching its release date quickly. In itself, Angular 2 portrays itself as a completely new programming language; the syntax has changed, new ways of writing code, and having to learn concepts all over again — who has time for all this nonsense, right? According to Angular 2 pioneers — writing apps in Angular 2 won’t be as difficult!

You can always stay up to date with the latest development stories and updates on the official Angular 2 website, this is also the place to check out the full list of features, as well as docs. To extend your knowledge about the new Angular version, we have put together a number of community resources that are actively discussing the new framework, and we highly recommend to become part of these communities to strengthen your own knowledge and experience.

Instant Messaging Channels

Internet chatting resources such as mIRC are still very sought after (popular) in the developer communities, and Angular 2 developers have built their own channel #Angular2 the Freenode IRC Server. ( — you can also, if you prefer, visit the Slack channel for #Angular2 on DartLang network. These will also be some of the quickest ways to get a response from fellow developers, but not always.


angular angular Gitter

Gitter is a mix of Slack and mIRC combined. This official Angular 2 chatting resource is great for connecting with new developers, as well as finding like minded people who might be battling the same problems that you are. All you need to get started with discussions is to signup using your GitHub account and you will be good to go.

Stack Overflow

Newest angular2 Questions Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow remains as the developer haven. It’s the number one place to find concise answers to concise questions, by which we mean that asking repetitive or silly questions on Stack Overflow is out of the equation. If you are truly dedicated and passionate about learning more of what Angular 2 has to offer — you will find that the Stack Overflow can be very supportive in these manners. It all comes down to your attitude and level of knowledge.


AngularJS angularjs Twitter

The official Twitter account for Angular.js is all about sharing the latest news, and occasional retweets from the most popular news around the framework itself. This is also a safe bet for finding the latest development news in Angular 2. It won’t hurt to follow this account if only stumble across some latest updates unintentionally.


AngularJS 2.0 Facebook

The Angular 2 Facebook group has little over 1,000 members and is populated with content such as latest conference updates, latest insights into Angular 2, community projects that involve Angular 1 & 2 code, and other insightful discussions that will eventually lead up to the official release. It’s good to a part of something before it becomes an actual thing.


Angular2 Reddit

Likewise for the Reddit community, with little over 700 members this particular subreddit focuses on the latest Angular 2 developments, as well as community support in answering questions where there are answers necessary. Frequency of published content is almost daily so you won’t have to get bored too often.


AngularJS Google

The official Google+ page for Angular.js shares the latest developments in both versions of the framework, and if you are a heavy Google+ user it simply helps to become a follower.

Angular Air

Angular Air

With almost 40 unique video podcasts, Angular Air stands out as one of the most concise and resourceful Angular.js (both versions) resources out there. If you want to stay up to date about the latest developments on the framework, this podcast is the place to be — even if you don’t consider yourself as someone who can listen to podcasts all day.



DevChat offers a traditional sound podcast, and with nearly 70 episodes live — these guys have never managed to disappoint the Angular community with latest insights and scoop on development progress. Frequent guests are Angular.js pro developers and authors that have a lot of experience on their plate and are willing to share it with everyone else.


Home ng newsletter

It definitely helps to signup for weekly newsletters, not only does it save you time from having to find content on your own, newsletters are usually packed with content that’s truly relevant to the latest developments and insights in the actual framework itself. The ng-newsletter is not an exception, and features both weekly newsletters and frequent article updates about the latest happening in Angular.


TryAngular2 – Angular 2 Community Feed

TryAngular is a Hacker News type of resource that lets community members submit their own links/work for discussion by the members of TryAngular. Although the community seems quite new at the moment, there is a very likely chance that momentum will pick up as we begin to approach the actual BETA and then PRODUCTION release. Grab your fancy usernames while you can.

Built With Angular 2

Built with Angular 2

The last community resource for Angular 2 on our list is going to be a site dedicated to showcasing apps and tools built with actual Angular 2 code. You can already find some exciting examples on the list of stuff being built, and we expect this list to grow significantly over the next couple of months, years even.

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